Sonic Elements is the next game in the Sonic series and the first Sonic game for the Wii U. It went under the working titles Sonic Stormers and Sonic: Element Fighters. It is also the third game in the Storybook Series.



Sonic Elements is the story of the 6 powers that rule the earth and the one who rules the elements. In this game, Sonic and his friends take on the role of the guardians who control each element, while Sonic himself is the Avatar, master of all the elements.


Part 1: The Split

When Sonic wakes up from a deep sleep in a strange world to find out that he is holding a strange tablet with six strange markings on it, he doesn’t know what to do. As he is about to head off and find Tails, a mysterious spirit known as Amon steals the tablet. He disappears and Sonic is left wondering what just happened. Almost as soon as Amon leaves, another spirit known as the Avatar appears. The avatar tells him that he needs to regain the tablet as well as the six individual element tablets in order to become the master of all elements. He tells Sonic that one of the tablets is located in Crimson Desert. Before going to Crimson Desert, he heads to the Virtual Center, the tutorial level.

After completing the tutorials, he heads to Crimson Desert, but he doesn’t find anything. The Avatar tells him that the tablet is now in Sky Biosphere. Sonic heads there and find absolutely nothing.

Meanwhile, Tails finds himself on Golden Island, where he sees a mysterious tablet with one of the markings on it. When Tails touches the marking he starts glowing and feels more powerful. He heads through Golden Island and finds himself at a dead end. Amon appears and asks Tails for the tablet. As he about to take the tablet, the screen fades away to Sky Biosphere, where Jet finds himself with another tablet.

Again he touches the marking and powers up. Instead of glowing, he starts hovering in the air uncontrollably. He heads through Sky Biosphere and finds Amon, with one of the tablets. Amon summons the Soul Spirit to defeat Jet for him. After Jet defeats the Soul Spirit, Amon takes his tablet anyway and heads off to find more tablets.

Meanwhile, Knuckles finds himself in Rugged Factory, a factory that appears to make robots. Knuckles finds a tablet and takes on the powers of earth. Using the powers, he heads through the factory and finds the “king” of the robots. After attempting to beat it, Knuckles determines that the robot is invincible and heads out to the Crimson Desert, where the factory is located. After Knuckles heads through Crimson Desert, he finds Amon, who lets him run off, instead of pursuing his tablet.

Upon fleeing Crimson Desert, Knuckles finds himself in Marine Turbine, a valley near the ocean. He heads through and finds nothing, but does see a mysterious figure in the shadows.

Meanwhile, Amy finds herself in Marine Turbine with another tablet. She touches the marking on the tablet sand finds herself surrounded by a water circle. However, she finds herself able to breathe, meaning she can now breathe water. She heads through Marine Turbine and finds Amon asking for her tablet. She says no and attempts to run off, but Amon attacks her with the Water Sage, a robot that can run on water. After Amy beats the Water Sage, Amon disappears without taking the tablet.

Next up is Blaze, who finds herself in Fiery Temple. She also finds another tablet in her possession. She touches the mark and finds her fire powers have become stronger. She heads through the temple and then outside to finds herself in Marine Turbine. She heads through Marine Turbine and finds Amy sitting on a rock. Blaze asks what Amy is doing here and Amy says that she found a mysterious tablet in her hand when she woke up, and then a mysterious spirit tried to steal it from her. Blaze says she found a tablet too, but that no one tried to steal it.

Last is Shadow, who finds himself in Dark Archway, with the final tablet. He touches the marking and finds his chaos powers to be stringer the ever. He heads through Dark Archway and finds Amon, who takes his tablet by attacking him with the Dark Wanderer. Shadow finds the Dark Wanderer to be indestructible. He flees, but he lets Amon take the tablet.

Amon, now having two tablets, and the Avatar Tablet goes to his castle and summon the powers of the Wind Spirit and Chaos Spirit. After consulting with the spirits, he heads off the collect more tablets.

Back in Sky Biosphere, Sonic and the Avatar find themselves wandering into Rugged Factory. After heading through the factory, Sonic finds a portal out if the factory back into Crimson Desert. At Crimson Desert, he completes his missions before wandering his way to Marine Turbine. He heads through Marine Turbine and finds himself on Golden Island. He decides to stop and rest, before heading across the island.

The game switches to Tails who is trying to escape Amon. He does, and bumps into Sonic, but he continues heading by without realizing that he just saw Sonic. Before he can head back, Amon appears again and makes him battle Golden Osiris. After beating Golden Osiris, Tails must complete the five missions including one where he must beat Sonic to the goal. After he has done this, he joins up with Sonic and together they decide to explore the island. Sonic heads through the island and finds himself in Dark Archway. Sonic and Tails each head through Dark Archway and find themselves in Fiery Temple. They each head through the temple and find themselves in Marine Turbine again, meaning that the Temple connects Dark Archway and Marine Turbine. They head to Crimson Desert where Tails takes the helm. Tails also goes through Rugged Factory, before they decide to stop and rest.

