Sonic Fanon Riders is the Fanon version of Sonic Riders, Sonic Fanon Riders includes 16 playable (fanon) characters (more can be Downloaded), 20 courses, and new Extreme Gear. It is exclusive on the PS2, PSP, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii.

Story Mode

a Flyer can be seen flying from the wind, it is for the EX Grand Prix. a figure, wearing black armor can be seen, riding a special board, meanwhile Shima Cyber, and Kyle can be seen. Shima is in the middle of a trick in the air when the Black Rider passes her, causing her to fumble. it is revealed that he is the Legendary Board Rider, The Shadow, he ha s"Invited them to the EX Grand Prix, a competition held throughout the Cosmos. later at the Opening Ceremony at the EX Stadium, it is revealed that Shahooter and Matt were also invited.   

Playable Characters


Story mode Characters

1.Spike the wolf: Spiked Runner:Speed

2.Shima the Hedgehog: Crystal Nightmare: Speed

3.Cyber the Echidna: Wi-Fi Hotshot: Power

4.Shahooter the Owl:Advantage Sh-M2:Speed

5. Kyle the Hedgehog: Dark Shadow: Speed


Add all the Characters you wish to Add, they can be downloaded making an Infinite amount of Characters

7.Pureclaw the Wolf:C-Advantage:Speed

8.Sindra the Owl:Aurora-Si:Speed

9.Fire-stripes the Tiger:Claw-Fi,St:Power

10.Starclaw the Wolf:Glacier-St:Flight

11.Will the Echidna: Fine Line: Power

12.Maddy the Hedgehog: Life Surfer: Speed

13.Scooter the Hedgehog: WeatherMobile: Speed

14.Ameto the Firefox:Firebird:Fly

15. Statyx the Hedgehog: Green Storm: Speed/Flight

16. Fou the Phoenix: Red Wing: Flight

17. Ryushu the Cat: ???: Speed

18. X the Hedgehog:Royal Raptor: Flight

19. Grey the Wolf:Legacy Skates: Power

20. J the Hedgehog: Yellow Lightning: Speed

21. Twister the Fox: Tornado Bike: Flight

22. Evil Twister: Flare Board: Flight

23. Sharna the Hedgehog: Dark Rose: Speed

25. Nero the Hedgehog: Red Tornado: Speed

26. Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100): Orange Astro: Speed

27. Casey the Rabfox: Violet Breeze: Flight

28. N the Hedgehog: Orange Graf-X: Speed

29. Nora Kouba the Seedrian: Flash Spark : Flight

30.Robbie the HedgeBoy:Radical Dasher: Speed

31.Jack the Flying Squeriel

32.Kayden Ouron: Thunder Bolt: Power

33.Endac the Hedgehog: Dragon Rider: Speed/Flight

34.Draco the Hedgehog: Demon Scales: speed

35. Ichiro 'Takayama' the Hedgehog: Rising Sun: Power

36. Johnny D. the Fox: Dragon Spiral: Power

37. Evil Johnny: Nightmare Dragon Spiral: Power

38. Jeremy D. the Fox: Blue Shark: Speed

39. Patricia the Skunk (Spongebob100): Black Skunk: Speed

40. Leticia "Letty" the Mouse: Fancy Bombshell: Speed

41. Haviland the Swan: White Feather: Flight

42. Sonic The Hedgehog (Long Winded's Universe): Multi-Vortex; Speed

43. Dark the Hedgehog (SonicBurst): Dark Lightining; Flight 

Extreme Gear

each Extreme Gear can be bought with Rings

1.Turbined- a gear that Boast Speed, but sacrifices handling: 1000 R

2.Shift- a gear that Boast Curving, but sacrifices Speed: 1000 R

3.Rocket- a gear that has everything a Speed type needs: 2000 R

4.Tornado- a gear that has everything a Flight type needs: 2000 R

5.Demolisher- a gear that has everything a Power type needs: 2000 R

6. Hotknife - Modded Shadow Dancer, Good for Speed due to its Triple Exaust, if used by Miles you'll lose less speed in turns and bad landings: 1500 R

7. Last Resort - a unique gear that gains speed the farther behind the rider is. 1700 R

8. Zigzag - a gear that, while on the slow side, can take the sharpest turns with absolutely no effort. 2500 R



11.Legendary Fox - A board made by Kyle the Fox, capable of very difficult tricks and is perfect for Fly and Power types: 4000 R, must have unlocked Will and Maddy.

