Please note that not all characters are tied to the rest of my stories and most likely won't be mentioned in such. This follows Team Heart, a team who's character(s) that won't normally be mentioned are/is Gertrude the Bat. Also please note this is not a roleplay, and this is just something I decided to do cuz I was bored. The Team is noted for the way all the characters flirt.

The Team

Team Heart

Leader (speed)- Crystal the Wolf
Flight/Power- Gertrude the Bat
Speed- Terra the Cat

The Story

The Prologue

Terra was sitting in her chair, leaning back while sipping tea with her good friend, Crystal the Wolf. Suddenly, her cell phone rang.

"Hello?" She said subtly, swallowing the good stuff.
"Um...excuse me? There's a bank robbery at 51st and Osage. Can you do something about it, like call the police or something?"
"Well, how did you get my phone number?" she asked rudely.
" was the first thing that popped up in the phone book."
The cell phone was on speaker, so Crystal naturally heard. "Why would your cell phone number be in the phone book? Didn't you just get it?" Crystal whispered quietly.
Terra put her hand over the mouthpiece. "Well..." she meowed, "this seems serious enough. We may as well check it out, we haven't got anything better to do!"
Crystal just shrugged.

Chapter 1

Crystal hopped onto her brand-new motorcycle, Terra following. She knew Terra would force Crystal to let her drive it, but she was too young. She heard that in some countries you had to be 16 or older to drive a motorcycle. As if! Not at Sanctuary Lake. You just had to had to be 14 or older, which Terra was not.
"Uh...what are we just sitting here for? Get a move on!" Terra snapped, her brown-black tail swishing.
"Hey! I'll take as long as I like, mind you!!!" Enraged, Crystal turned the key a bit too hard, but she didn't think it did anything.
Terra sighed.

Crystal opened the door to the bank. Terra had her weapon, a silvery sword-like knife. Crystal just had her claws. I wish I had a real weapon she thought.
"Eh...put your hands up and drop the money!" Terra yelled, sticking up her knife when she entered the bank as a whole.
Suddenly, a mysterious voice was heard. "MWA HA HA! YOU THINK THIS WAS A REAL BANK ROBBERY?!? FOOLS!"
Crystal squinted her eyes when a black light went on around her and she couldn't see anything. She saw a big wolf, bigger than her, darker too, rushing towards them. Terra screamed. She was a cat, so of course, she was naturally frightened.
Before Crystal could leap forward to protect the younger animal, something black and tan jumped forward and slammed the wolf in the side. Running away from the bank, the lights went back on...the normal lights.
"Some like it hot," said the creature, wiping her hands across her forehead. Crystal let her eyes adjust to the light before bothering to look at their rescuer.
It was a black bat with black wings and a tan mouth, like the Rouge she knew all too well. This bat had on dark red lipstick and a red heart-shaped top with black pants and black boots with red cuffs. She had no arm gloves that Crystal could see.
"Well...aren't you going to thank me?" asked the bat, tossing her dark chocolaty pixie-cut hair.
"Um...thanks?" Terra offered, sticking out her hand so the she-bat could shake it. The bat just put her hands on her hips and raised her nose and chin.
"I am Gertrude the Bat, but I'm sure you know me."
"Actually, we don't know you," Crystal snapped. Her anger issues were getting the better of her. This bat was acting like she was all that!
"Well!" the bat snapped.
"Hey! Shut up and calm down, both of you! I'm Terra the Cat, in case none of you had noticed the cat part!" Terra screeched. Crystal raised an eyebrow.
"Huh. I'm Crystal the Wolf, in case none of you had noticed..." Crystal trailed, wrapping her hair around her finger.
"Hey...if you kids ever need any help, give me a call," said Gertrude casually, tossing a card at Terra feet. That really dissed off Terra.
"What makes you think we're kids?!?" Terra scowled, throwing her hands over her head
"Well, a kid would just have stood there when a wolf was about to kill her, which you two did!" Gertrude snapped.
"And just how old are you, Miss Rude?" Crystal muttered under her breath.
"I heard that! I'm 19...I train a boot camp. Maybe you guys could come by sometime..."

