Sonic Heroes: Xhaos Storm is a Sonic Heroes game for Nintendo Wii. It follows the 3-member-team gameplay of previous Sonic Heroes games, but introduces new teams, new bosses, and a brand new storyline. Xhaos Storm also includes a multiplayer mode that pits players against each other in events of the Xhaos Tournament.


Team Sonic (duh!)

Speed: Sonic the Hedgehog

Flight: Miles 'Tails' Prower

Power: Knuckles the Echidna

Team Blast: Sonic Overdrive; Knuckles throws Sonic and Tails, who go out on a blurry rampage and destroy everything in sight.

Team Dark

Speed: Shadow the Hedgehog

Flight: Rouge the Bat

Power: E-123 Omega

Team Blast: Chaos Inferno; Shadow freezes time while Omega, lifter by Rouge, fires lasers. Time is frozen momentarily afterwards.

Team Rose

Speed: Amy Rose

Flight: Cream the Rabbit (with Cheese the Chao)

Power: Big the Cat

Team Blast: Flower Festival; Amy and Cream dance on Big's umbrella, launching flowers. Leader gains speed and invincibility for a short time.

Team Chaotix

Speed: Espio the Chameleon

Flight: Charmy Bee

Power: Vector the Crocodile

Team Blast: Chaotix Recital; The team plays instruments very badly, destroying enemies. Team gains ring bonus for every defeated enemy.

NEW! Team Babylon

Speed: Jet the Hawk

Flight: Wave the Swallow

Power: Storm the Albatross

Team Blast: Babylon Rage; Jet dashes about in a green blur, and Storm tosses Wave like a pinball at enemies.

NEW! Team Kenesis

Speed: Silver the Hedgehog

Flight: Ice the Cat

Power: Blaze the Cat

Team Blast: Kenetic Storm; Silver traps opponents with a ring of psychokenesis, while Blaze and Ice use their powers to demolish them in what appears to be a blizzard of burning ice.

Storyline: Team Sonic

Sonic is racing through an abandoned canyon when he hears a boom. He looks around and sees a huge section of dust ahead. He ponders it for a while, then the next rock in front of him explodes and only a spindash saves him. He skids to a stop and pulls out a high-tech walkie-talkie.

Sonic: Tails, it's Sonic! Explosive activity in Silent Canyon! Any ideas about what might cause it?

Tails: Yeah. Eggman's standing about ten miles behind you with a Chaos Emerald in an Explosion Reactor.

Sonic: How do you know?

Tails: Me and Knuckles are in the Tornado one-eight-zero miles above you and dropping.

Sonic looks up to see them dropping towards him, and smiling, they dash off. Silent Canyon acts as a tutorial stage for all teams, and at the end features a different boss for everyone. For Team Sonic, the boss is the Egg Roller, a giant wheel with Eggman in the center firing explosives. After defeating it, Sonic and co. watch as Eggman vanishes, the green Chaos Emerald shining. "Man, he's good."

Knuckles angrily pounds the ground, and then rushes and punches the side of the canyon. It splits open to reveal an arena with the banner "Xhaos Tournament opening! Grand Prize: Chaos Emeralds!" The team looks around at each other and dashes off to it. When they make it there, a strange robot blocks passage, scans them, and asks for team name. All three of them shout "Team Sonic!" and the robot seems to pause for a second, then steps aside. The team passes, but unknowingly, the robot pickpockets Sonic of his red Chaos Emerald, then places it in a machine which transports it to an unknown location.

The arena features many challenges, which I will not involve right now. All I'll say is that the team gets through a lot and has a choice between Speed stage, Agility stage, and Battle stage. After clearing a required 20 stages, the team must pass through the Final stage; avoid a huge variety of pits, dash through a long section, and battle the final boss. You're allowed to do more than 20, but that's the minimum you must do. In Team Sonic's case, the boss is Metal Sonic, who reminisces their previous encounter, then rages and prepares to fight. Be careful, because that

After being defeated, Metal Sonic collapses, screaming that he will not be defeated easily, but Knuckles clangs his fists together and punches the robot into a pit of quicksand. Sonic spins around and backflips, saying "I'll take that prize, now!"

