Sonic Adventure 3: Father of the underworld is the next installment of the Sonic Adventure series set after the events of sonic adventure 2. This game features new gameplay elements and includes hd graphics. It is for the nintendo Wii u coming in 2012.


The gameplay is akin to the style of the sonic adventure series but also keeping some of the gameplay styles used in sonic unleashed, colours, and generations gameplay. There are also Adventure fields in full 3d like in Sonic unleashed and Sonic adventure and Sonic 06. And if every stage is completed with an a rank you get to face off against the true final boss. Also turning becomes easier as to when in the more recent games sonic makes a loose turn which gives slippery controls but now characters do a 360 degree turn in one spot like in sonic adventure. The Chao garden mini game will also carry on like SA1 & 2. There is a new option for each character to switch the genre of the game play, there are 9 different styles of gameplay these are :

  • Stealth
  • combat
  • warmer/colder
  • classic sonic
  • modern sonic
  • dreamcast sonic
  • time trial
  • 3rd person shooter
  • flight

for speed type gameplay characters can choose between classic sonic which is 2d sidescrolling gameplay modern sonic which carries on the switch of 2d and 3d perspective of more recent titles like sonic unleashed or dreamcast sonic which is full 3d as to how it was in sonic adventure. The boost, spindash, lightspeed dash, and homing attack are availabe for all modes as upgrades but are optional if you want to use them or not. for hunter gameplay there is a choice of stealth which is basically getting to the goal undetected with very little need for hand to hand combat. Combat mode is basic hand to hand fighting between the enemies and characters. And there is also warmer colder, the gameplay which is used for knuckles and rouge in sonic adventure 2. the digging tool,strength power up and the glide ability but all are just upgrades like the speed characters. For lightweight characters there is time trial which is how tails used to play in Sa1 and 3rd person shooter akin to Tails gameplay in Sa2 and flight based on Tails ability of flight. Like speed characters there is spindash but there is also double jump and there is also the bounce attack. All the upgrades for every character are found in the hub world and can be used there. After the stage Tornado is completed there will also be a flying minigame similar to sky chase from SA1.

TEAM HERO stages:

  • Station rush (Sonic)
  • Twilight seaside (Knuckles)
  • Vivid palace (Tails)
  • Dead forest (Sonic)
  • Egg trap (Knuckles)
  • Workshop stop (Tails)
  • Tornado (Sonic and Tails)
  • Ancient civilisation (Sonic)
  • Endless world (Knuckles)
  • Infiltration (Tails)
  • Dark realm (Sonic)
  • Final shrine (Sonic)​


  • Egg Cobra (Sonic)
  • Water reaper (Knuckles)
  • Scar the wolf (Tails)
  • Scar the wolf (Knuckles)
  • Egg melter (Tails)
  • Egg destroyer (Sonic)
  • Egg cannon (Sonic and Tails)


  • Midnight city (Shadow)
  • Jewel village (Rouge)
  • Crystal castle (Omega)
  • Emerald chase (Shadow)
  • Ticking tower (Omega)
  • Death ruins (Rouge)
  • Barren wasteland (Shadow)
  • Ancient civilisation (Omega)
  • Underworld (Rouge)
  • Final Chance (Shadow)


  • Devil crusher (Shadow)
  • Eggmonium (Omega)
  • Clawdia the wolf (Rouge)
  • Greylock the Wolf Pt 1 (Shadow)
  • Greylock the Wolf Pt 2 (Shadow)


  • Jungle hunt (Greylock)
  • Hope forest (Clawdia)
  • Sky dive (Scar)
  • island search (Clawdia)
  • Crystal castle (Scar)
  • Righteous highway (Greylock)
  • Crumbled city (Clawdia)
  • Endless world (Scar)
  • Death ruins (Clawdia)
  • Intruder alert (Greylock)
  • Final confrontation (Greylock)


