Sonic Adventure 3: Time and Space is a fanfiction game made by 09jhero. It contains more playable characters than in the original two Sonic Adventure games, containing ten, rather than six.


Playable Characters

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic is the main character in SA3: T&S and his level gameplay are the same as in Sonic Unleashed. He is the only character availible from the very beginning of the game, with Shadow being unlocked after the first stage. His story is to stop Eggman from using the Chaos Emeralds to control the power of the mysterious entity approaching Earth and obviously to destroy it. He is playable from the start of the game.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow is the main anti-hero in the game and his levels have the same gameplay mechanics as Sonic had in Sonic Unleashed. He is the second character unlocked, being made playable after completing Sonic's first stage. His story involves attempting to deny a destiny that has been pushed on him, that he will perish when Time and Space collapse, so he is is travelling across Earth in order to try and get some answers. He is playable from the start of the game.

Miles 'Tails' Prower

Tails is Sonic's right hand man. His gameplay is similar to in Sonic Adventure one and involves flying across a level, attempting to do more puzzle solving than just getting to the end. His story is that he is trying to find some Chaos Emeralds in order to stop a mysterious entity that is slowly approaching Earth, shattering Time and Space as it approaches. He is unlocked after the player completes the first stage in Sonic's story.

Knuckles the Echidna

Knuckles' gameplay is the exact same as in Sonic Adventure and his story is about him trying to find the Master Emerald shards yet again, only this time they have been separated across different dimensions. He is unlocked after the player completes the first stage in Shadow's story.

Rouge the Bat

Her gameplay is the exact same as Knuckles' and her story is the same, only she is trying to get to the shards first and she wants to use them for her own purposes. She is unlocked after the player completes Knuckles' story.

Silver the Hedgehog

Silver's gameplay is the exact same as in Sonic 06 and his story is that he has escaped from a future that is crumbling apart and he attempts to destroy the entity heading towards Earth to save the dying future. He is unlocked after the player completes Shadow's story.

Amy Rose

Amy's gameplay is stealth based and her story is about trying to translate an ancient scroll by first giving the scroll to Tails and then causing her to track down various characters, eventually leading to warning Sonic about the identity of the entity, while trying to evade Eggman and ZERO. She is unlocked after the player completes Sonic's story.

Blaze the Cat

Blaze's gameplay is entirely 2-D and she uses her pyrokinesis to get past obstacles. Her story is that she is attempting to track down the Sol Emeralds across Time and Space in order to fight the entity, who is causing the future to crumble and soon cease to exist. She is unlocked after the player completes Silver's story.

E-123 Omega

Omega's gameplay is a third-person shooter which involves destroying numerous targets in a stage. His story is that after GUN caught him, they reprogrammed him to defend Earth so he spends the game fighting creatures sent by the entity and Eggman's robots. He is unlocked after the player completes Amy's story.

Cream the Rabbit

Cream's gameplay involves using the different Chao to use their abilities to defeat enemies and get past obstacles. Her story is that the entity has trapped the various Chao in prisons guarded with puzzles, traps and sometimes (but rarely) enemies that Cream must overcome to rescue the Chao. She is unlocked after the player completes Tails' story.


Team Chaotix

They have been hired by GUN to put a stop to the chaos caused by the entity's unpreventable arrival and will hinder or help various characters to achieve this goal throughout the game.


They have a major role in Cream's story, helping her complete her levels.

Big the Cat

Helps Amy get through Mystic Valley, where he lives, in return for her bringing back Froggy.


The Entity/The Shadow Lord A deadly creature that has existed since the beginning of time, moving from planet to planet, trying to find heroes and feast on their souls. He comes to Sonic's world in order to steal the energy of all who attempt to stop him, but he gets greedy and attempts to devour the whole world. It is a supernatural being with untold power so only the super form of a hero could defeat him...

Dr Eggman

An evil scientist who has fought Sonic countless times before. He attempts to prevent Sonic from defeating the entity because he wishes to harness the creature's power for himself. In his attempts he has upgraded several robots in order to destro Sonic, including minor antagonist Metal Sonic and ZERO.


The entity has reawakened this deadly creature in order to cause havoc across the world and it is the main reason that Silver and Blaze return from the future. He is the final boss in Silver's episode.

Sol Demon

A creature that is reawakened when Eggman uses the Sol Emeralds in order to try and steal the entity's powers. Blaze spends most of the game trying to find and destroy it before it destroys everything. It is the final boss in Blaze's episode.

Metal Sonic

Metal Sonic was rebuilt and upgraded by Eggman to challenge Sonic. He is a minor antagonist and causes havoc for various heroes throughout the story.


