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Sonic: Color the World is a Sonic fan-game (which will not be released for real) for the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii. The game revolves around Sonic's quest to find his missing copies and defeat the mysterious enemy to caused this to happen. This game takes place after Sonic Generations.

Gameplay and Controls

The game features normal Sonic gameplay, with the added option to switch between any Sonic that follows you within a level. Sonic retains his Boost, Quick Step, Drift, and Homing Attack abilities, whereas the Stomp and Lightspeed Dash are unlocked at points in the game.

An additional thing to point out is that the game advances similar to Sonic Colors. The Chaos Emeralds are not necessary in completing the main story, and actually cannot be found in the first playthrough of a stage, as they are usually in areas that only Sonic clones can access.


X = jump

X, X = Homing attack

Triangle: Lightspeed Dash

O = Stomp, slide, crouch

Square: Boost, Air Boost

Left control Stick: Movement

Right control Stick: Camera Angle

R1/L1 = Quick Step

R2/L2 = Drift

Start = Pause

XBox 360

A = Jump

A, A = Homing Attack

Y = Lightspeed Dash

B = Stomp, Slide, Crouch

X = Boost, Air Boost

Left Control Stick = Movement

Right Control Stick = Camera Angle

Right Trigger/Left Trigger = Drift

Right Bumper/ Left Bumper = Quick Step

Start = Pause


A = Jump

A, A = Homing attack

B = Boost, Air Boost

Z = Stomp, Slide, Crouch, Drift (While turning)

Shake Wii Remote: Lightspeed Dash

Control Stick: Movement

C (Press and hold) + Control Stick left/right = Quick Step

Start = Pause




Red Sonic

Orange Sonic

Yellow Sonic

Green Sonic

Cyan Sonic

Purple Sonic

Tails (In certain extra missions)

Super Sonic (after all Chaos Emeralds are collected)


Black Sonic (main antagonist)

White Sonic (although he acts as a Super Guide if you lose a level too many times)

Metal Sonic


The game begins with Sonic and Tails running down a city street, with Sonic asking Tails about the previous adventure (Sonic Generations). Sonic is suddenly knocked to the ground by a flash of darkness, who then splits him into multiple Sonics: red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, purple, and white. The dark whisks off before Sonic or Tails could see who or what it was. Sonic passes out and Tails brings him to his workshop, the closest place to where Sonic passed out at.

Sonic awakens an undefined time later. He and Tails have a brief conversation before rushing out of the workshop to find the Sonic clones. Sonic plays through the tutorial stage, which is similar to one in Sonic Unleashed, setting-wise, and then finds White Sonic, who runs away from him. Sonic plays through a time attack mission and catches up to White Sonic. White Sonic is revealed to be Sonic's scared and or hesitant portion in the conversation between the three. White Sonic then says that he say another Sonic in a nearby town (Portside City, which bears resemblence to Apotos of Sonic Unleashed). The three then run into the town and begin their investigation.

After a while, they find Cyan Sonic, who takes notice of a ship coming towards them. A pod drops down and incases Cyan Sonic. It opens and reveals Sonic's arch-rival, Metal Sonic. Sonic challenges his robotic doppelganger to a battle for Cyan Sonic. After the damage, Sonic launches a Homing Attack on Metal, who blows up and releases Cyan Sonic, who was unharmed. He investigates Sonic and ingages in a conversation with him and Tails. Sonic asks him to come along, and Cyan Sonic answers with a question of "Do I get to kick butt?" Sonic replies yes and Cyan Sonic joins the team. Tails drives the Tornado over to the Sonics. White Sonic sit in the second seat of the plane, as Sonic and Cyan Sonic stand on the wings. They fly off in search off another Sonic clone. A while later, Cyan Sonic notes an explosion down on the ground. Tails lands the plane and decides to fix up the plane as the three Sonics investigate the explosions (which turn out to be a product of Red Sonic).

Their search leads them up an apparently active volcano. They look down into it and debate about what to do, as an explosion comes from in the volcano. Sonic then decides to jump in the volcano. He is followed by Cyan Sonic. White Sonic facepalms and asks himself "Am I the only one with any sense here?" before jumping in after them. The three race through the Chamber of Fire before Cyan Sonic notices a group of spikes sticking up out of the lava river. Sonic notes that "experience has taught me that spikes sticking up out of a river of lava is not a good sign." The boss robot explodes up from the lava river, subsequently spraying lava on Sonic, who runs around trying to cool the burn. This earns a laugh from the other two Sonics. Banging is heard on the walls of the robot. White Sonic notes this and tells Sonic that it is his cue. Sonic smiles sheepishly and points dramatically at the boss. The robot fires a bomb at him, causing all three Sonics to jump onto another platform. Sonic then engaages the robot in combat.

