Sonic Dragontamer is a Sonic game for Nintendo Wii. It begins off on a distant planet, in a distant time...

The Legend of the Dracon

The Dracon are a powerful draconic race of warriors on the planet Darcain. They work scattered; sometimes a few will meet and form a tribe; sometimes a lone Dracon will create a city. They are known to clash occasionally, but a tribe will gladly accept a weak Dracon. They are a race of many millennia, and their planet is one of many calamaties. Thunderstorms that coat the planet; Earthquakes that nearly rip it in half; Tornadoes that leave it bare. The Dracons survive harshly.

But they hide a great treasure, one that is guarded by they're greatest being...


The game begins with the camera flying in from space, fading to a canyon littered with Eggman's robots, then to Eggman at a giant gem. Eggman screams as his machines almost finish uncovering it.

Eggman: Yes! Finally, the Draconian Master Emerald! That knucklehead's Master Emerald is nothing compared to this! Finally, I...

The cave shakes as a giant beast in the stone screams. A giant Dracon emerges from the rock walls as the Draconian Master Emerald phases away through a long tunnel. Eggman curses as the giant Dracon, known as the Draconian Guardian, attacks him. Eggman, however, presses a button, and lasers bind the draconic being to the wall of the cave. Eggman laughs in victory, then hears a boom. He angrily turns on a security camera.

The camera fades to Sonic leaping out of Tails' Turbo Tornado rocket, which is flying overhead and breaking the sound barrier (hence the boom), then dashes along. He dashes between two bots, which crash into each other, Homing Attacks seven bots, knocking them into a chasm, then rolls under the legs of another one and keeps SpinDashing into the cave.

Eggman turns to see Sonic skidding to a stop inside the cave. Eggman hits a button on his main capsule, and a round spherical orb rushes at him, intending to catch him. Sonic dodges out of the way, and Eggman rapidy presses a every button on his keyboard. Sonic dodges the many thousand orbs flying at him, and Eggman clicks a button underneath the keyboard, then keeps rapidly pressing buttons. The lower button activates a jazz keyboard, and Eggmans rapid buttons make a tune mimicking that of (what the heck, it's catchy) Super Mario Galaxy's Invincibility theme. Sonic keeps dodging, but eventually one of them hits. Immobilized, the rest of the flying capsules catch the first capsule; Sonic is trapped in seven layers of steel.

However, even through seven layers of steel, flashes of blue, red, green, purple, yellow, cyan, and white appear. Then a flash of gold. Then seven holes appear in the metal before an explosion and Super Sonic appears. The Chaos Emeralds spin around him, then are magentically flown to the Master Emerald, where they shine a platinum blur as they spin. From the gold of Super Sonic to the platinum of Hyper Sonic, the legendary blur dashes around. He stops for a second, then turns to Eggman, who fires a capture orb at him. His skin alone breaks the orb apart.

"Even you have to admit, this is awesome." Sonic flies through Eggman's machine, through the laser machines holding the Draconian Guardian, and onto the ground in half a second. Eggman is confused.

Then his machine blows up. And so do the restrainers. Eggman lands right in front of Hyper Sonic. As Sonic does a lightspeed Figure 8 Peelout, something blasts him from the side, losing the transformation. The Draconian Guaradian, free, is mad at any unnative intruders. Sonic, back to blue, rises weakly. Eggman dashes out helplessly, and Sonic tries for the entrance, but his sight is a blur. He crashes into the wall and is blasted again. As he lands, his eyes become a total blur. Eggman sees him in perfect range of the Guardian, now ready to fight, and grabs him, but is too late, as they are blasted by huge orange energy, and sent flying. They land on one of Eggman's sattelites, but Eggman turns to Sonic as he sees two strange protrusions on his back...


Sonic awakens weakly on the floor of the satellite, and jumps up, but his sight is a blur and he collapses again. He slowly picks himself up again, and Eggman comes around, carrying food, but Sonic holds his hands out defensively... as a pair of Dracon wings extend from his back? Eggman drops the food, but Sonic shoots through the air and grabs the platter. Chilidogs. Go figure.

Sonic remembers what happens, and asks why Eggman brought him here, and Eggman explains. Afterwards, they agree to fight the Draconian Guardian, and Sonic practices a bit before they descend to Darcain. They make it through the various levels... now would be a good time to explain the controls,

Sonic moves around like in Unleashed, but as you saw on the satellite, those wings aren't just for show. He can glide with them, allowing some distance before a Homing Attack, and after gaining enough Draconian energy, he is able to use a powerful technique known as Draconian Fury, in which he is coated in energy and shoots forward with an incredible speed boost before the player is given high-speed movement, gliding that is almost like flight, and destructive control.

