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This is a game idea for Sonic Adventure 3. Please note that although published, this article is not yet completed. Feel free to edit spelling mistakes, as my American English is weak.




Sonic The Hedgehog

Gameplay will be reminescent of the "Sonic Adventure" titles, with the boost feature completely omitted. The super peel-out will be revived from Sonic CD, now activated via its own button. With the exception of serving as an attack, this will act similarily to the spin dash from the Sonic Adventure games. The spin dash, though not as powerful as the super peel-out, will serve as an attack as well as replacing the crouch ability. His level design will be completely in 3D, with less long, "boost-to-win" sections as seen in Generations, Colors and Unleashed. The level design will be much more interactive, and only some areas will be able to be bypassed as easily as they were in Sonic Adventure. Boarding/skateboarding sections will return, and be much more plentiful than in Sonic Adventure 1 and 2.

Miles "Tails" prower

Tails' levels will be large (but not necassarily too long in terms of playing time). His flight will act similarily to his flight in Sonic Adventure. The alternate routes will be acessed via flying though large green speed rings, as they were seen in Sonic Adventure (now graphically enhanced, of course). The smaller platforming areas of sonic's gameplay are not present in this characters levels, and are instead replaced by much wider, longer platforming areas. Tails will also play some of his levels from a 2.5D perspective, with the alternate paths and colletables emphesized here, but with less giant green rings. An increased number of hazards in the air are unique to the Tails levels.

Knuckles The Echidna

Knuckles levels will be mostly in 2D. His levels are much like all others, getting from point A to point B without having to collect anything, with the exception of optional red rings. He will play as he did in Sonic Adventure 1, though the levels focusing now on reaching the goal, as opposed to collecting emerald shards. His glide will have identical strength to that of Sonic Adventure. Many of his level designs will resemble the Planet Whisp level from Sonic Generations in terms of elevation with many cannons, though not necassarily as long. He will also be able to fly through green rings, though not nearly as much as in the Tails levels. Unclimable walls will be present

Amy Rose

Shadow the Hedgehog

Silver The Hedgehog

Silver will play like he did in Sonic The Hedgehog Next-Gen-only faster, stronger and better. His levels play completely in 2D. There is much less of an emphesis on physcokinetic abilities here, but rather his time travel ability, revived from Sonic CD. Since Silver is a time traveller, his levels will be much like that of Sonic CD-with the time posts making their return. He can jump and use his new technique, the flying dash, a technique similar to that of the fire sheild ability from Sonic The Hedgehog 3. This ability is similar to the homing attack, though travelling farther and not homing in on enimies/objects. His physcokinetic abilities will focus mainly on physcokinetically grabbing up to a maximum of three objects at once, encircling them around himself, then destroying them on command to get extra jumps. This will allow him to travel farther distances than other characters, and objects that can be physcokinetically grabbed will be placed strategically in the levels. The time travel gimmic will also be improved upon in this game, with electrical generators being destroyed instead of capsules. There will be multiple generators available in each level, placed in many seperate sections of the level to avoid backtracking as experienced in Sonic CD. To unlock the good future, only one of the generators need be destroyed, though multiple generators may be destroyed for some secondary objectives. Each past, present, good future and bad future map will feature sligt tweaks in level design, as well as their own exclusive collectables, with the exception of the two future maps. The good and bad future maps will feature the same red star rings, though the only way to access all the rings is via the good future, due to level design. The player will still be able to see the red star rings, just not necassarily be able to reach them in the bad future. The bad futures will also be more abundant in badniks and hazards. In general, the level design for Silver stages is meant to encourage, though not necassarily force exploration throughout the level as the levels did in Sonic CD.

Blaze The Cat

Blaze will play like she did in Sonic 2006, with her pyrokenisis aiding her with the spin jump, essentially a double jump and fire attack as well as a pyrokenisis fire slash homing attack similar to that of Sonic's spinning homing attack. She can also use a fire spin while on the ground, though this is used as more of an attack than a jump. If having gained enough speed, her hands will burst into flame, indicating that her fire slash attack can be used to obtain a running high jump, twice the height of a normal jump, similar to the hammer jump of Amy Rose in Sonic Adventure. Upon completing a runing high jump, she may use the double jump. Due to her strong jumping ability, her levels will focus much on elevation, though not primarily. Some of her areas in level design will resemble Sonic's, where her fire slash attack will be used more commonly, as well as her jumping ability which can be used to acess the mutiple paths in level design found in Sonic Adventure 3. Her levels will be completely in 3D.


Racing Mode

The multiplayer mode will feature exclusive level designs, though set in the environments presented in the Sonic Adventure 3 story mode. Here, up to 16 players online (up to 4 locally) can compete in a race to the finish. Level design here will be broad, and all alternate paths cannot be acessed strictly by the same player. Every track has routes exclusive to one to a few players, due to the different abilities of the characters. All players will be able to select which character they want to play as. Secondary objectives and collectables will bew available in this mode, allowing you to improve your online ranking ass well as submit best times and high scores for single player stages. Of course, interactive set peices need to be encorporated into the multiplayer to make it more dynamic and interactive, rather than just another single player stage in a race. Passing through switch posts similar to star posts can easily alter the level design, perhaps making an opponent of yours falling down a pit, or opening a new pathway for you and possibly an opponent to explore. This will make multiplayer a different experience every time, and perhaps knowing all shortcuts will not guarantee a win every time. Your score is afterward posted on the online leaderboard, which measures your average postion, time and points, as well as personal bests.

