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Article Spotlight

Here comes the next installment of Article Spotlight, where hipster articles are made mainstream!

You may notice that the list appears to have been cut in half this time around. This was a decision made by Minato and Skull, who both agreed that users were less likely to read all of the articles on a long list. So for now on, the Article Spotlight will be featuring four articles instead of eight! 

Article Title Article Type Author
Arrow the Greninja Character TheDarkMantis15
Michael The Cat Character Smash The Echidna
Eden the Phoenix Character HauntedAlchemist
Banzai the Monkey Character Banzai123

The next set of articles will be spotlighted on August 2, 2015!

Editors: Minato Arisato00 & TheSkullWolf

(Check out this blog if you have any questions or suggestions.)

Featured User

Greetings, friends, family, and editors! Guess what time it is? That's right, it's tiiiime for Featured User! I'm your host, TheDarkMantis15! :D

This month, we have a returning guest - HauntedAlchemist, previously known as HauntedPhantom! Having previously won Featured User, she's definitely made her mark here! Her artwork and characters are certainly notable and fun to interact with, in my opinion. When asked about how she felt about being Featured again, she answered:

"I'm certainly very honored, especially considering how this is the second time I have been featured. This place really has done a lot more for me than I had expected."

And with that, let's do this!

# 1. Q) How did you become a part of the Sonic fandom?

A) It's a rather...odd story, to be quite honest. I was never a fan of the show (surprise surprise) and I didn't really touch any of the video games aside from Sonic Riders, even today. I suppose my older brother more or less dragged me into the franchise, and while he grew out of it I still happen to like the art style and all.

# 2. Q) Do you have any best friends here? If so, can you tell us who they are?

A) 'Course I do. Minato Arisato00, TheSkullWolf, and TheDarkMantis15 (...or you, since you're interviewing me) are essentially my besties, I love all three of you to death. PowerMouse and Journey125 are also real close to me too.

# 3. Q) Can you remember any moment where you basically felt like "HECK YES! WOO!" ?

A) On this wiki...? To be quite honest, I'm not sure. It's not that hard to make me happy, aha, so I suppose small things like finishing a drawing makes me feel that way.

# 4. Q) Is there a particular moment from a video game, book, or movie that you remember fondly?

A) It's pretty difficult for me to chose just one moment from a book, considering how I read so many, heh. The church scene in Kingsman killed me when Harry gave his reasoning as to why he wanted to exit the building. There was also the McDonalds moment too.

# 5. Q) On the subject of internet personalities (Markiplier, jacksepticeye, yamimash, etc), which would you say is your favorite, and why?

A) Markiplier, hands down. I love how he actually stays in touch with his fanbase, and at the same time he's hilarious and has a good heart.

# 6. Q) If you were one of the people working on the next Sonic title, what would you be doing?

A) Sleeping. ...I really don't care for the franchise, ahahaha--you can shoot me now.

# 7. Q) Out of all your articles, which would you say has the most work put into them?

A) Oh god, Saffron the Jackal, hands down. I kept on changing her. Even today I don't think she's as good as my other characters, but I'm happy with what I have...for now. Phantom the Mink is a runner up.

# 8. Q) Are there any careers you are looking into in the future?

A) No clue. I'm considering an engineer (wow I'm so stereotypical) but I'm not completely sure. A lot of people are convinced that I want to be an artist or an animator, but that's truly a mere hobby, and will never be anything more than that.

# 9. Q) Outside of the Sonic franchise, are there any series that you enjoy?

A) A lot, the biggest ones being Transformers and Lord of The Rings/The Hobbit. I'm currently being dragged into Assassins Creed.

# 10. Q) Final question - what is your opinion on turtles? (inside jokes ftw)

A) Turtles are fantastic! Everyone should agree that the world revolves around turtles. People that don't are meanies. There better not be any meanies around. I for one love turtles! They're amazing. Especially in soup.

Congratulations to our new Featured User! Who will our next Featured User be? Let us see!

Select your candidate for Featured User!

The poll was created at 01:43 on July 4, 2015, and so far 18 people voted.
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Featured Article
Blitz the Wolf

Greetings, welcome, aloha, and other forms of "hi"! Welcome to another round of Featured Article! DarkMantis speaking once more.

This month, we have a special guest - my main man, Blitz the Wolf! A stylish bounty hunter and the main protagonist of the Darkness Trigger series, he's come a long way since his creation. Indeed, he's gained quite a few fans here at SFW, which is very nice to hear. I have a few words to say:

"Honestly, I'm flattered. I don't think I've had one of my own articles featured until now, and seeing my main man become featured brings a huge smile on my face. He's certainly come a long way since I first made him, hehe."

And with that, let's get rolling! Note: Questions are provided by TheSkullWolf.

# 1.) How did you come up with Blitz?

A) A lot of the inspiration came from action video games. In particular, he's based on Dante from Devil May Cry, with a few things mixed in from other series (like his British voice being inspired by Shulk from Xenoblade). Since then, he's been built up, rewritten, edited, revised, and reloaded into what you see today. All in a day's work!

# 2.) How in the world does he get his hair to stay like that?

A) It's a combination of children's tears, loud expletives, gratuitous amounts of candy... hah! I'm kidding. I like to think he has a special brand of hair gel that gets it all nice and neat while still retaining the signature white color.

# 3.) What does he do in his free time?

A) In the time between DT games, he usually goes around looking for bounties to take. When off-duty, he stays home and plays video games, trains with his blade against some of his friends, and keeps in touch with the rest of the cast when he has time.

# 4.) If Blitz took on an apprentice, what would be his most important lesson?

A) He'd emphasize the importance of keeping a cool head in all situations. He was reckless before, and he knows the dangers of such impatience. You can see how he's matured over the years, particularly when compared to Raynard at one point - while the latter is hot-headed and brash, the former acts as a sort of trickster mentor to him, allowing him to remain level-headed to focus on the "big bad" of Raynard's story.

# 5.) If Blitz were in a school setting, what do you think his best and worst subjects would be?

A) His best subject would likely be PE, as, due to his family being indebted to Whirlwind saving them from a Marionette monster when he was younger, he aspired to become just like his childhood hero. Worst subject?...that'd be chemistry. All those symbols and elements confuse him without much effort.

# 6.) Can you describe Blitz in under seven words?

A) Stylish hero for hire, evil-doers beware!

# 7.) How would Blitz spend his Fourth of July?

A) Dunno what the Sonic-verse equivalent is. I do think he'd watch the fireworks go 'splodey, and do so lounging with his love interest Edge. Romantic, no?

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Congratulations to our featured article! What will our next featured article be? Let's see!

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Interviewer: TheDarkMantis15

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