ZERO is a robot that was originally built to abduct a bird from Amy Rose. Eggman rebuilt it to stop Amy from warning Sonic of his master plan. He fights Amy several times and is the final boss of her episode.

Shadow Creatures

The Shadow Creatures are demons created by the entity in order to challenge the heroes, but they are destroyed.

Dark Chao

Dark Chao was a Chao possessed and given deadly powers by the entity in order to defeat Cream and stop her from rescuing the Chao, who it was stealing power from.


Each character has their own story but they all start with the same opening cutscene.

It begins with Cream and Amy playing with Chao in a field near Station Square, while Knuckles chases Rouge, who stole the Chaos Emeralds off him. Tail's works on the Tornado 6000 while Sonic runs past everyone, causing some mischief. Up in Eggmans Egg Carrier, Eggman finished reparing E-123 Omega, who then tries to destroy Eggman and sends the Egg Carrier crashing down towards the field. In the future, Silver the Hedgehog awakes to find that the future is being torn apart. He sees a large crack in the sky and he flies through it. In the Sol Dimension, Blaze does the same thing. Up in the sky, a dark cloud appears. Everyone looks at it and suddenly, Silver and Blaze fall out of the sky. The Egg Carrier crashes, but everyone avoids it. The dark cloud suddenly releases many small monsters and several large ones. It sucks up all of the Chao and vanishes, but the monsters don't. Everyone gets ready to fight and the game begins.



Chao play a major role in Cream's story. There are nine in total but only Cheese and Floop are availible from the start. They each have their own abilities.

Cheese: Can be thrown at enemies and can create a basic shield.

Floop: Can change shape, therefore slipping under cracks to pull switches. Cannot fight.

Triplé: Can split into three Chao who and attack multiple enemies at once and can use switches that must be used simultaneously.

Glowy: Can glow in the dark in areas with little, or no light. Can temporarily stun enemies by quickly becoming as bright as a star and then fading.

Fiery: Acts as a fire shield, making Cream fire-proof. Can also fight using its fire abilities.

Stretch: Can be used as a lasso to swing across gaos by stretching its arms. Can use its arms as whips to fight enemies.

Freezy: Can freeze water allowing the player to walk across it. This can also be used to freeze water hydrants so that they can be used as platforms.

Bouncer: Is denser than the other Chao. Can cause a mini-earthquake to stun enemies and can toss Cream up onto higher platforms.

Necro: Short for Necromancer. He can make shadows eat through walls to make gaps big enough to climb through and can summon skeletons to fight.


There are many stages in the game, but most of them are only availible for certains players.

Egg Carrier - Sonic, Shadow, Amy, Omega and Blaze.

Green Hill - Sonic, Tails, Amy, Rouge and Knuckles.

Station Square - All except for Blaze, Knuckles and Rouge.

Wave Ocean - Sonic, Tails, Blaze, Amy and Cream.

Rooftop Run - Sonic, Shadow, Amy and Silver.

Danger Zone - Knuckles and Rouge.

Stardust Speedway - Sonic and Shadow.

Mythic Ruins - Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Omega, Tails, Cream and Amy.

Crisis City - Silver, Blaze.

Twinkle Park - Amy, Cream and Sonic.

Jungle Rumble - Knuckles, Rouge, Silver and Shadow.

Chaos Cavern - Shadow, Knuckles, Rouge, Cream and Silver.

Ice Mountain - Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Rouge, Omega and Blaze

Rocky Road - Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Rouge and Silver.

Dusty Desert - Shadow, Silver, Cream and Blaze.

Death Valley - Shadow, Tails, Silver, Omega, Knuckles and Rouge.

Sol Island - Sonic, Blaze, Silver.

Flame Core - Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Cream and Blaze.

Death Egg - All.

Death City - All.

Dark Storm - Super Sonic, Super Shadow, Super Silver.


Egg Beetle - Sonic and Shadow.

Iblis - Silver, Sonic, Shadow, Omega and Knuckles.

Metal Sonic - Sonic, Shadow, Tails, Blaze.

Sonic the Hedgehog - Shadow and Silver.

Shadow the Hedgehog - Sonic.

Silver the Hedgehog - Sonic.

Egg Dragoon - Sonic, Knuckles, E-123 Omega, Shadow and Rouge the Bat.

Shadow Guardian - Shadow and Silver.

ZERO - Amy.

Sol Demon - Blaze, Silver.

Dark Chao - Cream.

Egg Cerberus - Tails, Knuckles and Shadow.

Shadow Dragon - Shadow, Blaze and Rouge.

Egg Devil - Sonic.

The Shadow Lord - Super Sonic, Super Shadow, Super Silver.



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