Sonic Adventures 3: Crossing Dimensions made by Spiderboy2012 in 2012.It has 20 missions for each characters.

It is for PS3,3DS and XBOX360


Noa the Hedgehog

Tails the Fox

Sonic the Hedgehog

Knuckles the Echidna

Amy Rose

Luna the Hedgehog

Unlockable & DLC characters

Silver the Hedgehog (Beat Sonic's Story)

Blaze the Cat (Beat Silver's Story)

Shadow the Hedgehog (Beat Sonic's or Silver's Story)

Rouge the Bat (Beat Knuckle's Story)

Jet the Hawk (Riders Return DLC)

Wave the Swallow (Riders Return DLC)

Storm the Albatross (Riders Return DLC)

Cream the Rabbit (Beat Tail's Story)

Alex Kidd (Old Sega Stars DLC)

Billy Hatcher (Old Sega Stars DLC)

Espio the Chameleon (Team Chaotix DLC)

Charmy the Bee (Team Chaotix DLC)

Vector the Crocodile (Team Chaotix DLC)


Iblis (Blaze & Silver only)

Zekros (Noa only)

Shadow (All characters)

Mephilies (All Characters)

Nazo (All Characters)

Chaos (All Characters)

Dr.Finetivus (All Characters)

Dimitri (All Characters Final Boss)


Escape: Escape from the Enemy.

Story Mode: Story Mode.

Survival: Survive the enemies.

Battle Mode: Fight as any characters agaisnt your friends or the computer.

Race: Race to the finish line!.

Music Mode: Use guitars drums and other instruments and get the correct notes! (You can use Noa,Sonic,Espio,Charmy,Vector and Luna for this mode)

Opening Theme: Rising Force (From DBZ Ultimate Tenkaichi)

Ending Theme: Aftermath (From DBZ Ultimate Tenkaichi)

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