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Article Spotlight

Welcome to the first installment of Article Spotlight, where hipster articles are made mainstream!

Article Title Article Type Author
Belén "Crya" Winchester Character Pyroslasher
Charlene Character Hunter1034
Danni the Echidna Character HomuraQ
Virgil Esperanza Character BloodSonic1
Zambi Character Chrismh
Desperate Hedgehogs Fanfiction RidersDX
General Serges Character TheDarkMantis15
Prince Alexander Robotnik Character Godrend88

The next set of articles will be spotlighted on April 26, 2014!

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Featured User

And at long last the original returns! After many issues, obstacles, variables, and plain procrastination, Kagimizu is here to deliver the latest Featured User interview! This sad little lurker can't say much about FH personally, but he seems to have made quite an impression on the community. When asked how he felt about being Featured User, he said "To be honest. Surprised. I never expected that I, of all people, would be a featured user. I mean, I actually thought that I wouldn't have a chance to be Featured User." Now with all that said and done, let's move on with this overdue interview!

# 1. Q) What first got you interested in Sonic and the Sonic fandom?

A) Well, I actually can't remember this one. But the first game I played was The very first one (Huh, go figure). After that it was more of just certain fan drawings, cheat things, and eventually I got into it by playing Unleashed.

# 2. Q) What was your first Sonic fan-creation?

A) My first legitimate creation? Hm. I forgot this one completely, though I'd have to say unofficially Morpheus is my first fan-creation. He came a long way from just being a lame Shadow ripoff.

# 3. Q) Is there something you would like to see in a future or upcoming Sonic game?

A) Maybe more playable characters, now don't get me wrong I appreciate what they did for the others, but hey. They got a whole revenue of characters they could choose from. Except Might, Ray, oh and Big.

# 4. Q) What do you think about Sonic's lack of backstory in the game continuity?

A) Eh, Never really gave any thought about it to be honest.

# 5. Q) Do you have anything to say about the Archie comics reboot and recent events in the comics?

A) I actually never read those comics, so I don't know the appropriate answer to that one.

# 6. Q) What are your preferred Sonic pairings, if any?

A) Ehehe...*Shrug* I don't know.

# 7. Q) Is there any story or plot element you wish SEGA would explore in a Sonic game?

A)...Hm. I don't know actually. Maybe something along the lines of alternate dimensions maybe?

# 8. Q) If you could remake one Sonic game, which would it be and what would you change about it?

A) Sonic 06. I would fix a lot of the bugs, and I'd try to find an appropriate replacement for Elise.

# 9. Q) Which rivalry: Sonic vs Knuckles or Sonic vs Shadow?

A) Sonic vs Shadow, duh.

# 10. Q) Who's your favorite Sonic character?

A) Silver the Hedgehog

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Featured Article
Hourglass the Coyote

Hi there! Welcome back to Featured Article, ladies and gentlemen! DarkMantis speaking, as always!

Tonight, we have a special guest for this month - Hourglass the Coyote, a time master/necromancer owned by HauntedAlchemist! One of our users who has been present since August 2012, she has written quite a few interesting characters and articles in her time here. When asked how she felt about having one of her articles being featured, she replied:

"Honored, really. It really does tell me that I'm at least doing something right, eh heh."

And with that settled, let's get rolling!

# 1. Where did you get the inspiration to create Hourglass?

A) Out of all of my characters, Hourglass is one of the few that isn't based off any previously existing character. Time is something that's always been special to me in a way since as a kid I've always been lacking in having enough to myself. I will admit there have been a few ideas I've seen from other shows, but none were ever implemented into her story.

# 2. Would you say Hourglass is one of your most liked creations?

A) Formerly, yes, hence why she was a main character of mine for a good bit of time ( pun intended, I swear). I don't happen to favor her as much anymore, as she can be improved drastically, specifically when it comes to her powers and abilities. My focus is currently on some other characters at the moment, however.

# 3. Does Hourglass get into trouble with any guardians of time or other things like that?

A) ...I think I know why you're asking me this, hehe. Even as one of my main characters she never got much roleplay time, and when she did, no, there were no guardians of time. I'm sure she would definitely get into trouble with them, it's just she hasn't yet.

# 4. How do you think she would react if she were suddenly in the real world?

A) Freak out, obviously. Either from the fact that my character is living, or just because she just happens to be one of my villains. Hourglass doesn't happen to look too menacing, thankfully, aha.

# 5. Has Hourglass participated in any important events recently?

A) Unfortunately, no. Again, she's gone down the scale of...usefulness, I suppose? That's...not a good way to describe it, but it's the best I can do.

# 6. Do you have any plans for her in the future?

A) Just revamping her. She could use a bit of work, but as mentioned earlier, I'm focusing on other characters for the time being.

# 7. Finally, how do you personally see Hourglass?

A) I still have a soft spot for her, especially since I've gotten loads of help from my friends (Minato Arisato00 in particular) for her, so it's almost like a collaborative effort. Just need to clean up the page and make her less powerful and I'll be quite satisfied with her.

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