Eggman has his own levels, in which he hacks into security systems. Pretty simple, actually.

The boss levels involve Sonic and Eggman's cooperation, Sonic flying out of his opponent's reach while Eggman eliminates it with guns and drones. Every time a boss is defeated, Sonic gains a Chaos Emerald, empowering his speed, power, and defense. After you've gained six of them, you're kind of near-invincible. If a boss manages to come close enough to Sonic without biting/slashing him apart, Sonic can descend below it, then come up quickly and tear through it with an airborne SpinDash move. After a while, it will pass Sonic, at which case you can attack it with a finisher.

The first stage is rather high-tech. There are computerized everythings everywhere. When they reach the boss arena, it's guarded by a heavy steel door. Eggman sees a hand sensor nearby, and Sonic tries to get his Draconian transformation to get through. It fails, and Eggman thinks as Sonic starts tapping the wall with his ear against it. "Maybe, if we can thread a wire through the circutry, I might be able to..." Then there's the sound of tearing metal, and Eggman turns to see Sonic pulling his hand out of a section of wall above the door, showing a clean hole through it. Sonic rears back and rams through it, then opens the door from the inside. Eggman dumbstrickenly walks through, saying, "Or that. That works really well."

As Eggman enters, he takes out a plate of metal and sets it on the ground. It immediately expands into a huge riding machine with two revolving turrets and a Drone Egg bomb door. Yes, if any of you haxxors out there want to zoom out during battle, the eggs do fly down and hatch hover-booted drones, which fly into normal camera range, running into the targeted position on the battlefield, and blow up. Be careful, those things take a while to regenerate in Eggman's ship. Anyways, as Sonic is watching that, there is the sound of draconic screaming as a steel-skinned, robot-eyed creature lands and attacks. Sonic shoots into the air, and the beast flies after him as Eggman flies alongside them.

Despite its robotic appearance, the Draconian Iron is organic. The white Chaos Emerald is in its back; that's where you want to aim Eggman's guns. As an informative joke, after Sonic first attacks with a flurry, Eggman shouts to him, "Stay focused! This thing is alien!" Sonic shouts back, "What, is that a problem?" After an electronic scanning noise, Eggman shouts back, "It can launch lasers, drill with lost tooth, slash you with its wingtips at a mile away, and breathe Draconian aura." Sonic replies, "OK, so it's a problem!" Yes, its eyes fire lasers, its teeth are drills, its wings are blades that launch energy projectiles, and it breathes Draconian Aura when its health gets about 1/4.

Afterwards, after a finisher of airborne buzzsaw spindashing, Sonic falls to the ground stuck in the Iron's back. When Eggman drops to him, he's still stuck as he shouts, "In minimally altered words of a video game character, get me out of this thing, you Blarg-headed Frak monkey! I can hardly breathe and it feels like his tail is shoved up my...!" Fortunately, at that moment, the Iron explodes, and Sonic is on the ground, with the only remains of the beast being the white Chaos Emerald, a drill tooth, and liquid... something... coating Sonic.

"Oh, gross!" Sonic grabs the Emerald, which cleans him, and sees the tooth. Eggman warns him to be careful, but Sonic picks it up by the base of it, and pockets it. Anyways...

As they begin to leave (Sonic trying to drill the last bits of goo out of his quills with that tooth), a female Dracon approaches them, with eyes like crystals and one around her neck. Sonic takes a combat stance and extends his wings, and Eggman jumps behind Sonic. Coward. The Dracon holds her hands up, saying that she has followed them and wants to help them. She knows Darcain from the inside out. Literally. I must have forgotten to mention Darcain's core is energy. She directs them to the next area, and leaves in a blur.

Sonic: That was... interesting. I didn't even ask her name.

Eggman: I thought you had a girlfriend already.

Sonic {slightly sheepish}: Amy's not my girlfriend.

Eggman {laughing}: Yeah, and cats light fires.

Sonic: Hey, you never know. Big could find a lighter.

Eggman turns to Sonic, and they both give laughs that echo through the Dracon city. Realizing that was probably a bad idea, they start running as fast as they can.

