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Article Spotlight

Here comes the next installment of Article Spotlight, where hipster articles are made mainstream!

You may notice that the list appears to have been cut in half this time around. This was a decision made by Minato and Skull, who both agreed that users were less likely to read all of the articles on a long list. So for now on, the Article Spotlight will be featuring four articles instead of eight! 

Article Title Article Type Author
Madam Weiss Character Chamesthehero
Aster the Fish Character Nikki-Kaji
J.C. the Hyena Character JC-the-Hyena
Katrina Ember Firefox Character WickedZekrom

Notice: Due to certain circumstances, Article Spotlight will not be updated this time around.

The next set of articles will be spotlighted on July 5, 2015!

Editors: Minato Arisato00 & TheSkullWolf

(Check out this blog if you have any questions or suggestions.)

Featured User
Darkest Shadow

Hello again! DarkMantis reporting! Sorry about the lateness, hopefully that doesn't happen again.

This month, we have a special guest - Darkest Shadow, formerly known as Pianoteen! Having been here for about three years, he's certainly left an impression with his articles and personality here! When asked about how he felt about being Featured, he replied:

"Ever since I came onto the wiki, I always wondered what it's like to be featured user. I was very eager to see if I was going to get nominated, until finally I did, and I was so happy that I did a cartwheel, and then fell... When I found out I won, I fainted and had a heart attack, well you know what I mean. Since it's my first time, I really think it makes me feel more well-known around the wiki, and that more users will know who I am. Thank you all so much for everyone who voted me, I love you guys~"

And with that, let's rock!

# 1. Q) What brought you here to Sonic Fanon Wiki?

A) I actually came here via the Sonic News Network, after my ban from the wiki was over. I never really knew what this wiki was, but when I found out, I actually already had several ideas in mind of what to do.

#2. Q) How do you feel about the Sonic franchise overall?

A) To be honest, I like the Sonic franchise, I just don't play it very often. After I heard that they will no longer make console games, I felt that the Sonic franchise was going to slowly die.

# 3. Q) Can you name a favorite character from the canon cast?

A) Shadow the Hedgehog has always been my favorite character. I liked him because he isn't too happy and upbeat, kind of like me when I was young. I always asked my gigantic Shadow plush to smile, and talk to him while playing SA2.

#4. Q) Conversely, can you name a least favorite?

A) I really was never a fan of Silver. I used to really hate him, like I played Sonic 2006, his story confused me, his voice irritated me, and I thought that he was overpowered. Now I respect and like him a little, but still he's far from my favorite.

#5. Q) Can you tell us what is your number one favorite thing (book, video game, movie, TV show, etc)?

A) I actually have a favorite movie. Being a baseball player and fan, I like this movie called "The Sandlot", which is about a group of kids who always go down to hang out at the sandlot to play baseball. SPOILER ALERT!: I found it hilarious when Scottie didn't know who Babe Ruth was, and that he was a girl.

#6. Q) What genre of entertainment do you prefer (comedy, romance, horror, etc)?

A) I'm a big fan of comedies, such as Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, Family Guy. I like them 'cause it's fun to just grab a friend or a group of them and hop on the couch and laugh.

# 7. Q) What sort of character archetype do you like (jerk with a heart of gold, atoner, etc)?

A) I really like just a cute and innocent being, because they didn't do anything wrong, and it just sounds cute. Especially if they have like those huge eyes that you just can't look away from.

#8. Q) What would you say about the community of Sonic Fanon Wiki as a whole?

A) I personally think that despite the admins/mods issue that Akrivus brought up about a month ago, we're kinda growing and becoming a cleaner and safer wiki, such as over 2,000 spam articles, junk articles, etc. have been deleted. Also, a lot more chats and mods are now elected and doing their duty.

#9. Q) Do you have any future plans here on the wiki?

A) I honestly don't know. Having graduated from high school about a week ago, I might now be as active as I was. But I still hope to grow closer relationships with other users, fix up my articles, finish My Sweet Life, and much more.

#10. Q) Finally, what is your view on the future of the Sonic franchise?

A) I'm gonna be honest. I feel like in a matter of years, if SEGA doesn't get more employees, and/or shift it's focus back on to what (at least I hope) millions of fans want, which are regular platforms, SEGA is going to get a lot of negative feedback, and shut down for good. So I'm honestly a little scared...

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Featured Article
Phalanx The Automaton

Hello hello! Greetings to everyone this June from DarkMantis! How are you doing? Ready for summer? I know I am! :D

This month, we have a special guest: Phalanx The Automaton, owned by none other than Awkwarddingo! Arriving on the wiki in August 31, 2013, he's certainly left an impression with his handiwork here! When asked about how he felt about having one of his pages featured, he stated:

"I feel awesome seeing my article get featured. It means I'm actually sorta accomplishing something. I plan on continuing my writing, hoping to become more successful in the future."

And with that, let's go!

# 1.) Where did you get the idea for Phalanx?

A) I got the idea from him when I was in a Steampunk mood. I also wanted to create a hero that had the idea of ending evil rather than doing good as an exclusive hobby. What I made was an old man trapped inside an automaton with the desire to end all war.

# 2.) How important would you rank Phalanx in your universe on a scale of 1-10?

A) Pretty low, actually, maybe a four. He hasn't had many interaction with characters made by me, but he has had his fair share of fights and friends made by other users.

# 3.) Does Phalanx wish to become organic again somehow?

A) There's already a story idea I need to put on his page where he redeems himself and earns a new body powered by holy light. I just need to stop being lazy and write it down sometime.

# 4.) How do you think Phalanx would react to a character like, say, Dr. Eggman?

A) He would wreck Eggman's robots, his face, his limbs, his heart.... Yeah Egghead would be dead.

# 5.) Does Phalanx have any hobbies or things he likes to do in his spare time?

A) His favorite pastimes are reading and bowling. I imagine he got kicked out of a few bowling alleys because of his slightly volatile swinging arm.

# 6.) Do you have any plans for Phalanx in the future?

A) After I write about him getting a new body, I want to write more about him integrating back into society or resuming his anti-war crusade.

# 7.) Finally, how do you think he would interact with the canon cast?

A) Sonic, he would despise because of his recklessness, Tails he would get along with because of the fact he's a near-ancient automaton, he and Knuckles would more or less compete for the most faces punched in, and he and Shadow would just ignore each other. I don't see them starting up some kind of conversation.

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