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Article Spotlight

Here comes the next installment of Article Spotlight, where hipster articles are made mainstream!

You may notice that the list appears to have been cut in half this time around. This was a decision made by Minato and Skull, who both agreed that users were less likely to read all of the articles on a long list. So for now on, the Article Spotlight will be featuring four articles instead of eight! 

Article Title Article Type Author
Raven the Cyberhog(Ultimatum) Character Nitrogen218
Zetsepkuu The Hedgehog Character GoldenHedgehog360
Chaos Realm Location Frozen Scorpio
Blaze the Hedgehog Character Somarinoa

The next set of articles will be spotlighted on September 5, 2015!

Editors: Minato Arisato00 & TheSkullWolf (On Leave)

(Check out this blog if you have any questions or suggestions.)

Featured User

Greetings, friends, family, and editors! Guess what time it is? That's right, it's tiiiime for Featured User! I'm your host, TheDarkMantis15 TheSkullWolf! What's that? That dope is taking over for Mantis while he's on vacation? What a bummer!

This month we have Ellyaely, a relatively newer user who's a dragon [insert dragon pun that everyone will murder Skull over here]. In her time here so far, she has made some fantastic characters, is hosting a nifty roleplay, and, of course, is being featured as user of the month. When asked if she likes turtles, here is what she had to say:

"I had a pet turtle once. Dear little guy. He was pretty superb. He survived a hurricane, lost for months. I was a bit sheltered so he was a good pal."

And with that, let's do this! Skullz's Emote K

# 1. Q) What was your reaction to having been chosen for Featured User?

A) I thought there must have been some sort of mistake. I didn't even realize I was on the ballot before I heard the news, it really came out of the blue... Part of me is honored, and another part wants to tell off the sillies that voted for me~

# 2. Q) Among the many characters to be found on this site, were there any that particularly stood out to you in a positive manner?

A) Obviously, Smash the Echidna's characters were what pulled me to the site, and I really like them. But aside from his characters, there are a few I've seen that impressed me. Memph makes some interesting characters like Vexx (I know your secret inspirations for him~), Mantis also makes some quality characters, and Starry's character designs never fail to wow me. Oh and that Skull dope does some stuff on occasion that's a bit interesting~
There are also characters (and pages) that have impressed me with how ridiculous they are.

# 3. Q) What's your opinion on SFW so far now that you've had some time to settle in?

A) The community is definitely a lot better than I thought it'd be. At first I thought I'd be really far removed from everyone, and just doing my things on my own. Clearly me being featured goes to show how much a new user can be cared about though! You all have been so kind to me <3 The community has less problems than I thought it would, but there are still a few here and there. They're definitely minor issues, and I'm very certain we can fix them over time!

# 4. Q) Is there any insight you can provide us on the current state of the Sonic franchise?

A) Sonic as a franchise has a unique problem. It doesn't know what it wants to be anymore, but the fans also don't know what it wants to be either. The newest sonic games I've played are probably Sonic Colors DS and Dark Brotherhood (which are a meh platformer and a pretty lame RPG, respectively) and before that, Shadow the Hedgehog which.. has its obvious pratfalls.
It doesn't seem like SEGA has any faith in themselves anymore, regarding the series. This is evidenced in the handing off Sonic Boom to other companies, and probably started with Lost Worlds when they went to Nintendo for help. They also find themselves fighting between enticing a new crowd and pleasing existing fans (part of the reason Sonic is so slow in Sonic Boom is playtesting where the gamers involved thought Sonic was too fast). To top it all off, they've handed off the writing for the games to people who don't know how to work well with Sonic (hello Pontac and Graff).
How could SEGA repair all this? It needs to start with them gaining more faith in their franchise, going back to writing compelling stories, perhaps based around the already decent lore that they seem to have strayed from. That may be the small hurdle, since there's the challenge of making a Sonic game pleasing to the very splintered existing fans... But it would be a very refreshing change compared to what we have been given as of recent.

# 5. Q) How's your summer been? Any fascinating stories to share with us?

A) Summer has been boring, but it's had its high points. I went falconing while on my Ireland trip! We used hawks, and I would send out my bird to attack prey. I'm apparently an amazing falconer because my bird caught three different kinds of prey under my guidance! The place begged me to come back after it was all over. It was a really fun time!

# 6. Q) How do you feel about your characters and what are your future plans for them?

A) You all aren't even ready for what's to come for the future of my characters. It'll be very shocking, but I can't reveal much right now~ I can say that I have plans for their stories to be shaped with roleplay interactions with other user's characters. It'll all be good fun, and its practice I need for my own original series.
About how I feel about them, I'm very pleased with how they've ended up, considering they began as characters that crossed over from that aformentioned original series. They've become so much more than that now, and I'm way more invested in them than I thought I would ever be. And that's fueling some really big things in the backburner!

# 7. Q) What is the difference between a turtle and a tortoise? Skullz&#039;s Emote K

A) A turtle is that really annoying guy that you play fighting games with. The timer is their only attack; they'll hit you a couple of times and then block or evade for the rest of the match. Currently, it is scientifically impossible to prove the existance of the mythical tortoise, a reptile said to spew acid and bestow untold riches onto anyone who can sit on its shell for seven minutes. Both are slimy reptiles that dwell in damp places.

(This is Skull not realizing that there are ten questions, not seven. As an apology, have some music.)

Congratulations to our new Featured User! Who will our next Featured User be? Let us see! Skullz&#039;s Emote K

Select your candidate for Featured User!

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Featured Article
Splatter the Zebra

Hello, hello! Welcome, once more, to Featured Article! Apologies for the lateness, everybody.

This month, we have something unique this time - a zebra with the ability to manipulate paint, owned by HauntedAlchemist! Inspired by an old Kirby fan character, she's become quite notable over time, even participating in a roleplay or two.

Now that that's over, let's roll with the interview!

# 1.) Would you say Splatter is one of your favorite characters?

A) Not enough to be a main, plus I myself often prefer playing the more overconfident or grumpy characters instead of happy go lucky, but she's definitely high up there.

# 2.) Does she have any hobbies or pastimes?

A) ...painting, of course. You can probably say she's into many forms of art, aside from singing or acting, and she'll leave writing to her brother, Canvas.

# 3.) Does Splatter have a particular favorite pattern, item, or design among whatever she conjures from paint?

A) Portals, easy. Quick vacation and all, yeah?

# 4.) What are your personal thoughts on Splatter?

A) I honestly wish she was a bit more serious, it'd be easier to use her. Might separate her from Friday and Sprite too, as they are all really, really, energetic characters. She's fun to play as, but the lack of serious intent kind of kills it for me. At the same time, she just wouldn't be herself if I just overhauled her personality.

# 5.) If Splatter were to encounter a paint-based enemy, what would she do?

A) Lmao, just turn them into something else I suppose. Jab a paintbrush at it, paint, and rinse and repeat.

# 6.) Does Splatter count graffiti as painting/art?

A) Yup. Painting with spray paint, you're expressing yourself with paint... Paint paint paint. If it's simple writing it's, well, writing.

# 7.) Finally, do you have anything in store for her?

A) No, sadly, she's just hanging out in the Box O'Characters, but recently she's gained a brother, which I'm happy for. I'm more or less directing my focus to my continent, weapons, as well as 8 or so other characters that aren't listed on my user page at the moment.

Read More About This Article...

Congratulations to our featured article! What will our next featured article be? Let's see!

Theme: Crossover Characters

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Interviewer: TheDarkMantis15

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Another Friendly Reminder: If you have a suggestion for a theme, post it here!

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