Sonic Free Riders II
Wii,playstation 2,Playstation 3,XBox 360,PSP


This Game Has New Features Like Customize Characters,Team Race and Cream's Chao Garden.


There are Four Teams in the Story and One hidden Team in the Final Mode

Team Speed

Sonic The Hedgehog-He's The Leader Of the Group Gear:Blue Comet

Team Speed

Jet The Hawk-He's The 2nd Leader,Even He and Sonic Are Rivals He Helps Him. Gear:Green Wings

Amy Rose-She's a Member Of the Team And Also an Eye On Sonic And Jet When They're Fighting She's Also Sonic's "Girlfriend" Gear:Pink Carnation

Team Fly

Wave The Swallow-Because Of Being The Eldest She's The Leader. Gear:Swallow's Peak

Miles "Tails" Prower-He Was the One Who Invented The Team's Gears With Wave's Help. Gear:Nimbling Tail Cream The Rabbit-Even Though She's The Youngest She Can Race too She's The One Who Design

Team Fly

The Team's Gears: Gear:Smiling Angel

Team Power

Storm The Albatross-He Is the Leader In the team. Gear:Grey Skull Knuckles The Echidna-He's The Sub-Leader Of the Group Gear:Red Knuckle

Big The Cat-He's A Member In The Team He And Storm Are Still Rivals Though. Gear:Purple Fish

Team Silver

Silver the Hedgehog-He's The Leader In the Group It's His First Time In A Grand Prix.Gear:Silver Lining

Blaze The Cat-She Return In Sonic's World To Join Silver To Investigate What Is To The Torunament.Gear:Burning Monarch

Cosmo The Seedrian-It's Also Her first Time In a World Grand Prix She Doesn't know What is Blaze & Silver's Plot About The tournament Gear:Green Rose

Team Silver

Team Dark

Eggman-He was the one Who Created The Tournament To Plan His Revenge In getting The Chaos Emerald.Gear:Grey Egg

Shadow-Is Spying On Eggman So He can Use The Information To Revive Maria's Body.Gear:Dark Eclipse

Rouge-Is Working For G.U.N Agency To Gather Information On Eggman.Gear:Lavender Beauty

Team Dark

Team Stories

Team Speed

Team Speed Are Entering The World Grand Prix To Get A Vacation.

Team Fly

Team Fly Entered The Tournament To Prove That They Can Win.

Team Power

Team Power Is Focused To Win a Vacation.

Team Silver

While Silver And Blaze Investigate The Tournament,Cosmo Is Excited To Race.While Team Silver Races.

Team Dark

Team Dark Are Racing In the Tournament Shadow And Rouge Spying On Eggman.



Sonic The Hedgehog

Jet The Hawk

Amy Rose

Shadow The Hedgehog

Blaze The Cat

Espio The Chameleon

Mighty The Armadillo



Miles "Tails" Prower

Cream The Rabbit

Wave The Swallow

Silver The Hedgehog

Charmy The Bee

Rouge The Bat


Coco The Rabbit

Vanilla The Rabbit


Knuckles The Echidna

Storm The Albatross

Big The Cat

Dr. Robotnik Eggman

Cosmo The Seedrian

Vector The Crocodile

Tails Doll

Shade The Echidna


Dark Gaia*

  • Not Playable


In Story Mode Each Circuit Has A Boss.

Emerald Coast

Boss:Vanilla The Rabbit

Metal City

Boss:Tails Doll

Water Palace


Cosmopolitan City

Boss:Shade The Echidna

Galaxy Way

Boss:Eggman(All Teams Except Team Dark)

Boss:Dark Gaia(Team Dark)

Babylon Garden's Last Stand

Boss:Super Sonic(That Was Controlled By Darkness)


Emerald Coast

Sapphire Beach

Ruby Resort
Metal City Night Chase Sunset Utopia
Water Palace Dolphin Resort H2o Wild Ride
Cosmopolitan City Metropolitan Boulevard London Bridge is Falling
Galaxy Way Rainbow Street Milky Way Wildride
Babylon Garden's Last Stand Babylon Towers Babylon Castle


Story Mode:Select A Team Go Through The StoryLine And Unlock The Final Story

Single Race:Race With Friends Or Yourself.

Mission:Go Through Missions To Get Gears And Character Customes.

Battle:Battle With Friends In The Survival Pit Or Race By Team In the Relay Race.

Shop:Buy Costumes Or Gears Here. Costumization:Costumize Your Gear Or Your Character.Note:The Character That Wears A Costume Will Not Wear The Costume in Story Mode But IN Online Play And Regular Races You Can.

Online Play(PSP):Challenge Players Worldwide Without Wi-Fi.

Cream's Chao Garden:Select A character And Play,Grow,Teach And Bring Yor Chao To Race In Online Play


Sonic The Hedgehog:Winter Santa,Mario,Mobius Spy.

Jet The Hawk:King,Thief,Gangster.

Amy Rose:Princess,Summer,Schoolgirl.


Cream:Junior Racer,Angel,Chao Commander.

Wave:Fashion Diva,Swimwear,Mechanic.


Storm:Ski Racer,Boxer,Bowser.

Big:Fisherman,Summer,Donkey Kong.

Silver:Time Traveler,Angel,Vampire.


Cosmo:Daisy,Flower Queen,Nature Lover.

Eggman:King,Emperor,God. S




  • Only The Main Characters Have Costumes.
  • Vector Reappears But With New Clothing.

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