  • Blitzbot (Clawdia)
  • E-123 Omega (Scar)
  • Tails (Scar)
  • Fallen angel (Greylock)
  • Knuckles (Scar)
  • Rouge (Clawdia)
  • Shadow Pt1 (Greylock)
  • Shadow Pt2 (Greylock)

LAST Stages:

  • Doomsday crisis: (Sonic/Tails Shadow/Greylock Rouge/Knuckles Clawdia/Scar Omega/Eggman)
  • Gravity search (Greylock Sonic Shadow)


  • Core collision (Supersonic Super Shadow Deathlock)

Optional bosses

  • Egg demolition Phase 1 (Greylock/Clawdia/Scar)
  • Egg demolition Phase 2 (Sonic/Shadow)


Team hero:

Speed: Sonic

Light weight: Tails

Hunter: Knuckles

In station square sonic is speeding along and comes to a halt when he sees a headline on the TV saying a chaos emerald was robbed by an unknown trio. Tails and amy are bursting out the events that just happened and the 3 suspect its Shadow Rouge and Omega. The three set out on their latest adventure with sonic speeding through the stage Station Rush while a tired knuckles just misses them. After sonic finishes the stage he is confronted by one of Eggman's bots called the Egg cobra. He defeats it. the trio show up at the bank inspecting the scene of the crime while knuckles jumps in. Sonic turns his head and is delighted to see one of his close friends. Knuckles examines the table that held the emerald and finds a shard of the emerald claiming that this is no ordinary emerald but this is the master emerald. But knuckles is confused as to why there is a shard of the master emerald here when he is guarding the master emerald on angel island. Knuckles is embarrased to think that the master emerald was stolen. The master emerald can act as a magnet to find the chaos emerald or the leftover master emerald shards if you just have one so knuckles sets off into the stage Twilight seaside. Knuckles finishes collecting the last pieces when he sees the shadow of a mysterious creature. Whats left behind is a claw and a ring. while he inspects it an explosion knocks him back. Its the water reaper. Knuckles having a fear of ghosts is petrified but then snaps out of it. He defeats it. Tails sonic and amy are discussing about the events that just happened and Knuckles enlightens them on the subject and gives the ring and the claw to tails and tries to inspect it. Straight away Tails recognises that this wasn't the work of Shadow or Rouge and it definetely couldn't have been Omega. He comes to the conclusion that there are new faces coming into the story. Amy thinks this new force could be working with Dr. Eggman. Amy thinks this because on tv it said that he was working with masterminds of stealth and speed to obtain the revival orb. Sonic and Tails looking for adventure decide to split up and locate Eggmans Head quarters where they can find out more about the new enemy/ies. Tails looks in Vivid palace. At the end he is confronted by a character called Scar.a fight ends with tails victorious. Tails communicates with Sonic via walkie talkie claiming he's found Eggman's base.Sonic decides to catch up wih Tails and enters the stage Dead forest. Sonic grinds in and brakes. Tails uses a password hacking device and breaks the lock. The two inspect the base checking for clues and Sonic finds a tatty piece of paper. It reads "All the truth all the lies i'll sacrifice to find peace all the lies all the truth ill keep to find the answers". Tails hangs on to the paper for more thorough investigation. As soon as they begin to escape the door shuts leaving Sonic annoyed but compliments Eggman saying he finally got something right. On the other hand Tails is