The Conclusion Of Sonic Adventure XG....

After Sonic's victory over Black Chaos the Emeralds were turned to stone along with thier power. To Prevent another darkspawn Emperor from arising this is why the emeralds scattered away after use. The Master Emerald Reamained. But Sonic was sent to another universe along with some of his friends to a familiar friend's home... This is the begining of a new adventure!

Cast of Characters

Heroes- Sonic (Currently)

Traveling With Sonic

Sonic (Apallo)

Tails (Apallo)



Blazey (Sonic's Daughter)



On Planet Freedom

Heroes- Mario

Mario (Apallo)

Luigi (Apallo)

Geno (Apallo)

Mallow (Apallo)







Border King

Dark Emperor Mark [Mark)


The Mushroom Kingdom Saga (Seasons 1 - 3)


Arc 1 (5 Eps) -Sonic and his few friends travel to a Familar location, The Mushroom Kingdom where things arent so peaceful as they should be. Bowser has ben killed and a new evil has risen. He has Taken the Star Rod, an item that can grant any wish possible Can Mario and Sonic Save the Day?!

Arc 2(5 Eps)- After the Fall of the last vilian, The Sonic Group take a trip to Rougeport and Visit sme old friends but what they didnt relize is that Eggman and The New X-Naut Leader, Brodus, have taken over that section of the kingdom and has robotized Mario's Companions but only 3 remained. But things arent always what they seemed....... and with news of a Interdimensional Rift Maker In eggman's grasp Sonic's Only Ticket Home is that. What are they planning...shurely it isnt a repeat of....

Rise and Return of The Shroobs (Movie 2)

The Shroobs..... An Evi group of aliens who attemped to take over the Mushroom Kingdom once are at it again but under thier true leader. Shraio and Shigi the Shroob Bros. and thier master the Shroob Emperor. They are plotting to attack the Mushroom Kingdom. can Sonic and Mario Finish off the Shoobs?!

Axem Ranger Revenge: White and Gold (Movie 2)


Seasons 1- 5 Opening: Across the Border~ 2010

Seasons 5 (Part 2)- 8 Opening: We Gotta Power

Special: Knight of the Wind Returns: Blinded By the Light

Closing (Movies) Cha-La Head-Cha-La

Nazo: Final Rise (Ending) : Saikyo Wa No Fusion

Memories of Sonic/Series End Music: Boku-tachi Wa Tenshi datta (We Were Angels)

Memories of Sonic/Series End Music (Version 2):

(More to Come Soon As the RP Progresses)

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