12. Slipstream - This gear's turbulenceslows down those caught in it.

13. Slipstream Plus - An upgraded version of the Slipstream. If you get in this gear's turbulence, you stop dead. Must have Slipstream to buy.



16.Advantage-SSW- A More Upgraded version of Shahooter's Skates. Great for Cornering, Trick Speed, and Limit Boosts. Only for Speed Types.: 3500 R.



19.Warpspeed - An insanely fast gear that is nearly impossible to control. Only masters can use this board to its full potential 7000 R


21. Wooden Plank - A ridiculous gear. A really, really ridiculous gear. It is literally just a wooden 2x4. The fact that it even works surprises many, however there is a hidden power within this floating plank. Can you find it?

Add your Board to these not the next List

Dragoonworks Specialized Boards, can only be bought with Dark Crystals

1."the Dark": a gear with that gains speed in the dark areas 100DC

2."Dark Flame": a gear when used by the flame within him shall gain eternal power over his opponents 200DC (must have evil Twister to buy)








10. "Shadow Star" the Gear of the legendary Rider The Shadow, this is the Ultimate Gear 9999 DC


Palm Shore Beach

Lake Silverwind

Scorching Valley

Glacier Peak [Restored]

Mobibu-Loka Beach

Downtown Parkview

Winding Hills

Mobius Corners

Sparkle City Rally

Apocalyptic City

Story Mode Courses

Round I Courses

Cyber Track  

Wild Jungle

Rocky Ridge

Grand Ocean

Magma Valley

Flying Fortress

Round II Courses

Metal Jungle

Undersea Chasm

Metal Junkyard

Fire Falls

Round III Courses (Final Round)

EX Stadium

Extra Courses

  • G.U.N. Base
  • Stormfront

Downloadable Courses (Exclusive Consoles Only)

Sol 2 (from Wipeout Pure/HD; PS3 ver. only)

Seaside Hill (from Sonic Heroes; Wii/PS3/Xbox 360 only)

Emerald Coast (from Sonic Adventure; Wii ver. only)

Green Hill Zone (from Sonic the Hedgehog; Wii/PS3/Xbox 360 only)

Fort Gale (from Wipeout Pulse; PSP ver. only)

Apricot Hill Raceway (from Gran Turismo; PS2 and PSP ver. only)

High Speed Ring (from Gran Turismo; PS2, PSP and PS3 ver. only)

Rock Hopper (from MotorStorm; PS3 ver. only)

Tech De Ra (from Wipeout Pulse/HD Fury; PS3 and PSP ver. only)

Karbonis (from Wipeout Pure; PSP ver. only)

Anulpha Pass (from Wipeout Pure/HD Fury; PS3 and PSP ver. only)

The Chasm (from MotorStorm: Arctic Edge; PSP and PS2 ver. only)

Vertigo (from MotorStorm: Arctic Edge; PSP and PS2 ver. only)

Wolfpack Mountain (from MotorStorm: Arctic Edge; PSP and PS2 ver. only)

Ubermall (from Wipeout Pure/HD; PSP and PS3 ver. only)

Cape Ring (from Gran Turismo 5; PS3 ver. only)

Special Stage Route 7 (from Gran Turismo 5; PS3 ver. only)

Special Stage Route X (from Gran Turismo 5; PS3 ver. only)

Seaside Route 765 (from Ridge Racer 7; PS3 and Xbox 360 ver. only)

Fairhaven City (from Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012 remake); PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, PC, and PS Vita only)

Badwater Basin (from Team Fortress 2; PC ver. Only)

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