This Game is the first game in a trilogy of Sonic Games. In this game you will play as Sonic, Amy, Tails, Knuckles & Even Scourge, to Uncover Eggman's Evil Plan.

Sonic: Captured
Wii, PSP, PS2, PS3, XBOX360, DS
Release Date
Japan: November 16, 2009

Europe: November 1, 2009

America: Febuary 13, 2009
Sonic Team ShadowNight Productions
Platforming, Adventure
Wii: Single Player, Wi-Fi

PSP: Single Player PS2: Single Player, Multi Player PS3: Multi Player, Single Player XBOX360: Single Player, Multi Player, XBOX Live

DS: Single Player, Multi Player, Wi-Fi
Europe: Wii- 9+ Other- 10+ America: E10+


In this game you Play as Five different Characters and they all have different gameplay. Sonic's Gameplay is the Same as always with the running through a map to the Goal Ring. Amy's Gameplay is very similar to sonic's the only difference is that halfway through and at the end of each Level you will have to go through a battle round from anywhere between 1-30 Rounds. Tails' Gameplay is you are in the Tornado flying through a course. Knuckles' Gameplay is that you are hunting Something. Scourge's Gameplay is all of these except for Tails' Gameplay. They all have Adventuure.


Battle Stages

Green Hill Zone- Sonic, Tails, Amy, Scourge

Marble Zone- Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles

Spring Yard Zone- Sonic, Amy, Knuckles, Scourge

Labrinth Zone- Sonic, Knuckles, Scourge

Star Light Zone- Sonic, Amy, Tails, Knuckles, Scourge

Scrap Brain Zone- Sonic, Amy, Tails, Knuckles, Scourge

Jungle Zone- Sonic, Amy, Knuckles, Scourge

Sky Base Zone- Sonic, Tails

Final Zone- Sonic, Amy, Tails, Knuckles, Scourge

Adventure Stages

Metropolis- Streets, Town Square, G.U.N. Headquarters- Star Light Zone, Spring Yard Zone

Guard Mountain- Base, Caverns, Peak/Submit- Green Hill Zone, Jungle Zone

Ancient City- Castle, Ruins, Dungeon- Marble Zone, Labrinth Zone

Egg City Zone- Entrance, Streets, Headquarters- Scrap Brain Zone, Final Zone, Sky Base Zone


Sonic Mode

Boss 1: Egger- Metropolis Streets

Miniboss 1: Knuckles- Spring Yard Zone

Boss 2: Egger V2- Guard Mountain Caverns

Miniboss 2: Egg Stomper- Metropolis Town Square

Boss 3: Egger V3- G.U.N. Headquarters

Miniboss 3: Egg Blaster- Ancient City Castle

Miniboss 4: Scourge- Marble Zone

Boss 4: Egger V4- Ancient City Dungeon

Boss 5: Egg Knight- Labrinth Zone

Boss 6: Egger V5- Egg City  Zone- Headquarters

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