Sonic Crashdown is a Sonic game for the Nintendo Wii. A fighting, rpg game


Sonic the Hedgehog

Miles ``Tails`` Prower

Knuckles the Echidna

Amy Rose

Shadow the Hedgehog

Jet the Hawk

Wave the Swallow

Rouge the Bat

E-123 Omega (Ω)   

Silver the Hedgehog

Blaze the Cat

Ice the Cat*

Secret: Silver Sonic 2.0 (SS2.0 is canon, its just normally called Silver Sonic II, Unlocked after you play as Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Silver, Blaze, Ice, Omega, Wave, Jet and Shadow)

Secret: Wechnia ( Wechnia is a glitch character, not a fan character, and is unlocked if you beat the Echidna Warrior on Intense)


Final: Metal Sonic (only attainable after winning everything else)

... Feel free to add characters, as long as they're canon characters. Draconai is the only one allowed to add fanon characters unless permitted. *s indicate permitted fanon characters

How to Play

Sonic Crashdown gameplay is kinda close to that of Nintendo's Super Smash Brothers Brawl. The differences are Its a Rpg, you pick your attacks and your transformtions and that you have a Blast Bar, with is when its full you have a choice of picking a Super Attack or a Super Transformation

Super and Hyper Transformations

Super Sonic - Hyper Sonic- Super Sonic 3 (You can only get this form by beating intense mode with: Shadow, Sonic,Metal Sonic and Silver Sonic 2.0

Super Tails

Super Knuckles - Hyper Knuckles

Super Amy

Super Shadow - Hyper Shadow - Chaos Shadow

Emerald Rouge

Turbo Gear Jet

Super Gear Wave

Tank Omega

Super Silver - Hyper Silver

Burning Blaze - Inferno Blaze

Frozen Ice - Blizzard Ice

Rocket Silver Sonic 2.0 - Jet Booster Silver Sonic 2.0

Super Wechnia

Super Metal Sonic - Z Metal Sonic

Super Shadic - Hyper Shadic

Chaos Sonickules

Super Tailkules

Sonic's Storyline

Sonic's story begins with Sonic running endlessly in a canyon. He sees Eggman's drones in the sky and decides to go after them. Along the way all of his friends and enemies get in his way and he has to fight them. However, of all of his friends, only one joins him - Amy Rose has some sort of score to settle with him. Amy is the last one Sonic meets before he meets the drones, and Sonic doesn't like being alone around Amy.

Sonic and Amy meet Eggman in the depths of the Hyper Egg rocket as it's about to take off. Eggman has the Chaos Emeralds strapped to a laser within the Hyper Egg, and Sonic and Amy fight him. However, they are defeated, and strapped to the laser's energy converter. Sonic asks "Why in the world do you need us for this?" Eggman states that he needs living energy to activate the laser, and Sonic and Amy are helpless as Eggman takes off into space. As he starts to place the laser out of the ship for firing position, Sonic manages to come millimeters from one of the Chaos Emeralds, but cannot touch it, and therefore cannot activate Super Form.

Amy, strapped right beside him, manages to weaken and eventually snap Sonic's strap, allowing him to grab the Emerald and channel Super Form through the rest of them. Sonic breaks out of the strap and shuts down the laser's movement, although the airlock was millimeters from opening. Super Sonic fights Eggman's drones and Eggman himself eventually. Sonic manages to knock Eggman out and strap him down, and returns to Amy. For some reason, Eggman used a platinum strap on her, which is harder to break than the bronze on Sonic. Sonic is ultimately unable to free Amy, but Amy smiles, saying, "I could be here forever. So long as you didn't go anywhere, Sonic." Sonic blushes and replies "You've got to stop playing that card, Amy."

Eggman, however, is able to break out and hit 'Continue from Shutdown,' and the airlock is opened, although the laser's arm is shutdown permanently. Eggman had left an oxygen helmet on the laser's control seat. With the airlock open, Amy forces her head in the way of the flying helmet, equipping it.

