This is a all new Sonic Heroes game sequel of devine being some teams will return some teams won't there will be ten teams only team customization returns and all your favorites from darth tane will return From bruce the jackal to darkness the hedgehog characters will be able to be in there super forms in teams there will be a super version of the teams. i.e., Teams must be submit by the makers of Sonic Heroes 3 devine being or anyone with permission of one of the makers and team customization can be added by anyone


Team Darker

  • Darkness the hedgehog:speed info: now with nazo's energy sealed in him he packs a walope. his team is to stop valkyrie from freeing nazo from darkness
  • E-456 omega :power:info Its a gold omega with stronger weapons.
  • Alister the hawk:Flight:Info Born and raised babylonian jet's cousin and helps the team fly with his Gear(board).

Team superbeing

  • Bruce the jackal:speed:Info returning from his swashbuckling career at undersabre inc his team goes to the past to help prevent doomsday from a new enemy.
  • Wodash the Mutanthog:Power:Info Eh he feels Opposed from this threat

thats why he helps bruce.

  • Mobius the Albatross:Flight:Info one of beings responcible for creating mobius he comes out to help bruce Btw he is the same age as cinos Blood ancestor of darkness.

Team supernautral

  • Blaze The Cat:Speed:this team must go to eggman's castle and and Properly seal him
  • Gaia the hedgehog:Power:Info has all power of every element
  • Silver the hedgehog:flight

Team Demon

  • Rageik, Lord of Demons: Power and leader. Rageik freed himself, Mephiles and Urai to stop Eggman from destroying his true land, Mobius. he is permanently in his Super form due to the demon adhesion. He has the appearance of an uber-haired hedgehog due to Shadow being the last person he possessed. (if in custom team with Will the Echidna, he turns into an echidna)
  • Mephiles: Speed. Mephiles is the clone or 'son' of Mephiles Sr, one of Rageik's two second-in-commands (the other being Nazo). He answered Rageik even though having know knowledge of his ancestry to reach Iblis, who was locked in Eggman's fortress, to regain his power.
  • Urai: Flight. Urai was Rageik's soul brother and one of his closest friends during the Celestial War, but fused with Leaf, the winged-human Celestial, to bring the war to an end and trigger the Mobian uprising. He was freed by Rageik to help him stop Eggman from destroying Rageik's true land. He has the form of a bat.


nazo was sealed in darkness the hedgehog

Gaia is a shapeshifter

more teams comin

Super Teams

Team Super Darker

  • Super Darkness the hedgehog
  • E-1000 Tyrant:gold omega's Trump card
  • Diamond Alister

Team Superbeing

  • UnderBruce
  • Devil-wodash
  • Golden mobius the albatross

Ascended Team Demon

  • Rageik
  • Solaris
  • Awakened Demon Urai

Team Super-Claw

  • Hyper Critical Shahooter
  • Scorching Fire-Stripes
  • Blizzard Starclaw

Superbeing missions

  • stage 01 Far far future:reach the goal

must defeat enemies to unlock a new character

  • description:the future is bleak and destroyed barely any mobians were left just Imortals were left on the then they must find the 3 chaos emeralds
  • stage 02 Future altar
*Boss:lowkey the star beast
  • desciption he hurls you into a dimension to do battle

and you win but he hurls you into the past and you have the emeralds you need

  • stage 03 Early mobius

make it to where green hill city will be in the future. they all use chaos control they open a rift and they get to mobius Present and in green hill city.

  • Boss 2:Valkiery the hedgehog son of nazo(main villian)

hes the reason there future is bad they can't defeat him in the future Description:they defeat him he turnd to his energy form and he is sealed in the red chaos emerald by bruce and he puts the red emerald in the tomb of bruce the jackal and Bruce turns his statue form the imortals then wait for the future

  • stage 04far future
  • Reach the goal at the emerald altar

the emerald is there and he comes out and then they banish to mobicatras high prison

  • Stage 05

boss: Team Darker Descpriton:they try to destroy darkness because darkness has nazo sealed in him they but darkness uses chaos incinerator and team super being gets blown away they get sent back to the future.

Team Demon missions

  • Stage 1: Rude Awakening

Objective: Escape Eggman's Base!

