So Many bosses in Sonic Heroes 2. Like - Mechs , 2 Egg Hawks , Robot Bases , Team Battle.

Egg Hawk

Is a Same Egg Hawk and Same Attacks Piloted again by Dr. Eggman.


Team Battle

The Boss fought in Suberbia Town, Great Guns, Nordic Plains, Worm Forest, Iced Palace, Rusty Nest.

Egg Berserker

Is a giant mech piloted by Dr. Eggman. fought in Tiki Jungle.


Egg Raider

Is a giant mech built by Eggman Nega. fought in Chaotic Casino.

Magic Knight

It is the knight Piloted by Dr. Magic. fought in Rail Mountain


Egg Pharoah

Is a giant mech piloted by Dr. Eggman. fought in Regal Angel

Egg Beetle

Same Egg Beetle in Sonic Unleashed.Fought in Haunted Walls.

Egg Car

Is a car piloted by Dr. Eggman.fought in Huge Metropolis.



Magic Drake




Egg Drake

Magic Bull

Egg Eagle

Egg Titan

Egg Condor

It is an Egg Hawk piloted by Dr. Eggman.It is fought in Robotic Acropolis.

Egg King

Egg Dragoon

Egg Mecha

Magic Assailant

Death Egg-Mondo

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