Somehow, the open airlock is able to break Amy's strap, and Amy is sent flying out. However, the point of the laser shatters Amy's helmet, and in the open airless void of space, she loses oxygen. Eggman is dumb enough to rejoice. Sonic, still in Super Form, flies out after Amy's body. The Hyper Egg is reactivating, but Sonic doesn't care anymore. Amy is dead. That's all he can think about right now.

Sonic: Amy. Please, Amy, please, don't leave me. Please. Please! Please...

Helplessly, Sonic places a kiss on Amy's lips. Eggman takes the oppertunity of grabbing Sonic from nowhere and starting to drain energy from him to repair the laser. However, with some of the power from the Chaos Emeralds, Amy is not only revived, but transforms into Super Amy. With the Super Piko Hammer, Amy rushes at the cage on the Hyper Egg and smashes it. Sonic is relieved, and wiping the tears from his eyes, he and Amy fight the Hyper Egg.

After defeating the Hyper Egg, they watch as it falls towards the planet and blows up. Sonic and Amy, still in Super Forms, turn to each other. Sonic embraces Amy and kisses her. Amy makes no move to fight it. The credits roll. At the end, Knuckles is lying in the grass after a hard day of work with Tails. Rouge walks by and asks if she could join him. Knuckles shrugs and says yes. Suddenly, there's a flash in the sky, as a double helix comet shoots across. The two of them shout "Shooting star!" simultaneously. They both close their eyes and make a wish.

Rouge's thoughts: I wish Knucklehead wouldn't be so emotionally thick.

Knuckles' thoughts: I wish Rouge would be straightforward about her feelings.

However, neither of them will get their wish as shown in here, as the camera pans to Super Sonic and Super Amy flying together. Sonic steals ahead and turns around to face Amy. Amy catches up, and the two share a last kiss as the scene fades.

Tails' Storyline

Tails' story starts in a workshop. A rocket is held there, labelled the Turbo Tornado. Tails slides out from underneath it, jumps onto his feet, and checks his computer. He's still missing several pieces, and so he goes out to find them. He ends up teaming up with Knuckles for a lot of it, and even Rouge in one section, but everyone else fights him. Finally, he realizes some of his parts are in possesion of Eggman, in Eggman's Hyper Egg rocket, and so he goes out to get those. Knuckles follows him, along with Rouge, although the latter is only because he's got precious valubles on there.

They cling to the edge of the rocket as it starts to take off, and climb in as it exits the atmosphere. Inside, Tails finds that he's in the main control room, but when he tries to get some of it, he finds himself locked in combat with security drones. Eventually, Tails, Knuckles, and Rouge fight them off, and Tails starts dismantling the interior of the rocket. Kuckles hears something coming and tries to get Tails' attention, but he's focused on taking out the main engine and rocket. Eventually, he gets them out, and finds himself face to face with the Chaos Emeralds. He grabs at one, and Knuckles and Rouge simultaneously pull him out of the way as a flying drone comes at them. However, he managed to scrape it, and he channels a Super Transformation through all three of them.

The three of them find themselves in deep space, and the drone comes out, a jet-like thing with a face like Eggman. Tails turns to the other two.

Tails: Not much choice but to fight him off, huh?

Knuckles: Nope.

Tails: So, we're going to try to kick his rear end, huh?

Rouge {admiring the golden Super Transformation}: Yep.

Tails: And we're going to win, right?

Knuckles: Yeah.

Tails: This is going to be fun, huh?

Knuckles and Rouge simultaneously: Oh, yeah.

The final boss, the Jet Egg, ends up being immensely difficult, but eventually, the three of them win. As the Jet Egg starts to fall, Tails grabs several parts out of it with insane speed, then hears a sound. He turns as the Hyper Egg starts falling. Tails and Rouge fly in there, Tails grabbing all the parts he dismantled and Rouge flying through and grabbing the gems. Eventually the rocket turns into an orb of fire that they are having trouble escaping, and just as they start to give up, a golden fist punches through, grabs them, and pulls them out. Tails, Rouge, and Knuckles hit the ground, Tails holding a hot rocket and Rouge holding several different gems. They return to Tails' workshop.