Storyline: Team Dark

Shadow is racing over the edge of Silent Canyon when he sees the arena hosting the Xhaos Tournament a while away. Using his Chaos powers, he is easily able to read the prize title and details. Shadow is actually muttering to himself like one of those high-speed readers in TV advertisements, "Must be fifteen or older to enter Must be in a group of three to enter Must be prepared to feel excruciating pain in case of failing a challenge Xhaos Incorperated claims no responsibility for serious injuries or death during events Most life insurance companies do not cover death by robots and monsters If you would like to overwrite your life insurance please contact Xhaos Insurance at 18009426735 or 1800XhaosDI Purchase is not necessary to enter Purchase will not increase chance of winning If you intend to spend cash please do so at the vending machines in the stands and do not do so if you are a contender. Sounds fun."

Shadow immediately gathers Rouge and Omega to enter with. Both are very eager to comply. But Rouge laughs like a maniac when Shadow explains what the details read.

Rouge: Whichever idiot wrote that has got something mad in their attic. Talk about humor!

Shadow: I know, but now is not the time to be joking around. Not when there's seven Chaos Emeralds waiting for us. Omega, you got anything specific you want to do in there?

Omega: {thinks for a while} Destruction.

Shadow (laughing slightly): Who knew the last E-100 series robot would be the one with a sense of humor?

Rouge: Who knew the Ultimate Lifeform would be the one without?

Shadow: Alright, point taken. Let's go for a ride, shall we?

The team advances through Silent Canyon. The boss for these guys is a very huge robot that looks like a stone version of Silver Sonic from the original Sonic the Hegehog 2. With size multiplied by about fifty. The team easily defeats it and walks up to the entrance to the arena, waiting for someone to come up. Rouge ends up calling, "Hello? Isn't someone supposed to be entering us in here?" She gets the response of, "The interior entrance is further in!" and the Team walks in carefully. The robot enters them as Team Dark, and as the Team walks further in, Shadow (coming in last) leans in closer to the robot and whispers, "Don't let the blue hedgehog know who you are." The robot simply nods as Shadow leaves, unknowing that the robot pickpocketed his blue Chaos Emerald.

At the event matches, their final boss is a robotic rendering of the Biolizard, albiet with the life support system inside its robotic body. The battle plays forth in a slightly similar way to the Dragon Slayer mission in Sonic and the Black Knight; approach it while avoiding its attacks and leap up to its head. You'll have to time it well, but swap to Rouge and use Thunder Shoot: Shadow will grind on the tubes leading to the life support system inside its body. Dodge the items along the tubes, and approaching the system, you'll kick off of it. With Shadow, keep using Homing Attack until the rebound has you on the floor, at which time you will be ejected.

Repeat this until the Robiolizard is defeated, at which time it will collapse and fall into a vat of quicksand. At this point, Shadow turns to Omega and says, "Blast them, please." Him being projected on a giant screen results in a load of screams from the audience, but Omega changes his arms into launchers and blasts firecrackers at the sky. Shadow throws some Chaos Spears in that direction as well, which explode like fireworks, and mutters, "There's a sight for sore eyes. Don't mess with me."

Storyline: Team Rose

Amy is dashing around Silent Canyon when her eyes catch the attention of the Xhaos Tournament arena. A voice behind her states, "Thinking of entering?" and Amy turns to see Cream, Cheese, and Big coming towards her. Amy answers and admits she was thinking of entering.

Cream: Why on earth do you want to enter that? It's a challenge to survive under twenty different conditions!

Big: Little boy blue!

Cheese: Chao! Chao!

Amy: You two can be quiet!

Big: It's true!

Cream: Why am I not surprised? You're trying to impress Sonic?

Amy: Well... yeah.

Cream: Whatever. I need excitement and Big needs a workout. Come on, Cheese!

Cheese: Chao!

The four advance through Silent Canyon. For them, the first boss is called Mudslide, a set of three creatures made of dirt and stone that move around in a sliding matter (making them easier to take down seeing as they take a while to get going and stop going). After all three of them are at 1/3 health, they combine into a snake-like creature. You have to 'grind' up its back (grind meaning slide) and start attacking its head. After it is defeated, the robot registers them and pickpockets the yellow Chaos Emerald from Big. Sorry, fisherman!

As for the arena challenges, the final boss is a highly upgraded version of Silver Sonic. With blasters for hands and rocket launchers for feet. Watch out! The battle is fairly straight-on; just dodge and attack, nothing fancy required. After defeating it, Amy spins and flips, shouting in joy. Her thoughts: Please tell me Sonic is watching.