Chapter 2

"One hundred and hundred and...."
Terra could not take it any more! A hundred push-ups forced on to her by the O-so-wonderful-I'm-all-that Gertrude the Bat! Her claws had just been buffed! She collapsed on the ground, gasping for breath. She flinched when Gertrude walked up to her.
"Well, well, well...seems we're weak! You're not going to be a government agent spy if you lag like this!" Gertrude suddenly slammed her thigh-highs into Terra's side.
"OWW!!!" Terra screeched, clutching her throbbing hip.
"Do you think I got this body by sitting around on the couch? Looks like that's all you do!" Gertrude screamed.
"Excuse me," Crystal growled, pausing mid-sit-up. "We don't have a couch, but presumably you do."
Gertrude's mouth twitched. "Smart," she huffed. "Anyways, get back to your sit-ups! You still have 200 more to go!"
Crystal sighed, feeling alpha to Gertrude. "I already did them all, it was easy. I've done more than that in an hour."
Gertrude's nose crinkled, like she'd just smelled rotten egg mixed with ketchup. Suddenly, her black Samsung rang.
"Gertrude the Bat, at your service," she said after the first ring. Unlike Terra's phone (who, by the way, was still in pain), Gertrude's phone wasn't on speaker.
"Right away, Agent 9." She growled, snapping her phone shut. "Come on, Crystal, you're coming with me."
Crystal glanced doubtfully at Terra. "I will only go as soon as she's done."
Gertrude rolled her eyes. "She's fine. She can catch up."
Crystal bared her teeth, practically snarling. "I'm not moving unless Terra's with me. She's my responsibility."
Gertrude blinked, shocked. "F-fine, then. We'll wait." Crystal smirked. She frightened this bat, so she had power over her; she was nothing like Rouge.
After Terra caught her breathe and finished her push-ups, Crystal and Terra slipped on their oversized black sunglasses, hopping into Gertrude's camouflage jeep. They stopped at Security Hall.
Terra slipped off her glasses. "Say, Crystal, didn't Rouge rob this place before?"
Crystal nodded, looking thoughtfully at Gertrude, who glanced uneasily at the Security Guards feet away. There were big hedges blocking them, so the Team could see them, but they couldn't see the Team.
Crystal smirked. "Worried? Gertrude, this will be a piece of cake." She snuck exotically out of the bushes, standing right in front of the guards, using the old bat-your-eyelashes trick, and putting on an innocent face.
"Uh, hi, I seem to be lost. Can you big men help me?"
The two guards, who happened to be wolfs also, glanced at each other. One glared at Crystal suddenly, but the other smiled down at her.
"Of course, dear. How may we help you?"
Crystal carefully grabbed his neck. "I'm gonna pay you in advance..." She put on her poison lip gloss, then, before the guard could object, she kissed him. Hard. Hard enough for the poison to seep into his mouth. The guard fell to the ground.
Crystal pouted at the other guard. "Oh, my! What have I done?!?" She exclaimed innocently.
The other guard just stared in shock. Crystal saw this as a chance to attack. She jumped up, kicking the guard in the gut, then slamming her elbow into his stomach. He clutched his belly, his face turning red. Crystal leaped up, jutting her heel in his face. The other guard seemed to faint.
Terra jumped out of the bush. "That was awe--"
"SHHHST!" Gertrude snapped. "They may have cameras, gosh! Crystal, I didn't give you orders to do that!"
"You never gave me orders not to," Crystal chimed.
"Eh..." Gertrude sighed. "Anyways, it's my turn for a plan." She pulled out a red MP3 player, and walked up to the control box. Opening it with a flick of her claw, Gertrude quickly rewired the panel so her MP3 player was hooked up. Crystal peered over her shoulder. Gertrude scrolled down to LoveGame by Lady GaGa, and pressed play. Suddenly, the song blasted through the Hall, making guards scream and run out. Not to mention, it showed the music video on every monitor in the place.
Crystal moved her mouth to the side. "Not half bad."
"Pretty fly, eh?"