After the credits roll, Tails is seen putting the finishing touches on his rocket. He rolls out and climbs in, then takes off. As he leaves the atmosphere, he sees a golden dual helix flying at him and pulls away, managing to stay out of the gravitational pull, and asks out loud to no one, "What kind of comet flies in a dual helix that perfectly?" He shakes his head and types in several undistinguishable characters and shouts, "Whatever. Next stop: who knows!"

Knuckles' Storyline

Knuckles starts in a training area. Knuckles is seen beating the crap out of several dummies. At once. With his bare, uh... fists. He lands, picks up the dummies, and throws them.

Meanwhile, somewhere else very far away, Rouge is collecting gems. She is grabbing a gem when something white, humanoid, and empty slams into her back. She tries to get up and grabs the gem again, and another one slams into her back. When she tries to grab it a third time and yet again one slams into her back, she stares at the gem, slowly backs up, and starts to fly off when a fourth one slams into her face.

Knuckles walks off and goes and fights everyone else. Soon after kicking Tails into the rock, he joins him in looking for parts, glad to find something else to fight. He leaves eventually when he sees Rouge flying for him, and kicks a whole load of NPC enemies into nothingness.

Eventually, he teams up for Tails on his way to the Hyper Egg. After the credits... well, just see the end of Sonic's and take away the phase to Sonic and Amy. And add Knuckles dashing away from Rouge when she starts fluttering her eyelsashes.

Jet's Storyline

Jet and Wave go out to find someone to compete with at Extreme Gears, but then they seea poster saying 'If you can beat me, Bean the Dynamite Duck, i will give you a 500 Ring Bill' so of coarse they try. They see others fighting and think that they are part of the competition, so they fight them. Eventually they have to fight all the Metals (Minus metal Sonic) at once. Then they fight everybody all over agian.

They find a strange bunch of stones, and all of a suden they are fighting everybody all over again, again. Then they fight a monster made out of gems

At last they find beans house, but they have to fight, a bunch of robot Beans and a giant robot Bean. When they beat them, it turns out that Bean knew nothing of this. Eggman had tricked them into wearing Sonic & Co down. However they lend a hand by using the wierd stones they found earlier and putting one of Bean's bombs on the ship.

Wave's Storyline

Pretty much the same as Jet.

Amy's Storyline

Pretty much the same as Sonic.

Shadow's Storyline

Finally, some excitement in something new. Shadow's storyline starts on a barren meteor in deep space. Suddenly, Shadow slams into it. He picks himself up, forms a Chaos Spear in his hand, and leaps through the air, then coats himself in Chaos Control and flies home. He flies low near the ocean, drops his hand in the water, pulls up, and dig his Chaos Spear into the head of a robot, then jumps away as the robot explodes. He brushes himself off, then flies away. He starts fighting everyone. At one point, he teams up with Rouge to kill a giant robot half the size of your TV screen.

Eventually, he runs into a giant robot similar to Omega. Except its made of titanium.

Robot: Chaos Hedgehog located! Fight Shadow the Hedgehog!

Shadow: What in Chaos Control is that?

Robot: Serial number 6495489. Title Chaos Conquerer!

Shadow: Chaos Conquerer? No one can take me out! Eat this!

Shadow leaps into the air and unleashes a Chaos Blast, but the Chaos Conquerer is unnaffected. Shadow hits the ground weakly and swears at the same time the robot rotates its machine gun barrels.

CC: Look pretty. Use again!

Shadow: How in heck can you withstand a Chaos Blast?

CC: Eat machine gun, Chaos Hedgehog!

Shadow leaps out of the way of the bullets, then pulls out a handgun. However, when he tries to fire, all he hears is a loud click. He opens the barrel, and its empty. He punches the ground, and at the same time, the Chaos Emeralds run into his back. He channels a Super Transformation and manages to take out the Chaos Conquerer. After the credits roll, the camera shows the same meteor again (you can see where Shadow landed on it). The Chaos Conquerer's parts land on the meteor, and Super Shadow flies in, burrows into the meteor, and blows it up with a Chaos Blast, destroying the Conquerer as well. He then rests in space, recovering his energy.

