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Article Spotlight

Here comes the next installment of Article Spotlight, where hipster articles are made mainstream!

You may notice that the list appears to have been cut in half this time around. This was a decision made by Minato and Skull, who both agreed that users were less likely to read all of the articles on a long list. So for now on, the Article Spotlight will be featuring four articles instead of eight! 

Article Title Article Type Author
Raven the Cyberhog(Ultimatum) Character Nitrogen218
Jake the Echidna Character VenomTheEchidna
Macro the Giant Hedgehog Character Maryxgil
Birth of the Assassin Fanfiction BlazingLeopard

The next set of articles will be spotlighted on June 7, 2015!

Editors: Minato Arisato00 & TheSkullWolf

(Check out this blog if you have any questions or suggestions.)

Featured User
Smash The Echidna

So for our latest Featured User, we have undoubtedly one of the most prolific and well-known Users. Again. For an undoubted record fifth time, Smash the Echidna has been voted for our Featured User. In response to this record he said, "As much of an honor it is to be featured five times, I told you guys I didn't want to be up here again. Other people should have a chance too. This will be the last time, thank you." A desire for diversity shared by the community. But with that said and done, on to the interview itself.

# 1. Q) What are your thoughts on Sonic Boom's future?

A) To be honest I haven't given much thought to it. The game was a flunk but the show was decent enough. I kinda stopped watching it after a while because I got busy with stuff, so I don't exactly know where it stands now.

# 2. Q) Do you think future Sonic games should make some of Sonic's friends and allies playable again?

A) Of course I do. This was one of the major flaws I've had with the games. Everybody slowly became irrelevant. What happened to Sonic & Tails 2P Coop? (Not counting Sonic 4.) Knuckles was fun to play as, too! Amy was only playable in a few mainstream games but she still deserves some shine. Nowadays it's all about Sonic. Not even Shadow anymore--just Sonic.
Then again, the future of Sonic games looks pretty bleak right now anyway.

# 3. Q) Do you have any current "pet projects" going on for or on the wiki?

A) For the wiki specifically? Not really. But work on my series mainly shows on the wiki. It's basically like a novel series or something, but I haven't completed any more than one short 'episode', as I call them. While you'll mainly see me editing this over time, a lot of stuff with it happens off-site. This is more or less a database for it all.
But yeah, this is the main thing I work on. Aside from Splice The Hedgehog, of course.

# 4. Q) Thief, Fighter, or Mage?

A) Fighter. I was never a Thief, Mages are cool and I love playing around with magic, but Fighter has always been my style.

# 5. Q) What recent video game have you played that despite first impressions, actually turned out to be quite good?

A) I don't think I've played a video game like that recently. I've gotten a bunch of stuff that I know was going to be good, and as such, was not disappointed. (DKC Tropical Freeze, Super Mario 3D World, Mario Party 10, The Wonderful 101, etc.)

# 6. Q) What would you think of a sandbox-like Sonic game?

A) That' interesting thought. I'm not sure, really. My first thought was "there's probably gonna be a chao garden." That's probably as sandboxy as Sonic has gotten so far.

# 7. Q) In your opinion what would be the weirdest animal to see made into a Sonic character?

A) Good question, because I feel like I've seen it all so far. I think maybe an Ostrich would be the weirdest.

# 8. Q) What's your least favorite genre of video games, and why?

A) Gritty modern FPS. A game full of guns, blood, swears, military, shooting people down in never-ending wars does not appeal to me. I do not need to simulate real life wars with achievements, thank you. I don't care if one of them was actually about an alien invasion of some sort.
I'm saying this as a fan of Doom and Doom 2. Somehow that's more acceptable to me than the Call of Duty type games out there. Perhaps it's the extensive moddability?

# 9. Q) What would you think of a full-on Sonic novel?

A) I'd probably read it. Sounds like it could be interesting, although Sonic Games weren't exactly known for their impressive stories. Especially around the Heroes to 06 era.

# 10. Q) What do you think of Sonic's lack of significant backstory?

A) Honestly, he doesn't really NEED one. I mean it would be kinda interesting to learn more about his history, but I kinda feel like that would ruin what makes him Sonic. He's not the type of guy to open up about his personal self; he focuses more on what's happening right here and now. So nobody really knows much about his childhood or anything, and I'm sure he'd prefer to keep it that way.

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Featured Article
Daiku Prinus the Echidna

Welcome, one and all, to another around of Featured Article! DarkMantis here, as usual.

This time around, it's back to characters, and we have a pretty heroic individual here: Daiku Prinus, owned by another veteran from 2012 - Chamesthehero! When asked about how he felt about having one of his pages featured, he gave the following answer:

"Third time's the charm. I'm honored to receive this kind of recognition! I thank everyone for their support!"

And with that settled, let's rock and roll!

# 1. How long have you had Daiku Prinus?

A) Daiku has been around... for a long time. My best guess would be that I've had him ever since I revamped Dimitri's first story concept back in 2012!

# 2. How do you think Daiku would react to Dimitri's growth in recent years?

A) He'd certainly be proud of his grandson. He'd joke about finally becoming obsolete, too!

# 3. On a sliding scale of importance from 1-10, where would Daiku be in Dimitri's story?

A) Every single character in my series is around for good reason. Though, to answer your question, he would probably be around 8-9. His presence is essential for Dimitri's story.

# 4. If Daiku had somehow escaped his fate, what do you think would happen to him after doing so?

A) Interesting question. If both managed to survive their first battle with Rikai, he would probably continue to train his grandson, now much more motivated, until Dimitri eventually surpassed him. 
However, if he did manage to escape his fate, Dimitri would never have met Ramonna, and Team Prinus would have never been formed. This would then lead to the villain's plans succeeding and the inevitable end of Mobius as we know it. Him not escaping his fate was probably for the best, sadly.

# 5. Can you summarize him in five to eight words?

A) "Eccentric, friendly, elderly, telekinetic green echidna with ears."

# 6. Would Daiku be proud of how far his grandchildren have come?

A) Definitely. He'd be both proud and astonished by their growth, though he would be extremely disappointed in one of them for reasons I'm still not able to reveal yet.

# 7. Finally, what is your personal view of him?

A) He's a tricky character to work with since much of his hidden backstory is only revealed later on. There's not much else to say!

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Theme: Mechanical Life Forms (Cyborgs, Robots, Androids, etc)

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