Sonic Fanon TCG is a battle card game, for a list of Cards,check here, if your lucky enough you might just be Challenged by a member of the Final Five  


in this game, both players will use a deck of 6 cards, one will be a Character Card, the other five can be Equipment or Magic cards, and ten Health Points. each Character card has a Number on it, between 1 and 9, the higher the level, the stronger the character, a Character can only have a number up to 5. a transformation card can have a 6,7,8, or 9. the objective is to gain a number higher than your opponents, the difference between the two cards is subtracted from your Opponents Health Points, the winner is who ever can deplete all of their opponents Health Points. before Begining your first Battle, please visit here

Battle Rooms

Battle Rooms are where you and your opponent battle, currently there are only 3 battle rooms, they will open when at least all Card types have at least 10 cards

Battle Room 1

Coming Soon

Battle Room 2

Coming Soon

Battle Room 3

Coming Soon

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