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Hello ladies and gentlemen of all ages, welcome to the Sonic Fanon Wiki; a place where you can bring your dreams and imaginations to life, forthposting them into reality. Everyone here welcomes your creative thinking, and we hope we can help you as much as you can help this Wiki.

Right now, there are 10,083 articles and growing! Now that's a shockingly high number of articles, and hopefully you can add to that figure. See you soon!


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Featured User

Hello, hello! Happy Halloween everybody, hope you're all having a good November! This is TheDarkMantis15 reporting for duty.

This month, we have a veteran from May of 2013 - CrimsonFlame2K. He's been here for over a year, and he has displayed quality work during his stay here.

And with that settled, let's begin!

# 1. Q) What made you come to SFW?

A) Well, I just needed a place to put all my fan stuff involving Sonic. As you, the interviewer, should remember, my first fangame posted on here was Sonic Riders: Matrix Unleashed. Damn, those were some good times...

# 2. Q) Are there any big projects or anything like you've been working on lately?

A) Aside from the Darkness Trigger series, nothing really... Though, I am planning a series of side-stories for said series.

# 3. Q) Do you have a favorite video game genre (action, puzzle, etc)?

A) Let's see... My favorites are usually platformers and [2D] fighting games.

# 4. Q) Do you have any pets?

A) Four. 2 dogs, 2 cats. One of the dogs, Rex, recently died. /sob/ The other, Hubert, is still around. One of the cats, Fiyero, is a complete b**** and the other, Bingwen, is right beside me as I type this. Although, we're gonna have to give him away soon. /sob/

# 5. Q) Can you tell us any fond memories you have?

A) Fond memories... Hmm... Ooh! There was my old RP, Secrets of Chaos. Okay, yeah, the story and writing was kinda crappy, but it's kind of excusable since it WAS my first RP. But wth all the crappiness, I decided to scrap it.

# 6. Q) Do you have any plans for things on SFW?

A) Well, I do need to get started on developing the Spark Hunters (Dynamo, Buster, Laxus, and Sheila) more. Other than that, nothing SFW-related.

# 7. Q) Did you have fun this Halloween?

A) Bahahaha! I didn't celebrate Halloween! XD

# 8. Q) Spooky question time! If you could dress up as your favorite game characters, would they be?

A) A hard one... Hmm... I dunno, really.

# 9. Q) Are there any places you'd wish to travel to sometime?

A) Australia... for personal reasons. :P

# 10. Q) Finally, where do you see yourself in the future?

A) Either a writer or an artist.

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Featured Article
Terrador Custos Bellator

Hello, hello! DarkMantis here! Sorry about the wait, Terrador's owner had work stalling him.

Anyway, happy November everybody! This month, we have a new face: Terrador, a badger-mole-echidna hybrid owned by none other than True Lycalo! I think you all know him as the owner of Twilight, yes? Grand!

Now with that out of the way, the interview:

# 1. Q) How long have you had Terrador for?

A) Terrador was first created somewhere in September of 2010. It's almost hard to believe I've had this character for just over 4 years now.

# 2. Q) Do you have any plans for Terrador?

A) None at the moment unfortunately. It seems he's destined to remain in the mountains, alone and secluded, aside from taking place in a fighting tournament, somehow. There is a highly delayed fanfic he was set to be a part of, but that concept has been postponed to focus on a story centering around a certain Griffin of mine.

# 3. Q) Does Terrador have any hobbies or pastimes?

A) Residing in the mountains and being trained since childhood to become a warrior leaves little options for hobbies or pastimes. The only one he really has is training and learning to surpass his own limitations.

# 4. Q) Has Terrador ever been involved with the fourth wall?

A) With barely any knowledge of the outside world, I bet he has no idea what the fourth wall even is.

# 5. Q) Does Terrador take anything after you, if any?

A) Terrador and I are both share stubbornness and we both do everything we can to help those around us.

# 6. Q) Has Terrador participated in any big events lately?

A) Again an unfortunate no. The last event he partook in was Smash's Blitz Pit, which sadly didn't see a finish.

# 7. Q) Finally, has Terrador ever deviated from his current goals?

A) After fleeing to the mountains at age 12, Terrador has made a goal to find his parents, which he hasn't exactly started. So no, he hasn't deviated from his goals, let alone begin them. Although he does strive to become as strong as he can be, so in that regard, he hasn't deviated from that specific goal.

Okay, any last words from our geokinetic friend here before we're done?

It was quite a surprise earning this recognition. Out of the other earth wielders, I feel proud to come out victorious and commend the competition for their valiant efforts.

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