Sonic LOST is SLJCOAAATR 1's re-telling of the hit tv series, LOST, replacing the cast with Sonic characters, and changing some things to give it a more "Sonic" feel to it. The story is written in a manner similar to that of a normal episode script for LOST. Please keep in mind that this fanfic has its own continuity, sepearate from any currently explored ones, therefore none of the characters know each other, and the time-line works differently, allowing this series to happen.


Below is several lists of characters. First is who they are in LOST, and next to them is which Sonic character is playing them.

Oceanic Flight 815 Survivors

LOST Character Sonic Character
Jack ShephardSonic the Hedgehog
James "Sawyer" FordKnuckles the Echidna
Kate AustenAmy Rose
John LockeShadow the Hedgehog
Charlie PaceVector the Crocodile
Sayid JarrahEspio the Chameleon
Hugo "Hurley" ReyesBig the Cat
Michael DawsonGerald Robotnik
Walt LloydChip the Light Gaia
Claire LittletonVanilla the Rabbit
Boone CarlyleChaos Zero
Shannon RutherfordSara
Sun KwonCream the Rabbit
Jin KwonJet the Hawk
Ana-Lucia CortezWave the Swallow
Eko TundeE-123 Omega
Elizabeth "Libby" SmithBlaze the Cat
Nikki FernandezRouge the Bat
PauloDylan the Porcupine
Rose NadlerBernadette Hedgehog
Bernard NadlerJules Hedgehog
Neil "Frogurt"Storm the Albatross
Vincent DogMuttski Dog
SullivanProfessor Pickle
CraigDiablo the Wolf
RichardMuzy the Koala Bear
Scott JacksonJeremiah the Great Dane
Steve JenkinsAthair the Echidna
Seth NorrisGardon the Koala Bear
EmmaSaffron Bee
ZachCharmy Bee
NathanBark the Polar Bear
NancyJulie-Su the Echidna
Cindy ChandlerRosie the Nanny
Gary TroupHamlin the Pig
Edward MarsSlueth Dawg
DonaldRob'O the Hedge
Joanna MillerPrincess Elise
Leslie ArztMiles "Tails" Prower
DougBean the Dynamite
JeromeAbraham Tower
N.D.Hope Kintobor
TracyMina Mongoose
LanceAsh Mongoose
Bob JonesAntoine D'Coolette
Chris DobsonRotor Walrus
Jake SmithFlying Frog
Robert WestDrago Wolf
Sally RafflethorpSally Acorn
Elliot MaslowMighty the Armadillo
Jeff HadleyMello the Bee
Faith HarringtonBunnie Rabbot
Dexter StubsKicks a Lot
GeorgeElias Acorn
Janelle GrangerRosy the Rascal
LarryNorman the Polar Bear
SonyaTikal the Echidna
Un-Named Backround ExtrasUn-Named Various Mobian Species

The Others

LOST Character Sonic Character
Ben LinusDimitri the Echidna
Tom FriendlyAnti-Miles Prower
Richard AlpertE-102 Gamma
Juliet BurkeNicole
Ethan RomSnively Kintobor
Goodwin StanhopeScourge the Hedgehog
Harper StanhopeFiona Fox
Danny PickettSergeant Simian
Colleen PickettLien-Da the Echidna
Bea KlughAnti-Sally "Alicia" Acorn
Mikhail BakuninLightning Lynx
Ryan PryceMetal Sonic
Alex RousseauAnti-Bunnie "Buns" Rabbot
Karl MartinSyntar the Echidna
IsabelRegina Ferrum
JasonPredator Hawk
IvanAnti-Robotnik "Ivo Kintobor"
MatthewFang the Sniper
LukeBlack Doom
AldoAnti-Antoine "Patch" D'Coolette
MattinglyJun Kun
VanessaNicolette "Nic" the Weasal
AmeliaIvanna Robotina
AdamMetal Scourge
CunninghamIxis Naugus
BonnieConquering Storm
GretaConstant Vigil
SusanDulcy the Dragon
PatrickKodos the Warlord
Un-Named Backround ExtrasUn-Named Various Mobian Species

Kahana Crew

LOST Character Sonic Character
Naomi DorritCocoa the Cat
Daniel FaradaySilver the Hedgehog
Miles StraumeLocke the Echidna
Charlotte LewisHershey St. John
Frank LapidusChuck Hedgehog
Martin KeamyJohnny
OmarReinfeld T. Rodent
MayhewJeff the Weasel
KocalKarl the Weasel
LacourKonor the Weasel
RedfernAmadeus Prower
BrandonZector the Zone Cop
HendricksZespio the Zone Cop
JeffColonel the Koala Bear
George MinkowskiZonic the Zone Cop
ReginaSasha Cat
RayHoratio Quack
Un-Named Backround ExtrasUn-Named Various Mobian Species