Rageik is woken within Shadow by Eggman, who didn't realize what he had done. Rageik controls Shadow over to the locations of two of the staffs in Eggman's collection of staffs, breaking them to release Mephiles and Urai. Together, they have to flee Eggman's base.

Hint:If you find the statue of Nazo in the collection hall, get Rageik to smash it, freeing a Time Stone and some upgrade points. Use these upgrade points to give the team more skills with any of the plausible powers.

  • Stage 2: Building the Army

Objective: Find Phantom!

Rageik and team make it to Mount Apocalypse, the sight of Armageddon's assault when Rageik ascended. His wife had set up base with her recruits in the old Celestial enclave, but first you have to get in.

Hint: Look for side corridors. Sometimes you will find members of other teams there, and Jet and the other Babylon Rouge are seen down one corridor. If you can make a statue or painting fall on Jet, he will give you a fair amount of upgrade points.

  • Stage 3: Visions of the Past

Boss: Ultima.

Objective: Defeat Ultima!

Rageik and Urai start arguing about the past and the final fight before the Uprising. Phantom uses a Time Stone to recreate the final battle, then gives Rageik the Time Stone to help defeat Ultima as part of their training.

Hint: This level is very difficult, but rewarding if you look carefully. To get to Ultima, you have to pass four sub-bosses. There are also a couple of secret passages to find, including one with Maddy the Hedgehog down there. Attack her to get a secret cutscene where you see her heal Sonic and Silver, then attempt to heal Shadow when Rageik jumps over into her body. Doing this unlocks Rageik: Female Hedgehog form and Maddy. Another corridor has Elise in there. Attack her to unlock Iblis. The final corridor has Leaf. Use Urai to attack him to get another Time Stone, a lot of Upgrade Points and access to Ultima.

Stage 4: Darkness Rising

Objective: Make it to Black Doom's hideout!

Now that the team was retrained in fighting Celestials and Demons, Phantom pledged her army of Trolls and rouge Dark Legionnaires to Rageik's cause. Now Rageik and the others raced to another Demon for his army: Black Doom.

Hint: Watch out for the big brother to the Black Worm and the Abyss Worm: the Enraged Wyrm. They can charge up energy blasts and reflect other energy blasts, so physical attacks only on those ones. They give upgrade points.

Stage 5: Team Supernatural

Objective: Defeat Team Supernatural!

Blaze and Silver sense Mephiles coming and decide to attack them with Gaia. Mephiles taunts them, calling them 'lovers' and saying 'I know that you two share a sleeping bag', and things like that. (He refuses to swear, unlike Rageik and Urai, who use damn, hell and other curses a fair bit when surprised). Enraged, Team Supernatural attacks.

Hints: DO NOT attack Gaia with physical attacks. While Blaze and Silver are hard to hurt with physicals, Gaia will use things like dark energy and fire attacks to repel you, so make sure Rageik can absorb both fire and darkness. Use Mephiles against Silver and Urai against Blaze and it should be easier. Defeating them gets you another Time Stone

Stage 6: Dragon Armada

Objective: Defeat Team Darker!

Rageik and allies arrive at the point where Eggman plans to unleash a superweapon capable of destroying a fair bit of Mobius: the Dimension Cannon. Rageik and allies must fight him, but first they must free the final general of the Demon Armies: Nazo.

Hints: Make sure Rageik can use Dragon Summon, because riding the Dragon bypasses a fair bit of robots and renegade Demons at Darkness's command. Defeat Team Darker to release Nazo and continue to the final stage.

Stage 7: Dimension Cannon part 1

Objective: Reach the Dimension Cannon!

Rageik, Mephiles and Urai all reach Eggman's final base, where they find three paths, one for each of them. At the end of Rageik's, he finds an ancient foe. In Mephiles' path, Iblis is waiting, while Urai gets all the Malice Emeralds. They venture inside, trying to find the cannon.

Hints: The team is split up until you reach the cannon with all of them, but you get Awakened Demon Urai and Solaris, to make it easier. *Solaris: Fight through Team Supernatural again, then possess them. Race and fight down the path with the newly possessed team until you reach the cannon room.

