Sonic Colors 2: Return of the Wisps is a game starring Sonic and the Wisps.

A poster with the face of Dark Wisp, advertising Sonic Colors 2.



  • Sonic (Starter, runs fastest)
  • Eggman (Starter, can use a jetpack)
  • Tails (Starter, can fly with his tails)
  • Orbot (Starter, can turn into a sphere and roll down hills)
  • Amy (Starter, can use her Piko Piko Hammer)
  • Cubot (Starter, can turn into a cube and smash enemies)
  • Knuckles (Unlocked after defeating him, can glide, climb walls, and crush enemies)
  • Rouge (Unlocked before the battle with Shadow, can use karate moves)
  • Shadow (Unlocked after defeating him, can use Chaos Control)
  • Silver (Unlocked in the middle of Crystal Ocean Zone, can use psychic powers)
  • Blaze (Unlocked with Silver, can use fireballs)
  • Marine (Unlocked with Silver and Blaze, can use waterballs)
  • Bokkun (Unlocked after defeating him, can throw bombs)
  • Yacker (Unlocked for the final boss, replaces Sonic in all ways)
  • Big (Unlocked after saving him in the middle of planet wisp. He can belly flop and use his fishing rod to attack people)


  • Knuckles (Planet Wisp Zone Miniboss)
  • Shadow (Dark Wisp) (Planet Wisp Zone Final Boss)
  • Bokkun (Dark Wisp) (Crystal Ocean Zone Miniboss)
  • Cream Hologram (Crystal Ocean Zone Final Boss)
  • Dark Wisp (Angel Island Zone Miniboss)
  • Yacker (Dark Wisp) (Angel Island Zone Final Boss)
  • Metal Sonic (Leafy Hill Zone Miniboss)
  • Metal Sonic (Dark Wisp) (Leafy Hill Zone Final Boss)
  • Mother Wisp (Dark Wisp) (Dark Castle Zone Miniboss)
  • Dark Wisp (Dark Castle Zone Final Boss)
  • Dark Sonic (Final Boss)
  • Fang the Sniper (Pre-order boss fight)


  • White (Refills Boost Gauge)
  • Yellow (Activates Yellow Drill)
  • Cyan (Activates Cyan Laser)
  • Green (Activates Green Hover)
  • Pink (Activates Pink Spikes)
  • Purple (Activates Purple Frenzy)
  • Orange (Activates Orange Rocket)
  • Red (Activates Red Burst)
  • Brown (Activates Wall Cling)



Orbot and Cubot are chasing Wisps. Eventually they nab one of each color and head back to Eggman, who congratulates them and puts each Wisp in a glass tube. However, one of the Wisps are Yacker, who breaks out of his tube just as Eggman hits a button, causing some of the energy to escape. Eggman, Orbot, Cubot and Yacker flee and are closely followed by a huge Wisp, called by Eggman as a "Dark Wisp". Yacker begins yelling out gibberish and Orbot translates that he needs to find Sonic. Eggman, Orbot and Cubot assist Yacker in finding Sonic, Tails and Amy, who agree to help. Eggman, Orbot, Cubot, Sonic, Tails, Amy and Yacker climb into a rocket ship and launch to Planet Wisp.

Knuckles Miniboss

Sonic and his friends run towards the exit of the first area of Planet Wisp, but Knuckles jumps in their way. He says that he won't let Sonic cause trouble with the Wisps and challenges him to a battle. They begin fighting.

After Knuckles

Knuckles gets up from lying on the ground and says that Sonic still can't pass, but Eggman explains that that was all a trick to convince Knuckles to stop Sonic. Knuckles tries to attack Eggman but Orbot and Cubot protect the doctor. Amy asks Knuckles to assist them and Knuckles agrees.They then see Big the Cat being attacked. After saving him he joins them.


Rouge and Shadow are exploring a dark fortress. Rouge sees a room with a treasure chest and tells Shadow to stay there. Rouge opens the chest and finds it empty, but when she turns around Shadow has red eyes. Shadow tries to attack Rouge and she flees, literally bumping into Knuckles. Rouge asks Sonic and his friends to see what's wrong with Shadow and Shadow attacks.

After Shadow

Shadow flies into the air and Dark Wisp leaves his body, causing Shadow to fall. Rouge kneels beside him and Shadow stands up, completely ignoring Rouge. When he asks what happens, Rouge starts to explain but Amy interrupts and says that they rescued him. Shadow decides to assist them in defeating Dark Wisp.

Crystal Ocean Zone

The heroes find Dark Wisp, who creates a portal and jumps through. The heroes jump through as well and find themselves in Crystal Ocean.

Blaze, Silver and Marine

Sonic and his friends find Blaze, Silver and Marine, who are trying to defeat Dark Wisp. Dark Wisp is slowed down but still escapes and Blaze notices Sonic and asks why they're here. Tails explains that they're saving the Wisps and Marine says that's what their doing. Silver decides they can work together.


Bokkun is wandering around Crystal Ocean and sees Cream, who flirts with him and leads him into a dark alley. Bokkun tries to hug her but falls through her and she disappears. A silhouette then appears behind him and wraps him up. Sonic and his friends arrive to see Bokkun being controlled by Dark Wisp.

After Bokkun

Dark Wisp leaves Bokkun's body and Bokkun stands up. Marine feels sorry for Bokkun and asks if he's ok, and he says he is but sighs, as he thought Cream liked him (though he doesn't admit it). Bokkun then joins them.

Cream Hologram

The heroes arrive at a dock where Dark Wisp is standing/floating with a machine. He presses a button on it and flees and a holographic Cream appears. Bokkun says that that's what he saw and blushes, then attacks the hologram, falling through it again.

