Sonic 4 is the fourth movie in the Sonic fan film series by 09jhero. It is the first movie made after the original trilogy. It is loosely based off of Sonic Adventure.

Major Characters

Sonic the Hedgehog

Miles 'Tails' Prower

Dr. Eggman

Knuckles the Echidna

Shadow the Hedgehog

Amy Rose

E-102 Gamma


Rouge the Bat

Minor Characters

Cream the Rabbit

Big the Cat

Vector the Crocodile

Espio the Chameleon

Charmy Bee

E-101 (Beta)





It begins as Sonic races down Station Square, the city centre. He stands atop a roof and spots some policemen struggling with something hidden from sight. Sonic rushes down to confront it and he sees a creature made of water. He fights it and seemingly kills it, but it is shown pourin down the drain.

Meanwhile Shadow is chased by a GUN helicopter and manages to destroy it. He lands on the ground and is attacked by an Eggman robot, E-101 Beta. Shadow has a large fight, noting that the Eggman robots are getting more powerful. He manages to destroy it and he walks away as it explodes.

Sonic, who had obtained a sample of the creature, visits Tails and asks him to analyse it. Tails reveals that it is emitting energy off of the charts. Sonic wonders what it could possibly be when Knuckles arrives angrily, announcing that someone has shattered the Master Emerald and that the Chaos Emeralds have been scattered. Sonic and Tails suspect that the Chaos Emeralds may hold the truth behind the water creature, so they begin searching while Knuckles sets off to find the shards of the Master Emerald.

On Eggman's new Egg-Carrier, he activates another robot, similar to Beta only stronger. He names it E-102 Gamma. Eggman decides to test it by making it fight a newly repaired Beta. Gamma sucessfully destroys it and Eggman sends it to abduct Amy, who's pet bird is detecting strange chaotic energy. Gamma flies off of the ship to find her.


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