Stage two is more traditional. Upon entering the first level, Sonic actually cries out in shock, "Is this still Darcain or did I go back in time and keep my mutation? It looks like Green Hill Zone!" Yes, it does, and Sonic actually goes through a 3D rendering of the place. Be careful on the red ribbon. Even the boss is similar: the Draconian Orb is essentially a Dragontamer battle with the first boss of the original Sonic the Hedgehog game. The finisher this time is a flurry of Draconian energy-coated Homing Attacks that end with a kick through the head. On the ground, the Orb explodes, and Sonic grabs the Red Chaos emerald inches ahead of Eggman. Again. Did I mention he did that the first time? No? Dang. Then Sonic sees a stick on the ground and pockets that, too.

After starting to leave, the female Dracon seems to appear out of nowhere. She directs them to the third Emerald, but before she leaves, Sonic asks for her name. She freezes in her tracks, then peers over her shoulder ever so slightly. "I go by many names to the visitors of Darcain, although none to the inhabitants themselves. You may call me... Kanji. Hiriana Kanji." She vanishes in another blur, and Sonic "hm"s and leaves, leaving Eggman to chase after him.

Stage three is traditional... to cavemen. Jungles, caves, waterfalls, rock plains, occasional pits of quicksand, and did I mention jungles? OK. The boss is a Draconian Tyrannosaurus Rex appropriately named Draconian X. This guy is... an experiment for some Dracon. He flies, he can try to stomp on you when you come low to the ground, and he can eat you (1hit kill) if you come to close to his mouth. Finisher is an orb of Draconian energy that tears through its body, leaving a gaping hole as it falls into a volcano and the green Emerald comes flying up. The additional prize this time is one of his horns, which ends up being easy to grip.

Hiriana appears again, and before she leaves, Sonic asks her a question. "You said you go by many names, but none to the Dracon themselves. What do you mean by that?" Hiriana hesitates, then responds, "I have helped many visitors since I had only just been born. The other Dracon despise me. The visitors to planet, after learning what I have done, despise me. And chances are, after you are done here, you two will despise me as well." She leaves quickly, and Sonic holds a hand out, then shakes his head and heads off.

Stage four is essentially a Dracon Water Park. Sonic has to ride a surfboard to survive after the first platform. If he jumps off, he has to catch up or land on another surfboard or a floater (occupied ones invlolve a quick button combo; winning means you throw the Dracon off and take their ride, and losing means you are sent flying up and lose a few rings. The boss is a Draconian Sea Serpent (a translucent blue sea serpent with the Dracon face, wings, and attitude) who can catch you in its wings and try to drown you, bite you and throw you in the air, and attack with a flurry of tackles. Finisher is Sonic folding his wings and diving in the water (Eggman cries out in shock), then shooting out coated in energy, causing the beast to explode into water ribbons and the aqua Emerald. Sonic also catches two aqua blue wingtips. After another discussion with Hiriana, they head off to the next stage.

Stage five is ice cold, and Sonic gets a few chances to skate around. Seriously, Sonic has minimal friction, extremely slow kick-off time, and the inability to jump backwards. Boss is the Draconian Icicle, the abominable snowman of Darcain which can throw snowballs, vanish and shoot up beneath you, and shoot into the air before trying to kill you in an avalanche. However, it is extremely vulnerable at this time. Finisher is Sonic leaping into the snow, then pulling a Bugs Bunny and burrowing through before shooting out from under the Ice in a blur of energy, causing the Draconian Icicle to fall apart and reveal the blue Emerald, as well as leave behind a sharp icicle. Again, Hiriana appears, gives them information on the sixth Emerald, and leaves, but not before locking eyes with Sonic. Her eyes seem to plead, "Don't hate me for what I've done."

Stage six is a volcanic Ring of Fire shaped like an arena. Sonic has to dash around the volcanoes before he can find a safe place to pass into the center. Make sure that you don't fall in the lava. It's instant death. Also beware of the Dracon around there. They like to play tag with the volcanoes. No tagbacks. The boss is the Draconian Mountain, a Dracon that plays whackamole with fire. He launches fireballs, he breaths fire whips, and his left arm is a literal magma cannon. Defeat gives to the yellow Emerald and a rock of cooled magma.

This time, when Hiriana appears, she tells them the location of the purple Emerald, which is in the sky. Eggman leaves immediately, but Sonic says, "Don't hold up, I'll catch up to you." When he turns back to Hiriana, however, she is already starting to leave. Sonic calls her name, but she just turns into a blur. Sonic goes for a running start and follows her through the sky, shouting her name. Stage seven is an airborne joyride, but the first level is actually Sonic trying to catch up to Hiriana. After catching up to her, Sonic manages to cut her off,with a literally flying tackle, and they both land in a funnel of clouds.

