Sonic Adventure 3: Rebirth is the third and final installment in the Sonic Adventure series. It is made by User: It has new physics, and is run once again on Hedgehog Engine. This time, however, new characters appear playable. This game will come out for 3DS,PS3,Xbox 360,and Wii U in 2013.



Sonic the Hedgehog

Every Sonic game has to have the blue blur in it! 21 years and still running? Wow, Sonic! His gameplay is simillar to Sonic Generations and Sonic the Hedgehog 4:Episode II. Sonic can now use his Super Peel Out from Sonic CD, along with the Spin Dash.

Miles "Tails" Prower

Tails rebuilds his mech for another 3D platforming and shooter stage game! His mech can now fly and shoot missiles. If his mech is destroyed, Tails continues on foot until his Mech Gauge fills back up.

NEW! Scabbard the Two-Tailed Dragon

A cousin of Sonic's joins the fray! His gameplay is simillar to Shadow's Sonic Adventure 2 gameplay, but with tweaked attacks. He wants to help Sonic destroy Eggman once and for all!

Knuckles the Echidna

Knuckles returns to action in this thrilling game! He gets ready to party and defeat Eggman once and for all. His gameplay is simillar to his Sonic Adventure gameplay, minus the treasure hunting. Knuckles now has to locate the Chaos Emerald at the end of the stage.

NEW! Poptropic the Fox

A buddy of Tails joins the fray! Poptropic is one of the most easiest characters to control, because he plays like Tails did in Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II, but with Homing Attack and Boost.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow returns, mysterious as ever. His gameplay is simillar to his Shadow the Hedgehog without the vehicles and demons. He works for G.U.N. and must find the ruins of Qaopia to discover the Violent Chaos Beast, a demon so powerful it can destroy the space-time continum.

NEW! Sliver the Hedgehog

Sliver has come to the present day to fix yet another crack in the space-time continum. He needs to stop Shadow from discovering the Violent Chaos Beast. Sliver's gameplay is like his Sonic '06 gameplay, but with new abilities like Time Freeze and Homing Attack.

Amy Rose

Amy's stages have improved since Sonic Adventure. She now must run after Sonic and catch him before the end of the stage. This has some SonAmy in it, so be warned.


Dr. Eggman

Dr. Eggman has devised a plan to disrupt the space-time continum without harming the future. He is now smarter and more intelligent, with now an IQ of 600! Can Sonic defeat him?

Violent Chaos Beast

This mythical monster was discovered by Dr. Eggman, and he will use it to destroy the entire universe and the past and future! Sonic, Sliver, and Shadow must work with their friends to defeat it!


Iblis has been released into the present again. This time Iblis is bent on destroying the space-time continum.


Armaggedeon is the fusion of the Violent Chaos Beast and Iblis. They make an unstoppable force.

Blaze the Cat

Blaze helps Sliver out in a few of the bosses. She now enjoys working with Sonic,Scabbard,Shadow, and Sliver.

E-123 Omega

Omega returns to aid Shadow in his boss fights. He also works with G.U.N., but is worried about the Violent Chaos Beast.

Espio the Chameleon

Espio, along with the rest of the Chaotix, now are doing a case for an unknown cilent. Little does he know it's Dr. Eggman.

Charmy Bee

He is still hyperactive, but he calms down. Charmy is emotional at times, so don't cry.

Rouge the Bat

Rouge returns to help Shadow, and surrenders during boss fights. She doesn't like to see Shadow hurt.

Vector the Crocodile

Vector helps Knuckles with his bosses, and is good at it to. His unknown cilent is revealed by him later in the game, even though Espio knows it's Eggman.


Chao can be found within Chao Missions, or can be hatched from Chao Eggs found in the game, or bought in the Chao Marketplace.


Omochao works at the Chao Garden in New Megatropolis, and he will give you updates on your Chao, or rarely Chao Eggs. He will sometimes come out and help you raise your Chao.

Tikal the Echidna

Tikal returns to help work at the Chao Garden in Night Ruins. She raises your Chao while you rush through stages, and she gives you advice in raising and evolving your Chao.

Types of Stages


Like the previous Sonic Adventure games, Action Stages require you to get to the end of the stage. There are gimmicks in the stages that may help or not help you beat the stage.


Amy's stages are basically chasing Sonic before the end of the stage. You must catch up to Sonic and hug him before the end of the stage.

Robot Destroyer

Shadow and Sonic have these stages. You must defeat a certain number of enemies and reach the Goal Ring. The gimmicks from the Action stages of that area return, along with bottomless pits and spikes.


Bosses are fought after 3 stages are completed with the "A" mission. Once the player has defeated all the bosses, he or she will unlock the final story and a game called "Boss Rush".

Chao Missions

The "C" missions mean Chao Missions. It requires you to locate a certain number of Chao, find a number of Chao and save them, or locate 2 or more Chao Eggs.

Side Game

Like in the previous Sonic Adventure games, Side Games play a big role into the main story. There may be a boss in it, so be warned. Chao Eggs can sometimes be found during this types of Stages.

Mech (Tails only)

Mech stages are simillar to Action stages, but you control Tails in his mech.


There are different stories, but each character has their own upgrades and bosses. They also have the same opening cutscene.

