Sonic Heroes 2
Release Date
June 19, 2013 - Console

June 21, 2013 - Handheld & PC
Sonic Heroes (chronologically)

Sonic Dimensons (series)
Sonic Team (Console) Dimps (Handheld & PC)
Xbox 360, Xbox 720, PS3, Nitendo 3DS, PC, PlayStation Vita
E10+ (US, EU)

3+ (JP)

Sonic Heroes 2: New Beginnings (Better known as Sonic Heroes 2), is a 3D, platforming game released by Sega on June 19th, 2013. This takes place after the end of the best selling 2003 game, Sonic Heroes, in which the team splits up, but surprizes, notheless. This game has a total of 6 teams, even introducing 3 new teams, ONW which can be unlocked with 100% completion, as well as another Team that was featured in the previous Sonic Heroes. This game features a 6-player controller system, and a 6-player Co-op mode. In this game, the beginning of all of the stories connect somehow.

The return of "Emblems" come into this game as items that can unlock certain features in the game. An Emblem is aqquired after finishing a stage, and only ONE. The Emblem has the Sonic Heroes 2 logo inside, just as the one in the previous Sonic Heroes did.


Team Sonic:

Story: After escaping Eggman's fortress after the Final Battle at the end of Sonic Heroes, Knuckles the Echidna returns to the shrine of Angel Island, resuming his post as the guardian. As the day goes on, Knuckles is suddenly blinded by a flash. As he regains sight, he realizes the Master Emerald is missing, and spots a tiny machine flying away from the shrine. He hears somebody call his name from the woods, but as he looks, there is nobody in sight. He ignores it, and chases the Eggmobile.

Meanwhile, Tails is working on his new invention, the Tornado 3, when his Chaos Sensor picks up a signal. Tails runs outside to see Knuckles chasing after someone in the Eggmobile, which is holding the Master Emerald inside. Tails powers up his Tornado 3, and fly's out of the Lab, in pursuit of the Eggmobile. A laser beam shoots out of the back, and hits the Tornado 3, causing it to crash land on top of Knuckles.

Sonic races through Angel Island, soon coming upon the wreck of the Tornado 3. He gets Tails and Knuckles up to their feet, and asks about the situation. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles agree to run off, and chase the unknown person/thing to get back the Master Emerald!

Speed: Sonic the Hedgehog (Team Leader)

Fly: Miles "Tails" Prower

Power: Knuckles the Echidna

Team Dark:

Story: Shadow, and Rouge arrive at Angel Island in a plan to take the Master Emerald, but as they arrive, they witness somebody flying away in the Eggmobile, carrying the Master Emerald. Shadow and Rouge trace the trail of the Eggmobile using Rouge's Detector (From SA2), and find the location of the Emerald.

As Shadow and Rouge hop off of the Shrine, E-123 Omega suddenly attacks them, but Rouge manages to break him out of the trance. E-123 Omega states that somebody had put him in a trance in order to help him get the Master Emerald, and take out anyone getting in their way. Omega then says that he helped with the robbery, and that he regrets his behavior. He is also of use to Team Dark, as he remembers over 50% of the person's plans, although he doesn't remember who it was. Rouge declares that they track the Master Emerald, and defend her title as a treasure hunter!

Speed: Shadow the Hedgehog (Team Leader)

Fly: Rouge the Bat

Power: E-123 Omega

Team Rose:

Story: Amy suddenly wakes up on the shore of Angel Island, with Cream assleep beside her. She looks around, only to see a flash coming from the forest. She wakes Cream up, and assists her into the forest. They look through the hidden bushes to witness somebody stealing the Master Emerald. Cream yells out "Mr. Knuckles!", but Amy pulls her back into the bushes. They see Knuckles run off as they head back to the Beach.

Amy wonders who and what could have stolen the Emerald, and suddenly gets a disturbing idea. She begins to thinkk that Sonic has stolen the Emerald, and wants to go on an adventure to stop her lover. Cream hesitates, but a frog suddenly lands on her head. Somebody laughs behind them, and picks up the frog, revealing it to be Big the Cat. Big agrees to help Amy and Cream on their quest, and the official Team Rose is back!

Speed: Amy Rose (Team Leader)

Fly: Cream the Rabbit

Power: Big the Cat

Team Future:

Story: Silver the Hedgehog and Blaze are resting peacefuly in Crisis City, when an unknown person/thing fly's across the sky, dropping something. It hits the ground, and suddenly, a blueish explosion occurs, and sucks Silver and Blaze into it. They suddenly come out of a wormhole, and end up on Angel Island. A giant flash then came out of the wormhole before it closed.