Rouge's Storyline

Rouge is out collecting gems, as usual. She pulls out some sort of radar device that is apparently able to locate gems, and grabs for the nearest one, which blends into the wall behind it. However, something white slams into her back. She picks herself up and looks at it. It's a training dummy. She throws it aside and grabs for the gem again. Another one hits her back. When she tries to grab it again and a third one slams into her back, she slowly steps back, then starts to fly before a fourth one hits her face.

Rouge continues to fight everyone, seeing as everyone is in the way of some gem or another. After fighting Shadow, they run into that half-your-screen robot who she fights to get the huge gem that is its power core. After fighting Tails, she decides to help him get one of his parts in a deep cave.

Soon, she decides to join Tails to the Hyper Egg, and the rest is history.

Omega's Storyline

In a cave who in Xhaos knows where, there is a strange sound. "Powering up. Activating scanners. E-series 123 Omega activated." Omega rises, and looks around him, then goes out to kick some *. Alone. With machine guns and flamethrowers. Cool, huh? He doesn't team up with anyone. At any time. So if you're looking for teammates, Tails is five up.

Near the end, he sees the Hyper Egg and remembers... something. He shoots into the air, but is knocked aside by some huge robot with a perfect opposite colour scheme to Omega. Omega picks himsef up and turns to the robot.

Omega: Enter name and purpose!

Robot: Title V-987 Alpha! Purpose: destroy E-123 Omega!

Omega: You hope to destroy me? I have and will never know defeat!

Alpha: That's about to change right now!

Omega's arms transfer to machine guns, and he opens fire on Alpha, but Alpha easily grabs each bullet individually (making it look like he's mocking Omega) and crushes them. Omega angrily transfers to flamethrowers, but Alpha's hand changes to a cannon, which absorbs the heat and launches it in a fireball. Omega sees that its hopeless, but just then, Rouge flies overhead, and a large gem falls between Omega and Alpha. Alpha grabs for it, but Omega leaps, changes one arm to a cannon, changes the other to an arm, and does a one-handed disco spin on the gem as he blasts Alpha. The V-900 Series robot takes no damage, but falls from the impact. Omega continues the spin onto his back, and the gem enters a section in his back. Omega is coated in energy; when it fades, his metal is all gold, except for the silver stripe and crimson Ω symbols on his shoulders.

Alpha: What in the world is that?

Omega: This is the Golden Emerald! Don't even hope to defeat me now!

Alpha: No matter! Will not abandon purpose!

Golden Omega then proceeds to fight the V-987 robot. Everything about Alpha is like fighting Omega on Intense Mode... if you're on Easy Mode. If you're fighting Alpha on Intense Mode... man, you're good. After Alpha is defeated, his remains drop to the ground, and Omega flies into the sky, still Golden, when the Hyper Egg starts flying towards the ground. Omega shouts, then fires at a distant meteor with his cannon, but before the cannonball can even shrink from view, the meteor he was aiming at explodes in red energy. Omega screams out and flies into space, narrowly missing being struck by a dual helix comet that seems to be appearing everywhere.

Silver's Storyline*

(*) Saying "Silver's Storyline" is a bit of a disclaimer. All three of them go through the exact same thing, so this title may alternately seen as "Blaze's Storyline" or "Ice's Storyline"; likewise, anything that says "Silver" after the first battle but before they meet up may alternately be presented as "Blaze" or "Ice".

In the cave from Omega's storyline, the E-100 series robot breaks through the wall. Five seconds pass, then there's a dimensional tear as three figures fly through a portal and into the wall of the cave. Silver, Blaze, and Ice slam into the wall, then fall.

Silver: Wohoo! Man, what a rush!

Blaze: Yeah. Too bad I won!

Ice: Not true, sis! I won!

Silver {pulling out a device}: Be quiet! I planted a camera at the portals. We can see who won on here.

{They watch the replay in slow motion. Silver is revealed to be the winner}

Silver: Yeah! I'm the best!

