Sonic's World Quest

The game starts out with Sonic, Tails and Knuckles relaxing on a hot day when suddenly a package hits Sonic. The package revels that Eggman is made the ultimite world concuring machine. Luckly, Tails figured out on how to destroy it. In seven parts of the world, you can find a clue. So, they set of to save the world for millionth time. The conrtols are simliar to Sonic Heros.


Sonic is the head of the team and is always ready for adventure.


Tails is a sci-fi gunius who's inventions can be used in the game


Knuckles is the brawns of the team and is the most powerfull.


  • Hawiian Island Zone: A tranquil beach that is filled with water, vines and beauty. At the end you have to deafet Eggman in a machine that slam down toltem poles on DS and PSP, but on Wii, Xbox and PS3 you have to chase him without getting crushed by the toltem poles.
  • Greek Palace Zone:Similar to the designs from "Sonic Unleshed" but more diffculty At the end you have to deafet Eggman in a machine that seled in a stone wall that has arms, spikes and fire. This boss is on DS, PSP,Wii, Xbox and PS3.
  • Japanese City Zone: A bright colorfull city with lights at night. At the end you have to deafet Eggman in a machine that is dressed in a ninja costume uses a sword that goes left to right on DS and PSP. The same thing is on the Wii, Xbox and PS3, but he's running away and the sword goes forwards and backwards. When he puts away the sword, he will be out of breath. When this happens you have to jump on his head as much as you can. When you jump of automaticly he fires a ray of ninja stars.
  • Casino Drive Zone: TBA
  • Dragon Village Zone: TBA
  • Pharaoh Tombs Zone: TBA
  • Evil E.G.G.W.A.Y Zone: Gee, I Wonder...


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