After the boss is defeated, White Sonic says that he thinks that the other two Sonics are reckless. The boss sinks into the lava. Cyan Sonic calls fighting the next giant robot (which he would never do, as the boss he fights is not a robot) and Red Sonic is then thrown up into the air. He lands on the lava and Sonic asks how he can stand on the lava, to which Cyan Sonic replies with a shrug. Red Sonic walks onto the platform and makes a comment about having clones. Cyan Sonic replies by saying that he "wasn't too thrilled either". The volcano rumbles and the Sonics waste no time in getting out. The volcano erupts just as they escape. They jump onto the Tornado as Tails flies right by them, in the same formation as before, with Red Sonic standing by Cyan Sonic. The gang ingages in a conversatin, which ends with the decision to go to a tropical island for a little bit. But the controls on the plane jam up and the plane begins to fall. They all put Bubble Shields on as they sink closer to the ocean. Tails says that he will try and fix the plane and that the Sonics need to find another way out. The Sonics set off on their quest to find an escape. They make their way through Oceanic Base, reaching a chamber in an underwater base, where, after some exploring, Cyan Sonic finds four rockets (Like the ones used in Sonic Adventure). White Sonic begins to look for the controls, only to find out that Cyan Sonic has the remote. The four latch onto their rockets and blast off. They are met by Tails, who had fixed the plane in the nick of time, in the sky as they fly towards the island.

They reach the island and find Green Sonic, after exploration of the island. The Sonics discuss the situation, ending with the conclusion that it was probably a trap. Green Sonic, however, sees a pod approaching. Sonic yells at him to get out of the way, but he was too late, a beam hit Green Sonic, brainwashing him. Green Sonic rushes toward the Sonics, only to be knocked out of the way by a roll attack by Cyan Sonic, who battles him. After his defeat, Green Sonic falls to the ground. Tails checks his pulse and states that he is alive. The clone wakes and engages in a conversation with the group, including his reason for being here (Which was the coconuts). Sonic then asks why nobody refers to him by his name, only "him" or "clone". Red Sonic replies by saying that if people said "Sonic" they could be referring to any of the Sonics. Green Sonic then says that he was chasing another Sonic, who was captured and thrown into Eggman's Starship. Cyan Sonic says that they should look, but they need to go to a mountain because it's too hot on the island. Everyone hops onto the plane, with Green Sonic next to normal Sonic. They take off and after a while of flying, they find a good mountain. Sonic asks Cyan Sonic why he chose a mountain, to which Cyan Sonic replied by saying "I miss Ice Cap." Red Sonic then yells "TAILS!!! DON'T CRASH THE PLANE!!!" Tails sighs and notes that "out of all the people in the world, he acts like Knuckles". Sonic sees a trail of kicked up snow, which he guesses is another Sonic. Tails lands and the others ran off to investigate.

After further investigation, the group of Sonics hear some banging noises. They hide in a group of trees, as the dark Sonic encountered earlier tries to capture Purple Sonic, who refuses. Purple Sonic throws a tree at the dark, who deflects it. Sonic decides to intervene. The dark releases a boss, which traps Purple Sonic. Sonic battles the robot, and Purple Sonic climbs out after its defeat. The dark flies off once more, leaving Purple Sonic and normal Sonic. They have a conversation, in which Sonic notes that Purple Sonic is just like Shadow, having almost no personality. The rest of the group appears and joins the conversation, with Green Sonic making a comment about Purple Sonic being purple. Cyan Sonic stops him before he goes overboard, and Green Sonic turns invisible. White Sonic apologizes and states that "they're morons sometimes". Green Sonic, offended, turns visible again and just about begins an argument. Tails drives the plane over. The Sonics arrange the same as before. Purple Sonic shows off his psychokinesis when asked if he was going to get in the plane. The group flies off into a sea of cloud, where Green Sonic wonders how it would feel to walk on a cloud. White Sonic attempts to stop him, but Green Sonic jumps onto the cloud sea and yells up to them that it's solid. Sonic and Cyan Sonic jump down also. Red Sonic jumps after them, almost landing on Cyan Sonic. Purple Sonic and the Tornado land at the same time. White Sonic, once again, states that the other Sonics are reckless. Tails points out a cloud city out, and the group runs toward it. After traversing through the city, Sonic deicdes to do some extra exploring and runs off, only to have Yellow Sonic run up beside him and ask for help. Sonic agrees and then wonders how Yellow Sonic could be faster than him, when the clone speeds ahead of him. The two skid to a stop and look up and the Starship approaches once again. The dark appears again and asks why Sonic will not die. Sonic replies by say that he's "too good for death." The dark traps Yellow Sonic in a cloud shaped robot. Sonic fights the boss and releases Yellow Sonic, who thanks him for his help. The dark disappears into the Starship and flies off afterwards. The rest of the group appears and has a conversation with Yellow Sonic, who says that there is one more Sonic left, Orange Sonic. He states that it will not be easy, as he is on the Starship. Green Sonic complains about this and Tails says that all they have to do is sneak onto the ship and steal Orange Sonic back. Cyan Sonic replies by saying that it is much easier said than done. Red sonic yells "BLOW IT UP!" and Yellow Sonic replies with "Ironically, there's a self destruct button in the central reactor." Red Sonic sky punches and the gang decides to waste no time as they jump on the plane in the same arrangement, with Yellow Sonic standing by Red Sonic.

