Sonic: Chaos War is a game by Jet Inc., starring Sonic.
Release Date
Jet Inc.
Alternate Names
Sonic's Chaos Battles (Japan)

Sonic Chaos 2 (Europe) Sonic's War (Australia)

Sonic Chaos Quest (China)


Though not much is confirmed about gameplay, it has been revealed that several characters (such as Cream the Rabbit and possibly Rouge the Bat) are playable along with Sonic. The characters aren't shown to have special abilities, though it has oddly shown Rouge using Shadow's Chaos Spear. Along with Sonic, Cream and Rouge, Tails and Amy have been shown as playable characters as well.


The story hasn't been confirmed, although Jet Inc. has announced that the story is not designed to go with the other games, possibly meaning that there is an alternate timeline that causes this story. The first cutscene released shows that a strange creature is attacking the world and Sonic is sent out by Tikal the Echidna to save the world. However, it later shows Sonic battling Tikal, which may mean that there is a plot twist somewhere.

Playable Characters

It has shown only a few characters being played as, so there is not much to show here:

  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Miles "Tails" Prower(1)
  • Amy Rose
  • Cream the Rabbit
  • Rouge the Bat(2)

(1)It has not shown Tails being played as, but Jet Inc. says that he will probably have a playable role.

(2)Rouge has not been confirmed as a playable character, but a cutscene shows her battling Shadow and using his Chaos Spear.


Not many bosses have been confirmed, as it only shows Rouge battling Shadow. Also, Sonic has been shown attacking Tikal the Echidna, which may mean she is a boss. But it also may just be an evil clone of Tikal. Also, Meccelans are enemies, though they aren't bosses. A bat that looks like Harley also appears, but it is an incomplete sprite, so it might be Rouge.

Other Characters

Artwork for Chaos and Blaze have been released along with Shadow, and since Shadow has been shown as a boss, Chaos and Blaze might be bosses too. Also, Rouge is not confirmed to be playable, which might mean that she is just an NPC. It also shows Cream fleeing a battlefield on fire, which may mean that Cream will fight Blaze. However, it never shows Cream battling Blaze, so it might be someone else with fire powers.

Also, Jet Inc. has recently released artwork of Classic Sonic from Sonic Generations, another upcoming game. They have announced that Classic Amy will also possibly appear, as well as maybe Classic Tails.

Also, Jet Inc. released group artwork which includes Jet the Hawk. Oddly, he has no artwork on his own confirmed. However, when asked, Jet Inc. said Jet the Hawk would not appear, but someone else that the fans might be excited about. When asked why Jet's artwork was on the group art, Jet Inc. refused to answer.

Classic Metal Sonic has been shown in a recent cutscene, grabbing Sonic and Amy and flying away, then later battling alongside Dr. Eggman against Cream and Classic Sonic. What his role is is unconfirmed, but he appears to be rather major.


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