Before they can rejoice anymore, however, a familiar creature bursts through the wall of the cave. The three of them recognize it as Kenetic Storm from the Xhaos Tournament, and this is their first battle, but after defeat, it unleashes a massive energy burst, sending them flying in different directions. Silver then goes to find his friends.

After a while, Team Kenesis rejoins. However, from the ground below them, a beast of gems emerges. The Team realizes it is hopeless, but just then, Silver sees Shadow take out Chaos Conquerer and rushes for the Chaos Emeralds he leaves behind. He grabs them as Ice and Blaze grab the Sol Emeralds within the beast itself, and they power up and take out the beast.

After the credits roll, the same cave is shown again. This time, a blur of gold, a ball of fire, and an orb of ice vapour emerge from the portal that forms. When Ice and Blaze tackle at Silver for beating him again, he dashes out of the cave, but Shadow flies over his head with Chaos Control, grabs the Chaos Emeralds, and steals the transformation from him as he powers up for himself. Silver turns to Burning Blaze and Frozen Ice, then dashes out as the scene fades.

Silver Sonic 2.0's Storyline

Silver Sonic is woken by a green light and sees that sees that he no longer needs to protect Station Square form Dr, Eggman. He sets out to find a new purpose. He end up fighting all the characters. He gets in a fight with Metal Locked, a new version of Metal Sonic, he looks like Metal Sonic in every way, except it is glowing green. Silver Sonic 2.0 has to use his own rockets against him, for he has a Black Ring Shield, something that Silver Sonic 2.0 had to sacrifice in order too be able to use the Master Emerald. Silver Sonic 2.0 manages to beat him.

Silver Sonic 2.0 decides that it is not his destiny to destroy Eggmans robots. He fights all the characters again. He sees a duel helix coet in the sky and he believes he saw a golden version of Metal Sonic. Silver Sonic 2.0 finds an Echidna Warrior who is holding some sort of strange rock, he sees Silver Sonic 2.0 and attacks, Silver Sonic 2.0 defeats him easily, but the Echidna uses his rock to become giant and smush Silver Sonic, who uses his speed to move out of the way. It is a long and intense battle, it is like fighting 5 Knuckles on Intesnse mode at once... on Easy, so if you can defeat him on Intense, you're awesome and unlock 2 more characters to play as.

Theres another green flash and all of a sudden you are on some sort of Interdimensional highway and have to fight wierd energy version of all the characters. Silver Sonic 2.0 arrives in the Forgotten Zone, a place where everything is eaither forgotten or a mistake. You find a group of Forgotten and Glithc characters who you decide to defend. You are all of a sudden atacked by S.O.N.I.K., a program made for Sega Sonic the Hedgehog, but replaced with a differen program, it look like a silouhette of Sonic, except copletely silver. Silver Sonic 2.0 uses an early gigantic version of the Master Emerald to become... Rocket Silver Sonic 2.0, the ends of your quills turn into rockets and the Jet thingy on your back shoots out a huge stream of Blue Fire, even your feet have little rockets on their backs. Silver Sonic 2.0, in his super form, teamed up with Wechnia, in his super form, defeats S.O.N.I.K. and declares it is his destiny to protect the Tribe of the Forgotten.

Wehnia's Storyline

Wechnia is sent to Sonic world in a green light and wants to get back. He fights all of the characters. He then fights an Eggrobo driving the Metal Robotnik. It is the Hardest boss on Easy, Medium on Normal, Medium on Hard, and Easiest on Intense. Wechnia uses his abilities to defeat it.

Wechnia then fights the characters again as his presence in this world causes him to teleport to where the other characters are, one by one fighting them. He then meats the Eggrobo, this time driving an even more powrefull Eggman replica, the Black Eggman. Wechnia once again defeats it.

Wechnia travels throught the Interdimensional highway, and fights recoulored version of the characters, like a completely green Knuckles, a white Tails, a purple Sonic, a blue Amy, ETC, ETC... Until he reaches his dimension where he teams up with Silver Sonic 2.0 to fight S.O.N.I.K. and save his people. Wechnia prays to the original Master Emerald and becomes Super Wechnia, he has a golden aura surround him and has flickies, in their original sprites, surround him and attack any nearby enemies. Wechnia one and returns to his home.