petrified, when all of a sudden fists start pumping and the door shatters. It was Knuckles and Amy. He was searching for more shards of the chaos emeralds and as soon as he sees sonic he thrusts Amy over to him saying "Ive had it with her!". Knuckles starts his stage Egg trap. He escapes with more shards but he catches a glimpse of the silver chaos emerald he takes it aswell saying it could come in handy in the future. Tails sets off on his stage Workshop stop. Tails and Sonic are in Tails' workshop. He makes D.N.A match ups saying the that the D.N.A on the claw and the ring are the same. Knuckles comes in and throws the silver chaos emerald to Tails. He inspects the emerald saying that this was also a clear matchup. Seconds later an earthquake started. Sonic turned on the T.V and Dr. Eggman was on the screen with 3 others. He makes a death threat to the world saying that if he does not get the chaos emeralds in 2 days then he will shatter the earths core. Amy suspects that the three on the T.V are the ones who are Eggmans allies. Tails gets info that there is a mysterious shrine near the cente of the earth that will provide the answers to all this. Knuckles knows where the opening to the shrine is and its somewher near Ancient civilisation. Sonic Tails and Amy set off on the tornado, Knuckles tags along saying "I could find more emerald shards". Tails starts his Aeroplane based stage tornado. This is similar to Sky chase from SA1. Sonic and Tails set off in different parts of the stage Ancient civilisation. This is sonic's level. Tails starts wandering around, he soon falls into a endless pit. Someone wall jumps and catches Tails. Tails assumes its sonic and thanks him when actually it is Shadow. he came to do research on the shrine and the miracles it can create. Shadow sets off and Tails tells Sonic that Shadow is here aswell. Knuckles starts his stage Endless world. When he gathers up more emerald shards someone swoops in and steals them. Knuckles chases him and a fight ensues. After Knuckles defeats him the anonymous character reveals that his name is Scar the Wolf.after he finishes he notices one shard is missing to complete the master emerald when rouge comes in and gives the last shard to him. the master emerald is complete and he places it in the shrine. Knuckles communicates with Tails via walkie talkie saying that Scar could be one of Eggmans allies. Tails said he had an encounter with someone aswell. Sonic catches up with Knuckles and saying to Tails via walkie talkie not to go to the shrine. Its too dangerous there were earth quakes lasers and booby traps. Tails sets off on his stage Infiltration. Tails is on his way there when he is confronted by Eggmans robot the Egg melter. He is captured by Dr. Eggman and Knuckles is told to look after amy. Sonic sets off into his stage Dark realm. At the end sonic encounters one of Eggmans robots the Egg destroyer. Sonic defeats it and manages to get to the shrine where Tails is held captive by Dr Eggman. Three wolves come in and sonic thinks that they're the master minds. Sonic tries to fight all three but is no match. The team leader is about to deal the final blow when Shadow teleports in with Rouge and Omega saying that team dark will handle it while Sonic gets Eggman. Sonic goes into the stage Final shrine. He escapes the stage and sees Eggman in his best creation the Egg cannon. Sonic and tails face him together. this is a tag team boss. Sonic and Tails leave the shrine but sonic drops the silver emerald. and lie down in the open world.

