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This is a fanfiction, not an RP.

Sonic Heroes AF is a sequel to the Sonic X and Sonic GT series with better storyline, plot elements, and many differences along with not only another Rare collaboration with Mario and Luigi, but with elements of all Sonic universes (aka games, shows, comics, etc.). It is also a crossover of it and the following franchises:



Dragon Ball Z series


Star wars



One Piece


Sonic: Johnny Yong Bosch Tails: Kate Higgins Knuckles: Steven Jay Blum Amy Rose: Lisa Ortiz Cream: Jessica Boone Cosmo: Amy Birnbaum

Shadow: Jason Griffith Rouge: Megan Fahlenbock

Silver: Scott McCord Blaze: Laura Bailey Marine: Monica Rial Manic: Greg Cipes Sonia: Louise Ridgeway Sally Acorn: Kath Soucie Bunnie: Stephanie Mills Antoine: Rob Paulsen Rotor: Brian Donovan Shine: Kirk Thornton Vector: Keith Silverstein Espio: Kyle Hebert Charmy: Coleen Clinkenbeard Julie-Su: Kate Higgins Mina: Ashley Johnson Ray: Kate Higgins Big the Cat: Bill Farmer E-123 Omega: Travis Willingham E-10000B: Wally Wingert Dr. Eggman: Mike Pollock Jet the Hawk: Vic Mignogna Wave the Swallow: Kate Higgins Storm the Albatross: Dan Green Marine the Raccoon: Kate Higgins Shade: Luci Christian

E-102 Gamma: Sonny Strait Vanilla: Christine Auten Tikal: Bella Hudson Hope: Monica Rial Maria: Bella Hudson Classic Sonic: Jaleel White Classic Tails: Kate Higgins Classic Knuckles: Bill Switzer Classic Amy: Andrea Libman Classic Eggman: Mike Pollock

Mephiles: Dan Green Scourge: Roger Craig Smith Fiona Fox: Rachel Wilson

Tynic - Tyree Kennedy

Main Heroes

Main Anti-Heroes

  • Rouge the bat
  • Jet the hawk
  • Wave
  • Storm
  • Scourge
  • fiona
  • Mind controlled Silver
  • Mind controlled Blaze
  • Mind controlled Sonic
  • Mind controlled Tails
  • vegeta
  • piccolo
  • Donkey kong
  • Diddy Kong


  • Tails Doll
  • Metal Knuckles
  • Metal Silver
  • Metal Blaze
  • Metal Marine
  • Metal sonic (metal form)
  • silver sonic
  • Bowser
  • Dr. Eggman
  • Evil sonic
  • Demon sisters
  • Metal sonic 3.0
  • Mecha sonic
  • Evil tails
  • Evil amy
  • Eggman nega
  • perfect Metal
  • Mecha force
  • Metal force
  • Ginyu force
  • axem ranger
  • frezia
  • cooler
  • king cold
  • Koopa bros

sound tracks

  • Sonic arrives/ shadow arrives/ silver arrives/ tynic arrives - his world lost version
  • Gohan arrives mystical gohan arrives
  • trunks theme
  • Reach for the Stars
  • Live and Learn - Battle song
  • What I'm Made Of - Battle song
  • Race to Win
  • Open Your Heart - Battle song
  • Super Sonic Racing
  • I...I Am ME - Shadow the hedgehog


English versions

Intro 1 DBZ Budokai 3 opening

Intro 2 Dragon soul

intro 3 SMBZ opening

intro 4 His world

intro 5 Grand tour

intro 6 Sonic heroes

intro 7 pokemon black/white theme

intro 8 Digimon - butterfly

Ending themes

  • Ending 1: "Yeah! Break! Care! Break!" by Jerry Jewell (Dragon Ball Z Kai)
  • open your heart
  • Sonic and the black knight theme
  • All hail shadow
  • I....I am me

Season 1( Heroes Saga )