Storyline: Team Chaotix

At the team's office, life is dull. Espio is almost asleep against a wall near a corner, blending in with the wallpaper on the one perpendicular (which makes him looks like one of Eggman's drones. Charmy is working on something difficult. Vector is listening to music, twirling the aqua Chaos Emerald on his desk. At one point, Charmy comes near Espio and sets up an automatic roll of different wall designs. He pulls down one remniscent of Green Hill Zone. Espio changes subconsciously. He pulls down one that looks like a snowman. Espio changes. He pulls down one that looks like a volcano. Espio changes. He pulls down one featuring Super Sonic.

Espio's head appears where Sonic's head should be.

Charmy: What the...?

Espio: What do you think? Do I look good in gold?

Charmy: Uh... sure?

Vector: Enough shenanagains!

Espio & Charmy: Yes sir!

Vector: Come on! Certainly there's something we can do?

Espio: Uh... {runs over to a computer and types something in quickly} Well, there's no job requests, but there's a Xhaos Tournament in Silent Canyon. You think we should go?

Vector: What's the prize? {Twirls the aqua Emerald one more time, falls into his pocket}

Charmy: Chaos Emeralds!

Vector: Uh... {faints with a happy face}

Espio: He's out. {whispers to Charmy}

Charmy: Hehehe. {waves a sock in front of Vector's nose. Vector wakes up}

Vector: Team! We're going to Silent Canyon! {To Charmy} And never use your sock again!

Charmy: Sure, but first take out twenty dollars.

Vector: Er... Aha! {pulls out a wad of bills} Done. Why?

Charmy: {snatches the bills and hands them to Espio} Espio wants a mountain sundae.

Espio: Dun dunna dun dun! Dun dah!

Vector: Ah! I can't believe I fell for that! I just saw that on TV this morning!

The team starts out in Silent Canyon after dive-bombing from a jet and go through the area. Their first boss is Chaotic Boom, a creature made of emerald that knows how to throw Chaos Spears. After defeating it, Vector knocks its head off and makes a set of rings for himself out of its body, but as he nears the arena, the guard robot states, "No jewelry. Which means take off that necklace." Vector does so, taking off his necklace, and rings. Espio ends up taking off hs bracelets and  As they start to leave, Espio remarks, "Where's the ice cream stand?" and vanishes, dashing away, after getting directions. He reappears with a huge sundae and a single coin in his hand, which he drops to Vector, saying "That's your change."

The three go through the arena challenges. For their final boss, you get a huge robot that smells like Monday morning and fights like Wednesday night boxing. Vector likes this part. No, seriously, this thing is a boxer. Like with Team Rose, the battle is pretty straight-on. No fancy techniques. After victory, Vector's screaming out in joy, "Yeah! Eat it! This is what a victor looks like!"

Storyline: Team Babylon

Jet's racing through a cave lined with high-tech traps on his Extreme Gear. He leaps over a metal bar and lets his board go under, ducks under a swinging axe, and, in slow motion, leaps forward off his board, grabbing it with his feet, as he spins and weaves through a barrage of spikes, snakes around extracted crystals, and flips over five spinning buzzsaws. He smoothly lands on a platform and grabs his board, which he had released over the buzzsaws, and turns to Wave, who was at a monitor watching the action, and Storm, who's monitoring a stopwatch.

Jet: Time?

Storm: Seven-point-nine-five-three seconds.

Wave: Style points at five-hundred-thirty-one.

Jet: Hah! No way I'll be outdone!

Wave: You do mean in racing, right?

Jet: Not just. Why?

Storm: Because a... Ex-ha-ose Tornament opened in Silent Canyon.

Wave: I believe that's pronounced ksae-oss. I'd go challenge it. Either of you up to it?

Jet & Storm: Heck yeah!

Team Babylon dashes off to Silent Canyon. In several areas (including the tutorial in Silent Canyon), the team uses their Extreme Gear rather than their feet, but the gameplay is no different. Like Sonic Rush Adventure Blizzard Peaks, Act 1, but without the infinite momentum. It's really cool when you see Jet Homing Attack, then watch his board fly to him, see Storm strike them for a Fire Dunk with his board's jets, or see Wave charge them with thunder and bat them for Thunder Shoot. As the team approach the arena, a strange creature approaches them. That creature is the Shining Challenge, a beast formed of gems the team had passed over with their Extreme Gear. The team takes it on as their first boss, and upon defeating it, finds the purple Chaos Emerald. They take it to the entrance, where a robot accepts their team and pickpockets the Emerald.

