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Hello there and welcome to Sonic Fanon Wiki! We are a growing community of 151 active users who partake in creating characters, fanfictions, stories, and roleplays. Everyone here welcomes you and your creativity and wishes you to come and join our wiki!

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Featured User


y'all better fasten yer seatbelts, we're in fer a wild ride!

This month, we've got a returning guest - Nitrogen218! A guy who's been here March of 2013, he's definitely been here for a while! Meeting many people and making his mark with his creations here, he's steadily become a person you should definitely get to know!

And with that let's begin!

#1. How has your life been so far?

A) So for, for the most part, it is okay. I have hit a bunch of bumps in the road in the past, due to getting used to hearing adulthood, but, I have overcome them, and I'm learning about computers now. Yay. ^^

#2. How's it feel to be Featured again?

A) It is quite an honor to become featured user again. But also, quite surprising. I actually thought would it be a one-and-done thing. However, I'm not complaining, and I'm very happy to be featured.

#3. What have you been up to the last few months?

A) Well, for the most part, doing a bunch of schoolwork, homework, and relaxing. But, I have been improving on my artwork in that timeframe, and I eagerly look forward to showing it to everyone. I'd be a little bit mkre enthusiastic about it if all the work I've been doing in school didn't exhaust me or make me lazy, though >_<. I have been working on the characters too.

#4. Got any new projects in store on SFW and in real life?

A) Yes. Absolutely. For the wiki, I intend to redo my universe by giving each character, object, location, and events juicy, enjoyable stories that people may come to like. I also intend to redo all requests, characters, and location artwork that will wipe the floor with my older drawings and work. As for real life, I intend to make some robots and machines into objects taken out of the deep future, become a robotics engineer, or computer technician/engineer.

#5. If you could go back in time to change one thing in your life, what would it be?

A) I would undo the time where reality hits me in the face that I have been going in circles for three years. That was in chat, when I flipped my lid and got kicked off because I had been making a character as a Marty-Stu several times and was called out on it at all. That I still regret to this day, even though I apologized for it, the memory still burns in the back of my cerebrum. Not called out.

#6. Do you consider other users around here to be an inspiration to you for your works?

A) Absolutely:-) I was actually inspired off of Nikki-Kaji's fancharacter, Nikki "Nikkell" the Hedgehog when I first came here. I had found that character to be both very cute and pretty, when I was about 14 or so. I still do think of that to this day. It inspired me to make Cassandra the Hedgehog to be a talented singer that was also adorable. There's more to go on, but in a nutshell. Yes, I am inspired by other people.

#7. Do you have a favorite piece of Sonic media? It can be a video game, cartoon/anime, or something else!

A) Yes. It would be the games. For the most part, the games are what drew me to the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. It started when I got Sonic Mega collection plus for PS2. Since then, I gradually became a fan. Yet, growing up, I also was aware of the problems Sonic has now, and I still am, but I'm still gonna be a fan regardless of what happens.

#8. Who's your favorite Sonic character? They can be major or minor!

A) Ooh tricky, tricky. I would say Miles Tails Prower. I see him as the sort of sidekick/best friend to rely on and count on whenever the blue blur himself gets in a pinch. He also is a genius and builds gadgets and robots, Kinda like me when I complete high school and college ^^

#9. Have you ever wanted to apply to SEGA for a position towards the Sonic franchise, or at the very least, give suggestions on further entries on the franchise?

A) Ooooh. Yeah, I have wanted to do that growing up up until last year. I had thought about actually meeting the team and helping with ideas on how to make Sonic great again. However, after last year, and hearing about Hajime Satomi saying that they will put more quality into their work from now on, and the Sonic Movie coming in 2018, which I am psyched for by the way, I've decided to slow down, and try to offer some tips and suggestions from time to time, if any ideas come to fruition.

#10. Finally, are you excited for what's coming up soon this year?

A) Absolutely. While I cannot attend any of the fan conventions because of being busy with other things, and given everything I've addressed about making Sonic great again with more quality, I am filled with both high interest and excitement toward the future. I do believe SEGA and Sonic Team are really on the road to recovery and coming in fast. I fills me with hope and joy that Sonic is gonna be great again. Also, I'm psyched for the live streams.

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Featured Article

Solomon The Tiger

Hey hey hey! Ready for June? I know I am! :D

This month, we've got an anti-villain by the name of Solomon The Tiger, owned by TheHook1! A man who has literally lived many lives and can remember them all, he's definitely an interesting guy. Although you may want to stay away since he loves to experiment on and manipulate people, all in the name of finding more knowledge.

And now, let's go!

#1. What inspired you to make Solomon?

A) Well, first off I love villains. The antagonist of a series is just as important to me as the hero, and often for more entertaining. I took inspiration from Mammoth Mogul and Vandal Savage for Solomon's resurrection ability, but I didn't want to make another immortal megalomaniac.

#2. Did Solomon have any relatives or loved ones throughout his many lives?

A) Well, he had to come from somewhere. Unfortunately, Solomon can't remember anything about his life before the time of Ancient Greece. He became desensitized centuries ago, so he hasn't really had "loved ones" in thousands of years. He has, however, gotten very close to a few...special friends throughout the years, and has more than a few children and relatives that he's responsible for running around, although none seem to have his ability.

#3. Following the above, do you think Solomon will ever think about making his current life the last he lives?

A) Nope, he gave up on that a long time ago. While he did initially believe his ability was a cruel joke, he now sees it as a badge of pride. He's out to discover everything that can possibly be discovered, ethics be damned, and have a good time doing it. His ability to resurrect is the only thing keeping him "in the game" and he has no intention of leaving ever.

#4. Does he have any hobbies or pastimes outside of his experiments and manipulation of people?

A) Solomon really loves ancient/obscure board and card games. It's a mixture of nostalgia, intellectual exercise, and showing off obscure knowledge. All the things Solomon loves in life.

#5. Since he's got skill in manipulating and reading people, has he ever used it to topple big corporations and groups and such?

A) All the time. Thanks to longevity, skill, intellect, and charm, Solomon has altered the destinies of quite a few companies, churches, and countries. For better or worse. In fact, he's started a few global conflicts and crisis simply because he could, for kicks and giggles.

#6. Was there ever a moment where his resurrection ability later came back to bite him in the tail?

A) Yeah, a few times it's gotten him into hot water. The biggest might be during a witch hunt in southern Mercia. They kept burning him at the stake, saying his ability to resurrect was the result of black magic. They spent days trying to burn Solomon before they finally just gave up and he escaped. Not before burning their village down, though. Eye for an eye and all that.

#7. Finally, throughout the many lives he lived, did he gain any unusual quirks or did his personality stay the same throughout?

A) He has changed considerably over the years. His earliest memories were full of fear, pain, and depression. He thought that he was cursed, or that he'd angered some divine force or something. Nowadays he no longer cares about anything except continuing his experimentation and having fun while doing it. He used to have trouble shifting identities after each resurrection, but now he can effortlessly juggle his various identities and social masks.

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