Metal Sonic's Storyline

Metal Sonic wakes up in a high-tech factory, surrounded by all sorts of robots. All sorts of Metal robots are in restrainer tubes, and Metal Sonic himself is in one of them. He breaks out of the tube, but then there is an alarm that goes off, and he has to fight off the other Metals. They're simply weaker versions of the fighters themself. Metal Sonic finally manages to take them out, and he tries to remember what happened. He can't, and leaves the factory in an awesome buzzsaw spinball, tearing through the wall and rolling out. As he fights his opponents, he starts to remember things as his energy is increasing. Ater taking out everyone, he has as much of a flashback as a robot can have.

He's in some sort of lab, facing Eggman, who's back is turned, working on a computer.

Eggman: You're telling me you took down Xhaos 2 to help Sonic? What's up with your programming?

Metal Sonic: Screw with programming. I've seen what you're doing. I've realized what's wrong with what's happening with you.

Eggman: Whatever. Soon I'll have time to reprogram you, and you'll be back to the way you should be.

Metal Sonic: Reprogramming won't help you. I'm going to take down the rest of your Metals, then you.

Eggman: That's enough!

{Eggman turns around and, with impossible strength for someone so lanky, knocks Metal Sonic into a restrainer}

Metal Sonic: This won't work! I'll kill you, Eggman!

Eggman: What did you just call me?

Metal Sonic: Go to Dark Gaia.

{Eggman reaches to the back of Metal Sonic's head and hits a button, shutting him down}

Metal Sonic shoots back to the present, and sees the Hyper Egg in space. He immediately shoots into the air, tuning into his Flight Form from Xhaos Storm, and enters the ship, sonfronting Eggman just as Super Sonic leaves. He lands inside, rolls, and takes a pose, continuously phasing through his forms. Eggman hears him and turns around.

Eggman: You! How did you escape the factory? How did you remember what happened? And why did you come here?

Metal Sonic: With ease! Long, tiring fighting! And to take you down once and for all!

Metal Sonic jumps and punches at Eggman, but the doctor jumps out of the way and enters a robot probe. Metal Sonic grabs one of the Emeralds (Sonic had left them behind after he transformed) and enters a combination form with knux claws the size of his head, jets that look like missiles, and golden build. This is X Metal Sonic, Metal Sonic's Super Form.

Wheras Eggman is like the Hyper Egg itself, compacted. He can and will copy your attacks perfectly. After you defeat it, however, Metal Sonic flees the Hyper Egg and lands on ground, then looks around.

Silver, Blaze, and Ice are racing across the planet.

Omega is trying to blow up stuff that keeps breaking before his attacks reach them.

Shadow is in space, blowing up meteor with Chaos Spears.

Knuckles is running like Sonic away from Rouge.

Tails is taking off in a rocket.

Sonic and Amy are circling the planet in a golden dual helix comet.

He looks at himself. He was created to kill Sonic. But he decided to fight for himself. Life is amazing.

He turns into a golden blur and starts circling Mobius, seeing how Sonic's relationship is going.

2 weeks later Metal Sonic is sleeping on a pile of garbage, when a new versio of Metal Sonic comes up to him and BAM. The new Metal got his head knocked off, but not before touching Metal Sonic, who had a virus injected into him, reactivating his old programming. However, he no-longer wants to kill Sonic, he justs wants to beat him, kindof like what Knuckles wanted to do to Sonic at first.

Secret Techniques

Fusion: Shadic (Only used by sonic and shadow)Able of going super and hyper.

Fusion: Tailkules (Fusion of tails and kuckles) Able of going super.

Super Sonic Dash (Only for sonic)

Summon: Eggman (For shadow)

Fusion: Sonickules (Fusion of sonic and knuckles) Able of going chaos form.

Chaos Time (For Shadow)

Dark Sonic (Only For sonic and only for a few seconds)

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