Arena challenges, blablabla, and their final boss is a robotic rendering of the Babylon Guardian, formed from the tales the team had been telling along the way. After defeating it in a battle, the team does a victory pose, in which Jets states "Don't bug me with prizes, I'll just take the glory! Don't mess with the Babylon Rouges!

Storyline: Team Kenesis

In the Silent Canyon, all is quiet. At least until a rift opens and Silver leans out, then jumps out and turns to Blaze, who is emerging, and asks "Why are we coming to this place, again?" Blaze smacks him across the face with fire and says that they've got to go to the nearby Xhaos Tournament and stop "that beast" from emerging to the world. Silver sighs and prepares to close the portal, but a rushing blur of water comes out as a creature similar to Blaze slides on the water, jumps, does a 450 degree flip, slides up the side of the rock wall and jumps off, then spins and raises her hands, shouting "And she sticks the landing!" She then looks around and sees Blaze and Silver, then drops her hands and says "I'm in trouble again, aren't I?"

Blaze: Ice! How many times have I told you, stay away from the portals!

Ice: Come on, sis! You're no fun!

Blaze: No, you're just reckless!

Silver: Woawoawoawoawoah WOAH! Am I the only one lost here?

Ice & Blaze: Yes.

Blaze: Silver, this is my sister, Ice. Ice, this is my partner, Silver the Hedgehog.

Ice: You're Silver?

Silver: Yeeeeaaaahhh.

Ice:... Blaze can I talk to you?

Blaze (through clenched teeth): Nothing would make me happier.

{Blaze and Ice turn away, heads close}

Ice: You're dating an old hedgehog?

Blaze: Can it, Ice! First off, he's not old. He's just silver. Second off, if that psychokenetic hears you say that he's going to blast you so hard my grandchildren are going to feel it!

Ice: That makes it his grandchildren too.

Blaze: Shut up! Third off, we're not dating! We're just saving the world together.

Ice: OK, but if anyone asks where you go all the time, I'm saying you're dating. The last thing I need is my friends asing me to save the world like you do. I can't even get my blizzards right! Plus, that way it doesn't sound like I'm going to be an only child out of nowhere.

{Blaze makes a teapot-whistling and her hair ignites}

Blaze: Fine. But don't say anything in front of him.

{The two of them turn to see Silver playing three Nintendo DSs and drinking coffee}

Silver: Games or coffee?

You then begin Silent Canyon. Team Kenesis' first boss is Kenetic Storm, a raging combination of red and white rocks that appears smilar to the Team Blast, hence the name. They approach the entry area, and the robot blocks passage. Silver pulls out his DSs as Blaze asks "Is this the Xhaos Tournament?" The robot nods, then asks if they want entry. Ice says yes, and Blaze stares at her. Silver even looks up angrily without pausing, breaing all three DSs in half. Ice looks at them, then says "If looks could kill. Do I smell burning?" The robot points to her shoulders, and Ice panics, but Silver turns to Blaze. "Two seconds?" Blaze responds with an angry yes, and the robot asks for the team name. Ice shouts "Stupid psychokenesis!" but as she is trapped, the "stupid psycho" part is muffled, and the robot registers "Team Kenesis." He ushers the three of them in, putting out the flames and pickpocketing the white Emerald from Silver.

When they make it to the final stage, they battle a giant beast that is titled as AntiKenesis. This thing opens fissures when he coughs, and causes explosions when he sneezes. And he's got a cold. So this is bad. (Lawlz. *Jokerface* He doesn't actually cough/sneeze, just thought I'd add a little joke) After defeating it, Ice smirks and turns to the crowd, waving her hands up. Silver turns to Blaze saying "I thought we came here to stop a monster?" Blaze replies "Well, it did say something about a Xhaos Tournament. Ice led us into the right path."

Last Story

As the six teams meet, wanting to know when they get their prizes, they`re shocked to see that... well, they`re all winners. They turn, to where the seven emeralds are circling above, summoning a great beast of pure Chaos energy. This beast absorbs the Chaos Emeralds, and within him, the emeralds turn from blue-red-green-purple-yellow-aqua-white to all black. Metal Sonic emerges his head from the quicksand and sees the beast. The robot is paralyzed with fear

The six teams agree to get the emeralds so Team Sonic can transform, and they all dash off.