The group flies up to the Starship and Red Sonic has an outburst of yelling "BLOW IT UP!" Sonic demands to know why he wants to blow things up all of a sudden. Red Sonic replies with "CUZ!!" Purple Sonic tells both of them to shut up as he stares ahead at the giant ship. Tails tells them that there's a landing bay on the south end of the ship, just as the Starship shoots the Tornado. The Sonics (Except Purple Sonic) then fumbles around for hovershoes and put them on. They jump out and hover in the air (Tails flying) and watch as the plane descends once again. Cyan Sonic reminds them that they are on a mission and they continue on towards the massive Starship. They eventually reach the dock and began their trek through the ship to find the central reactor and, hopefully, Orange Sonic. They eventually find him, trapped in a pod, unconscious, as it seems. Yellow Sonic tries to break the pod, but fails, and the alarm goes off. Metal Sonic, now with an upgrade and an orange metal exterior, slams down where Yellow Sonic was. Yellow Sonic jumps away just in time and Red Sonic continues with his blow up obsession. Sonic then states that "it's about time for a rematch." and rushes into battle.

Metal is defeated once again, and Sonic launches one more charged Homing Attack that blows him up , hopefully forever. Oragne Sonic awakens from the defeat of Metal Sonic and breaks out of the pod, slapping high fives with Yellow Sonic. Tails flies in and welcomes Orange Sonic. Yellow Sonic guides them to the Central Reactor, where they have a showdown with the darkness, who actually turns out to be a black clone of Sonic that was created back when Dark Gaia was attacking and Sonic had his Werehog form. When Dark Gaia went to suck up the Werehog's energy, a little bit had escaped, and formed Black Sonic. Sonic has a battle against Black Sonic. After his defeat, Black Sonic brings out the final boss of the game, a giant robot resembling the Egg Nega Wisp in some ways. He sucks up all the clones, except White Sonic and normal Sonic, then challenges Sonic to a final showdown. Sonic, after a long hard battle, defeats the robot and Black Sonic. Tails flies in and says that he found a machine that can fuse the Sonics back together. Sonic says that they should go, but after they destroy Black Sonic forever (or so they think). So, the Sonics from a circle around Black Sonic and all launch Homing Attacks one after another, with Sonic's destroying the fiend. Tails then leads the group to the machine. All the clones high-five Sonic as they walk in. Cyan Sonic and Sonic have a short conversation before Cyan Sonic enters the machine, followed by Sonic. Tails then closes the door and presses a button sequence that fuses the Sonics back together. Tails opens the door and Sonic steps out. They have a brief conversation about the adventure, before speeding off down the halls of the Starship.

When all Chaos Emeralds are collected, the final level, Deep Space, is unlocked, along with the true final boss, Super Black Sonic. The final ending just shows Sonic finally destroying his dark clone and flying back down to the ground and having another conversation with Tails before running off to his next adventure.




Red Sonic

Orange Sonic

Yellow Sonic

Green Sonic

Cyan Sonic

Purple Sonic

Tails (In some missions)


White Sonic (he is computer controlled)

Black Sonic

Metal Sonic

Items and Other Objects

Item Box: Contains rings, a shield, speed shoes, invincibility, or a 1-Up

Rings: Protect Sonic from dying if he has at least one

Super Rings: Give 10 rings instead of one

Shield: Protects Sonic from one hit of damage, Thunder Shields attract rings, Fire Shields allow Sonic to walk on lava, and Bubble Shields allow Sonic to breathe underwater.

