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Roleplay:Secret of the Sands N/A Ryushusupercat June 28, 2017
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Featured User

Alphonse Uprising
Meet the artist

This month we have a User who is very honoured to be here with us, under the spotlight of Featured User. Having been here for almost 4 years now, Alphonse Uprising has certainly left his mark on our wikia. He may not be as active as he used to be, but his commitment and devotion to SFW keeps bringing him back. He's not as well known as other, younger users here. Perhaps that is the reason you voted for him, as to get to know more about him.

Q1: How does it feel to have won Featured User for the first time?

A: Well, I was hoping to win the award a while back, but over time that dream kind of dwindled and I pretty much lost interest in. I'm genuinely surprised to have won it this time since.. well, I'm not even that active here anymore. I still revisit it sometimes to look at some cool OC's and spark up my creativity, if you get what I mean!

Q2: You’re the only user here from Germany. How does that make you feel? Also, which city in Germany are you from?

A: Makes me feel pretty... alone, haha! Now I want to invite more of my German comrades onto the Sonic Fanon Wiki. I am from Gießen, and it's a small town located in Hesse, one of the 16 states of Germany.

Q3: The greatest surprise in your life.

A: This -- I mean it as seriously as possible-- I legitimately thought the Sonic Fanon Wiki forgot about me up until this point, but fortunately that wasn't the case at all! I just want to thank everyone who has voted for me, especially you for nominating me. It really means a lot!

Q4: What is your opinion on the upcoming Sonic film?

A: From what I have heard so far, I'm definitely not looking forward to it. Apparently it stars Sonic, a "juvenile delinquent", on the run from the government and forms a special bond with a police officer? If there was one thing I know about the hedgehog, he's independent and enjoys exploration; he doesn't sit down with a human police officer, and what, be his pet or something? I don't believe they even mentioned other Sonic characters and items like Tails or the Chaos Emeralds being in the movie, and the one starring as Eggman in the film isn't even Mike Pollock. I know Pollock doesn't look like Eggman that much, but neither does Jim Carrey. The film is not going to be good in my eyes; if anything, the plot is already insulting the entire franchise.

Q5: Do you have any pets?

A: Nope. I watch pet videos.

Q6: Do you have any life-long dream you want to accomplish or a goal in your life?

A: Well, there is one dream that I have and it's to be a race driver in the 24 Hours of Le Mans-- it's an annual motor race usually held in the middle of June every year, taking place on Circuit de la Sarthe in France. The track itself is a bit interesting-- it combines a short race track with a wide public road, making it almost 14 kilometers long. In perspective it takes about 5 minutes to drive around in a normal car. As the title of that event suggests, it's an endurance race lasting for 24 hours, and it's not like a single driver spends that much time in the race; usually there are three drivers per team who take turns driving the car, making up for 8 hours each-- still a very long time when you think about it. It's a dream I'll probably never get to fulfill, but it's fun to think about. For now, I'll stick to GT3 racing in the near future.

Q7: Is there anything that makes you proud of being a German?

A: Wow, that's a bit personal. Well, if there was anything to be proud of for being German, it'd be what we built after the Second World War. We were very horrible people during and before that time and we did unspeakable, unforgivable things. But we owned up to it; we constructed a stable democracy (yes, Germany is a democratic republic), and we promote peace. In fact, anything we do that promotes the Nazi regime is actually illegal here, even owning Nazi collectibles like the coin. It makes me sick how people outside Germany, even my neighbours like the French and the Dutch, who only think of Hitler when Germany comes into mind. I don't think Germany means Hitler; Germany means artists like Beethoven and Caspar David Friedrich, it means landmarks like the Black Forest and the Brandenburg Gate, and it means good food like Currywurst. The fact that we rose beautifully from the rubbles of our past makes me the proudest of being German myself.

Q8: What kind of music do you listen to? What’s your favourite song?

A: I listen to anything, but mostly electronic dance music and punk rock. I think my favourite song right now would be Panic Room by Au/Ra. It sounds pretty fast-pased and I always tune to it when I do art!

Q9: What is your creed?

A: Creed means something like Glaubensbekenntnis (lit. faith's confession) and I haven't seen that word used outside of that Ubisoft game-- actually made me have to translate it. I believe that (and this is probably going to sound very communist of me to say) hard work is the essence of reward, and it eventually pays off in some way. If you show the best you can be, then you will get the best things in life; if you're lazy and don't show effort in anything, then you're not going to get that far on this planet.

