Sonic Burst is a video game for the Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 systems. The game introduces many new characters and areas, as Sonic the Hedgehog travels to a different dimension.


While foiling the scheme of Dr. Eggman and him taking over Mobius (again), Sonic accidentally triggers an untested part of the machine, a dimension traveller. Due to this, he and Eggman are sent to another dimension, full of wonder. Now, as they travel through dimensions, they drift apart.

When Sonic awakes, he is greeted by the teenage princess Rosa, who explains that he fell from the sky in a giant burst of light, and landing in the middle of town. She also stated that another burst of light (who is Eggman) fell in another area of the country. When they went to search for the other one, it was gone, and when they returned, all the Naciuns (the Mobians of this dimension) were gone.

When the two head into the market, they meet one Naciun who escaped from capture. He reveals to them that he is a mechanic named Torq.


Playable Protagonists

Sonic the Hedgehog - Sonic is the hero of Mobius and a dimension traveller. Sonic attacks with spin-bound moves and kicks. He is Speed type.

Princess Rosa - Rosa is the princess of Nacius and the first friend of Sonic in this dimension. She attacks with a long magic bowstaff which she keeps with her at all times. She is Power type.

Torq - Torq is a mechanic and the last Naciun who wasn't captured. He is able to use his wings to jump multiple times, and attacks by using a large wrench. He is Flight type.



Kaimono Market - Kaimono Market is the main market center that is located outside Princess Rosa's castle.

Criminal Caves - a series of caves that are underground, under Kaimono Market and the castle. They can be accessed by a tunnel at Barnacle Bay.

Barnacle Bay

Spin Alley

Saryngal - the main town in the country, it surrounds Kaimono Market and is the capital. It is also known as Capitalyn by the locals.

Tempan - a small village based off of a Dutch village. It is home to the Temple of Dairt.

Portaniun - a large city by the water, it is the major port city of the country.


Green Hill Zone - Green Hill Zone is the famous area from the original Sonic the Hedgehog game. The area is the first in the game.


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