The scene opens in a modern version of Neo Green Hill Zone. Sonic, Shadow, and Sliver are lounging in their beachchairs, sipping cool lemonade. Cream, Tails, Charmy, and Blaze are making a sandcastle together, giggling as they do it. Rouge and Amy are sitting on towels in the sun while being cooling off by Omega's fan. Scabbard and Poptropic are catching some waves in the ocean, while Espio and Vector relax at a temporary Chaotix office. The sky becomes black all of the sudden. The waves die down mysteriously, and a phone rings at the temporary Chaotix office. Vector answers, and it sounds like Dr. Eggman Nega. He's suspicious and hangs up to tell everybody else. Sonic suspects it's a trap, Scabbard seems to be convinced, Poptropic doesn't think it's Eggman Nega, Amy and Rouge think Eggman is up to no good again, Sliver and Shadow think that whoever it is is obivously some huge Eggman fan, Omega and Tails agree with Sonic, Espio is shocked, Blaze believes what Sonic says, and Charmy says they should go kick that guy's butt. The place is in silence. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Sliver, and Blaze rush towards the places they think the cilent might be. Cream, Amy, and Rouge head towards a teleporter. Omega, Vector, Charmy, and Espio head towards the agency to figure out where the cilent might be. Poptropic and Scabbard rush towards the first team to set out.

Stages/Adventure Fields

Sonic's Story

Adventure Fields

  1. Black Beach
  2. New Megatropolis
  3. Emerald Grove
  4. Night Ruins
  5. Majestic Peak
  6. Dojo Descend
  7. Egg Carrier X


  1. Thunder Ocean
  2. Casino Bridge
  3. Tropical Treetops
  4. Nightfall Jungle
  5. Peaceful Peak
  6. China Chasm
  7. Death Station
  8. Final: Chaos Quardant


  • "A" Mission (Thunder Ocean): Get to the Goal Ring! Type: Action
  • "B" Mission (Thunder Ocean): Destroy 50 robots! Type: Robot Destroyer
  • "C" Mission (Thunder Ocean): Find 3 Chao Eggs! Type: Chao Mission
  • "S" Mission (Thunder Ocean): Surf the waves! Type: Side Game
  • "A" Mission (Casino Bridge): Find the 1st Chaos Emerald before Amy catches you! Type: Chase
  • "B" Mission (Casino Bridge): Locate the Goal Ring! Type: Action
  • "C" Mission (Casino Bridge): Find 5 Chao! Type: Chao Mission
  • "S" Mission (Casino Bridge): Get 200 Rings in a Card and Slot Billy Hatcher style pinball board! Type: Side Game
  • "A" Mission (Tropical Treetops): Pursue the Egg Carrier X! Type: Action
  • "B" Mission (Tropical Treetops): Defeat the Egg Ape! Type: Boss
  • "C" Mission (Tropical Treetops): Find 2 Chao Eggs! Type: Chao Mission
  • "S" Mission (Tropical Treetops): Pull off some rad skateboard moves! Type: Side Game
  • "A" Mission (Nightfall Jungle): Find the 2nd and 3rd Chaos Emeralds before Metal Sonic catches you! Type: Chase
  • "B" Mission (Nightfall Jungle): Find the 4th Chaos Emerald! Type: Action
  • "C" Mission (Nightfall Jungle): Find 4 Chao! Type: Chao
  • "S" Mission (Nightfall Jungle): Survive a wild river ride! Type: Side Game
  • "A" Mission (Peaceful Peak): Locate the Gaia Worship Temple! Type: Action
  • "B" Mission (Peaceful Peak): Get 150 Rings! Type: Side Game
  • "C" Mission (Peaceful Peak): Free 10 Chao! Type: Robot Destroyer/Chao
  • "S" Mission (Peaceful Peak): Kick some robot butt with karate moves! Type: Action/Side Game
  • "A" Mission (China Chasm): Defend the Gaia Temple from robots! Type: Action/Robot Destroyer
  • "B" Mission (China Chasm): Get to the Goal Ring! Type: Action
  • "C" Mission (China Chasm): Kick some robot butt and free 20 Chao! Type: Robot Destroyer/Chao
  • "S" Mission (China Chasm): Snowboard down the chasm!

Tails' Story

Adventure Fields

  1. Crystal Cove
  2. Digital Casino
  3. Misty Mountain
  4. Midnight Mist
  5. Gaia Carnival
  6. Sweat Desert
  7. Metal Fortress
  8. Final: Mecha Hideout


  1. Wipeout Wash
  2. Pixel Palace
  3. Mystery Cave
  4. Mist Mansion
  5. Lottery Highway
  6. Dusty Ruins
  7. Death Shelter
  8. Final: Mach Getaway


  • "A" Mission (Wipeout Wash): Disable the Robot Telporter! Type: Action
  • "B" Mission (Wipeout Wash): Locate the 5th Chaos Emerald! Type: Mech
  • "C" Mission (Wipeout Wash): Find 6 Chao Eggs! Type: Mech/Chao
  • "S" Mission (Wipeout Wash): Catch some waves! Type: Side Game
  • "A" Mission (Pixel Palace): Destroy 250 enemies! Type: Robot Destroyer/Mech
  • "B" Mission (Pixel Palace): Locate the Pixel Destroyer! Type: Action
  • "C" Mission (Pixel Palace): Find 9 Chao! Type: Mech/Chao
  • "S" Mission (Pixel Palace): Play a level of Tails' Skypatrol! Type: Side Game
  • "A" Mission (Mystery Cave): Find the mysterious power source! Type: Action
  • "B"Mission (Mystery Cave): Get back to the main enterance! Type: Action
  • "C" Mission (Mystery Cave): Locate 12 Chao Eggs! Type: Mech/Chao
  • "S" Mission (Mystery Cave): Escape the cave in your mech! Type: Mech/Side Game

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