Sonic: Why do you keep running away from me?

Hiriana: Can't you leave me alone, hedgehog? I don't want the other Dracon to see me. And I can't stand...

Sonic: I don't hate you for what you did.

Hiriana: What?

Sonic: There's no reason for the Dracon to hate you for helping visitors to this planet.

Hiriana: I know. But they don't understand that. And the Guardian's treasure always lures someone - forgive me if this sounds insensitive, but - someone I can't help loving.

Sonic: I don't want the Master Emerald. Even with the boosted power it gives me. But would you mind helping me take on the Guardian so the Dracon aren't bones in the wind?

Hiriana: You're... you're asking for my help?

Sonic: Of course. You know this place inside out and backwards - which may be the case if we don't stop the Guardian. And you're fit to fight.

Hiriana: ... Thanks, Sonic

After this exchange, however, shockwaves shake the clouds as a Draconian beast forms from them. Sonic turns to Hiriana, who states, "But how about we take on this thing first?"

Meanwhile, the clouds are revealed to have a lot of electronic security, as Eggman is working one of his hardest challenges yet. Three different types of security systems, according to Egghead. It's insanely difficult.

Back with the clouds, Hiriana asks Sonic, "Can't you fight it?" Sonic dashes away, Hiriana on his tail, and shouts, "Sure! But I need firepower to back me up!" The two have to survive avoiding the cloudbeast until Eggman shows up for the boss round. The Draconian Sky Titan can form clouds in your way, and can throw thunderclouds at you. Fortunately, clouds aren't very defensive, so it only takes a while of evasion and blasting before Sonic teams up with Hiriana for a finisher involving a dual helix of Draconian energy rays. Sonic grabs the purple Emerald and a fistfull of clouds, Hiriana congragulates him, and the three of them drop to fight the Guardian. Sonic turns to Hiriana as they're going, and she can see in his eyes that their partnership isn't going to be decieved.

Last Story

At the Canyon of the Dragon Guard, Sonic sees that Eggman's drones have been replaced with Dracon. He tells Hiriana to hold back as he pulls a pseudo of what he did during the introductory sequence. He flies at three Dracon, knocking down the first one as the other two knock each other out, flies alongside a row, kicking them as he passes and causing them to fall into the crevice, then flies under an airborne set and heads for the Guardian.

As he approaches the beast, the Chaos Emeralds swirl around him, but suddenly he freezes in his tracks. The Guardian rages and knocks him away, and the Chaos Emeralds slide into its back. Sonic nears Eggman and Hiriana, and Eggman asks what just happened.

"I don't know. As soon as I tried to channel their power, something just paralyzed me." Hiriana says that they'd need an immensely powerful drill to free the Emeralds now, and Sonic shoots up, bringing out his boss sub-prizes. A drill tooth. A metal bar. A prehistoric horn. A pair of aqua blue wingtips. A sharp icicle. A magma rock. And an orb of clouds.  Eggman looks at Sonic, but when he opens his mouth, just a strangled noise comes out. Hiriana quickly grabs them, then, in a blur, makes them into a compact highpower drill. Now for the layout.

Part one is Sonic trying to get the Guardian to `hold still` (aka get paralyzed). Hit the seven big crystals around the battlefield, but look out for Dracon, miniature boss forms, and the occasional attack from the Guardian himself.

Part two, the drill isn`t quite strong enough, so Eggman`s got to losen them further with a turret minigame. After losening an Emerald enough, you turn and have to defend from Dracon.

Part three, Sonic has to grab the Emeralds, since Hiriana`s scared of their power. Homing Attack one to shoot for it, then enter a button combo to grab it, but the Guardian needs paralyzing again.

After grabbing all seven in part three, Sonic tries to channel their power again, but is again paralyzed. The Draconian Guardian rises again and launches an orb of energy at them, but just as the attack is about to connect, there`s an eruption of energy. Sonic has transformed, but... this isn`t Super or Hyper Sonic!

Golden horns with an ornate platinum pattern.

Perfectly aligned golden scales coating his skin.

Majestic platinum wings with golden trim.

Ten platinum claws on his fingertips.

Shining white fangs when he opens his mouth.

Draconian aura flaring up around him.

And newmoon eyes that seem to glow.

He is Draco Sonic!

