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Welcome to the Sonic Fanon Wiki, an online community dedicated to the creations and ideas of all fans of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. Please help yourself by looking at and discussing other people's characters, creating own pages, joining roleplays, or just having a good time on our chat room.

Since June 7th, 2008, we've had a total of 9,659 pages and 139 users.

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Featured User



Ahem, anyway. Welcome once again to Featured User! This time, we have a fellow by the name of YoungEezy27! A guy who's from the UK and has been here since October of 2013 (almost four years, wow!), he's been around for quite a while. He's certainly an interesting fellow to get to know, especially with his interest in rapping and making plenty of roleplays for many to partake in.

Now then, let us see what he has to say!

# 1. Was there a reason you picked "YoungEezy" as your username? If so, what is it?
A) Well it's usually my go to user name on when I roam around the daily interwebz. However, it was the first name I ever chose when I wanted to become a rapper. The 27 was because of my birthday.

# 2. Your wiki avatar appears to be Sly from the eponymous Sly Cooper series! I imagine you're a big fan?

A) I'm a huuuuuge fan of the Sly Cooper series! The first time I ever played the game was when it was packaged as a demo along with Ratchet and Clank 3 on PS2. I loved the characters and was very interested in to plot. My only regrets are that I played them slightly out of order (2, 3 then 1). I sadly still haven't played 4 and I'm waiting on the movie that has been announced. Fingers crossed that it's a good one!

# 3. How did you first become a Sonic fan?

A) The 2nd Version of the typical Sonic Love Story. I originally played Sonic Adventure 2 at a friends house and I fell in love instantly. I'm pretty sure it was the Christmas that year that I asked for Sonic Heroes as a gift. I also got Sonic Advance on my Gameboy Advance and then the love was solidified. I had pretty much played every sonic game that has come out since then.

# 4. Since joining the Sonic fandom, what has it been like to be among fellow storywriters and roleplayers of all sorts?

A) For me it was quite easy to integrate into as I had my first character in my head from the get go. I was very interested in Roleplaying and from there I made some friends on the wiki. Reading other people's stories and watching how other people Role play really developed my storytelling skills to. I also met some interesting characters (OC's and users a like). Overall, It was very fun and it still is.

# 5. Are there any other fandoms outside of Sly and Sonic that you're a part of?

A) I'm part of many other fandoms including (and not limited to), One Piece, Dragon Ball, Crash Bandicoot, Ratchet and Clank, My Hero Academia and Jak and Daxter!

# 6. Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces are on the way! What are your thoughts?

A) Sonic Mania was a pretty safe idea from Sega, gotta give em credit. I looks like a wonderful game and it brings back that wonderful classic feel that fans have missed (I'm not sponsored by Sega btw :) ). I genuinely think this game will be great. Sonic Forces looks wonderful too. Still waiting on some 3D Gameplay though and the mysterious third gameplay element too. I just pray that this doesn't turn into an indirect Sonic Generations 2.

# 7. Do you read the Archie comics? If so, do you think the games should incorporate elements from that story?

A) I've actually started reading the main Archie comics and I'm currently reading through Sonic Universe for some Lore Knowledge. I feel as if the main Sonic Games and the Archie Comics timeline are so unique from each other that I wouldn't really want to see many things crossover. If they were to however, then I'd love to see more characters in the games (there's such a large variety in the comics) and maybe they could bring in the origins of the chaos emeralds too. But if they really wanted to make and Archie Comics game series there'd be a lot of changes. Still doesn't mean I wouldn't want to see one!

