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Roleplay:Secret of the Sands N/A Ryushusupercat June 28, 2017
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Featured User

Minato Arisato00

This month we have one of the oldest members of our wiki under the spotlight of Featured User, Minato Arisato00. He was featured last time in December, 2013. Having been here for almost 8 years now, Minato has cemented himself as a high-ranked administrator of our wikia. He also used to be known as UltimateDude127 and Precursor Daxter in the past. In the following interview, Minato gave us some really interesting answers to our questions, including one which had me smiling as I was reading it from my screen; the same answer I would have given.

Q1: How does it feel to be featured once again after 5 years?

A: Being featured again in like five years makes me feel incredibly old but also very honoured. I'm quite glad I got to be chosen again but wow being told that it's been five years since my last win is crazy.

Q2: Why don’t we see you as often as we used to in the wikia nowadays?

A: I'm not a recurring user despite my rank on the wiki for a multitude of reasons. For one my life has changed greatly from the days when I used to frequent the wiki a lot. Right now I'm more so fixing my characters low key rather then making new ones as my creative process has honestly diminished. I'm also moving onto more serious and realistic projects.

Q3: What do you do for a living?

A: As of now, I am a cashier at an undisclosed work area and a full time college student.

Q4: What are you most proud of?

A: So far to me, my greatest accomplishment was having one of my own stories be featured in a sensory play.

Q5: What is your favourite anime?

A: Gurren Lagann with the Persona 3 movies sitting closely behind that anime.

Q6: What kind of books do you like reading?

A: I'm not really a big reader, though I personally like criminal investigative novels and historical fiction stories.

Q7: A quote that inspires you the most.

A: "Knowledge is power and knowledge can be the difference between life or death. You should know the truth and the truth shall set you free." – Gang Starr

Q8: Name one fictional character you admire the most.

A: This one's a tough one but if I had to be honest, it'd sit between either Cole MacGrath of inFamous or Johnny Klebitz of Grand Theft Auto (Only in his incarnation in TLAD).

Q9: If you could travel anywhere in the world, which place would you like to visit the most and why?

A: Shoot, I've got several. Seattle, Tokyo, and Hong Kong are just to name a few. But if it was really only one location, it'd have to be Venice, Italy.

Q10: Which is the most important virtue for you and why?

A: Honesty is my most treasured virtue and something I hold onto dearly. I cannot stand dishonest people, let alone those that believe their own lies.
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Main Page Updated!

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Featured Article

Luna the Bunny
XoPs Luna Flat

Luna the Bunny is a character created by MaxIrvaron. She is Black Arm-Mobian hybrid, a villainess whose sole purpose is to take revenge on those she holds accountable for the destruction of her race. This is the first time one of Max's articles is being featured.

# Q1: ) Which Users helped you the most in making Luna the Bunny?
A) ) Xoph helped a lot, Wiki and Lee both gave me critiques, and when I put her in the SFW Awards, I got a lot of helpful advice. But if I had to say my #1 helper, it'd have to be 1st Prince of Winds. He gave me a full-on rundown. There was also this guy called "Merry Oofmas" on Discord, but I don't know who they are on the wiki.

# Q2: ) What is the story behind her name?

A) Well, it really was simple. She was originally a Black Arm hybrid from the start, and thus, Luna seemed like the perfect name since it sounds like "Lune," which is "moon" in Greek. I even went further with the "moon" naming stuff to name her dagger Selena, which has a similar meaning. However, there is yet more... I have this original story that I haven't shared with anyone (not because I don't trust anyone, but because I haven't gotten around to it yet). There, Max Irvaron's love interest is a human named Luna Blighter, who was a "tsundere" - or, someone who was very mean to the person she loved. Considering Sonic-Luna was supposed to be like original-Luna, I thought it'd be cool to give them the same name.

# Q3: Does she consider herself more of a Mobian or a member of the Black Arms?

A) Black Arm, definitely. (#Black-ArmForever) Luna likes her Mobian side far less than her Black-Arm side, due to the lies told to her as she grew up and the images they brought forth in her mind. Plus, Luna only sees the Mobian side of her as weakness - even after she really learns what type of person her mother is. She will always love her father and her race more than anything - she is only fighting to restore their honour and pay it back in spades.

# Q4: Is there any living person in particular that she considers a friend or an ally?

A) ) We're going pre-/during-DoD Luna for simplicity. I suppose the only real person she could really see as an ally is Xophtre the Psychopath - all of the other Rulers in Depths of Dimensions are only tools to her, and though she makes sure to treat them with respect, aside from White, Tina and Sephtis, they mean nothing to her. For the three that I just named.... Luna really only sees them as disciples. The feeling isn't mutual, though - White is annoyed by it, Tina is scared of Luna, and Sephtis sees Luna like a mom. So... it's complicated.

# Q5: What is the worst deed she has ever done?

A) Hmmmmm... now that's a toughie. She's killed a lot of people... but I guess the more people she kills, the less effect it has. But now that death is brought up, there are two major ones that really compete for the title - the death of Sephtis Briona the Fourth or the death of the Commander. I'd argue that it's not just the deaths that made them horrible, but the effect of them - when Luna killed the Commader because he wouldn't let her find Shadow, it shook the public, leaving them in a state of fear and worry. When Luna killed Sephtis Briona the Fourth, she did it simply because she wanted to have Sephtis Briona the Fifth (the one I was talking about earlier) on her side, lying to the child about his father's death to manipulate him. I guess it's a matter of opinion.

# Q6: Are there any real-life people on whom you base some of your characters?

A) No, actually. I just think of characters and they pop into my head.

# Q7: What is Dolack?

A) Well, so in my mind I interpreted the Black Comet as like, the "war base" for the Black Arms, for planning and stuff. So I was like "but what about a homeworld? They had to originate from somewhere, right?" So I created "Dolack" - Doom + Black. I think that when the Black Arms weren't plotting which planet to take over next, they could've been here. Maybe Black Doom gave speeches here, and Luna had her coronation here too. So yeah, it's fan-made, but I hope it's not cringy. (I'm still planning on developing it.)

# Q8: What happens if she acquires all 7 Chaos Emeralds?

A) Well, she'd go Super - but a weird kind of Super. The star-like pendant she wears channels the energy of the remnants of the Black Comet to her, giving her strength and allowing her to manipulate the energy. If she went Super, it'd probably go gold with a red orb in the middle, and that would send different types of energy radiations throughout her body. She'd grow tentacles on her back (similarly to Black Doom), and would be able to shapeshift, extending parts of her body and turning it to mush before reforming. If she lost the pendant, she'd just be Super, nothing special.

# Q9: What do you think of Shadow the Hedgehog (2005)?

A) Well, I've never actually played it myself, so I wouldn't be able to really critique it, but I'm pretty much with the herd. It wasn't terrible in my opinion, but it was really trying to be edgy. It did better than Forces in that department, however. I think that the gun features gave Shadow a wider arsenal, making him more than a black and red Sonic who fires Chaos Spears. Plus, you kinda got to choose the story, which was a cool inclusion. Overall, based on what I've seen, it looks like a 6.5/10 game.

# Q10: How does she plan to finish off Shadow? Is she ever going to succeed?

A) Luna's been immensely sidetracked in her pan to kill Shadow, with nuisances coming from all over. With the start of Mackenzie Hartley, she's had to finish off him and his friends before she can actually go forth with her plan. In Depths of Dimensions, she has gone into timelines and killed Shadow, but those weren't the main timelines, so I guess you could say it didn't really count. While I am planning a battle between Shadow and Luna eventually, it will probably be after a ton of character development.
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