Sonic Heroes 2
Crush 40
Art Work
Kittenkid1, but uploaded on Dogkid1
Adventure mode,multi-player,trial mode,boss battles,explore story.

Sonic Heroes 2 The Time Has Come

The large figure slams his fist to the dashboard "GRAAAAGH!" he screams "THAT SONIC! I JUST---JUST" He cannot find a word discribe his hate (not one that lets this paragraph be safe for young readers anyways) He walks over to a large screen. A light lit in his head "Yes..." he murmured, and with that, a foul, deadly, scheme began.


Team Sonic

413px-ASR Knuckles

Knuckles (power)

Sonicchannel tails cg

Miles "Tails" Power (Flying)

Sonic (as usual) is running at the speed of sound when a loud bang shakes the earth. "The time has come" a voice whispers as he nears the ship that apparently crashed there. Tails and Knuckles are already there. The time has indeed come for Team Hero, As they are about to go look inside the airship a ginormous shadow looms over them! The moustached figure piloting it is unmistakable, Sonic gives chase but Tails and Knuckles are no where near fast enough to keep up with him. Thats when Tails gets an idea, and the oddly empty airship- now piloted by our favorite flying friend- takes flight!

Sonic (Speed) Captain

Team Rose

While resting under some trees Amy,Cream,Cheese and Big saw a bright object only to be discribed as a meteor fall to the ground nearby. They do not find a meteor but a old friend, Cosmo. Team Rose is very suprised to see Cosmo after her death! She explains that she was actually in a very deep sleep, not dead. She also says that the meteor was her friends. And Cosmo is Capture by the Eggman and now Team decide help Cosmo and find her friends!

CreamnCheese he

Cream and Cheese (Flying)

Amy Roses

Amy Rose (Speed) Captain


Big the Cat (Power)

Team Chaotix

200px-Espio sth

Espio (Speed)


Vector (Power) Captain

Charmy bee

Charmy (Flying)

After gaining nothing from there last mission, Team Chaotix sat in the dimly lit room sulking.

"We can't just laze around here"

muttered Espio, although Vector and CHarmy did not seem to care. They were promised huge money, enough to afford a new place to crash! No, not just to crash, To live like royalty! Then it turned out they had been tricked. Vector decides to go to Empire City and advertise.

"I'll bet ya lotsa rich guys live there!"

He said. As they boarded a train (without paying, but keep that between you and me) A frantic

Team Dark


Shadow (Speed) Captain

Omega 2006

Omega (Power)

463px-Rouge The Batfg

Rouge (Flying)

Team Hooligan


Bark (Power)


Fang (Speed) Captain


Bean (Flying)

Team Metal

53994 Metal-Tails 620

Metal Tails (Flying)

Sonicchannel metal

Metal Sonic (Speed) Captain

Metal Knuckles 243

Metal Knuckles (power)

Team Furture

Silver hedgehog

Silver (Flying) Captain

OWG Blaze

Blaze (Speed)

Team Babylon

163px-Jet pose 7

Jet (Speed) Captain

185px-Storm the Albatros 6

Storm (Power)

300px-Wave EMBARGO 18th Oct

Wave (Flying)

Hours before a big race, Jet and the gang were pumped and-as usual- not worried at all about losing...until a mysterious carbon dioxcide leak causes several of the opponents gear to blow. So many of the gears blew up that they had to cancel the race! This, of course DID NOT make Jet,Wave and Storm happy! They were gonna win that race! So they set out to find the fool who messed with Team Babylon!

Team Glow



1.Ocean Palace

2.Ninja Dojo

3.Casino Bridge

4.Glowing Speedway

5.Sugar Mountain

6.Music City

7.Pearl Kingdom

8.Sunset River

9.Midnight Lake

10.Chained Clouds

11.E.G.G Doomsday Machine

12.Dead Dimension


1.Egg Hawk

2.Egg Tusker

3.Egg Mole

4.Egg Salt

5.Egg Trumpet

6.Egg Clam

7.Egg Canoe

8.Egg Fish

9.Shadow Dragon

10.Metal Sonic

11.Egg Phoenix


Adventure mode-Play as any of the 8 teams and go through much stages.

Multi-player-Play with up to 3 friends at any 8 teams racing,and fighting through stages you have been to.

Trial mode-Play as any 8 teams and go through any stage you have been to.

Boss battles-Play with another player defeating all the bosses that ever apeared in this game.(Unlocks after you finish the game)

Explore story-Explore as a team or only one mobian in any stage with no time or any enimes.

Secret Characters

By completing team storys, you can play as these characters in explore story mode.


Reala (unlock by defeating Shadow Dragon under 5 minutes)


Ray (unlock by making a S rank on all Team Furtures missons)


Mighty (Unlock by making an A rank on all of Team Chaotixs missons


Honey (Complete Team Darks story and Team Metals story)

Sally Acorn

Sally (Complete Team holligans story and Team Roses story)

250px-NiGHTS characterart

NIGHTS (Unlock by completing Team Heroes story)

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