Vibrant Glaxy is a fanfic by Famotill!!! It revolves around the Wisps and their sworn enemies the Wasps. For millions of years they have lived in harmony all thanks to the Peacemaker. However, her recent dissapearance has caused and uproar, with Wiasptopia in chaos. The two groups are feuding again. It's up to Sonic and his allies to save the day. Mysterious evil lies within this Vibrant Galaxy!


Prologue: The Beginning

It started out as a small civilization. Just a few small creatures all powered from the ancient Crystals. They bestowed great powers onto these beings. They hoped that these powers would help people all over the universe. However, caution had to be taken. To keep the Wisps in check, the Wasps were created. You may have heard of them on your planet. *Giggles* Oh that's right, to you they are insects. Well where do you think they got the name from? They suck out all of that delicious nector. Originally all of your bees were called Wasps. Named by the Crystals themeselves. Anyway, prophecy foretold that these beings would be at constant war. The Crystals decided to wait it out. After years of fighting I was finally created. I was given the ability to calm the Wasps and Wisps. With my flute, I could calm them and make them peaceful like their nature intended. Even the prophecies couldn't possibly think that their would be outcast. One crossbreed that was so unaccepted that he fled into the galaxy plotting his revenge. I write this now so that the prophecy's hero will one day see it. Sonic the must save my people put an end to their fighting by saving me, and realizing your Vibrant abilities.....

--August 4th 2010, Two Hours before invasion.

Chapter One: The Prophecy's Hero

Sonic ran through the army of Eggbots, as he laid waste to another of Eggman's fleets. Eggman was again trying to use the Wisps for his own dastardily purposes. He would use their power to once again try and create a theme park. Eggman land was once a reality, but that darned Sonic the Hedgehog was a resiliant one. Though Eggman envied this. Why would that hedgehog always have victory? Why couldn't Dr. Robotnik win for just once? All he wanted was to build a Theme Park dedicated to him. The ends justifies the means, Eggman always said. In fact it was his Facebook Quote. All that was besides the point, as Eggman readied a cannon. He opened fire on Sonic from the Control Room.

"Woah!" yelled Sonic as he pressed unwards. Suddenly the gold wisp Eggman had been holding slipped from his hand. It glowed as time excluding Sonic and the Wisp stopped. Sonic proceeded to run up the bullets that lead to the control room. Sonic busted through the window as time restored. Eggman was suprised and speechless as the frantic Wisp grabbed onto Sonic. Sonic looked at Eggman with an almost evil intention.

"Wait, Sonic you don't want to do this! It;s just that......that I don't have any friends. Uh-huh and I wanted to have a tea partywith this Wisp. Isn't that right" asked a frantic Eggman. The Wisp shook it's head no.

"I'm not the type to hate anything Eggbrain, but I strongly dislike being lied to..." said Sonic as he closed in on Eggman laughing with a cocky attitude. Suddenly the Wisp tugged on Sonic's fur. "What is it little guy," asked Sonic. The frantic Wisp pointed to a Self-Destruct button. "Oh yeah, baby!" Eggman looked on frantically as realized what Sonic had planned. In that instant without thinking Sonic pressed the button.

"Self-Destruct sequence iniatated. T-minus 15 seconds remaining."

"Hey little guy, think you could do that time thing again," Sonic looked on at the Wisp. It had a tired expression on it's face as it sadly shook it's head no. "Eh, don't sweat it! I love a challenge." With that Sonic rushed through the window as he dashed foward in a race to get off the fleet. Eggman had managed to escape in his Eggpod. Sonic raced towards the edge.....


"Almost there little guy..." Sonic pressed on.

"4" Sonc pushed foward. Wasting another second on a robot.


With that Sonic rushed off the edged of the fleet. As he fell heading towards Earth, he looked on at the fleet as it blew to pieces. Were did all that space junk go anyways? As Sonic plumetted, he was picked up by a swift manuever from Tail's with his Tornado Defier. it was a small spacecraft with a futuristic beauty. It was stylish and Tails' handled it like a professional.

"Geez Sonic, do you have to be so reckless....?" Sonic sipped a soda that he had gotten from a portable fridge.

"So little guy where how did you get lost...." Sonic asked the Wisp.

"I hate it when he doesn't listen to me!" Tails looked on as he focused on piloting letting his slight annoyance subside."