Meanwhile, Jet heads out of Sky Biosphere and finds himself in Crimson Desert. After heading through the desert, he finds himself in Marine Turbine. He heads through the turbine and finds himself in Fiery Temple, which he takes to Dark Archway, where he stops and rests.

Back in Crimson Desert, Knuckles heads off again and wanders into Marine Turbine, where he decides to rest again. As he is waking up, he sees a figure blast by, so he chases the figure into Fiery Temple. He comes out in Dark Archway. He heads through Dark Archway and thinks he sees Shadow. Shadow chases Knuckles down by completing his five missions. The two head back to the factory, with Shadow completing his Fiery Temple, Marine Turbine and Crimson Desert stages along the way.

At the factory, Shadow uses his Chaos powers to disable the invincibility of the Inhibitor. Knuckles then battles the Inhibitor before the two decide to rest.

Amy and Blaze head back to Fiery Temple, where Amy completes her stage and then Blaze finds the Fire Sage, and battles her. After that, Amy heads through the Fiery Temple. Blaze then completes her missions in Fiery Temple. After that, they each have to complete their Crimson Desert, Sky Biosphere, and Rugged Factory stages. In Rugged Factory, they find Knuckles and Shadow and team up.

Jet heads through Dark Archway and finds himself on Golden Island. He heads through the island and finds himself near Marine Turbine. He rushes through, and heads to Rugged Factory, but not before stopping in Sky Biosphere to complete his missions. In the factory, he completes his stage and then finds Sonic and Tails. Still in the factory, but where Knuckles, Shadow, Blaze, and Amy are, Knuckles completes his missions. They all head through Golden Island and then Dark Archway. They each complete a stage on Golden Island, and Blaze and Amy complete their stages in Dark Archway. Knuckles then uses his earth powers to disable the invincibility of the Dark Wanderer, just as Shadow’s chaos powers disabled the invincibility of the Inhibitor. Shadow battles the Inhibitor, and then they head back to Rugged Factory, where they find Sonic, Tails, and Jet. They team up and find that they all have been attacked by Amon, except for Sonic. This soon changes when they head out of the factory and find Amon with the Negatron in Crimson Desert. Sonic battles the Negatron and beats it. The heroes then find Amon chanting a ritual that will “open up the desert” and reveal the path to the underground Fiesta Junction. They fall into the hole and find themselves in Fiesta Junction.

Part 2: The Emeralds

In Fiesta Junction, they all complete their stages at once, and then the boss, which is Sonic's second boss, Scorpio. All missions are optional. After that, they go to Windmill Resort, where they find Amon and his spirit minions. After completing all the acts, Jet battles the Spin Grinder. Then, they go to Stone Citadel.

At Stone Citadel, each character completes a stage. In everone's stage except for Sonic and Jet, they can finds a key, which gives them access to the mission. Each mission will provide them with a Chaos Emerald. After all seven main acts have been completed, Knuckles battles the Stone Guardian.

The next area is Magma Peak, which also has one key in act 3 through 7, which provides access to a mission so Blaze can collect the Sol Emeralds. Then, after all acts have been completed, Blaze battles the Lava Dragon.




There are a total of 22 stages in the game. Each stage has 7 acts, each for one character, 1 boss for 1 character and 5 missions for the 1 character who competes in a boss. This only applies to the first 21 stages. In the final stage, there is one act for each character, 2 missions for each characters, 1 boss for each character, an extra boss as Sonic, a final boss as Sonic's super form, and an optional boss as all seven super forms.

Crimson Desert

Sky Biosphere

Rugged Factory

Fiery Temple

Marine Turbine

Golden Island

Dark Archway

Fiesta Junction

Windmill Resort

Stone Citadel

Magma Peak

Ocean Expedition

Great Ent

Halo Point

Midnight Blockade

Avatar Shrine

Aero Palace

Mountain Climb

Pyro Jungle

Sacred River

Blinding Spire

Chaos Ruins

Castle Amon



Playable Characters








Avatar Sonic

Super Jet

Chaos Knuckles

Burning Blaze

Super Amy

Super Tails

Super Shadow

Supporting Characters


Dr. Eggman



Sonic the Hedgehog in Sonic Elements


Jet the Hawk will ride his extreme gear in most of his stages in the game Sonic Elements


Knuckles is ready to beat up the bad guys in Sonic Elements


Blaze the Cat is getting stronger with her increased fire power in Sonic Elements.


Amy will be more powerful than she has ever been with her Piko Piko Hammer and water powers in Sonic Elements.


Tails is gonna be more than just a sidekick with his light power in Sonic Elements

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