Final Battle: Draco Sonic versus Draconian Guardian

Draco Sonic and the Dracoinan Guardian are in a world coated by shadows. No, its not an endless dark void, because they do end up landing for some parts. But it is very dark in there. The battle starts with Sonic and the Guardian floating around. The Draconian Guardian screams in an undestinguishable language, Draconian, but subtitles translate it to your language. When Sonic shouts back, its a mix of {language} and Draconian.

Sonic: You want to play hardball, huh? Bring it, big boy?

Guardian: You must not take the Master Emerald! You can not hope to best me! And you will not leave Darcain alive!

Sonic: I don't want your treasure!

{Slashes in a downward X with his claws}

Sonic: I can take you on any day!

{Slashes in an upward X with his wingtips}

Sonic: And I don't plan on losing!

Draco Sonic has a few new attacks. Along with the Homing Attack and Sonic Dash, he now has a slashing frenzy, a headbutt, and a short burst of Draconian energy. Likewise, the Guardian is diverse in his attacks.

The battle takes on three parts, cycling through; evasion, combat, and chase.

Evasion: Sonic and the Draconian Guardian are flying along. Simply dodge the attacks to survive to the next round.

Combat: The two land, and Sonic gets to fight back as well as dodging the Guardian's attacks.

Chase: Sonic is fleeing the Guardian while dodging his attacks.

Eventually, Sonic gets a violent finisher in; he flares with Draconian energy and shoots forward, unleashing a lightpseed flurry of Homing Attacks, shooting up for a kick-and-slash frenzy to the head, and flying away with a long stream of Draconian aura. After the battle, they land back in the Canyon of the Dragon Guard. Sonic slashes in a frenzy and shouts, "It's over, big boy!"

"This is the end." The Guardian then lashes out and grabs Sonic, and rises. "For both of us. I exsist to protect the Dracon lands. But I can leave them to eliminate you!" He spreads his wings, and shoots into the air, body shining harshly in Draconian energy. Hiriana knows what's going to happen and shoots after them, and reaches Sonic as the light reaches critical intensity and the Guardian leaves the Darcain atmosphere. In one powerful swipe, she breaks Sonic out, but is then caught herself. She makes no move to fight it.

Sonic: Hiriana! No! You can't...!

Hiriana: No, Sonic. He has to have a sacrifice. Go!

Sonic: No! I can't let you do this! I won't let you do this!

Sonic violently unleashes a slashing combo on the Guardian's hand, but is unable to free Hiriana. In a rage, he screams out, and releases a violent energy explosion... at the same time the Guardian does. Back on Darcain, he hits the ground, forming a huge crater and powering down his transformation. He looks into the sky. No Guardian. No Hiriana. He drops his head, then angrily punches the ground. A large layer of rock shatters.

Something hits the ground not too far away. Sonic sees it and runs over to it. It's the crystal Hiriana had around her neck. He picks it up and gently places it around his own neck. Then he turns to Eggman and dashes at him before leaping. In one expert move he feints a punch to the head, kicks him in the groin, and trips him with a low swipe kick. Eggman hits the ground painfully, then laughs.

"There's two reason's I'm not going to kill you," he says as he weakly gets into a nearby rocket. "The first one is that I think you broke something. Very fragile and painful."

"And the second?"

"Because its too much fun having an archenemy like you."

Bonus Mode

This is basically Sonic training with the enemy frequency and difficulty cranked up. On a scale of one to ten, its up to thirty. There are 100 rounds; if you manage to survive long enough, you will be rewarded with an item called the Greatstaff of Nexus. More on that later.

Challenge Mode

A contribution to KPZSR1. His well thought-out fanon work is the reason I'm including his character and not one of the characters that look like, oh,this

Challenge mode. Name a big mass-gaming producer that doesn't include it nowadays. A chance to replay the game with the difficulty cranked up to maximum. Sometimes a chance to play through with all of your old stuff. But all in all, a chance to test yourself to the limits. Without fighting the final boss and trying to use nothing but melee attacks.

Draconai Thunderus Inferanun Blizzantux Auracto

In association with KPZSR1, creator of Shahooter the Owl

Is proud to add the legendary Challenge Mode to Sonic (fanon) history!

Overview: You play through the game again at a harder difficulty with an owl called Shahooter. He's got only 75% of Sonic's speed but 125% his power and airtime. Also, if you've unlocked the Greatstaff of Nexus for Shahooter, you'll be rewarded for your hard work with everything boosted up by 75% by Sonic's standards. That leaves Shahooter's stats compared to Sonic's at Speed 150%, power 200%, and airtime 200%.

Have fun!