Cquote1 Please... Lance, my friend... do not let me leave this Earth in vain... use true Chaos without hesitation... Cquote2
Mikhail Rancovich

Sonic Adventure: Exodus is a fanfic, currently under construction, made by BoostPowah. Exodus takes place 2 months after Sonic Generations and is the next saga in the Sonic Adventure trilogy, though not essentially a sequel. The story tells about an invasion of the Earth by a hostile alien empire, and the efforts of Sonic, friends, and two new characters, Lance the Cat and Mikhail Rancovich.



Sonic the Hedgehog

Lance the Cat

Miles "Tails" Prower

Knuckles the Echidna


Mikhail Rancovich (Eventually becomes a hero)


King Sentia


Dr. Eggman

Xephix Empire


Sonic Adventure: Exodus consists of only 2 parts, with an 8 month span between the two.

Part 1

The story starts off with Lance the Cat narrating, and the story unfolds as Lance befriends Mikhail Rancovich and Sonic the Hedgehog. The conflict kicks off as the Xephix, an alien race known for expanding their empire by taking resources from other planets, and colonizing them to boost the population. As the characters' efforts to topple the empire's armada advances, the empire's leader, named King Sentia is introduced.

Sentia guides his armada to the Master Emerald's altar and begins drawing great amounts of power from it. The gang arrives and ends the extraction process. Sentia absorbs a fraction of the Chaos power and proceeds to fight Super Sonic, who challenges the entire fleet. Sentia eventually gets the upper hand, and commands his main vessel to fire a cannon, fueled by the Master Emerald's energy, and fatally strikes Sonic with said cannon.

As Lance watches Sonic fall down back to the altar grounds, he thinks about the Emeralds. He thinks about how he wishes to have such power Sonic can posess. Seeing the Chaos Emeralds seperate from Sonic, he attempts to achieve a Super Form and succeeds. Lance, now Super, finishes Sonic's job and proceeds to brawl with King Sentia. Sentia orders another cannon blast. Lance notices his call and performs Chaos Control on himself and Sentia right before the cannon is fired. A dazed Sentia is caught in the line of fire and is obliterated, but Lance evades the blast. Lance returns to Sonic at the Altar as he watches the Xephix armada retreat. The last he sees is another Xephix, who looks almost like the defeated Sentia, his eyes full of anger. Sonic congradulates Lance on his victory, and for everyone's victory, but Lance is unsure.

Part 2

Eight months after Part 1 of Exodus, the team, nearly all of them a year older, watch the news, which is talking about sights of the Xephixan empire returning for revenge. Lance becomes worried, remembering the Xephix who had eyed him eight months earlier. Lance tells the others that they need to get to the Master Emerald's altar immediately. Sonic hesitates, asking Lance why. Lance explains how the Xephix who had started at Lance looked like Sentia. Lance and Sonic both theorize that it was the son of Sentia, longing to avenge his father. Sonic agrees with Lance and prompts the others to follow them to the altar.

Once they reach the mountanous area that surrounds the altar area, they are greeted by a Xephix. The same Xephix that had gave Lance the cold look. He introduces himself as Chirns, the heir to King Sentia's dynasty and the current king due of his father's untimely death. Chirns sets back the team by ordering his battleships to fire on them. After several minutes of evading the ships' cannon fire, they see a bright light coming from the altar. The team then proceeds to outrun the battleships and reach the alter. Once at the altar, they find Chirns doing the same act his father had done: siphoning Chaos energy from the Master Emerald.

Sonic and Lance go Super and attempt to defeat Chirns, but are easily picked off by the alien prince's new powers. Mikhail then asks Lance for a chance to achieve a form of his own. Lance is unsure why he would want to reach that level of power; Mikhail explains why he has always wanted: he never had any love from his family to satisfy him. Lance sympathizes Mikhail and leaves him to show up Chirns. Then, Mikhail himself reaches a form, named Mighty Mikhail, with powers above Super, but not Hyper. Mikhail manages to damage Chirns, but is also defeated. Showing he is down, but not out, Mikhail pulls out his revolver as a last-stand attempt to kill the Xephixan prince. Mikhail fires, but fails as Chirns catches the bullet and deflects it towards Mikhail. The bullet hits Mikhail's chest, right above his heart. The shot was fatal; Mikhail knew it. As Lance comes to Mikhail to aid him, Mikhail asks Lance to promise to avenge him. Lance refuses to believe that Mikhail is dying, but Mikhail stops him from finishing his sentence.

With his dying breath, Mikhail tells Lance to "use true Chaos without hesitation." Seeing Mikhail stop breathing and die, Lance turns his head to Chirns, teary-eyed while the prince watched in glee. After Chirns throws a few cruel insults, Lance's temper breaks. He and Sonic proceed to go Super, and with Sonic's effort, they turn the Chaos Emeralds into Super Emeralds, turning the two Hyper. Chirns watches in amusement, still not intimidated. The two Hypers then begin dealing killer blows to Chirns, but with no prevail. Then, the fight takes to outer space. Chirns delivers a devastating blow to Hyper Sonic, flying him into the half-mechanized moon (a la events of Sonic Adventure 2 ). Lance attempts to pile drive Chirns over the head, but the alien prince counters by grabbing Lance's leg and twirling him toward the dazed Sonic. Afterwards, Chirns proceeds to attack with a large energy orb. The two heroes witness the glowing hot sphere hurdle towards them, but almost instantly, Lance grabs the sphere and terminates it. Lance looks to Sonic and says "Let's show him who's boss." Sonic nods, and the two heroes fly back up to enounter Chirns again. Sonic executes Light Speed Attack, while Lance disorients Chirns with a barrage of Light Speed Kicks.

Seeing Chirns weakened, Lance and Sonic proceed to charge up. Suddenly, two blazing beams emerge from the two and head towards Chirns. The prince is hit by both and is severely injured, and counters by firing his own beam. As the two attacks are still struggling over one another, Lance remembers Mikhail's death, and his plea. Lance's fur briefly turns a brilliant silver, and his power rises tenfold, overpowering Chirns's beam. Chirns is engulfed by both beams and is seen disintegrating into nothing. The two heroes then see the Xephix warships retreating, hopefully for good.

Standing alone in the planet's orbit, Lance tells Sonic that Mikhail's wish has been fufilled. The two triumphant heroes give each other a weak hi-five. Now too weak to posess their forms, Sonic and Lance return to their normal states and fall back down to Earth. Lance, nearly unconscious, sees Sonic fall with him, smiles. Sadly, the two heroes do not fall safely. Sonic lands on the sands of a beach, bruised, but not broken. Just waking up, he sees an small orange figure fall into the ocean. Tears leave Sonic's eyes as he witnesses his friend perish


Lance is alive, and his eyes open to see Chao, many Chao. When he looks around, Lance sees that he is on a tropical island, and that the Chao had saved him and tended to his wounds. After thanking the Chao, Lance departs on a wooden raft to reach the coast.

True Ending

Sonic and friends are celebrating, but Sonic is still melancholy about seeing Lance's fate. While looking around and seeing citizens cheering the hedgehog, he sees another orange sillhouette, the same one he saw at the beach. Sonic is unsure if it was really Lance, believing that he is only hallucinating. However, after he sees the figure wave at him, he realizes that it is really his friend. Sonic jumps to the buildings and runs alongside Lance on the roofs of the city, both happy of their victory.