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Featured User

And at long last the original returns! After many issues, obstacles, variables, and plain procrastination, Kagimizu is here to deliver the latest Featured User interview! This sad little lurker can't say much about FH personally, but he seems to have made quite an impression on the community. When asked how he felt about being Featured User, he said "To be honest. Surprised. I never expected that I, of all people, would be a featured user. I mean, I actually thought that I wouldn't have a chance to be Featured User." Now with all that said and done, let's move on with this overdue interview!

# 1. Q) What first got you interested in Sonic and the Sonic fandom?

A) Well, I actually can't remember this one. But the first game I played was The very first one (Huh, go figure). After that it was more of just certain fan drawings, cheat things, and eventually I got into it by playing Unleashed.

# 2. Q) What was your first Sonic fan-creation?

A) My first legitimate creation? Hm. I forgot this one completely, though I'd have to say unofficially Morpheus is my first fan-creation. He came a long way from just being a lame Shadow ripoff.

# 3. Q) Is there something you would like to see in a future or upcoming Sonic game?

A) Maybe more playable characters, now don't get me wrong I appreciate what they did for the others, but hey. They got a whole revenue of characters they could choose from. Except Might, Ray, oh and Big.

# 4. Q) What do you think about Sonic's lack of backstory in the game continuity?

A) Eh, Never really gave any thought about it to be honest.

# 5. Q) Do you have anything to say about the Archie comics reboot and recent events in the comics?

A) I actually never read those comics, so I don't know the appropriate answer to that one.

# 6. Q) What are your preferred Sonic pairings, if any?

A) Ehehe...*Shrug* I don't know.

# 7. Q) Is there any story or plot element you wish SEGA would explore in a Sonic game?

A)...Hm. I don't know actually. Maybe something along the lines of alternate dimensions maybe?

# 8. Q) If you could remake one Sonic game, which would it be and what would you change about it?

A) Sonic 06. I would fix a lot of the bugs, and I'd try to find an appropriate replacement for Elise.

# 9. Q) Which rivalry: Sonic vs Knuckles or Sonic vs Shadow?

A) Sonic vs Shadow, duh.

# 10. Q) Who's your favorite Sonic character?

A) Silver the Hedgehog

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Featured Article
The Blood Army

Hello everybody! DarkMantis reporting for March, hope everyone is having a good time this month!

For this Featured Article, we have a few special guests - namely, the Blood Army, owned by one of our veterans: Rapidthehedgehog, hailing from 2009! Wow, he's certainly done well in the five years he's been here! When asked about the Blood Army being in FA, he replied:

"This is my first time getting a FA! I feel so happy!"

And with that, let's get rolling!

# 1. What inspired you to create the Blood Army?

A) I had an old group for a character of mine, Zerofuse the Hedgehog. It was called The Elementals. That page was deleted. I made a new group specifically for Zerofuse, but felt that it needed to be more...criminal. So really it was made to fit Zerofuse.

# 2. Have they participated in any recent events, battles, or anything else like that?

A) No.

# 3. Do you have any big plans in store for this group?

A) Yes. A roleplay is in development.

# 4. Has the Blood Army experienced any betrayals or dissent in the group?

A) Not yet.

# 5. Compared to other organizations like GUN, how big of a presence do you think the Blood Army has?

A) Well the Blood Army is relatively small. They're well-known in my city, Stoneview City. But only one other person, Saren, knows about the Blood Army more than most.

# 6. Does the Blood Army have any rival organizations or groups that they come into conflict with?

A) Not a specific group, but most heroes and government organizations create conflicts.

# 7. Finally, who would you consider the overall commander of the whole group?

A) Zerofuse the Hedgehog, the founder of the group. But Saren the Dark Lynx has some power as well.

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