  • A New Beginning
  • A Ring to the Past
  • Welcome Home, Sonic
  • Chaos on Angel Island
  • A New Chaotix Arrival
  • A New Threat
  • Dark Omen
  • A Magical Plot
  • return of the dbz heroes
  • Sonic vs. the Black Knight
  • The Babylon Rogues
  • Return of mephiles
  • My Night With You
  • Enter scourge
  • Sonic's Challenge
  • Highway to Hell
  • True Friends, True Spirits
  • The New Team Rose
  • Little Mop of Honors
  • Battle with Specter
  • Lonely No More
  • The Mysterious Ashura the Hedgehog
  • Time in the time chamber\
  • Time to go to the story of th knight of the round table

Season 2 (black knight saga)

  • Return of king sonic
  • Return of the shadows
  • return of king arthur
  • return of merlina
  • ultimate fight
  • Super knight sonic
  • Rebirth of Excalibur
  • The true king
  • the last wish
  • Dark queen rebirth
  • Call all knights
  • return to our time

Season 3 (Evil sonic Saga)

  • Transfer through dimensions
  • enter Evil sonic
  • super sonic 5
  • fusion time
  • beat evil sonic all or nothing
  • shadow use ultimate chaos spear
  • Sonic It's time to seal evil sonic

Season 4 (Masters Saga)

  • learning from the masters
  • learning from the masters 2
  • becoming masters
  • confront metal sonic
  • join the heroes metal sonic
  • behold metal sonic
  • Birth of meta sonic

Season 5 (villain sagas)

  • enter the villains
  • fight of your life
  • call backup
  • the ultimate heroe
  • birth of super sonic
  • ferice but hard battle
  • run sonic survive

Season 6 ( Super saga )

  • return of sonic
  • return of the mechas
  • enter the koopa bros
  • enter axem rangers
  • enter sigma force
  • enter ginyu force

Season 7 ( android saga)

  • ultimate fight
  • unlock the androids
  • help us evil forces
  • ultimate show down part1
  • ultimate show down part 2
  • ultimate show down part 3
  • birth of android shadow 13
  • Shadow ultimate battle
  • Final chaos blast
  • Shadow is alive
  • Sonic Inner rage kicks in
  • Dragon Grant our wish

season 8 ( Xicor saga )

  • mysterious ship
  • birth of the omen
  • Fight though time
  • greatly beaten
  • world tourney
  • meet jeice

Season 9 ( Kid sonic saga/baby saga )

  • uncool wish
  • journey begins kid
  • find the chaos emeralds
  • baby arrives
  • baby fight
  • use the wish
  • back to normal

Season 10 ( TYNIC SAGA)

  • Meet the recons
  • meet the grenades
  • meet the ninjas
  • Evil times
  • Fight for freedom
  • Meet jade and Jalecia

Season 11 (Mephiles saga)

  • Darkness is born
  • Evil unleashed upon the world
  • Absorbing begins
  • SonKer vs Mephiles
  • SonKer Absorbed
  • Somic arrives
  • Somic vs Mephiles
  • Somic absorbed
  • Sonic and shadow vs Perfect Mephiles
  • Finish off Mephiles
  • Mephiles vs Mephiles?

Season 12 (final saga)

  • Final fight
  • last goodbye
  • aftermath part 1
  • aftermath part 2
  • aftermath part 3
  • aftermath part 4


  • A Hero's Journey (Sonic Af version of DBGT: A Hero's Legacy, takes place between episodes 81-82.)
  • Sonic Surfers (Takes place after season 2)
  • The Cyber Zone (takes place between eps. 139-140)
  • Rise of Nightmares (Takes place after season 4)
  • Ultimate Clash Between Heaven and Hell (non-canonical in the Sonic AF storyline)
  • Broly and Cell, Back with a Vengeance (non-canonical in the Sonic AF storyline)
  • King Damashi, Father of Sonic (prequel to Sonic X and Sonic GT and sonic AF)
  • Galaxina and the Mystery of the White Dragons (non-canoncal in the Sonic AF storyline)
  • The Lost Oracle (non-canoncal in the Sonic AF storyline)
  • The Next Generation (Takes place after the end of Sonic AF)
  • Return of the heroes(take place after the next generation)
  • Return of evil nazo(take place after episode 132-133)
  • Evil Sonic Revenge ( take place after eil sonic saga )
  • Histroy Of Silvet (Beginning Android saga)
  • Warth of The Heartless (after the movie Rise of the nightmare )
  • Hedgehog vs Demons vs zombies vs Evil Future (after evil future episode)