  • Awakened Demon Urai: Fight off a tonne of robots, then fight Eggman in the cannon room. Urai's Tornado Slash attack comes in handy.
  • Rageik: Fight through the renegade Demons and Celestials until you reach the cannon room, where you face a pair of 'good' guys, Flashfire and Will. Flashfire ascends to his Advanced Ascended form, while Will goes TrueChaos then the three of them duel. Get them down to half health to get to the final cutscene before the final battle.

Stage 8: Dimension Cannon part 2

Objective: Destroy the Dimension Cannon!

Rageik, Will and Flashfire stop fighting to witness Eggman fire up the cannon. Realizing that they should HELP Rageik instead of kill him, Flash and Will are joined by the entire Demon Army as well as the Celestial Army and forces built by Will and Striker. Solaris deforms, then Mephiles, Nazo and Rageik fuse. Striker goes ShatteredChaos and fuses with Will to make Ultima: Echidna form, and Awakened Demon Urai and Gold Leaf fuse to Ultima: Bat form. They then attack the cannon.

Hints: You have twenty minutes to destroy the cannon, or you lose Ultima: Echidna form. After that, you have ten more minutes before the other two defuse. The cannon has been known to take ages of all fusions are not powered up full, so use combined attacks from the two Ultima and blasts from Mephazik to bring it down, but this strategy takes twenty minutes. Another one is find the reactor, and use a blast on that to effect that. If you lose a single fusion (other than from the time limit, like from damage or a fall) you could be joined by beings like Phoenix, the fusion of Sonic, Silver and Shadow.

When the cannon is destroyed, the fusions break, and the demons and Celestials are separated and sent back into staffs by members of the Brotherhood of Guardians and many others. With Nazo and Rageik leaving unhurt again, Rageik returns into Shadow and Nazo disappears, ready for next time.

Team Supernautral mission

  • Stage 01:Green Hill city

hint: if you find sonic and his team you unlock dark spine sonic and the three emeralds are found in land marks from other sonic games Objective:find 3 chaos emeralds

  • Stage 02 Endless desert

Objective:make it to eggman's fortress at the end of the desert

  • Stage 03

Team Demon

  • hint use gaia's fire to stun mephiles so silver can bind in esp

use silver against urai and blaze against mephiles and after all of that use the team blast Objective: defeat team demon

  • Stage 04 make it to where eggman is holding iblis
  • Find team dark and you'll unlock a new power

Objective find Iblis and and seal him away in the fire crystal

eggman has Iblis sealed in a fire crystal and he will give him to the team if they help eggman take over The true land egg man gives the fire crystal to silver and silver ,gaia and blaze attack eggman's robots and destroy the egg carrier and destroy every last eggman robotand they see eggman in the egg pheinox

eggman summons more robots and silver tells team demon to move on to stop the other troops and that they will handel silver powers up to super silver blaze to burning blaze and gaia into ultra gaia Final boss: Egg Pheinox hint:use super silver's psycokinetic rush to take out the wings and then use Burning blaze's endless flame to take out the engines and lastly use gaia's earth quake to finish eggman

Team Darker missions

  • Stage 01 egg under ground ware house

objective:get out of there

  • Stage 02 emerald altar

Boss:Tean superbeing

  • Hint:be sure that your team takes out bruce first then take the rest out
  • Stage 03 City in the Sky
  • Objective: find the rainbow emerald
  • Stage 04 Eggman's lair
  • Objective:Get the beezle crystal
  • stage 05 Mephiles's castle
  • Objective:Defeat Team demon and stop nazo from reawakening
  • Stage 06:Nazo's dimension
  • Objective:Find nazo and re-seal him
  • Final mission:get the orange doomstone and seal nazo once and for all

nazo get sucked throught doomstone but this time nazo then reflects a ray from the doomstone and it kills darkness then team supernautral appears and then Blaze then sees darkness and his team Blaze notices that darkness laying down dead on the floor blaze than started crying then E 456 omega and allister then looked around they went top side they were in the egg carrier eggman said let me guess you woke up in a mysterious room and you saw nazo and darkness then tried to seal inside his body but nazo fired a beam throught the doomstone and that killed darkness we must summon team demon and tell them nazo tricked them and nazo plans to destroy the galaxy but with darkness gone its Impossible...

final story

Silver found all chaos emeralds returned to base and darkness is laying still silver says blaze is team demon here yet the emeralds revitalises darkness darkness then stands up and says silver we need to fuse and make davik stronger than before they fuse and make galaxy davik the goal is to get nazo weakend into his energy state which when hes paralized. Ultima: Bat Form helps to bring down the renegade demon Necro-Bruce then slashes through eight nazo mutants

  • Davik's Stage:

davik must get to nazo's thrown where green hill city was

  • Ultima's stage

Ultima must defeat all three members of Nazo's Renegade Demon Army Command.

