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Article Spotlight

Here comes the next installment of Article Spotlight, where hipster articles are made mainstream!

You may notice that the list appears to have been cut in half this time around. This was a decision made by Minato and Skull, who both agreed that users were less likely to read all of the articles on a long list. So for now on, the Article Spotlight will be featuring four articles instead of eight! 

Article Title Article Type Author
Raven the Cyberhog(Ultimatum) Character Nitrogen218
Zetsepkuu The Hedgehog Character GoldenHedgehog360
Chaos Realm Location Frozen Scorpio
Blaze the Hedgehog Character Somarinoa

The next set of articles will be spotlighted on September 5, 2015!

Editors: Minato Arisato00 & TheSkullWolf (On Leave)

(Check out this blog if you have any questions or suggestions.)

Featured User

Hello hello! Hey, glad you came back for another round of Featured User! Mantis has returned! Kept you waiting, huh?

This month, we have a veteran from early 2013 - Nikki-Kaji! Owner of Nikki "Nikkell" The Hedgehog, she's definitely left her mark here. Having made multiple characters, fangames, and friends, she's definitely a person to get to know.

Now, let's get started with the interview!

# 1. How did you come across Sonic Fanon, and what made you stay?

A) I came across Sonic Fanon after joining the Sonic News Network. I saw it as one of the "Affiliate Sites", and I thought that it looked pretty interesting. Back then, a lot of my characters weren't very good, but the support of the admins and other users here made me feel like I could fit in. I've made some pretty cool friends, seen some amazing articles, and there's just so much more to discover here I just had to stay!

# 2. Can you tell us what is your favorite moment here on SFW?

A) Although I've had a lot of great times here on the wiki, my favorite moment has to be when I won my first SFW Award for Nikki. It made me feel like I had improved over time with everyone's help, and I was very grateful. Since then, i've been even more inspired to progress in my character pages.

# 3. Who do you think served as your biggest source of inspiration here?

A) Definitely Smash and HauntedAlchemist. Since I first joined, I've always loved how creative and interesting their pages were. My favorites from them have always been Gizmo The Cat and Neapolitan the Cat :3

# 4. Are you looking forward to anything new coming up (movies, games, etc)?

A) Definitely can't wait for the next episode of Sonic Boom. It's such an enjoyable show that I can watch and have a good laugh at. I'm also waiting for the new Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice game...cause I need more 3DS games.

# 5. What would you say is your favorite type of media (literature, video games, TV, music)?

A) Video games are my favorite type of media by far. Actually, playing games is also another thing that also really inspires me! I'm more into cartoon-y type of games, but I wouldn't mind playing something like Call of Duty or Mortal Kombat if I had the opportunity. I usually enjoy every game that I play.

# 6. Are you part of a fandom outside of Sonic (Steven Universe, Smash Bros, etc)?

A) I do really enjoy the Vocaloid/Project Diva fandom, because their songs are usually so full of variety, and the games are really fun to play. Listening to other people use their voices to make their own Vocaloid (actually called an UTAUloid) is something really cool about it. There's also Splatoon, but I haven't really gotten to play the game yet...soo, can't give much info on that XD

# 7. How do you personally feel about your characters so far?

A) Honestly, I feel like most of them have come pretty far. There are still characters I need to reboot and revise since I haven't edited them in forever. Personally, I feel like the character I've been working on the most is Petunia, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna forget about the others too. I hope to extend their pages far more in the future.

# 8. Do you think you'll ever outgrow the Sonic franchise?

A) It depends on what direction the franchise ends up going. If Sega keeps making terrible Sonic games, I might stop buying Sonic games and look towards something else. But, as for fanon, probably not. I enjoy making all of the characters and stories, and hope to keep doing this for a while.

# 9. Speaking of Sega, have you ever thought of applying for a career there?

A) I have thought about it, and working there was actually one of my dream jobs a while ago. But when I expanded on my gaming interest, I pretty much wanted to work for any gaming companies that I liked, such as Nintendo and Activision.

# 10. Finally, do you have any plans for the future?

A) Every week, I plan on updating my Adventures on Arcadia Island series, which will be introducing a bunch of new characters i've had. It'll give me the chance to improve on my writing and organization, so hopefully I can pull it off!

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Featured Article
Ivan the Machamp

Hey hey! Glad you came back for more of Featured User! I promise, there's more where this comes from! :D

This time around, we have someone a little different - a crossover character! In particular, a Machamp by the name of Ivan, owned by Flashfire212! An old character, but still a very interesting one, no doubt! An interesting take on the bruiser character archetype, if you ask me.

And now, onto the interview!

# 1. What inspired you to make Ivan?

A) I'll be honest, Ivan was an idea I was playing around with when I was looking at the idea of introducing mercenaries to my content. He's a dual crossover, with a bit of his backstory and role coming from the BattleTech universe, while the species is obviously a Pokemon.

# 2. Is Ivan close to anyone in particular (lover, best friend, etc)?

A) I'm going to go out on a limb here - Ivan is closest to his second in command, who unfortunately doesn't have a page quite yet.

# 3. If Ivan were to go up against a character like, say, Knuckles, who do you think would come out on top?

A) I'm giving this one to Knuckles. As much as Ivan was designed for fighting with his fists, he forgets what he was planning and can't actually dodge anything. It'd be an interesting fight to watch, but Knuckles would take it in the end.

# 4. On a scale of 1-10, how important would you rank Ivan regarding his appearances in your stories?

A) Probably about a 6. He's not central to the story for the most part, but in the overall plot he gets a bit more important in his influence on the other mercenary leaders, and in his role as a neutral character, if that makes sense.

# 5. Since you mentioned Ivan's intelligence is suppressed by fighting instincts, does that imply he's the butt of jokes about his intellect?

A) Not so much jokes, as more a few snide remarks by other characters. When he has a plan, it's normally good, and it typically works for the other people following it. Unfortunately, every time he fights, the plan has to change from whatever he came up with to the age-old video game strategy of "protect the idiot running directly at the enemy team."

# 6. Has Ivan ever expressed wanting to become something other than a fighter?

A) As a child, he was shown to have some skill in writing poetry, so if he wasn't a mercenary, he'd probably be off doing something creative that doesn't involve dexterity.

# 7. Finally, if Ivan had a theme song, what genre do you think would suit him best (rock, jazz, rap, etc)?

A) I'd have to say hard rock, maybe pushing towards grunge or metal. Something about a mercenary with four arms beating people up makes me think "epic drum solos".

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