Speed Shoes: Gives Sonic a speed-up for about 30 seconds

Invincibilty: Makes Sonic immune to harm, except for drowning, being crushed, or falling down a bottomless pit. He can also destroy enemies by runnning into them

1-Up: Increases the number of lives you have. You also get one every 100 rings.

Dash Panels: launches Sonic in set direction, some variations shoot him into the air as well.

Trick Panels: Allow Sonic to start a Combo Trick.

Rainbow Ring: Allows Sonic to start a Combo Trick, gives extra points for going through one.

Dash Ring: Shoots Sonic in set direction

Zip Line: Allows Sonic to ride a zip line from one part of a stage to another.

Teleporter: Teleports Sonic from HUB world to stage or to another part of a stage once in a stage.

Rails: Sonic can grind on these rails.

Chaos Emeralds: Mystical gems. Collecting all 7 will work miracles.


Portside City: A city on the shoreline. (Resembles Apotos)

Chamber of Fire: the inside of an active volcano

Oceanic Base: An underwater government base.

Paradise Island: a tropical island. Major exporter of coconuts.

Frost Mountain: A tall mountain, comparable to Mt. Everest. (Resembles Sonic Adventure rendition of Ice Cap)

Cloud City: An acient civilization nestled in the clouds

Eggman Starship: Dr. Eggman's giant Starship

Central Reactor: The inner workings of Eggman's Starship

Deep Space: The classic final level in space


Normal enemies

Aero Chaser

Aero Cannon


Egg Fighter

Egg Fighter (with shield)

Egg Fighter (With sword)

Egg Fighter (with sword and shield)

Egg Fighter (With electric shield)

Egg Fighter (With electric shield and sword)

Egg Shooter

Egg Launcher


Thunder Spinna

Mole Cannon

Egg Burst

Iblis Biter-like enemy (only in Chamber of Fire)

Iblis Taker-like enemy (Only in Chamber of Fire)

Iblis Worm-like enemy (Only in Chamber of Fire)


Metal Sonic v1.0

Egg Bomber

Green Sonic (Brainwashed)

Egg Freezer

Egg Cloud

Metal Sonic v2.0

Black Sonic

Dark Hazard

Super Black Sonic


Each stage, except Central Reactor and Oceanic Base, have 10 missions: 3 time trial missions, 3 doppelganger races, 3 ring missions, and a boss challenge, in which you must defeat the boss without any rings. These are optional missions. There are also optional missions in the HUB world to complete.


Main article: Across Dimensions (Soundtrack)

The music for this game is done by various artists, centered mainly in alt rock. Most of the music instrumental, except the character themes and main themes.


Each character has their own special abilities that make then unique from the others

Sonic: The only Sonic that can wall jump.

Red Sonic: Can cause explosions to destroy breakable ground or enemies.

Orange Sonic: The slowest and the heaviest. He can break through tough ground with ease by Stomping. Only he and normal Sonic can Stomp.

Yellow Sonic: The fastest of the group, he also jumps the highest, but he takes more damage (50 rings rather than 30) He can run across a trial of rings with the Lightspeed Dash. Only he and normal Sonic can Lightspeed Dash

Green Sonic: Can turn invisible for a limited time to go unnoticed by enemies.

Cyan Sonic: Just like normal Sonic, except he can't Boost, he has Spin Dash and rolling moves instead.

Purple Sonic: Has psychokinetic abilities, like Silver.

Tails: Can fly for a limited time

White Sonic: Acts as a Super Guide if die 5 or more times in a single level. Gives the worst ranking if stage is played by White Sonic


S Rank: "Perfect!"

A Rank: "Awesome!"

B Rank: "Cool!"

C Rank: "That's alright."

D Rank: "Gonna have to try harder"

E Rank: "No!"

Quotes from the game

"You guys are reckless" - White Sonic

"Oh, look, it's Sonic... AGAIN!!!" - Black Sonic

"BLOW IT UP!!" - Red Sonic

"Will both of you shut it?!" - Purple Sonic

"Agreed." - Cyan Sonic

"Do I get to kick butt?" - Cyan Sonic

"Ugh... my head hurts..." - Green Sonic

"Absolutely not" - Cyan Sonic

"OK, that was sweet." - Orange Sonic

"Ironically, there's a self destruct button in the central reactor." - Yellow Sonic

"Well, I think it's time to fuse us back together." - Sonic

"Come on!" - Tails

"Central reactor, that way." - Yellow Sonic

"Well, what are we standing here for?!" - Sonic and Cyan Sonic

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