Sonic Generations 2 is a game for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and the 3DS. It features several stages from the previous game, a few that weren't featured and a few new ones. It was created by 09jhero.


As Sonic runs peacefully across a meadow, Eggman attacks with his new Egg Legion. Sonic fights them, Eggman reveals his new Egg Time-Twister and he uses it to transport all of Sonic's friends to different time zones in the past and future. Sonic jumps through a portal made by the Egg Time-Twister and arrives in the past.

Meanwhile Classic Sonic runs through the Green Hill Zone with Tails, when he is attacked by Classic Eggman and Knuckles. Classic Sonic manages to defeat them, but he accidentally damages a strange device, which is revealed to be another Egg Time-Twister, created by Modern Eggman and sent into the past to help his Classic self. This causes many portals to open to the present and future. Modern Sonic falls through one and decides to team up with Classic Sonic and Tails to free all of Modern Sonic's friends and defeat the Eggmans.

After completing Green Hill Zone, Modern Knuckles is freed and he agrees to help. They travel into the Casino Night Zone and free Modern Tails. They complete several more past stages before heading into the future. Here they discover that Eggman contols some parts, while others are still the way they are supposed to be. They free the last of their friends and go to confront the Eggmans in the Death Egg in the present. They defeat them, but they manage to rip open time and comine some of Sonic's most deadly enemies (Mephiles, Ifrit, Iblis etc) to create 'Pure Darkness'. The Sonic's become Super Sonic's and manage to defeat the deadly monster. The Eggmans are then sent 'far away' in the Egg Time-Twister.

Time begins to go back to normal and Modern Sonic says goodbye to his past self before running off for his next big adventure.


Playable Characters Classic/Modern Sonic the Hedgehog

Classic/Modern Super Sonic.

Modern Sonic the Werehog (Consoles only)

Modern Princess Sally Acorn? (Two main mission and many side missions)

Classic Princess Sally Acorn? (Several side missions)

Modern Knuckles the Echidna? (Two main mission and many side missions)

Classic Knuckles the Echidna? (Several side missions)

Classic Miles "Tails" Prower? (Two main mission and many side missions)

Modern Miles "Tails" Prower? (Several side missions)

Friends (playable in multiplayer)

All of these characters are rescued before the future levels. Classic/Modern Amy Rose

Rouge the Bat

Espio the Chameleon

Blaze the Cat

Vector the Crocodile

Cream the Rabbit

E-123 Omega

Cream the Rabbit

Charmy Bee

Big the Cat

Bosses/Rivals (in order)

Death Egg Robot Mark II

Classic Metal Sonic

Dark Gaia

Jet the Hawk (race)

Shadow the Hedgehog

Mephiles the Dark/Iblis (They both have separate health bars)

Silver the Hedgehog

Egg Emperor

Neo Metal Sonic

Supreme Egg Dragoon (Classic and Modern both have health bars)

Pure Darkness


Each level is playable with both Sonics unless otherwise notet


Classic Era

Green Hill Zone (tutorial) - Sonic the Hedgehog

Casino Night Zone - Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (level + boss stage)

Hydrocity Zone - Sonic the Hedgehog 3

Mushroom Hill Zone - Sonic and Knuckles (Modern Knuckles temporarily takes over for Modern Sonic in the middle)

Stardust Speedway - Sonic CD (level + rival boss)

Dreamcast Era

Emerald Coast - Sonic Adventure (Classic Tails temporarily takes over for Classic Sonic in the middle)

Cannon Core - Sonic Adventure 2 (level + boss)

Hang Castle (consoles) + Rail Canyon (3DS) - Sonic Heroes

Unusual Era

Splash Canyon - Sonic Riders (Level mainly on board and there is also a race against Jet)

Water Palace - Sonic Rush

Westopolis - Shadow the Hedgehog (level + rival boss)

Modern Era

Aquatic Base - Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 (level + boss)

Arid Sands (consoles) + Eggmanland (3DS) - Sonic Unleashed (Play as modern werehog on consoles)

Starlight Carnival (consoles) + Sweet Mountain (3DS) - Sonic Colors (level + rival boss)

Parallel Future

Cyber Caverns (Modern Knuckles takes over for Modern Sonic in the middle)

Metro City (level + boss)

Volcano Tower

Mount Chaos (level + rival boss)

Dark Egg (level + boss)


Dark Empire - Classic Sonic only(Classic Tails takes over for Classic Sonic in the middle)

Shadow Kingdom - Modern Sonic only(Modern Knuckles takes over for Modern Sonic in the middle)

The Heart of Chaos (boss) (Both Super Sonic's are playable at once)


Sonic Generations 2 has a multiplayer mode that allows players to race as either Classic Sonic and Classic Tails, or Modern Sonic and any of his friends (that have been rescued in the story mode). There is also a mini-game mode containing many mini-games.

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