Sonic Brawl Arena is a fighting game by vampire93.


The idea is to kill your opponents until they run out of lives, then perform a Finisher. Each character has 5 lives, which are lost by going out of the Arena, or losing all health and having a Final Blow performed on them.

There are 5 types of attacks; Melee, Ranged, Final Blows, Combos, and Finishers.

Final Blows kill enemies who are on 0 health, which cannot be done by other attacks like the regular Melee and Ranged attacks. Combos are done by chaining certain attacks together. Finishers are performed on an opponent with 0 lives and health to win.

Characters (please add your own! Use Sonic as a template! Don't bother about asking me!)

Sonic the Hedgehog

Melee: Spin Drop: Sonic jumps high, drops down spinning and buzzsaws the opponent.

Ranged: Blue Tornado: Sonic spins round and round, creating a tornado, then stops and points to the enemy, sending the tornado towards them.

Combo: X-X-Y-B-X-X: Jump Pummel: Sonic repeatedly jumps on his opponent's head.

Final Blow: Supersonic Tackle: Sonic tackles his opponent at Mach Infinity.

Finisher: Sonic Boom: Sonic shoots around the field at supersonic speed, hitting the opponent from every direction.

Tails the Fox

Melee: Thunderclap: Tails squashes the opponent between his tails.

Ranged: Static Ring: Tails, by rubbing his tails together really fast, creates a circle of static electricity, and sends it at his opponent.

Combo: X-B-B-X-Y-B: Atmos Fear: Tails hurls his opponent up into the sky, grabs him, flies up, and drop-kicks at the ground.

Final Blow: Tail Sweep: Tails sweeps the opponent off his feet with one tail and hits him with the other.

Finisher: Foxbomb: Tails flies up, spins and drops down on his opponent with powerful force.

Knuckles the Echidna

Melee: Knuckle Punch: Knuckles punches the opponent.

Ranged: Flying Terra: Knuckles puches the ground so hard a rock flies up, then punches the rock so it flies at his opponent.

Combo: B-X-Y-X-X-Y: Knux Barrage: Knuckles punches his opponent so fast they can't block.

Final Blow: Pinwheel Power: Knuckles pinwheels his fists and tackles the opponent.

Finisher: Quakercut: Knuckles punches the ground, causing a quake which knocks his opponent into the air. He then gives them an uppercut from below, grabs them and hurls them at the ground.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Melee: Chaos Control: Shadow teleports through his enemy, then punches them in the back.

Ranged: Chaos Blast: Shadow fires a blast of Chaos energy.

Combo: B-Y-X-B-Y-Y: Chaos Spear: Shadow throws Chaos Spears at his opponent.

Final Blow: Chaos Lance: Shadow shoots out a beam of Chaos energy and impales his opponent.

Finisher: Chaos Deathstorm: Shadow freezes his opponent with Chaos Control, stabs them with Chaos Spear and Chaos Lance to weaken them, then opens the Chaos Rift and knocks them in with Chaos Blast.

E-123 Omega

Melee: Grapple Slash: Omega uses his claws for a vicious punch/grab/slash combo.

Ranged: Beam Cannon: Omega shoots his opponent with a laser.

Combo: Y-X-Y-B-B-X: Wrecking Ball: Omega Fires a bomb at his enemy, knocking them into the air, then grabs them, stuffs them into his cannon, flies back down, and fires them at the ground at point-blank range.

Final Blow: Metal Rage: Omega fires all his projectiles at the opponent, while spinning.

Finisher: Infernal Hail: Omega jumps up into the air, transforms his legs into flamethrowers, spins them to create a wheel of fire, then fires rockets at his opponent through it to set them on fire, doubling damage.


Master Emerald- transforms into Super (See below)

Chaos Emerald- raises health

Ring- speed boost 

Hero Chao- refills health

Dark Chao- damages opponents

add yours -must be sonic related

Super Forms

Super Forms are unlockable once the final boss is beaten. To go Super, you must be on red health and grab a Master Emerald powerup. The game will then restart and the character will be super.

Super Form List

Super Sonic

Turbo Tails

Hyper Knuckles

Super Shadow

Jacked Omega


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