SonicFF Chapter 4 P 1 by indeahsunn

Seasons 1-3 promo art

Sonic FF is an animated series based off the comic with the same name on deviantART. It's a spin-off of Sonic GT, and it introduces Faith The Hedgehog and Sarah The Orphan. It conatins 7 seasons and various OP and EN themes


It's the same as the comic, but on season 1, Manic and Sonia's objective is to find Sonic, with the help of Silver and the rest of Sonic's friends.

Opening Themes

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    Season 4 promo art

    True Blue by Zone (Season 1)
  2. Sylpheed by Team Nekokan (Season 2)
  3. Now or Never by Chemistry with M-Flo (Season 3)
  4. Dead END by Faylan (1st half of Season 4)
  5. Sōkyū no Hikari by Faylan (2nd half of Season 4)
  6. Ready, Steady, Go! by L'Arc-en-Ciel (Season 5)
  7. 1000 Years of Red and Black by Ratio (1st half of Season 6)
  8. Melty Blood by Ratio (2nd half of Season 6)



  • Season 1 is based off the comic.
  • Season 2 is based off the arcade fighting game, Sonic the Fighters.
  • Season 3 is based off Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2, with a little mix of Sonic CD.
  • Season 4 is based on the Sonic Riders series, mostly SR: ZG.
  • Season 5 is based on Sonic R.
  • Season 6 is a reboot of the Meterex Saga, but with more characters.
  • The last season (Season 7) is based on the archie 4-part story, Countdown to Chaos.