Q10: What is your opinion on me?

A: You're pretty hot!
I'm kidding, I'm kidding.

Well, you do have some pretty cool game ideas from what I saw. I do especially like Sonic Freedom, too; I haven't really seen a game actually based on the Archie comics (and no, Sally being in a Sonic game does not make it an Archie game), and it's cool to see the world overtaken by the Xorda and Sonic and his pals having to fight them and take their planet back.
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New HTML Widgets added!

Published 22:44, April 20, 2016 (UTC) by Akrivus

New fancy coding widgets have been added!

Main Page Updated!

Published 20:27, March 13, 2016 (UTC) by Akrivus
The main page has been updated to experiment with a new design and try to make it more friendly to joining users. Graphical formatting has been removed from the main page but will be added as the design is finalized. In the meantime, post your opinion and ideas here.

News Feature Added!

Published 19:59, March 13, 2016 (UTC) by Akrivus
A new feature has been added; news; this allows users to read up on situations in a compact and clean manner. When you add a new news message, add one after the comment so that they are organized by date.


Do you have a character that is faster than Sonic?

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Featured Article

Phantom the Mink
Phantom by sonicfanchick14

Award-winning character Phantom the Mink is one of Haunted Alhemist's most renowned and recognized creations.

# Q1: Why is it difficult for her to form a close bond with someone?
A) Phantom isn't a very easy person to be around. She can be polite, like when ordering a coffee, but she's not really someone you'd choose to hang out with. You could think of her as that one friend in the group that everyone tolerates but no one really likes. She's such a downer and a cynic, growing up with little to no social interaction with others didn't really help.

# Q2: What was her childhood like?

A) Ahh...yeah, her backstory was cut from her page since I loathe my writing style from way back when. The premise is the same, I think. Doom might argue with me on that, my memory's foggy. In a nutshell: She was an easy kid, she could entertain herself. She read a lot and enjoyed puzzle solving, playing outside in the trees, making things with her hands, gardening, baking...yeah. She still enjoys baking but rarely gets the chance to.

# Q3: Where did you get the idea for Phantom’s attire?

A) Her current design was actually thought up with the help of Minato. We wanted something practical but still fashionable. Thanks again big bro!

# Q4: Does any subject in school (or school in general) help you in creating your characters?

A) ) Not really. Worldbuilding on the other hand, definitely. AP econ, AP enviro, and AP have to learn how the world around you works before writing for your own world. Feel free to disagree with me on that, though.

# Q5: Since Phantom did not attend school, what books did she read to become intelligent?

A) Mainly survival books. She's intelligent in the sense that she's practical, can take care of herself, and can learn from experience, but in terms of education you'd see in a school...she probably doesn't even know basic algebra.

# Q6: What are some of her weaknesses?

A) Yeah, another piece missing on her page...I swear that she's fully developed, I'm just lazy at writing. She's a medium ranged combatant, she doesn't really do hand-to-hand but she doesn't have spectacular aim either. Her wind abilities are limited, long hair is a detriment in itself...and if we're talking outside of combat, she's horrible at convincing people to do things, forming allies/bonds, and again, she isn't very well educated.

# Q7: Was there anything that was cut or changed when you were making the character?

A) I...honestly can't remember, aside from changing her from an "adventurer" to "treasure hunter," plus some detail changes in the personality and backstory.

# Q8: How did she acquire all her powers?

A) That's another piece of her backstory. Wind is genetics, seeing the dead was the consequence of a wish.

# Q9: Do you think she would be a good addition to the canon Sonic cast? What would her role be if she were in a Sonic game?

A) Oh goodness no, they already have Shadow, I don't think they need another angsty grump lol. If she had to be in a game...her role would depend on the story of the game. She's a character that looks out for herself, she could be on the hero's or the villain's side. Liiike Shadow. Hoo boy.

# Q10: Phantom has won both SFW awards and Featured Article. Which one was most exciting for you?

A) Both! While Phantom is (unfortunately) a character I don't always work with, she still is my main (sort of) and my first character on the wiki. As such, she means a lot to me, so it's really flattering that people think that she's worthy of such titles.
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