Sonic: Vengeance
Sega, Volition, Inc., Radical Entertainment and Ubisoft
Action, Adventure, Platformer, Open World
Single-player, Multiplayer
T for Teen

Sonic Vengeance is a video game created by Williamstrother. The game centers around Earth being invaded by a militaristic faction known as Mobian Empire, the government of Sonic's homeworld Mobius. During the invasion Sonic soon came across a ghost from his past, a man by the name of Dominus Bellum, the commander of Mobius's military and the ringleader of the invasion. After Sonic found out Dominus was on the planet, he began his journey of vengeance and swore to kill Bellum for killing his parents. This game also the marked the 1st time he was actually defeated by the game's antagonist. This is also one of the first Sonic games not to feature Dr. Eggman.


Sonic the Hedgehog

Sth sonic7
Returning as the main protagonist, Sonic's positive and laid-back attitude had been replaced with a passion of hatred and vengeance as he found out his parents' murderer Imperator Dominus Bellum was leading the invasion.
Imperator Dominus Bellum

The game's main antagonist and the head of the Mobian Military. A talented strategist and a master of the battlefield, Dominus Hannibal Bellum was regard as a war hero and "Mobius's greatest general". He is a self-controllable and disciplined soldier. His lack of arrogance and incompetence make him a very capable officer as he does not boast about glory, just duty. He is strongly devoted to the Mobian Empire's goal of conquest. He also cares for the safety of his troops. He is also interested in Sonic and would stop at nothing to include him in the Mobian War Machine.

Miles "Tails" Prower

Tails worries of Sonic's recently aggressive behavior. He tries to reason with his friend by telling him revenge is not the answer.

Amy Rose

Much like Tails, Amy greatly worries about Sonic's desire for vengeance.

Amy Rose 2

Knuckles the Echidna

Knuckles returns to help Sonic fight off the Mobian Empire.


The game plays in an open world. Sonic's gameplay will be coming from his gameplay in the recent Unleashed and Colors titles. His levels will definitely have their mix of speed and platforming in them.

Xbox 360 Controls
Homing Attack A + A
Boost X
Jump Stomp A + B
Drift B + Left/Right
Roll Y
Quick Step


Blue Laser LT
Blue Tornado


Controls for other two systems will come at a later time.

Sng sonic04

Sonic the Hedgehog

There's no more double jump in this game, but that's because now when you homing attack with no enemies around, you jump dash like you could in past Sonic games. Sonic's jump alone will be quite high though, so there would still be some precision platforming.

Boosting power won't just be given to you like it was in Unleashed, it'll be like Colors where you must gain a power-up to fill up the gauge.

Blue Laser is one of Sonic's two special moves. Once you collect the Blue Laser power up, you can speed through a level when it's unnecessary. But when it is necessary, you will cross large gaps in high speed style.

Blue Tornado is the other of Sonic's two special moves. With it, you can make enemies go bye-bye as they all get whooshed away by the wind. But also, you can also use it near poles to climb up them and then get launched either high in the air or far ahead.


  • This is the first game where Sonic actually loses to the game's antagonist.
  • This also marks the second major appearance of Dominus Bellum since Sonic: War for Mobius.
  • This game features a darker and more vengeful theme.
  • Dr. Eggman or his robots make no appearances in the game and so on.
  • This is also one of the first games, where human soldiers are the main enemies.

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