Sonic-formers is a fanfiction series made by me,and is a crossover of Sonic The Hedgehog and Transformers.


After a close encounter on the Death Egg,Sonic and friends somehow chaos control to Cybertron,the home of the Autobots and Decipticons. They head to the Robotic Transforming Center (a place on Cybertron that turns vehicles into Autobots or Decipticons) to find directions back to Mobius,but end up getting turned into Transformers themselves! After returning to Mobius,Dr.Eggman plans to capture the heroes in their new forms and make them his slaves. Can Sonic and the gang get back to Cybertron to reverse the Robotic Transforming Machine to stay normal?



  • Sonic The Hedgehog/Optisonicmas Prime
  • Miles "Tails" Prower/Bumtailsbee
  • Knuckles The Echidna/Starknuckles (called Starknux by Sonic)
  • Jask The Bat/Jasket
  • Nanolight The Hedgehog/Nanotor Prime
  • Nigel The Fox/Nigelhide
  • Amy Rose/Amyree
  • Jordan The Dog/Jordanascomper
  • Me (10 Years Old)
  • Optisonicmas Supreme (Fusion of all of the Heroes execpt Nigelhide and Nanotor Prime)
  • Optisonicmas Ultra Prime (Fusion of all of the Heroes execpt me *because I'm not half robot!*)
  • Phineas Flynn (only appears in SONIC-FORM3RS)
  • Ferb Flecther (only appears in SONIC-FORM3RS)
  • Agent P (only appears in SONIC-FORM3RS)
  • Bowser/The Bowsarter (only appears in SONIC-F2RMERS)


  • Shadow The Hedgehog/Shadowtron
  • Mephiles The Dark/Galvaphiles
  • Death Egg Robot/Death Eggwing
  • Mecha Sonic/Mecha Sonicwave
  • Nazo The Hedgehog/Nazowave
  • Scourge The Hedgehog/Scourgonok
  • Boomer The Walrus/Boombat
  • Metal Sonic/Metalniceon
  • Cameron the Dogborg/Cameronomomom (called Camera by Jordan)
  • Chaoticdestructor (Fusion of all Villans)

People who made this possible

Creator of the episodes

  • Me

Music Credits

  • People who made the Transformers Music
  • People who made the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Music
  • Me
  • Crush 40
  • Zebrahead
  • Cash Cash

Episode List

Season 1

  5. SONIC-FORMERS: Ultimate Clash

Season 2

  1. SONIC-FORMERS: Return of Nazowave
  4. SONIC-FORMERS: Rise of Chaoticdestructor
  5. SONIC-FORMERS: Fall of Mobius

Season 3

  1. SONIC-FORMERS: War for Mobius
  2. SONIC-FORMERS: Fall of Metalniceon and Boombat
  3. SONIC-FORMERS: Wreckage of Optisonicmas Ultra Prime
  4. SONIC-FORMERS: Final Fight Part 1
  5. SONIC-FORMERS: Final Fight Part 2

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