DHARMA Initiative Members

LOST Character Sonic Character
Alvar HansoThe President
AlvarezEmerl the Gizoid
Amy GoodspeedShade the Echidna
AnthonyCanus the Wolf
BaxterHarry the Dingo
BillCyril Eagle
BuzzArmand D'Coolette
BirdArchimedes the Ant
CliveGuru Emu
CraigSam Speed
DavidEddy the Yeti
DebraLyco the Wolf
DoctorDuck "Bill" Platypus
DorisLeeta the Wolf
ElmerGuntiver the Wolf
EricIan St. John
ErinMaria the Wolf
FernMaria Robotnik
FernMelody Prower
Gerald DeGrootChuck Thorndyke
GlenFlip Penguin
HeatherPenelope Platypus
Horace GoodspeedHugo Brass
JayShadow Android
Jeanette LewisAleena the Hedgehog
JerryCharyb the Gizoid
JuneSaleta Acorn
Karen DeGrootHelen
KykerArlo Armadillo
Lara ChangJulayla Acorn
LowellSabre the Echidna
MikeLarry Lynx
MitchSpectre the Echidna
Olivia GoodspeedSonia the Hedgehog
OpalDulcy Dragon
PaulPacachamic the Echidna
PhilScylla the Gizoid
Pierre ChangNestor the Echidna
Stuart RadzinskyIx the Echidna
RaymondConnery the Horse
RonnieTobor the Echidna
RosieAnti-Amy "Rosy the Rascal"
TomNate Morgan
TonyTommy Turtle
WayneRemington the Echidna
WillieGeoffrey St. John
Un-Named Backround ExtrasUn-Named Various Mobians

Aijira Flight 316 Survivors

LOST Character Sonic Character
BramDr. Eggman
CaesarMonkey "Ken" Khan
IlanaJenna-Lu the Echidna
JedTrey Scales
NabilJack Rabbit
RoxanneSonia the Hedgehog
Rupa KrishnavaniAerial
Un-Named Backround ExtrasUn-Named Various Mobian Species


LOST Character Sonic Character
Danielle RousseauMarine the Raccoon
Robert RousseauDaikun the Koala Bear
NadineBarby the Koala Bear
BrennanSetter the Koala Bear
LacombeKylok the Koala Bear
Aaron LittletonRay the Flying Squirrel
Desmond HumeTabby the Koala Bear
Henry GaleHeavy the Robot
Charles WidmoreMammoth Mogul
Penelope "Penny" WidmoreMegan Acorn
Matthew AbaddonHarlan the Echidna
Eloise HawkingIsabella Mongoose
Charlie HumeManic the Hedgehog
JacobIblis (In Chaos Zero-esque form.)
EsauMephiles the Dark

Flashback Characters

Flashforward Characters

Season 1

Pilot Part 1

Pilot Part 2

Tabula Rasa


White Rabbit

House Of The Rising Cream

The Moth

Confidence Man


Raised By Another

All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues

Whatever The Case May Be

Hearts & Minds




...In Translation


Dues Ex Machina

Do No Harm

The Greater Good

Born To Run

Exodus Part 1

Exodus Part 2

Exodus Part 3

Bad Twin

Endangered Species

Secret Identity

Signs Of Life

Season 2

Man Of Science, Man Of Faith



Everybody Hates Big

...And Found


The Other 48 Days


What Amy Did

The 23rd Psalm

The Hunting Party

Fire + Water

The Long Con

One Of Them

Maternity Leave

The Whole Truth


Dave the Echidna


Two For The Road


Three Minutes

Live Together, Die Alone Part 1

Live Together, Die Alone Part 2

The Lost Experience

Season 3

A Tale Of Two Cities

The Glass Ballerina

Further Instructions

Every Man For Himself

The Cost Of Living

I Do

Not In Portland

Flashes Before Your Eyes

Stranger In A Strange Land

Edward Tanaka Is Dead

Enter 7-7

Par Avion

The Man From Tallahasse


Left Behind

One Of Us



The Brig

The Man Behind The Curtain

Greatest Hits

Through The Looking Glass Part 1

Through The Looking Glass Part 2

Find 815

Season 4

The Beginning Of The End

Confirmed Dead

The Economist


The Constant

The Other Woman

Voni-Ca the Echidna

Meet Kevin Johnson

The Shape Of Things To Come

Something Nice Back Home

Cabin Fever

There's No Place Like Home Part 1

There's No Place Like Home Part 2

There's No Place Like Home Part 3

Dharma Initiative Recruiting Project

Season 5

Because You Left

The Lie


The Little Prince

This Place Is Death


The Life & Death Of Jeremy Bentham



He's Our You

Whatever Happened, Happened

Dead Is Dead

Some Like It Hoth

The Variable

Follow The Leader

The Incident Part 1

The Incident Part 2

Via Domus

Season 6

LA X Part 1

LA X Part 2

What Amy Does


The LOST Connections

Silver the Hedgehog's Journal

E-123 Omega's Readings

Nestor's Warning From The Past

The Hidden Philosophies

What Else

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