# 8. Out of the whole cast, who is your favorite character by far?

A) If I couldn't pick Sonic or any of the top obvious favourites. I'd pick Emerl. When I first saw him in Sonic X I thought he was AMAZING! He had Sonic attitude and a similar backstory to Shadow and he can mimic moves from other characters? That was a beautiful combo. I like how they also expanded his lore in the later games. I miss the guy since he's canonically dead (even though he's been reincarnated as Gemerl). RIP To one of the coolest Sonic robots to grace the series (still love you too Gemerl)

# 9. Do you think things are looking up for the Sonic franchise?

A) Honestly I think things are steadily starting to look up. Sega has a long way to go if Sonic wants to got back to his former glory. They finally have a game mechanic they're comfortable with (though they're kind of scared to rely solely on the boost gameplay) and they're Sonic Boom side project isn't doing too bad (minus some of the games). What they really need now is to add some variance in the sense of playable characters (which is gonna be hard without SA2 style gameplay) and work on their stories and the portrayal of Sonic. They need to make the stories deeper and they need to make Sonic more cool (not with words and joke, but with actions and epic feats) since that was why we liked him in the first place.

And the small chance you may read this.......bring back the original Emerl...

# 10. Finally, how do you feel about being Featured?

A) It feels great to finally be featured! Sure it took me almost Four Years and 2005 edits and it was based on a technicality, but it's the end result that counts -puts on my best smile-
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Article Spotlight

Here comes the next installment of Article Spotlight, where hipster articles are made mainstream!
Article Title Article Type Author
Dragon Style Terminology Kagimizu
NEPS (None-Effective Programming Syndrome) Illness HyperMetalSniper
Elite Hunters Group JonTheVGNerd
Sonic Shockwave Riders Fan Game Winduct

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New HTML Widgets added!

Published 22:44, April 20, 2016 (UTC) by Akrivus

New fancy coding widgets have been added!

Main Page Updated!

Published 20:27, March 13, 2016 (UTC) by Akrivus
The main page has been updated to experiment with a new design and try to make it more friendly to joining users. Graphical formatting has been removed from the main page but will be added as the design is finalized. In the meantime, post your opinion and ideas here.

News Feature Added!

Published 19:59, March 13, 2016 (UTC) by Akrivus
A new feature has been added; news; this allows users to read up on situations in a compact and clean manner. When you add a new news message, add one after the comment so that they are organized by date.


Your opinion on character customization in Sonic Forces?

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Featured Article

Cinnamon the Lynx

ughhhh college why do you keep me away /killed

Ahem, never mind that. Hey there! Welcome back to Featured Article, where we showcase the best of the best in our wiki! This time, we've got a lady belonging to one of our vets around here - Cinnamon the Lynx, by Chamesthehero! A young lynx gifted with light-based abilities, she serves as a stand in parental figure for her siblings when her parents mysteriously disappear during a hunt in the forest. An encounter with the Chimp Force ends up turning her life around in quite a big way!

And now, let's see what interesting things her creator has to say!

# 1. Given Cinnamon's parents mysteriously disappeared, will they make a comeback yet? If so, how will she react?
A) Since they have not returned in a while, it is very unlikely to assume they will ever return.

# 2. Can you say why she was originally "Bella the Arcane" as said in her fun facts section?

A) Cinnamon was originally a different character. More information can be found on the Creation and Development section!

# 3. Outside of her siblings, who do you think Cinnamon has a good chemistry with in the cast of Dimitri Chronicles?

A) She is fond of Dimitri and Daiku since they aided her in saving her siblings. Similarly, she also has a good chemistry with Ramonna, who has the same cooking habits as her and looks reliable.

# 4. What do you think she'd do if she lost her siblings somehow (death, separation, etc)?

A) The poor girl would probably never forgive herself and would not rest until she hunted down the one responsible. 

# 5. Has her command over light manipulation caused any trouble for her at all?

A) Overuse can lead her to become rather light-headed. If used extensively at night, it could potentially attract mosquitoes. 

# 6. Relatedly, how good would you say she is at her light-based abilities?

A) She lacks formal training, so she has yet to explore many offensive aspects of the power. Alternatively, she is particularly creative with their passive usage and tries to incorporate them in her daily life as a huntress and older sister.

# 7. Finally, what would her reaction be if she realized she was being interviewed here?

A) She would be a little uneasy at first since she would not know your intentions. After realizing her siblings would not be in danger, Cinnamon would invite you in and most likely prepare tea so you guys could talk!
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