Sonic Journeys is a free fangame that is available on Yoyogames. It is made using Game Maker Lite, and is a platformer meant to be similar to the classic Sonic games. It was created by Panic the Wolf. As of September 30th, 2013, Sonic Journeys 2 is officially in development. 
Sonic Journeys
Release Dates
Jaguar European December 21, 2011

Jaguar american December 21, 2011

Jaguar flagen December 21, 2011

Jaguar Australian December 21, 2011
Main Game
ERSB: Everyone
Downloadable .exe file
Panic the Wolf
Panic the Wolf


The game is available to download for free here. The link is completely safe. No viruses or malware of any kind. (link)


Main Characters
06 sonic002

Sonic the Hedgehog

It's back to the basics for playable characters. Our favourite hero is in your control to stop Robotnik before he can get the Death Egg Mark...3? 4? I've lost count. He has all his classic abilities, with the addition of a hit-and-miss targeted attack known as "chaos bullet," in which he shoots himself towards the cursor at high speeds. This is very useful for a rapid strike or reaching high places. If used correctly, it can defeat some bosses in only two or three hits! Run Sonic, run!


Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik

Eggman? Who's Eggman? This is your archnemesis, Dr. Robotnik. He's running out of genius plans these days. He only made a few types of robots, but they are more potent than a number of previous models. Probably because Sonic caught him early, the Death Egg isn't working properly yet, but it's still in space and soon ready to fire! But how much longer can the doc keep fighting for? He's into his fifties. He's been trying to defeat Sonic for 20 years with ZERO success.

Other Characters
387px-ASR Tails

Miles "Tails" Prower

Tails appears a few times, but is always a big help. First, he hurries you into his workshop to escape from Robotnik's lethal machine covered in spikes. Then, he reactivates the reprogrammed Silver Sonic Mark II, gets you to the second special stage if you got all the chaos emeralds, and even if you don't, he rescues you when you fall from space. If you got them all and the master emerald, he will be there congratulating you when you arrive back on Angel Island.


Knuckles the Echidna

Knuckles does nothing at all in the game. He's just there. He makes a cameo appearance in Emerald Zone, and again in the good ending.


Silver Sonic Mk II

After the defeat of a Sonic robot, Tails salvages its parts and reprograms it in his workshop, storing them in giant, imposing stasis tubes. Saying his help is needed, Tails awakens the very model that fought Sonic on the Death Egg. Silver Sonic seems very cooperative and willing to serve upon awakening. He is not seen again until Robotnik upgrades his machine to an all-consuming wall of spikes. Once Sonic gets to safety, Silver Sonic is thanked by Sonic as he takes the blow from the machine, saying "so long." Robotnik's vehicle is deflected up into the night sky, and Silver Sonic is nowhere to be seen. In the good ending, he is shown unharmed standing by the Tornado on the beach.

Panic the Wolf himself appears in Aquatic Archway Zone, to tell the player an interesting fact. Radiation the Hedgehog also makes an appearance in the Top-Top-Top-Secret Zone. I doubt you'll ever actually find the place.


The gameplay is the classic style, with basic controls. The enemies and bosses are also like those found in a 90's Sonic the Hedgehog game. The game has been criticized due to the levels being very short. This is due to the fact that the slopes work poorly and a long level would either be very linear or too glitchy. Other aspects of the game that differ from basic Sonic gameplay are the message boxes and the chaos bullet attack. There are also the cheats to turn invisible or turn into Mario. These were simply added for fun and serve no practical purpose. As with a few other games, there are two endings. The official good ending can only be reached if the player got all of the emeralds in the game. After this ending, the player is taken to the level select, where they can replay from anywhere in the game. There is also a way into a very secret area. It's so secret, all that may be said is - you'll know it if you're there.


  • Front cover
  • Controls
  • The game's protagonists.
  • Enemies.
  • The story.
  • Green Hill Zone. How original.
  • You can FINALLY play Wood Zone!
  • The creator's favourite.
  • Don't try to fight it.
  • I don't even like that movie.
  • Not advisable if you get motion sickness.


  • There WILL be a sequel. It will have fewer levels, but they will be longer and better.
  • In the demo version, the good ending plays and has several differences: a 1-up monitor in place of a palm tree, all incarnations of Metal Sonic hiding in the foliage, and Shadow the Hedgehog at the base of the hollow tree, below a sign with his name.

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