After Cream Hologram

The holographic Cream is turned off and Bokkun angrily pushes the machine in the water, which short-circuits it.

Angel Island Zone

Dark Wisp sees that they've passed his hologram and flees through another portal. Sonic and his friends jump through, and to Knuckles' surprise, find themselves at Angel Island.

Dark Wisp

The heroes are continuing through Angel Island (with Knuckles acting as a tour guide) when Dark Wisp jumps in front of them. He attacks.

After Dark Wisp

Dark Wisp is defeated and flees, but the heroes soon realize he took Yacker with him. They chase after Dark Wisp to save Yacker.


Yacker is fighting Dark Wisp when the heroes come up. Tails sees Dark Wisp trying to wrap Yacker up and tries to stop him, but Dark Wisp takes over Yacker's body. Tails tries to attack but fails.

After Yacker

Sonic attacks Yacker with a final blow and Dark Wisp is banished from his body. Dark Wisp flees while Tails and Amy make sure Yacker is ok.

Leafy Hill Zone

The heroes see Metal Sonic and Dark Wisp fleeing down off Angel Island to Leafy Hill and follow.

Metal Sonic

Metal Sonic appears in front of the heroes and challenges Sonic to a race. Sonic agrees, but only if his friends can race too. Metal Sonic calls Mecha Amy, Metal Knuckles and Eggbot and Sonic gets Amy, Knuckles and Tails and the eight line up to race.

After Metal Sonic

After beating Metal Sonic and his team in a race, and then defeating Metal Sonic in a battle, Metal Sonic deactivates and falls to the ground. Tails crawls over and sees that Metal Sonic has malfuctioned do to too much work. Dark Wisp then easily takes over Metal Sonic and flees.

Metal Sonic (2)

Sonic and his friends attack the Dark Wisp-controlled Metal Sonic, beginning a battle.

After Metal Sonic (2)

Metal Sonic once again malfunctions while Dark Wisp flees, but this time Silver freezes him with psychic powers. However, Dark Wisp can still use his powers and the Leafy Hill turns into his own realm...

Dark Castle Zone

Dark Wisp turns Leafy Hill into Dark Castle, where none of the heroes can use their powers, without help from Wisps. Silver releases Dark Wisp and Dark Wisp zaps him, then flees. Blaze makes sure Silver is ok and the heroes chase Dark Wisp,

Mother Wisp

Sonic and his friends arrive in a fort and see Mother Wisp, but once again in her nega form. Yacker begs Sonic to defeat him again, but the heroes are worried because they can't use their powers, but Marine and Amy decide it'll be fine, and the others soon follow.

After Mother Wisp

After a long, hard battle, Mother Wisp is turned to normal and thanks Sonic. Sonic then asks if she can give them their powers back and the Mother Wisp does. The heroes then go into the throne room.

Dark Wisp

Dark Wisp laughs when the heroes enter the throne room but Sonic superspeed charges at him, knocking him off his throne. According to Tails, he is confused and asks how they have their powers. Sonic doesn't answer but the battle starts.

After Dark Wisp/Dark Sonic

Dark Wisp falls over and Amy begins to give the final blow, but Dark Wisp opens his eyes and Sonic sees this, then knocks Amy away and Dark Wisp merges with him, creating a seprate version. Dark Sonic. It starts to attack Sonic but Sonic easily dodges. Then Sonic uses the power of the 7 Chaos Emeralds to go Super Sonic. And the fight begins.

After Dark Sonic

Super Sonic gives the final blow and Dark Wisp explodes, freeing all of the Wisps. However, this happiness doesn't last, as Tails soon discovers that Sonic is dead (for the second time). Everyone begins mourning over Sonic's death, but Yacker goes over to the Wisps from Dark Wisp and they charge up powers, then launch all of their power into Sonic. This revives Sonic, but Yacker was already weak from doing so and is dead. Sonic says that he was a brave Wisp and picks him up. The heroes then leave, crying, as Dark Castle is destructed.

Final Cutscene

The heroes are shown parting ways at a funeral for Yacker at Planet Wisp. Knuckles and Rouge are standing in the back and Knuckles asks what's next for her. She replies that she's not sure; but she's positive it'll all work out. Rouge and Knuckles then share a kiss. Meanwhile, Blaze and Silver are wondering what they will do, as they have now protected the future from Dark Wisp. Blaze soon realizes that Marine is not there and see Marine saying goodbye to Bokkun. Bokkun then floats away behind Orbot and Cubot, but takes off a locket which earlier had a picture of Cream, which now has Marine's picture. Blaze, Silver and Marine leave while Shadow is looking at Yacker in his coffin and sees an image of Maria instead, then sighs and walks off. Sonic is sitting in the front row with Tails and Amy, when suddenly there's an explosion behind them. Bokkun begins laughing as he flees, saying it's a gift from Eggman. Sonic, Tails and Amy then get up and chase after Bokkun, Orbot, Cubot and Eggman as "The End" appears.


The game received universal acclaim. IGN gace the game a 9.7/10, praising the level design, the story, and the visuals. GameSpot gave the game a 10/10, calling it "the best game since Sonic Generations". Nintendo Power gave the game a 9.5/10, praising the graphics, the story, level design, and the ability to play as more than one character. Nintendo Power called it "unbelievably way past cool".


The game was released for the Xbox 360 Wii and DS , in Japan, North America, China and Europe. In Japan it will be released on January 2nd 2012, December 15th 2011 in NA, March 11th 2012 in China and August 29th 2011 in Europe. All systems will be released on the same day.


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