Team Kenesis

Silver is the first to turn to the beast and dash for it (or in this case, warp in a blur of silver lines), Blaze and Ice following suit with blurs of flame and freeze. Xhaos 7 is a huge rhino-like beast with amazing vision. It can and will lock onto you for every attack possible. And it can throw deadly orbs at you, launch lasers from its eyes (like a stereotype robot), and send waves of energy at you. It also changes colour for these attacks.

When it starts to throw orbs, it will gain a slight red hue. Use Blaze and start using Fire Dunk at this time. If you fail to use it in time, she'll use a peculiar action; insert the shown button combo properly to get her to spin in flames and essentially use Fire Dunk with the orbs towards Xhaos. You have to do this three times. It does nothing, but it's better than getting hit. You can hear Blaze shouting every time - "Eat this, beast!" - "Not strong enough!" - "Too little too late!"

When it starts to use its lasers, it'll get a faint blue hue. Use Silver and go for a Homing Attack combo. If you fail, something similar to Blaze will happen; insert the button combo, and Silver will vanish in a blur of silver psychokenesis lines. You'll have to do this five times, but they're short combos. Like Blaze, Silver calls to Xhaos, but he taunts him - "You're too slow!" (a reference to Sonic) - "Gotta move faster!" - "Gonna pick up the pace?" - "Wooh, I felt some breeze in that one!" -  "Ice my birthday cake - you might have hit something by then!"

When it uses a wave of energy, you'll see a weak yellow hue. Who's left? Use Ice and launch the other two with Thunder Shoot. Again, a fail will result in a single long button combo. If done successfully, you'll hear Ice screaming, "Waves are my specialty!" as she forms an icy board (where was she at Mobius Strip?) and slides over the waves, pulling tricks on the way.

When it reaches critical health, it'll turn pure yellow. Thunder Shoot will do nothing, so use Ice and run up to it, then jump for it. Ice will dive into Xhaos and grab one of the Emeralds, then vanish into Xhaos' depths. Blaze drops to her knees in shock, and just when you'd think Ice would have suffocated, Xhaos freezes, then shatters as Ice jumps out, rolls, drops the white Emerald at Silver's feet, and hides behind a pillar, scared to death. I can see that. She kind of almost drowned in evil Chaos energy.

Team Babylon

As Xhaos is reforming, Silver grabs Blaze and Ice and flashes them out, then releases, tags Jet (signalling a swap-out), and tosses the Emerald to Sonic. Jet shouts, "Move out!" and kicks onto his board, and Storm and Wave follow suit. On their Extreme Gear, the team circles Xhaos 6 (resembling Chaos 6, but huge, and with six recognizable legs, an Emerald in each one), similar to the battle with Ifrit Golem in SSR. At times, it will punch one of its legs out into your range of revolve. Kick back or jump, and use Jet for a Homing Attack; he'll grind up the leg and go for the head. Keep up the Homing Attacks until you're sent off.

You'll enter a closer path. This time, he'll slam a leg down and coat it with ice, making it too slippery to grind on. Use Storm and Fire Dunk; he'll work his way up as he's dunking, and at the head he'll keep kicking. When you're thrown off, Storm will shout, "Eat it!" and flip back, then enter a path in which you're so close, you don't need to wait.

Now it gets challenging. He'll kick out with whichever leg your team approaches, then coat it with steel. You need Earth's Mt. St. Helens to melt that, so Fire Dunk is not an option. Fortunately, it's conductive, so simply swap to Wave and use Thunder Shoot to inflict major damage. If that's not enough (and it's not), metal is a lot easier to grind on than ice, so Jet is already grinding up. Homing Attack his head repeatedly, and eventually he'll fall, turning into ice. Swap to Storm and run up to it; he'll start spinning and turn into a tornado, the jets on his Type-S board making a dual-helix flame. He burrows into Xhaos, melting the ice (and some of the energy) on one of its legs in a hurry, and grabs the purple Emerald, then jumps of, still spinning, and tosses the Emerald to Jet, who remarks, "Now stop spinning, you're making glass."

Team Chaotix

Jet rushes back with the other two following (Storm dizzy), slams Vector's back, and tosses the Emerald to Sonic. Chaotix dashes out. Now the resemblances to Chaos get more like. Xhaos 5 is similar to Cyclone Chaos from this, except he takes the form of black Chaos energy rather than clouds. The markers for the sequence change are less visible here, and the time frames are also shorter. Xhaos 5 is able to unleash huge punches, whip his foot around for a kick, and leap up for a slam.