Team dark:

Speed: Shadow

Lightweight: Rouge

Hunter: Omega

Shadow Rouge and Omega are on the run from the police when Shadow is encountered by a machine the devil crusher. Shadow tells Rouge and Omega to leave and as soon as he finishes it off he sets off into his stage Midnight city. Shadow meets up with Rouge and Omega telling them that when he was finishing off the machine the pilot said "you'll never get away with this you thief!". Shadow thinks that they are being framed by the allies of Eggman. Rouge reveals that they are looking for the chaos emeralds and that if they gather all seven then the revival orb is formed. Rouge decides to look in the stage Jewel village. She doesn't find anything but finds a tatty piece of paper reading " I must find the realm of nothingness where peace and answers intertwine". Rouge decides to hold on to this for further info. She meets up with the crew and in their base they discuss about the next location they should head to. Omega decides to look in Crystal castle. He finds the silver chaos emerald but is confronted by an Eggman robot piloted by a masked character. The mech is called the Eggmonium. When he destroys the machine the masked character swipes the emerald and uses chaos control. Omega contacts Shadow saying that the enemy stole the emerald and escaped using chaos control. they break up. Shadow suspects that it was Sonic. Now shadow sets off into Emerald chase. He finds nothing. Omega says there could be an emerald located in Ticking tower. Shadow says that Omega should look for it instead. He succeeds and flees. Rouge is wondering where Shadow and Omega are. She decides its best to look for more chaos emeralds. She discovers a shard of the master emerald and she feels this pulsing energy inside her and sees a vision of where the chaos emerald is. The bat remembers that Knuckles told her that if you have the shard of the master emerald it tells you where the remaining shards or the chaos emeralds are. She decides to look in Death ruins. She finally leaves the place with the green chaos emerald. Rouge is confronted by a 15 year old female wolf and a boss battles ensues with Clawdia the wolf. She manages to hold her own in battle but Rouge wins and keeps the chaos emerald. Shadow comes to her aid and uses the emerald for chaos control. They appear outside a land of nothing. Shadow sets off into his stage Barren Wasteland. Rouge thanks shadow for helping her in her time of need. Omega learns that there is a shrine near the center of the earth and that they need to get there because the revival orb can only be formed there. He tells shadow this valuable piece of information and tells him that he'll be there right away. Omega goes to look in the stage ancient civilisation. He finds nothing when as soon as he was about to leave an earthquake started. The ground opens and Omega falls in. He uses his hover ability that was programmed into him by dr eggman in suspended animation. He decides to investigate this place for more answers. Shadow remembers to look for Sonic because he has unfinished business to take care of when all of a sudden he is confronted by another wolf. The wolf flees but he reveals that his name is Greylock and he's looking for a pesky blue hedgehog that has a chaos emerald Shadow fights him so he can get to sonic. Greylock uses chaos control. Shadow is surprised as to why he can use this skill while greylock reveals that he has been watching shadow for a long time. He and Shadow chase after sonic. While he is on the move he looks up and finds someone falling from the opening to the underworld. Shadow wall jumps and saves Tails. Shadow then leaves and Tails hears Shadow mumbling "I will destroy Sonic". Tails tells him Sonic isn't behind this and it's the allies of Eggman. Tails tells Shadow that knuckles encountered one of them. Shadow recalls the memory of Rouge's battle with clawdia and Greylock appeared now. Rouge needs to give her emerald shard back to knuckles so she sets off on her stage Underworld. she finishes her stage gives the shard back to knuckles and meets up with Shadow and Omega. Rouge notices a walkie Talkie on the floor. she hears Sonic asking Knuckles for help. Omega says that they should help Sonic and the only way they could help him in time is with Shadow's chaos control. Shadow at first refuses but when he heard that Greylock was there hurting Sonic. Shadow says that this is a good way of evening the scores. Shadow goes into Final Chance. They teleport there and as soon as Greylock was going to deal the final blow to Sonic Shadow blocks it and Tells him team dark will handle it. Shadow has his final confrontation with his rival. Greylock brings sad memories of shadows past into the battle and shadow soon becomes enraged and shoots chaos spears at greylock but he avoids them. Shadow sheds a tear. his last chaos spear was aimed at the master emerald in the shrine. After all three defeat their opponents they decide to leave the place and Rouge says that's one mission done.

Team razor:

Speed: Greylock

Lightweight: Clawdia

Hunter: Scar

It starts off with Clawdia the wolf jumping branch to branch slicing bananas of the trees when a newspaper article slaps her on the leg. It reads "Want to make your dearly beloved dreams come true. Then assist Eggman in retrieving all the seven chaos emeralds and the revival orb will grant two wishes one for me and one for my helpful ally/ies". Clawdia delivers the bananas and reads the article to her brothers Greylock and Scar. Greylock pulls out his fang and cuts up the bananas. Greylock immediately stands up when he hears that there will be a wish granted. Scar tells the gang that he owns a chaos emerald. Greylock decides to look for Eggman to tell them that they'll be his allies. Clawdia is skeptical at first but accepts it because she and the rest of the gang all have one wish. Greylock sets off on his stage Jungle hunt. He finds Eggmans jungle base where he is residing and Eggman accepts him as a team mates as well as Clawdia and Scar. Greylock gives Eggman the cyan emerald. Greylock contacts Clawdia telling her to get the emeralds before the police does so Clawdia sets off on her stage Hope forest. Clawdia is about to leave when she is confronted by the police's latest mech the Blitzbot. She finishes it off and she takes a shortcut through Twilight seaside and drops a claw and a ring. Knuckles picks it up. Scar comes to her and the two escape in the stage Sky dive. Scar drops Clawdia off at Eggmans jungle Hq where she will drop off the Navy blue yellow and purple emerald that she has while Eggman assigned Scar to stop Omega from retrieving the silver emerald. clawdia is assigned a mission by dr eggman to destroy the master emerald in angel island to stop knuckles interfering with his plans. Clawdia goes to the stage island search. she destroys the master emerald and keeps one of the master emerald shards. Scar goes to his stage Crystal castle. He pilots Eggmonium but fails to defeat omega. He swipes the emerald and uses chaos control to get to Eggmans second headquarters. while he is leaving he finds tails and a boss battle begins. Clawdia Greylock and scar go on a mission to steal the green chaos emerald. they steal it from the museum and clawdia takes it and drops the master emerald shard in. while she flys out with her cape she accidentally drops it in death ruins. Greylock is assigned to find a way to the underworld where the shrine for creating the revival orb is. He sets off into his stage Righteous highway. He finds an emerald. At the end of the stage he finds himself in ancient civilisation. There is an opening. He lands safely in the underworld when he comes face to face with a huge fire demon Fallen angel. He defeats it. Eggman comes soon after wards. He tells Clawdia and scar to come immediately. Clawdia goes to the stage Crumbled city. The two meet up and they soon manage to find Eggman. Greylock gives him the emerald but eggman refuses saying he should keep it with him saying its vital to their success Eggman manages to create an earthquake using the power of the chaos emeralds and tells the world if he does not get all seven chaos emeralds then he will shatter the earths core. Eggman learns that he must stop an intruder from entering any further into the underworld. He assigns scar to this mission and heads off into endless world. Scar has a boss battle with Knuckles.After he finishes that, Clawdia goes to retrieve the lost chaos emerald in Death ruins. She finds Rouge with the green chaos emerald and has a boss battle with her with Shadow saving Rouge at the end. Greylock is also assigned to a mission to stop an intruder as well and after Scar's level is finished Greylock sets off into his stage Intruder alert. Greylock also has a boss battle but with Shadow and Greylock also manages to demonstrate chaos control much to Shadow's amazement. Shadow flees. Greylock learns that there is someone trying to get to the shrine. Greylock decides to set off on his stage Final confrontation. The rest of the gang come to stop Sonic and beat him up. Greylock is about to deal the final blow when Shadow comes in with the rest of team dark. Greylock has his final battle with his rival Shadow the hedgehog while Sonic escapes. At the end he defeats shadow from his story's point of view and gives his emerald to Eggman. still defeated he retrieves the emerald that Sonic dropped and puts the remaining emeralds he has in the shrine.

Last story:

Team dark holding the last chaos emerald is walking into the shrine when the Shrine begins to crumble. Rouge asks what's going on and Shadow and Omega aren't so sure either. In teams sonic's scenario they're lying down near the entrance as well when the ground starts to shake. Sonic Tails Knuckles and Amy fall through the entrance. Sonic Knuckles Amy and Knuckles are outraged because they think Eggman still hasn't given up yet. Eggman revealed his master plan to team hero. He told Clawdia to steal the master emerald from angel island to send knuckles on a wild goose chase but she dropped a shard in the museum to make you think it was the master emerald being stolen but it was actually the green chaos emerald. Team hero is gobsmacked and their mouthes are gaping. Eggman outsmarted them all. Knuckles recovers from the stage of shock and starts clapping. Sonic slaps him on the head. On team razor's scenario they're about to leave as well when the ground starts to shake. They decide to go to the shrine when they see team dark in the shrine with the last chaos emerald. It's able to form the revival orb but when Team Sonic enters the shrine it breaks into 5 pieces. Team razor manages to enter the shrine. The pieces of the shrine are moving at an incredible speed and if they dont manage to stop it before it reaches the earth's core then it will shatter. The shrine's pieces teleport. Knuckles sees that the master emerald is also broken again. If they manage to meet up at one point then they can find and restore the master emerald and that has power strong enough to send the shrine back to its original state. Rouge says that it wont be easy. Sonic says that Knuckles told him before that emerald shards are magnetic. Then Eggman says that there are 5 hidden shortcuts in this shrine that he located. If everyone takes their shortcut then they can restore the shrine in time. Everyone sets out on their stage Doomsday crisis. Everyone manages to meet up. The master emerald is restored and the shrine is as well. Shadow sees the revival orb form and tells Greylock to make a wish because he earned it. Greylock wishes to resurrect his father. All of a sudden the Earh vibrates and Omega wonders why this is happning when they already restored the shrine. Greylock senses his Father. His body merged with the earth's core and is now destroying it. Everyone feels gravity getting weaker and they start to float. He summons Greylock and merges as well but he struggles to. Only his body merged and not his soul. Greylock manages to posess Shadow and Sonic to aid them while they turn into their super forms. This gives them the ability to switch forms from themselves and Greylock's powered up form Deathlock. His fangs grew 2 times larger and is able to rip them out and slice the air by using them as swords. This is the final battle between his dad and himself. It's restless and won't give up. Greylock understands that the reason his father is so angry is because he was reawakened and wanted to be left to rest. Greylock even though he is face to face with his father is losing memory of who he is. Tails figures out the meaning of the tatty piece of paper but he knows there is more to it. Rouge knows that her paper adds on to tails. Clawdia says that that poem was made by her father he knew what was going to happen. Tails knows that the only way to give rest to Greylock's father is if he goes to the realm of nothingness. Tails ponders upon this and realized that greylock was forgetting his father as he was brought out into the world. Tails knows that the realm of nothingness is the heart. greylock manages to use chaos control to teleport his father, but is growing weaker and passes out. Shadow and Sonic turn back to their normal forms. Shadow feels his pulse and confirms he is dead. Everyone mourns the loss. But he realizes that he and sonic have half of Greylock's soul in them and manage to transform into Deathlock again. Deathlock uses chaos control to revive himself. Everyone celebrates but shadow isn't, saying that there isnt much of the earths core left. everyone looks for the remaining pieces of the earth's core with only greylock shadow and sonic able to find them. everyone pitches in and uses ultimate chaos control to restore the earth's core. Shadow admits that sonic and greylock did a pretty good job to destroy the father of the underworld. did a pretty good job and each team parts from the shrine with eggman leaving in his egg mobile planning his next scheme. Greylock says that he has to remain as the guardian of the shrine so its power doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Clawdia and Scar support this and remain in the shrine for as long as they can live. As a true final boss if you collect all A ranks in each stage of the game you can see the very last cutscene. Dr Eggman still hasn't gotten his wish from the revival orb and is determined to get it and is now in the most deadly machine he has ever made the Egg demolition. Greylock Clawdia and Scar face off against this mechanical beast and is still no match when Sonic and Shadow feel this earthquake they face off against it. They win. This is Team razors first and last appearance in the sonic series.


Sonic's music takes on a more fastpaced rock

Tails takes on a more pop style

Knuckles music takes a big turn in sound and is more reggae

Shadow has a more hard rock style

Rouge still keeps her traditional jazz sound

Omega takes on a more techno style

Greylock takes on a more hard rock style

Scar takes on a more soft rock style

Clawdia uses an RnB style

Crush 40 will perform the main theme of the game while Jun senoue will be the head of music compositions.

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