Game's tittle screen and logo

Sonic Crisis (Sonic:Crisis Zero in Europe and Time Crisis:Sonic Universe in japanese) is a light gun shooting game developed by Namco and Published by Sega for arcade, PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii. This is the third spin-off from the Time Crisis series, but takes place in the Sonic Universe. This is the first time it will feature a 6 player Co-Op mechanic. It's sequel is Sonic and Riku


The game's gameplay is a mix of Time Crisis 4, Let's Go Jungle!, and Deadstorm Pirates. The gameplay is mostly from Time Crisis 4, but in some parts of the level, like running from the turantula, it will require you to press a certain button (shoot the screen in the arcade version). However, the machine gun has unlimited bullets.


Stage 1:Mystic Ruins

Stage 2:Station Square

Stage 3:Egg Fortress

Stage 4:Final Egg

Main Menu Theme

The game's main menu theme is the SSBB Menu 1 Rock Version from GaMetal.



  • Hand Gun
  • Machine Gun
  • Shot Gun
  • Grenade Gun
  • (New) Missile Launcher
  • (New) Sniper Rifle
  • (New) Throwing Knives
  • (New) Pistol

Game Modes

  • Single Player


  • 2 Player Co-Op
  • 3 Player Co-Op
  • 4 Player Co-Op
  • 5 Player Co-Op
  • 6 Player Co-Op
  • Link Play (Arcade only)


  • Language
  • Subtittles
  • Trailer:Time Crisis 5
  • Character Gallery
  • Cutscenes

PS3 Version

The game will also come to the PS3, bundled with 3 GunCon 3s and a Time Crisis 4:Arcade Version game.

Wii Version

The Wii version will be bundled with 3 Wii Remotes and a Razing Storm game.

Xbox 360 version

The Xbox 360 version will be bundled with 3 more controllers and a Deadstorm Pirates game.


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