When he pulls back for a punch, his arms will turn red. Use Vector and Fire Dunk him at the right time to knock his hand back, then jump up at him and punch again. That will knock him down, leaving him vulnerable for another Fire Dunk combo.

When he spins around for a kick, his legs will turn yellow. Use Charmy and fly over his leg, then use Thunder Shoot on his leg as it's passing. It'll throw him off balance and cause him to fall, leaving him for another Thunder Shoot group.

When he leaps for a body slam, his limbs will turn blue. Use Espio and turn invisible, because that will throw him off and make him land. Then Homing Attack his leg, Homing Attack again to his arm, one more time to his head. He collapses. He's vulnerable for a Homing flurry.

At critical health, he'll scream and unleash a wave of punches, turning blue. Run up to him, and Espio will turn invisible, reappear on the wall and fling a bunch of shuriken for Xhaos' eyes (and succeed), leap for his head, and dive in (with an Emerald being in Xhaos' head). After a couple agonizing seconds, a black blob of energy flings from Xhaos' head and lands near Vector and Charmy, and Espio appears, covered in Xhaos'... are those brains? Uhg...

Team Rose

Chaotix rushes back and smacks Amy's back, signalling a switch-out. Amy rushes forward, her hammer swinging in circles and her teammates behind her. However, with a nasty blunder, it slips from her hands and into Xhaos' head. Xhaos 4, resembling Frozen Chaos, pulls the hammer out and decides to use it. Amy screams angrily, and the team heads out. The markers for the attacks are no more visible than for Chaotix here, and the time frames are no longer. Xhaos 4 is able to spinkick and punch, unleash a fury of punches, and melt, appear behind you, and strike.

Dodge the spinkick, and his fist will turn yellow as he leaps for a punch. Go for a Thunder Shoot, and he'll be electrified. Keep it up until he hits the ground; after that it's just suicide for your team.

When he rushes forward in a punching flurry, his fist will turn red. Go for some Fire Dunks, and his fists will catch on fire. It's not a problem; just keep it up until he hits the ground.

When he melts, leap over it or your paralyzed. He'll turn blue as he whips around for a roundhouse - with Amy's hammer. switch to Amy and go for a load of Homing Attacks. When you reach his head, you get something unique; she'll turn into a blur and speed through him various times.

At critical health, he'll turn blue, swinging the hammer in circles until he literally makes a tornado. As Amy, speed towards him; she'll leap into the tornado, then turn into a blur as she uses its speed against it to move towards the hammer in Xhaos' hand. She'll grab it and start spinning, shouting, "That's my hammer!" She keeps spinning, then turns into a buzzsaw blur as she speed through him several times, the tornado fading, and skids to a stop in front of her team. Xhaos rushes towards them, but Amy hoists her hammer over her shoulder and snaps her fingers, causing Xhaos to fly back as his head explodes, revealing the yellow Chaos Emerald, which flies towards Big. Big grabs it, and Amy says, "And that's his good luck charm."

Team Dark

-Under Construction-

Metal Sonic

When the five teams bring the five emeralds they have gathered (one a team), Sonic shakes his head and says "I`m going in!" However, a voice from behind says "No, Sonic." Everyone turns to see Metal Sonic weakly rising from the pit of quicksand. "Don`t waste your energy. I`ll get the remaining two Emeralds." Metal Sonic then dashes off.

Metal Sonic controls exactly like Team Sonic, as he has three forms, speed (his standard form), agility (here he gains rockets on his feet), and power (knux with claws, anyone?). With five emeralds gone, Xhaos has gone from a huge rhino to a beast resembling Chaos 2. However, it gets that much harder, going offensive. Metal Sonic can take care of him by Homing Attacks on his head, followed up with an airborne evasion of lightning-quick slashes and a close-combat attack sequence on its collapsed body. After doing this a few times, finsh off this form of Xhaos with Metal Sonic Overdrive, which consists of him leaping into the air off his knuxclaws, shooting forward with the rockets, and buzzsaw spindashing forward allowing free control. The only way to finish off Metal Sonic`s stage is with Metal Sonic Overdrive; when Metal Sonic strikes Xhaos with the last overdrive hit, he tears through Xhaos` chest, and Xhaos screams and collapses as Metal Sonic holds up the last two Emeralds.

