Sonic Jr and The Future of Dreams is the new game and story that takes places into the future, a new enemy come and unknown of who he is, can Sonic's great grandson, Sonic Jr the Hedgefoxidna and the next generation dafeat this new foe or will it be the end of world and their future? Find Out on this final story.

Future Generation/ Team Sonic Jr.

Sonic Jr the Hedgefoxidna

The great great grandson of Sonic the Hedgehog, he has speed from his mother, Melody and power from his dad, Rocket. He cocky like Sonic, but hot-temper like his great great grandfather, Knuckles. His best friends are Niles "Tails" Prower, Camy Violet, Bijou D'Coolette, Flame and Icy the Hedgecat twins, Caramal Prower and her chaos, Tea and Lemon, Cousin, Russell the Foxidna, Hector the Crocodile, Bloosom Bee, Sheena the Gecko, cousin, Ray Ray the Flying Squirrel, Shadow Jr the Hedgebat, Gem the Hedgebat and Boomer the Walrus.

Harmony the Hedgefoxidna

The older twin of Star and older sister of Sonic Jr, Harmony is shown to be almost like her great grandfather, Ash Mongoose, but is friendly, kind and mature then her siblings and often takes care of them. She is Star's manger and Sonic Jr. bodygaurd, she is in love with Ash Meerkat.

Star the Monchidna

Star is the younger twin sister of Harmony and older sister of Sonic Jr. unlike her sister and brother, Star is very shy and quiet and stay out of fights, but later become open-minded and out spoken, she is a talent singer, just like her mother, her grandmother, and great grandmother. later it shown Shadow Jr and her are a couple snice the beginning.

Ally Acorn

The princess of mobius and Sonic Jr. true love. she is very friendly and brave and like her great great grandmother will do anything to protect her people and her friends. She loves Sonic Jr and is best friends with Bijou D'Coolette and Harmony.

Nails "Tails" Prower

The great great grandson of Miles "Tails" Prower, great grandson of Kyle Prower and grandson of Lucas Prower. Tails has three tails, while Miles, Kyle, and Lucas only have two tails, Tails has been best friends with Sonic Jr snice their fathers are good friends, he is in love with Gem the Hedgebat.

Caramal Prower

Tails's younger sister, she is intelligent and is the mechanic of the group. a sweet rabbit with her two chaos, Lemon and Tea always by her side whereever she goes, she is best friends with Camy Violent.

Russell the Foxidna

He is the son of Sid the Foxidna, Russell is shown to be very calm young man like his father, he keeps out of trouble and respect others, even if they are mean to him. He tried to keep his cousins, mostly Sonic Jr out of trouble.

Camy Violet

Camy Violet is the classmate and partner of Sonic Jr, also his closed friend Camy look out for him and cares for him deeply. She like a sister to him and Tails because she looks out for them. She rather Amy-like in her actions, but not personality. She is best friends with Caramal the Rabbit.

Shadow Jr the Hedgebat

Gem the Hedgebat

Hector the Crocodile

Blossom Bee

Sheena the Chameleon

Ray Ray the Flying Squirrel

Flame the Hedgecat

The great great grandson of Silver and Blaze, he very hot-headed and rude when you first meet him and he not easy to trust, but he very sweet and has a good sense of justice just like Sliver. He is now the guardian of the Sol Emeralds and control Pyrokinesis.

Icy the Hedgecat

Icy is the twin sister of Flame. unlike her brother, Icy is polite and cool-headed and loves to make friends. Icy loves to travel to different places, mostly cold places. Icy is closed friends with Sheena the Chameleon.

Bijou D'Coolette

Bijou is the Great great granddaugther of Bunnie and Antione.

Boomer the Walrus


Coming Soon

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