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Featured User
Frozen Scorpio

So.... the interview. Let's just cut to the chase after such a long delay and introduce our latest Featured User, Frozen Scorpio. When asked how he felt about being Featured User, he said "I felt quite ecstatic about being featured user at first, then the hype sort of died down when waiting, but I still do feel good about it." So without further waiting and disappointment, let's get on to that interview.

# 1. Q) When did you first join SFW, and why?

I first joined on August 1st, 2011 either out of boredom or to find a place to put my (god-awful) early character-ideas.

# 2. Q) Who would you call your closest friends on the wiki?

I think out of everyone here, I would probably consider Fain (we used to talk a lot about homestuck) my closest friend.

# 3. Q) What's your favorite aspect of SFW?

My favorite thing about the wikia is how freely I can express myself here, as the only limits are things I would probably not stoop to around other people. Also the ability to see other people's creativity at work helps and inspires me when I'm dry on ideas.

# 4. Q) What got you into the Sonic franchise?

My first Sonic game was Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, and even though it aged horribly, I still enjoy it a bit today (if only for the music and Chao Garden)

# 5. Q) What's your favorite Sonic game?

My favorite Sonic game would have to be either Sonic Rush on the DS or Sonic Colors on Wii.

# 6. Q) How do you feel about the Sonic franchise as a whole?

The Sonic series, like all other franchises, has it's ups and downs, and is still okay today.

# 7. Q) Who's your favorite Sonic character?

I would say that my favorite character would be either Blaze the Cat (design, personality and abilities,) Nack the Weasel (design, Sonic the Fighters,) or E-102 GAMMA.

# 8. Q) What do you consider to be your best article on this wiki?

I am not sure how to answer that. I mean, Jared would probably be that if it were complete (still need to think this End of EQuartz idea thoroughly) but until then, I would probably say Willow the Chandelure.

# 9. Q) What's your favorite Sonic FC on SFW (not counting your own creations)?

I think my favorite OC, not counting my own, would probably be Nudge the Lopunny.

# 10. Q) If you could, what would you do to make SFW even better?

I am not sure how to answer that.

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Featured Article
Fou the Phoenix

Happy late July! Unfortunately, this may be the last Featured Article due to TheSkullWolf's soon departure. As a result, a new poll will not be conducted until a replacement is found.

# 1. Q) Where did you come up with the idea of Fou?

A) Oh man, I hardly remember the details. You see when I came up with the "first four" (Statyx, Fou, Wolfe, Valdez), I was a kid in middle school. I didn't know anything about the Sonic fandom or that other people even came up with Sonic fan characters, believe it or not. From what I can remember, I'm pretty sure I created Fou to more or less be to Statyx was Tails is to Sonic. As Statyx's story evolved so did Fou's, from just being a "little brother figure" to being the first hint that underneath the cold, harsh exterior of a hardened G.U.N. professional, a heart was still beating. As Statyx grew and changed with the influence of Sonic and his friends, Fou would also come to grow and improve, turning from a dependent little child into a capable G.U.N. agent and protector.

# 2. Q) Are you currently satisfied with how he has turned out design and story-wise?

A) For his character design and story yes, I am actually rather satisfied with him. While I think he could do with some improvements in artwork I really am happy with his appearance. The one thing I'd like to improve upon is probably the overall writing of his article, particularly with regards to his personality and abilities. They just seem to be kind of... all over the place. I actually haven't made any major edits to the article since it was completed, so the writing quality really shows its age.

# 3. Q) Do you have any future plans for Fou?

A) Specifically? No, not really. Like Statyx, aside from the overall writing quality I'm pretty satisfied with where Fou is currently. Aside from improving the writing quality of his article I really don't have any big plans or changes in store for Fou at this moment. I would like to shake the dust off of him at some point and put him and Statyx in an RP, but I'm a lazy *** who has difficulty finding an RP I can feel comfortable joining.

# 4. Q) Is there any aspects of Fou that you had sought inspiration for?

A) Hm.... well my memory has always been of the "swiss cheese" variety, but I can't really say so. Aside from maybe looking to Sonic Riders for the idea of a unique species, I pretty much came up with Fou completely on my own. Hell, I came up with his name entirely on my own, no internet involved at all! Little did I know it means "drunk" in Chinese >.>

# 5. Q) What is one of Fou's most treasured moments?

A) .....One of those details a creator really should think about, but doesn't. I suppose Fou's most treasured moment would be during a moment when Eggman attacked Cream and Fou. With Cream in danger and no-one to turn to or ask for help, Fou was forced to rely on himself and fly solo. Defeating Eggman on his own and saving Cream while proving to others and to himself that he didn't always need someone to protect him would undoubtedly be a memorable moment for Fou. I'd say the treasured moment would come afterwards, relaying the story to Statyx and hearing his approval and praise.

# 6. Q) What kind of career would you see Fou pursuing in the future?

A) Heh, Fou already has his career. He'll follow Statyx's example and continue being a G.U.N. Agent, always looking out to do the right thing and to help protect people. Though I have to admit I haven't given the idea of Fou as an adult much thought.

# 7. Q) Could you ever see Fou appearing in a Sonic game. If so, what role do you think he would take?

A) Ehm.... funny thing about that.... ^^| Like I said I was a kid when I came up with the "first four", so at the time of creation I did in fact want my characters- Fou included- to appear in a Sonic game. Hell, as absurd as it may be deep down I still someday hope to make that happen.
Beyond their original/introduction story, Statyx and Fou would likely be a package deal; Fou would follow Statyx no matter the danger, while Statyx wouldn't be able to let Fou go on his own. In terms of hypothetical gameplay I always saw Fou as a mix between the Sonic series 3D platforming and high-speed flight sections, weaving through the air and unleashing fire upon his enemies.

Any final words from our feathery friend?

"Well... I'm really surprised I won an award like this! It's an amazing feeling, for sure! I did win something, right? Is there an award? Do I get one of those little trophies or medals or a cake or- I'll just stop now and say thank you."

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