Team Super Sonic

After defeating Metal Sonic`s stage, he comes towards Sonic. However, Xhaos screams out and transforms into his final form, Xhaos Storm, a huge (and I mean huge) dragon. Metal Sonic is grabbed by the dragon, and throws Sonic the last two Emeralds. Sonic hands them to Knuckles, who begins to purify them. Metal Sonic slashes the beast`s mouth, but the beast simply absorbs the robot. Sonic turns to Knuckles, who says he`s finished purifying them, and Sonic closes his eyes.

"Let`s take this punk by storm."

To put it simply, Team Super Sonic is rather redesigned. Super Sonic remains basically just Super Sonic, but does not use fire. Instead, his attacks use Chaos Energy. Super Tails and Super Knuckles, however, are vastly redesigned. Super Tails is now a burning crimson red, surrounded by energy. His tails move at a speed at which they seem to duplicaete, and he`s surrounded by lightning. Super Knuckles is a shining cobalt blue, and his dreadlocks seem to rise. He also has fire coating his knuckles. In addition, the team`s new team blast, SuperSonic Overdrive, now involves Knuckles kicking Sonic skyward, Tails grabbing him and swinging him forward, where he breaks the sound barrier and shoots forwards, Tails and Knuckles in pursruit. When you hit Xhaos Storm during the Overdrive, Tails and Knuckles split up from Sonic, Knuckles attacking, with blazing punches and Tails firing lightning at Xhaos Storm`s head.

Xhaos Storm is hard. Take Tails, fly up, change to Sonic, Homing Attack his tail and work your way up to his head. When you strike the head enough, it`ll send you flying. Change to Tails and use Thunder Shoot on the head, or to Knuckles and use Fire Dunk. Fire Dunk is stronger, but Tails can keep Thunder Shoot for an infinite amount of time.

If you fall, then Xhaos Storm will fly after you. Change to Sonic and Homing Attack with perfect timing, and you will leave him vulnerable for another Thunder Shoot or Fire Dunk combo. After you`re able, use Super Sonic Overdrie to finish him off.

Xhaos Storm will fall and desintegrate, hitting the ground as a black energial blob. As the blob fades, Metal Sonic is revealed, unconsious. Everyone leaves the stadium but Sonic, who waits as Metal Sonic slowly awakens.

Metal Sonic: What do you want?

Sonic: Just to say thanks. For helping defeat Xhaos.

Metal Sonic: As soon as we leave here, I`m back to trying to kill you.

Sonic: Then I guess that`s something we`ll both have to live with.

Sonic dashes off, and Metal Sonic raises a hand, then shakes it off, then dashes forward after him.

Multiplayer Mode Teams

Team Sonic (duh!)

Sonic the Hedgehog

Miles 'Tails' Prower

Knuckles the Echidna

Team Blast: Sonic Overdrive

Team Dark

Shadow the Hedgehog

Rouge the Bat

E-123 Omega

Team Blast: Chaos Inferno

Team Rose

Amy Rose

Cream the Rabbit

Big the Cat

Team Blast: Flower Festival

Team Chaotix

Espio the Chameleon

Charm Bee

Vector the Crocodile

Team Blast: Chaotix Recital

NEW! Team Babylon

Speed: Jet the Hawk

Flight: Wave the Swallow

Power: Storm the Albatross

Team Blast: Babylon Rage

NEW! Team Kenesis

Speed: Silver the Hedgehog

Flight: Ice the Cat

Power: Blaze the Cat

Team Blast: Kenetic Storm

NEW! Team Vile (Multiplayer Only, unlockable)

Speed: Metal Sonic (Speed Form)

Flight: Eggman (Sky Egg drone)

Power: Chaos (Chaos 4)

Team Blast: Metal Spinball; Metal Sonic buzzsaw pinballs around, while Chaos and Eggman act as bumpers

NEW! Team Storybook (Multiplayer Only, unlockable)

Speed: Merlina the Sorceress

Flight: Erazor Djinn

Power: Black Knight

Team Blast: Storybook Inferno; Erazor erupts into Arabic characters, the Black Knight summons lightning from his sword, Deathcalibur, and Merlina summons a ring of magic.

Unlock Criteria: Clear Team Super Sonic's stage of last story with critical health. Which is hard. Because Team Super Sonic is almost invincible. You have to have zero rings.