Silver gets up, and realizes he is back in the past. Mighty soon comes out of the jungle, and seems afraid of them. Blaze calms Mighty down, and tells him there is nothing to worry about. Blaze then remembers, that the Sol Emeralds will help them get back to the future, and with this information, Silver begins to think that Sonic is behind all of this, and runs off to get revenge. Blaze follows right behind him, as Mighty follows closely behind, with Team Future going off on their quest for the Sol Emeralds!

Speed: Silver the Hedgehog (Team Leader)

Fly: Blaze the Cat

Power: Mighty the Armadillo

Team Babylon:

Story: After the events of Sonic Shockwave Riders, Jet, Wave, and Storm apparoach Angel Island in Jet's Hawkmobile, a small, green jet plane. Jet, Wave, and Storm parachute into the forest, but as they get close to the ground, a white flash blinds them, which lets out a gust of wind, pushing them into the ocean. Jet, Wave, and Storm eventually swim onto the shore of the island, tired and wet. Confused about the flash and the wind, they ignore it, and go father into the island, only to come up to the Shrine of Angel Island to take the Master Emerald as a gift for themselves, but they realize it is gone! Only one person could have been clever enough to do this! Jet soon thinks that SONIC has taken the Emerald. Jet suddenly finds the chaos emeralds, and uses them to become Super Jet! He then sets off to find Sonic, and get the Master Emerald into his hands!

Speed: Jet the Hawk (Team Leader)

Fly: Wave the Swallow

Power: Storm the Albatross



  • Angel Beach
  • Sand Castle
  • Boss: Egg Condor


  • Atlantis City
  • Lost Junction
  • Team Boss: Team Dark


  • S.S Eggliner
  • Slippery Starboard
  • Boss: Robot Pirates


  • Desrted Dreams
  • Railroad Station
  • Racing Boss: Egg Hawk 2


  • Sparky Gears
  • Secret Base
  • Boss: Egg Drill 3


  • Looping Hills
  • Rainy Hills
  • Boss: Egg Retreat


  • Sky Chase II
  • Sky Sanctuary
  • Boss: Robot Assassin

A.R.K Spaceship

  • Floating Egg
  • Final Colony
  • Boss: Egg Phoenix

Final Story

All of the teams meet on the A.R.K Spaceship, where the real enemy steps out. Eggman reveals that he has had Metal Sonic helping him steal the Master Emerald, and the Sol Emeralds! Metal Sonic then destroys the A.R.K, and rises the remaining platforms into the lightning sky. He uses the power of the Master Emerald to transform into a super version of Neo Metal Sonic! Team Dark, Rose, Future, and Babylon fight Metal Sonic, but fail in the process. Jet then gives up the Chaos Emeralds, giving them to Sonic in order for him to beat Metal Sonic.

Sonic then transforms into Super Sonic, and uses the power of the Chaos Emeralds to have Tails and Knuckles transform into Super Tails and Super Knuckles.

Team Super Sonic race Metal Sonic through all of the settings of the past Sonic Heroes 2 levels, and Team Super Sonci wins. However, Super Neo Metal Sonic soon transforms into Super Metal Overlord! Team Super Sonic then blasts into the sky, and uses all of their power to finally destroy Metal Sonic in a brawl! Metal Sonic returns into his old form, and in one final race, he is beaten by regular Sonic, who declares that nobody finishes off the Sonic Heroes!

Silver, and Blaze thank Sonic for helping them, and they use the Sol Emeralds to go back into the future.

Knuckles brings back the Master Emerald to it's shrine, but realizes that Rouge and Jet won't give up the Master Jewel now!

Tails returns to his lab, where he and Sonic fly into the sky on the newly designed Tornado 3! Sonic then realizes Amy has stowed away, and she finally kisses him. Sonic nearly falls out of the plane as they zoom off across the ocean.

Shadow and Omega return to the Egg Fleet, where they glimpse in victory at the other E-Robots, stored away in capsules.

Cream returns to Chao Island, where she drops off Cheese into school, and Cream returns to her mother, Vanilla.

As for the other characters, well, that's a different story!


Team Mecha - After getting 100% on EVERYTHING in the game, Team Mecha will be unlocked. This team has no story of their own, and can only be played in Challenge mode. This team is unlocked by getting all Emblems in the bonus, and main missions, and getting an "A" Rank on every mission!

Speed: Metal Sonic

Fly: Egg Robo

Power: Eggman (Team Leader)

Online Mode: After getting 50% completed, you unlock online mode! Up to 6 players can control teams, and even control Team Mecha! Choose and level in replay mode, and the server will find people playing in those levels too!

Team Super Sonic: Unlocked as Team Mecha is, with 100% completion, requiring all Emblems of Bonus and Main missions, and all "A" Rank! They do not have a story of their own, and can only be played in Challenge Mode.