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Hello ladies and gentlemen of all ages, welcome to the Sonic Fanon Wiki; a place where you can bring your dreams and imaginations to life, forthposting them into reality. Everyone here welcomes your creative thinking, and we hope we can help you as much as you can help this Wiki.

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Featured User
Frozen Scorpio

So.... the interview. Let's just cut to the chase after such a long delay and introduce our latest Featured User, Frozen Scorpio. When asked how he felt about being Featured User, he said "I felt quite ecstatic about being featured user at first, then the hype sort of died down when waiting, but I still do feel good about it." So without further waiting and disappointment, let's get on to that interview.

# 1. Q) When did you first join SFW, and why?

I first joined on August 1st, 2011 either out of boredom or to find a place to put my (god-awful) early character-ideas.

# 2. Q) Who would you call your closest friends on the wiki?

I think out of everyone here, I would probably consider Fain (we used to talk a lot about homestuck) my closest friend.

# 3. Q) What's your favorite aspect of SFW?

My favorite thing about the wikia is how freely I can express myself here, as the only limits are things I would probably not stoop to around other people. Also the ability to see other people's creativity at work helps and inspires me when I'm dry on ideas.

# 4. Q) What got you into the Sonic franchise?

My first Sonic game was Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, and even though it aged horribly, I still enjoy it a bit today (if only for the music and Chao Garden)

# 5. Q) What's your favorite Sonic game?

My favorite Sonic game would have to be either Sonic Rush on the DS or Sonic Colors on Wii.

# 6. Q) How do you feel about the Sonic franchise as a whole?

The Sonic series, like all other franchises, has it's ups and downs, and is still okay today.

# 7. Q) Who's your favorite Sonic character?

I would say that my favorite character would be either Blaze the Cat (design, personality and abilities,) Nack the Weasel (design, Sonic the Fighters,) or E-102 GAMMA.

# 8. Q) What do you consider to be your best article on this wiki?

I am not sure how to answer that. I mean, Jared would probably be that if it were complete (still need to think this End of EQuartz idea thoroughly) but until then, I would probably say Willow the Chandelure.

# 9. Q) What's your favorite Sonic FC on SFW (not counting your own creations)?

I think my favorite OC, not counting my own, would probably be Nudge the Lopunny.

# 10. Q) If you could, what would you do to make SFW even better?

I am not sure how to answer that.

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Congratulations to our new Featured User! Now, who will be next month's featured user? Let's see!

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Interviewer: Kagimizu

Backup Interviewers: TheDarkMantis15, Minato Arisato00

Friendly Notice: If you do not wish to run for Featured User, just message me and I will find someone to take your place.


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Featured Article
Hiero the Hawk

Happy early September! Featured Article is back, hosted by me, TheDarkMantis15, the new interviewer of the wiki.

As of August 31st, we have a new Featured Article - Hiero the Hawk, by Minato Arisato00! Yep, our resident fiery hawk is owned by one of our very own Chat Moderators here!

Now, with that out of the way, the review:

# 1. Q) Where did you get the concept for Hiero?

A) I got the concept for our angry little hawk here during a playthrough of Bionicle Heroes on a Gamecube emulator. I wanted to create a hero who was troubled and stuff, his concept changed around and he's honestly become one of my strongest growing characters in my roster.

# 2. Q) Are you satisfied with how he is right now?

A) I am damned satisfied with my hawk here. He's grown an awful lot on me. Originally I didn't think the Wiki would like his dark tastes or accept him for what he is, now he's got several people aboard his support train. And I'm constantly tweaking the page so that he fits for everyone's tastes, the character is in constant development and I've even several stories for his future timeline and legacy.

# 3. Q) If there were anything you could change about him, what would it be?

A) Probably how aggro he used to be, but honestly I feel that's what made him so unique.

# 4. Q) How would you think Hiero would adapt in the real world?

A) Had he been younger, definitely not. Though in his current life, probably. Really he shouldn't be an actual person because of his native ways, so no not really he wouldn't really adapt.

# 5. Q) What is your personal opinion of Hiero?

A) Personally, I love my hawk. He's grown on me so much, from dark times to happy days that character has always been a way to let go of unwanted emotions. I personally like his story and I'm always editing it so that people will too, though I do need to tweak several things to make it better at the same time.

# 6. Q) Any future plans for this guy?

A) Tons. From him finally settling down, to him having his course of death. Everything is being developed for him.

# 7. Q) If you met Hiero in the real world, how do you think you and he would react to each other?

A) It'd be a.. tense relationship. The hawk is very cynical and often pushes his opinions on others regardless of what they think. I wouldn't lie, debates between me n him would get heated (sawwhatididthar) but I feel as though if I were to calm and modernize him, he'd be a great friend. Though it's unlikely.

Alright, any final words from our friend here before we go?

"Awards were never really anything for me. Personally, even though I don't know these people or why they like me I'm so honored to be appreciated by them and liked for what I do. It makes me feel as though Vokama was right about me being successful."

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