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Here comes the next installment of Article Spotlight, where hipster articles are made mainstream!

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Fortuna the Panther Character Hunter1034
Knuckles' Chaotix: The Sprite Comic Series Comic SolarBlaze
Dreamland Bay Location Pumpituppartyzone
Naoya Tsukino the Wolf Character NaoyaKun

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Featured User

Hey hey hey! Welcome back everybody! Hope you guys enjoyed your candy-filled Halloween, hehe! I know I did. .u.

This time, we have a veteran from August 31, 2013 - Awkwarddingo! A guy who's definitely someone to get to know, he's made quite a few interesting articles and characters during his time here. I myself think he's got a pretty good style, and I'm sure some may agree.

And with that, let's roll on with the interview!

# 1. How's your week going so far?

A) Pretty good. My one complaint is that it isn't the week of Fallout 4's release yet.

# 2. Can you name an aspect or two that drew you to SFW?

A) Well, I was always a fan of Sonic, being a little nerdy kid, and I really like the art style of the series, which is what drew me to Sonic in general. I always had random character ideas that pertained to the art style. Sonic Fanon was a perfect place to put those character on paper.... so to speak

# 3. And before that, what made interested in the Sonic franchise?

A) Like I mentioned before, I liked how the characters were drawn out in the box art of the games I saw on the shelves. I decided to try out Sonic Heroes solely because of the box art and I enjoyed it.

# 4. What do you think of the franchise currently?

A) It's in the videogame equivalent of a seasonal rot. The series needs to rediscover why everyone liked it so much to begin with and work from there. Recent games have been a bit... off to say the least.

# 5. Was Halloween sufficiently spooky for you this year?

A) I work at a Dairy Queen where I see all kinds of wierdos ordering all kinds of food. It was just the right amount of terrifying.

# 6. Got any upcoming events for both real life and online?

A) I plan on starting a playthrough of stuff on my YouTube channel Urkington, but other than that, I have no huge plans as of yet, with the exception of Nekocon.

# 7. Got any favorite games or books or movies?

A) Favorite book is Les Miserables by Victor Hugo and favorite movie is most likely The Dark Knight.

# 8. If, say, you were immortal for a day, what would you do?

A) Race objects off the top of a building, drive straight into a wall with an expendable car, and see how many times I can shoot myself in the face before the action becomes tedious and dull.

# 9. Do you have any good memories here on SFW?

A) This is where I met some awesome friends of mine who know their names and how awesome they are. It's not really a memory, but it lasts longer than one

# 10. Finally, did you enjoy the interview?

A) Sure. It made me feel like I was important.

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Featured Article

Howdy howdy, y'all! Hope you had a good Halloweeny weekend! Still munching on that candy, hehe~

This month, we've got a new guest - Spectre, a reincarnated police officer who follows every command given by his master, Moordenaar. Both of them are owned by BlazingLeopard, a charming guy from the UK who certainly knows how to write interesting characters and plots.

And with that, let's get into the interview!

# 1. What sort of personality do you think Daniel Stryker had before becoming Spectre?

A) Before his death, Daniel was known to be a loyal officer of Station Square's police force. I believe that he would also be a kind, yet serious person, similar to most officers really.

# 2. Since Spectre is incredibly loyal to Mordenaar, how would he react if, say, Mordenaar ordered him to do something that would result in his death?

A) He would do it. With no questions asked.

# 3. Was there any particular reason Daniel took the "Spectre" persona after being chosen by Moordenaar?

A) He didn't really take the persona. It was forced upon him and, like most other conquerors, Moordenaar needed the equivalent to First Lieutenant. He quickly found out about Daniel's loyalty and manipulated it, so that Spectre would fight for him until his final breath.

# 4. Would you say that there's a chance of the original Daniel somehow appearing again even while stuck as Spectre?

A) Maybe, maybe not. You'll have to wait and see.

# 5. Is Spectre aware of his past life? Or does he choose to embrace his current situation as Moordenaar's loyal slave?

A) He does know that he was Daniel Stryker, however, he chooses to ignore it, embracing his enslavement.

# 6. Does Spectre have any hobbies, if at all?

A) Killing, killing and killing. He does like to devour the occasional corpse though.

# 7. Finally, how would you describe Spectre's voice (booming, raspy, etc)? And who would be his hypothetical voice actor (if he had one)?

A) I imagine him sounding like the Vorcha from Mass Effect, so therefore, Mark Meer would be a good voice actor for him.

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