Sonic Chronicles: The League of Imperials is a new series of Sonic the Hedgehog games. It tells of the struggle between the League of Heroes and the League of Imperials as the two sides transition themselves from a state of friendliness to an all out war.

Sonic Chronicles: The League of Heroes (Episode 1)

Opening: The League is Formed

The game opens up with the end a meeting of a meeting between thw world's greatest heroes. Present at the meeting are Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Rogue, Big, Jet, Wave and Storm. When the meeting wraps up, a suspicious character arrives and walks into the building. He comes into the meeting room and says his name is Jinx. They allow him to join the league, but Sonic vows to keep an eye on him

Prologue: The Other League

As Sonic leaves the building, he sees a Dr. Eggman attacking a group of citizens, before he gets there, he notices that it isn't Dr. Eggman after all, but just a robot that got lost. He finds that therobot isn't a Eggman robot at all. Tails takes the robot back to the lab to analyze it. Inside, they finds amessage from the League of Imperials. The message is unclear, so no one can understand it. Tails says he will need more time to analyze it.

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