  • Bruce's Stage

Elimnate nazo's flagships

Team customization

the custom teams will help on the final story where all teams work togther Speed characters

  • Nazo The hedgehog
  • jet the hawk
  • Sonic the hedgehog
  • Mecha Bruce:info Robotinized Bruce
  • Doctor dark:Info Creator of Darkness and Bruce
  • Shadow the hedegehog
  • Silver the hedgehog
  • Davik the hedgehog: info fusion of darkness and silver
  • Darkness the hdegehog
  • Maddy the Hedgahog
  • Phantom (Rageik's wife, hedgehog)
  • Amy Rose
  • Spike the Wolf
  • Shahooter the Owl
  • Darkneon the Hedgehog
  • Sindra the Owl

Power Characters'

  • Devlin jackalola:info use his sword to slash throught enemies
  • E-8910 Omega:info Platinum omega with ultra weapons
  • Joey the jackalbountyhunter:info Throws bombs glides on his board and slashes with a sword
  • Eggwarhawk:info Mecha Bruce's creator and Robotinized eggman
  • Brass the Mole:Info: Darkness's long time Best friend
  • Storm the albatross
  • Knuckles the echinda
  • E-456 omega
  • E-123 omega
  • Evil Bruce
  • Will the Echidna
  • Striker (Anti-Will)
  • Spectre (Rageik's sister, hedgehog)
  • Rageik: Female Hedgehog form
  • Rageik: Echidna form
  • Iblis
  • Rampart the Rhino
  • Flashfire (Leader of the Celestials)
  • Fire-stripes the Tiger

Flying Characters

  • Maria the Hedgebat (Daughter of Shadow and Rouge)
  • Bianca the Bat (Maria's twin)
  • Tallon (Urai's sister, owl)
  • Tails the Fox
  • Cream the Rabbit
  • Leaf
  • Voltre the Vulture
  • Clover the Cat
  • Starclaw the Wolf

Super characters note:all are super

  • Super Sonic
  • Super shadow
  • Dark Spine Sonic
  • super silver
  • Super darkness:info uses 1 chaos emerald
  • Rainbow darkness:info uses rainbow emerald
  • Underbruce
  • E-1000 tyrant:Info fusion of all omega's combined
  • Egg-Terrorist:Info upgraded Egg-warhawk
  • Devil wodash:Info Hes as bad as devil doom
  • Golden mobius:info his feathers become gold no gems required
  • Diamond Alister hawk:Info uses 3 chaos emeralds
  • Perfect Nazo
  • Ultra Perfect Nazo
  • Ultimate Nazo:Info My Fan made nazo form
  • Darkness the werehog:Info powered by pure anger hes more powerful then ultra perfect nazo
  • Shaddow the Werehog
  • Sonic The Werehog
  • Super Devlin
  • Blazing Will
  • HyperBlazing Will
  • Chaos Will
  • Hydro Maddy
  • Awakened Demon Urai
  • Solaris (when Mephiles and Iblis reunite)
  • Blood Tallon
  • Ascended Phantom
  • Nightmare Spectre
  • Spike Perfect
  • Gold Leaf
  • Ultima (Fusion of Leaf and Urai)
  • Mephazo (Fusion of Mephiles and Nazo)
  • Mephazik (Fusion of Mephiles, Nazo and Rageik)
  • Universal Darkness: info a Spacial form of darkness
  • Ascended Flashfire
  • Advanced Ascended Flashfire (Hyper Ascended form)
  • Hyper Critical Sindra
  • Hyper Critical Shahooter
  • Chaos Darkneon
  • Blizzard Starclaw
  • Scorching Fire-stripes

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