Ring Mode

Another multiplayer mode is the ring collecting mode. This mode features it's own unique maps, which have no intent on reaching a finish line, but instead focus on running around the map to collect rings, which now regenerate, and activating switch posts to new paths leading to more points. There are two teams on each side, each team generated by balancing out the players based on their online ranking, to make the games as fair and fun as possible. from this, the players may run around the multi-pathed 2D/3D map, collecting points and activating switch posts to acess more points, as well as certain switch posts which target other players directly. Melee attacks can be used in this mode, such as the homing attack, causing other players to lose their rings. the camera angles will be somewhat automated in this mode, always pointing toward the paths players can take, preferably the one the player is closest to. Teams each have their own respective sides of the map, around the edges of maps will feature the ring stache. The ring stache looks like a star post with a ring in place of the star, and will be filled by depositing rings to the stache by running mear and pressing a button (different buttons on different consoles). At the end of the set time limit, whichever team has the most rings wins, adding to the team multiplayer statistics on the leaderboard. Experience points will be awarded to players on all teams, no matter how many rings collected though more points will be awarded to players with more rings. These experience points will be used to unlock new playable characters in multiplayer, as well as collectables such as concept art for the collectables section of the main menu. Secondary objectives and in-game collectables can also be found in this multiplayer mode as well, also gaining experience points.


Story So Far (under construction, subject to changes): This is the most incomplete section of the wiki. For the general feel of the story, I am amaing for something adventurous, yet still lighthearted-this approach worked very well for Sonic Colours. Some character development will be encorporated here, but not so much as to overwhelm the lighthartedness of the overall plot presentation. My main idea for a plot overview was that multiple dimensions and worlds are being put together as one, a result of the combined forces of Robotnik and Robotnik Nega (now called by debatably preferable names). Robotnik and Robotnik Nega will apear as much more different than they were in previous Sonic games, as Eggman Nega was earlier more of an Eggman clone than anything. His character will be further emphesized on his insanity, and perhaps more cruel and unique motives than simply world domination.

Graphics & Music

As for graphics and music, I can't exactly plan them out in a game idea, but an awsome balance of Crush 40 rock music as well as epic violins, guitars, and upbeat brass fanfares that made sonic games awsome before should still be able to make Sonic music awsome now. The Silver and Metal Sonic levels should be concist of mainly instrumental tracks, with limited to no vocals. This makes the changes from the past, present, good future and bad future versions of their levels just sound better in general.


I am currently working on the concept artwork for this section of the article, but for now, other peices of artwork will be used.

Hydro City Harbor

This area is designed to have a water dam theme to it. This is supposedly the area from which one can reach the underground Hydro City, which will make a return in this game.

Hydro City Heyday

This is Hydro City centuries in the past, now with a lower water level and will act as one the games water levels. Because this game idea has no storyline yet, I have yet to explain why the characters of Sonic adventure 3 will be visiting the past. As many Hydro City fans know, a monument of Sonic in the background of Hydro City can be seen in Sonic 3. It is sometimes suggested that there was a prophecy predicting the arrival of Sonic, so perhaps the citizens of Hydro City, which will be some type of Mobians, are surprised to see the early arrival of Sonic The Hedgehog. One idea for the story was to have Dr. Robotnik now attacking the city to find a chaos emerald, and Sonic, now back in time, defeating robotnik and returning the chaos emerald to the citizens of Hydro City. This might be why the Monument of Sonic was initially created.

Planet Babylon

This is the planet where the ancestors of Jet the Hawk heed from. This planet is both covered in plants and extremely advanced technology, though now in ruin. It much resembles the babylon garden, though with more advanced technology, and more overrun with plants. The best I can describe this level is a combination between Sky Sanctuary and Babylon, though much closer to the ground, more technologically advanced and surrounded by jungle. The backdrops are covered with jungle, beyond them mountains and a very clear, blue sky for the earlier stages, with the later stages being coved in a stormy purple sky and tornadoes.

New Megaopolis

A very robotic-themed level, this is a massive dystopian city similar to Robotropolis as portrayed in Sonic SatAm-though slightly more colorful and brighter. The sky is now a dark purple, and the city is mostly lifeless with the exception of the many robots patrolling the city.


Gameplay in this area will be elevated above the beautiful, advanced city of echidnaopolis. Echidnas are everywhere, going about their lives in the advanced city, until the attack of Dr. Robotnik destroys some parts of the city. Part of this stage concists of the Echidnaopolis high-security lockdown, a level in which some characters need to escape from being falsely accused

Metal Forest

This area is very much like any other forest area-though with many robotic features. Half of the level is covered in plants and trees, while the other half is covered with robotnik's polution, robotic generators and half-mechanized trees. In the earlier stages, this level will be covered with more trees an shrubs, and in the later stages, this area will be covered with much more robotics, and hardly any plants and trees.

Crystal Coast

This stage is a seaside mining area. There are many palm trees, an abundance of grass and sand, and many robotic fish and monkeys found throughout this area. the earlier stages concist more of the beach, while the later stages concist of more of the diamond mining, with a half-submerged in water strip mine, as well as oil wells and the ocasional half or completely underwater underground mining area.

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