Sonic Avatar is the production name for a planned program that would be compatable with such games as Sonic Aero Riders. Or instead it may be the Character creation of the game Sonic World.

It is not a game but a virtual avatar program simular to the Xbox 360's Avatars in which you can design your own Sonic fan characters to represents you in selected Sonic fan games.

Custom Characters

SNN article: Mobian

While the race of "fan characters" are nicknamed Mobians it is not because they're from Mobius as the traditional sense from cartoons and comics, but simply to identify from humans and animals who share Sonic's world. If they will actually be called "Mobians" is undecided.

Unlike Avatars or Mii's, this program is aimed for Sonic fans to design there own Sonic theme characters providing a wide selection of characteristics and features, RGB for body colour as well as to name them.

Creation begins with a blank character or a selection of animals to begin with as templates (such as Hedgehog, Fox or Echidna). The provided features can be changed to other animals as species is not limited to choice or category allowing full creativity of the character as well the the option to name species.


You start with the choice between a basic male figure (simular to Sonic or Knuckles) or a female figure (simular to Amy or Rouge). Afterwards you can choose the size, height, bulk or how skinny the figure will be.

There will be many different selections of hairstyles and spines to choose from as well as different combinations of features for the face (eyes, nose, mouth, muzzles etc) as well as other features like tails, wings or body patterns. The colour of your Mobian can be selected by RGB Colour Menu, not just fur colour but skin and other patterns. It is intended there will be at least 100 different selections on each of these features to customise your Mobians so that no two mobians will be the same.

As a database consisting of hundreds and hundreds of options can be tedious to some, an idea for a "scan" mode in which you simply upload a picture of a fan character and let the program automatically select the options that best compares to the picture.

Clothing and Accessories

While a wide variety of options to make your Mobian, there will be a standard range of clothing, equipment and accessories for your character to begin with and that you can colour (RGB Colour Menu) these items to best suit your Mobian's style. You can also collect more articles of fashion from various games, such as Sonic Aero Riders which will have a shop for sporty equipment for your Mobian to wear.

As Sonic Avatar is planned to be the character creation menu of Sonic World which will have many garments and accessories to collect and wear, it could be during gameplay of Sonic World when you can change your clothing, accessories and equipment.

Class System

Main article: Class types

Once a Mobian is made it can join one of three different classes: Speed, Power and Fly. These classes is to identify what the Mobians gameplay abilities are. Depending on what games the Mobian is in the class system may effect gameplay. As for traditional classes known from most RPGs, these will be irrelevent other than purely how the players may choose to roleplay their characters or what abilities they may choose in certain games such as Sonic World.

Games That Mobians Can Play In

Clothing or equipment brought in exclusive games can be worn and appear in other games. In Sonic World items from other games will not be tradable.

Sonic World

Main article: Sonic World (MMOG)

The program itself is planned to be an initial feature which players need to design there characters to play and can earn clothing, equipment or accessories during the game for there characters apperance. It is common in most MMOGs to start off with designing a character as it is required to play and socialise in the game. Clothing and equipment worn by the Mobian in this MMOG will have the wearables as it's fashion in other games it can play in.

Sonic Aero Riders

Main article: Sonic Aero Riders

The Mobians can take part in place of Avatars who appeared in Sonic Free Riders. They can ride Extreme Gear, even the custom made ones from the Garage. While Extreme Gear cannot be taken as an item outside of the game, there will be a shop for sports clothing and accesories, this is so Mobians can have a more sporty apperance than their regular apperance.

It hasn't been decided if certain Extreme Gear's in the game will be class restricted.


SNN article: Emblem

Emblems work like Achievements in which doing certain tasks or goals in fan games (like my games) will earn these emblems. That is if Sonic Avatar will have a profile system to be shared online.

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