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Featured User

Hi again! DarkMantis reporting for duty!

We've had another late entry due to Kagi's internet going kaput on him, though we've managed to salvage the kerfuffle. Sorry for the inconvenience everybody!

This month, we have one of our own administrators from September 2012 - Akrivus! One of our newest admins, he has been invaluable in giving the entire wiki a facelift and making it look much better right now! All because of his mad coding skillz and all that.

And with that out of the way, let's begin!

# 1. Q) What first brought you to Sonic Fanon Wiki?

A) I wanted to find people who had similar interests, and the time I liked Sonic. After a while, I went to this place more than Eclipse or ED (Yes, I'm was an Encyclopedia Dramatic) and stayed here!

# 2. Q) What was your first impression of SFW?

A) I joined back when the background was a giant button saying, "SONIC FANON WIKI," and I knew a couple people who have since left. It was okay back then, wouldn't say the same for my behavior though.

# 3. Q) Has your impression of SFW changed since you first discovered it?

A) Of course. The place looks better, the main page still needs fixing, and I have definitely met some new friends. There aren't as many vandals, so that's good.

# 4. Q) What first got you interested in Sonic as a whole?

A) My friend Jacob, who's life was a bit of a sad story, was into the Archie Comics. He gave me a lot of them before going away, so I got very interested in the characters and wrote fanfics.

# 5. Q) What's your preferred medium of Sonic? TV, games, or comics?

A) I watched Sonic X a lot, I've only played one game, and I have only read a couple comics. I've personally used fanfiction more as a medium because reading those really plunged me into the fanon.

# 6. Q) Who's your favorite Sonic character?

A) It would be Rotor because he's a computer programmer and stuff.

# 7. Q) What's your favorite Sonic game in terms of nonstandard gameplay?

A) I've only played one game, and that's Sonic Chronicles. I hear it isn't standard, being an RPG game and all.

# 8. Q) Who was your first fancharacter?

A) Dark the Bat, but after I realized how terrible he was I moved onto making him as Walter the Bat.

# 9. Q) Care to name some significant friends here on SFW?

A) Well, there is Syd, and there is also Zion, a couple others, but they either aren't very active or I don't feel like listing them all out.

# 10. Q) What's your best positive memory of SFW?

A) When Gamedezyner joined and promoted the cleanup of this wiki. He made this place twenty times better and inadvertently urged me to start coding again, which takes me to now, where I know three computer languages and will be getting a certification next year.

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Featured Article
Cosmic Radar

Greetings to all! Hope you're having an awesome February!

This month, we have a special guest - an item! I'm sure that this is new for Featured Article. Our winner here is the Cosmic Radar, a device crafted by none other than Ramonna the Hedgehog, owned by Chamesthehero! A veteran from 2012, he has definitely made his mark on the wiki ever since then.

And with that, let's get rolling!

# 1. Q) Where did you get the idea for the Cosmic Radar?

A) The famous Dragon Radar from Dragon Ball.

# 2. Q) Do you think the Cosmic Radar would fit in the Sonic canon somehow?

A) Yes, but I think both the heroes and villains already have other methods of locating them. Knuckles the Echidna can sense Chaos Emeralds from afar in the Archie continuity, as far as I know.

# 3. Q) Has this item been used for things it wasn't intended for?

A) I don't think it has. It was created for a single purpose, after all.

# 4. Q) How would you describe this item in under five words?

A) "Plot device under another name!"

# 5. Q) How long has it been used for?

A) Dimitri Chronicles happens within a year. So, my lucky guess would be just that: one year.

# 6. Q) Were there any changes you made to the Cosmic Radar before reaching the final stage?

A) At first, it didn't have a stealth mode. Its stealth mode ensures that other large organizations such as the Guardian Units of Nations never attempt to ambush and take Team Prinus' Chaos Emeralds. After all, the Chaos Emeralds are sought by numerous people. The ambush really did happen, though...

# 7. Q) Finally, are there any plans for this item in the future?

A) After Dimitri Chronicles is concluded, I'm not sure if the team will use this item anymore. My "plot device under another name" will have served its purpose by then. Then again, who knows what the future awaits?

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