Sonic's ancient HI-FI

Sonic's ancient HI-FI is a video game developed by Sonic Team. It's The first Sonic game based on a teasure hunt other than finding the chaos emeralds. And also the first game to mention Sonic's buisness ties with Sega.


One Day, While guarding the Master Emerald, Knuckles decides to take a walk around the Mystic Ruins. Happening to look up at the pyramid Knuckles noties' something he hadn't seen before. It's Tikal! And What looks to Knuckles To be a Phonograph, And In her hand is what looks to be the Master Emerald verse written on paper. Many Questions swim through Knuckles' mind. Finally Knuckles digs out his cell phone and takes a picture of the craving. He then send the picture in a text to Sonic, Who at Sega of America is stuck in a boring buisness meeting longing for a real adventure not in a game. He soon gets Knuckles' text. Many Questions also swim through Sonic's mind, but after a bit of thinking Sonic conludes that Knuckles' tribe had Phonographs before edison invented it. And would be a significant archeological find. As soon as the meeting ends Sonic calls Knuckles telling him he had found an adventure! But unfortunatly can't start right away due to the many Sega buisness meetings he has to atend. Later in eggman's base Dr. Eggman works on weapon so secret that it has to be censored to protect its indentity, codename PINGAS. He has the TV on while doing this and Sonic is being interveiwed about the Knuckles Clan Phonograph on CNN. Eggman wacthed closely as Sonic Brought up his Question of why Tikal Would record the Master Emerald verse. Never hearing it before, Eggman guesses that the Master Emerald verse is an instruction book on how to work the chaos and Master Emeralds, which aparrently it is. (Tikal only said the begining piece in Sonic Adventure.) And so he works even harder on his Pingas. The sooner he could finish it the better chance he would of defeating sonic, and use that 4000 year old recording to help him use the chaos Emeralds to aid him in global domination!
Pingas Insignia

The official Insignia of Pingas

Now the news of a Phonograph Thousand's of years older than edison's is big news and is broadcast throughout the world with the help of youtube, Even down under. That's were Fang the Sniper in his home in the outback, heard about the Knuckles Clan Phonograph, he also heard that Sonic was putting off the expidition due alot of buisness meetings. Now seeing that he sell the Phonographs for big bucks to some of the biggest museums in the world, Fang sets off to find it himself. On the day Sonic and his friends were to set out to find the Phonograph, Eggman and Fang cross paths, seeing that they both are wanting the Phonograph for simular reasons (So Sonic dosn't) and with a little deal Eggman makes with Fang, Fang becomes Eggmans new henchman, and together in the revived Egg carier they chase on after Sonic who is already on the way to the Mystic Ruins in Sega 1, Sonic's Corporate buisness Jet armed with high-tec wepanry.

Playable Characters

Sonic :Story unknown Tails :Story unknown Knuckles:Story unknown Tikal :Story unknown amy :Story unknown shadow :Story unknown Fang the Sniper : For one time only when fighting chaos.

Other Characters

Dr. Eggman, Fang the Sniper, Chaos, plays a breif story moving role by fighting Fang. chao, also plays a small role by insulting Fang. Pachacamac, apears when Tikal recounts her memories. Rouge the Bat plays a small role by taging along and flirting between Fang and KnucklesMario In the Nintendo version, Mario call's Sonic on Sonic's cellphone daring him to come on Mario Kart, thus creating a cliff Hanger. Big the Cat Sonic and the gang stay at his place for the night.

Main Story

On The way to the mystic Ruins, Sonic gets a call from Dr. Eggman, saying that he and Fang are on Sonic's tail all of a sudden, the egg carier apears And a sky insues. Eventually the egg carier dropped in the ocean. leaving Sonic and the gang on their way. They landed safely at Tails' Workshop, in the mystic Ruins. Waiting to greet the gang were two blasts of the past, Tikal & chaos! After a little dicourse Tikal conforms Eggmans theory about the Master Emerald verse.