The New Game

Sonic And The Dark Empire!

Story Part 1

After Sonic defeated Eggman again, he found a Dark Emerald, he saw it glowing black, and so Dark Sonic was born, Sonic was feeling that he had to destroy Dark Sonic, Eggman has built some machines and mechas to get rid of Sonic, Sonic has to run through many zones and face Dark Sonic one-on-one, but after defeating him one-on-one will Dark Sonic give up or no?

Characters / Playables

1. Sonic

2. Tails


1. Splash Lake Zone

2. Chemical Factory Zone

3. Sky Temple Zone

4. Lost Palace Zone

5. Dark Land Zone

6. Nothing Zone

7. Final Battle Zone


1. Electric Flyer

2. Black Chemical Robot

3. Knuckles 1

4. Knuckles 2

5. Dark Sonic

6. Dark Sonic's Soul

7. Dark Super Sonic

Story Part 2

After defeating Dark Sonic he explodes and destroys the world leaving Sonic in Nothing Zone, Sonic finds Dark Sonic's Soul, he now wants to destroy it, he runs through Nothing Zone and finds Dark Sonic's Soul, he runs and fights at the same time, breaking some blocks the soul summons, Sonic defeats the soul and everything goes back to normal, Dark Sonic then transforms into Dark Super Sonic, Sonic then uses the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds to transform into Super Sonic and goes to defeat Dark Super Sonic and save the world!

Special Stages

The Special Stages are 2D running levels where Sonic has to defeat 3 Dark Bots and take the Chaos Emerald (the Dark Bots are so fast so it will be hard)


After destroying Dark Sonic, Sonic and his friends go to Splash Lake and celebrate for destroying Dark Sonic.

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