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Hello ladies and gentlemen of all ages, welcome to the Sonic Fanon Wiki; a place where you can bring your dreams and imaginations to life, forthposting them into reality. Everyone here welcomes your creative thinking, and we hope we can help you as much as you can help this Wiki.

Right now, there are 9,832 articles and growing! Now that's a shockingly high number of articles, and hopefully you can add to that figure. See you soon!


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Featured User

Hello everyone! DarkMantis speaking. Sorry for the wait, things have been slowing us down. I won't bore you with the details, however. By the way, I'm covering for Kagi this time.

This month, we have a guy from March of 2013 - Nitrogen218! He's got quite a few quality articles, and he's made his mark on the community since then.

When asked about being Featured, Nitro replied:

"I feel that this is an honor. A great one."

And with that settled, let's begin!

# 1. Q) What first attracted you to SFW?

A)Honestly nothing attracted at first because I hadn't known the site existed as i was growing up. I found the site on a link from SNN. This would the exact place I could show my skill, and create characters of my own.

# 2. Q) What were your first impressions of the wiki?

A) My first impression was the artwork of the pictures. That is what brought my attention to this site, and influenced my to join.

# 3. Q) Who are some of your friends among the SFW community?

A) The only friends I have are Nikki-Kaji, TheDarkMantis15, and Darkest Shadow. Anyone else who has talked to me at least once or has sent me a request is listed as a passerby.

# 4. Q) How do you feel about SFW as it currently is?

A) SFW is fine at the moment. Not much I can say about this.

# 5. Q) What are some of your non-Sonic interests?

A) Some of my non-Sonic interests would include Call of Duty and Dead Space.

# 6. Q) How did you first get interested in the Sonic series?

A) I was first brought into interest after Playing Sonic Unleashed for the Nintendo Wii. As my interest grew, I began to watch some of the shows, and eventually find the wiki that had the information.

# 7. Q) Who's your favorite Sonic character?

A) If I were to pick, it would have to be Sonic, because this character gave me the inspiration to create my fursona.

# 8. Q) What's your favorite Sonic game?

A) My favorite Sonic game would have to be Sonic Generations.

# 9. Q) What would you most want to see in a new Sonic game?

A) I honestly would like to see some really good environments to run in, a little bit of a beat-em-up style scenario, and a whole lot of speed.

# 10. Q) What are your plans for your future on SFW?

A)Finish my Fursona's new page because my first one was considered high trafficking, and revamp all my other ones. Likewise, my plan is to also keep doing good with requests, for those that are interested, since I don't turn one down.

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Featured Article
Cryo the Wolf

Hello! Salutations! And welcome to this month's Featured Article!

This month, we have a special guest: Cryo the Wolf, owned by one of our very own chat mods: Minato Arisato00! A veteran from 2011, he has made quite a mark on the Wiki in his stay. Here's to hoping he continues doing so!

And with that, let's get rolling with the interview!

# 1. Q) What inspired you to make Cryo?

A) Really, he was a gift from a friend. I decided to make the character from scratch at that moment. Besides that, Jak and Daxter was a huge inspiration.

# 2. Q) Were there things you scrapped or took out while developing Cryo?

A) Lots. Originally he was supposed to be a villain, then he was supposed to be a native of Matai-Mobi, and even later he was supposed to be an anti-hero. It was all changed to create a better hero.

# 3. Q) How would you think Cryo would react if he entered the real world?

A) Cryo would actually fit in very well. Disregarding the fact that he's a Mobian, he has the social skills to qualify in the real world. Not to mention he's easy to get along with.

# 4. Q) Does Cryo have any hobbies or pastimes?

A) Yes indeed! As a cub, Cryo would commonly Jet Board around Hordaiquan for fun, he does much of the same now. As an adult though, he's become accustomed to Rock 'n' Roll and does Karaoke at the local bar from time to time.

# 5. Q) How would Cryo regard Christmas?

A) He'd celebrate it warmly with his best friends and members of the codex. He might even give gifts to some of the unfortunate individuals of Hordaiquan.

# 6. Q) Do you have anything in store for Cryo?

A) At the minute, not so much. I've other projects that desperately need attention, Cryo is just the icing on the cake.

# 7. Q) Finally, are you satisfied with how Cryo is at the moment?

A) Yes I am! Though I do feel I could touch up on a couple of things here and there, but besides this Cryo's fine at the minute.

Any last words from Cryo before we go?

"Haha! So much for being unpopular, Sonar. Look who got this little reward, eh? Bet'cha jealous!"

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