The New Game

Sonic Lost In The Jungle!


Sonic was running in Green Hill until, Sonic saw a red tree, it was no ordinary tree, it was a portal tree, it transformed into a portal that grabbed Sonic into it, it also grabbed in Tails and Knuckles, now, as a team, Sonic's team (renamed Team Hero) must run through thee jungle and find out who was doing this to them, but Sonic needs to be careful from tthe Jungle Troops which are robots created by the one who was doing this to them, ???, is the jungle master / king, now, Team Hero must find ??? and return to thier home world.

Characters / Playables

1. Sonic - Speed

2. Tails - Flight

3. Knuckles - Power

Team: Team Hero

4. Shadow - Speed

5. Rouge - Flight

6. Stone - Power

Team: Team Dark


1. Mystic Jungle Zone

2. Dark Jungle Zone

Extra. Prehistoric Jungle Zone (accessed by getting a Chaos Emerald)

3. Water Jungle Zone

4. Bridge Jungle Zone

5. Dusty Jungle Zone

6. Stardust Jungle Zone

7. Dead Jungle Zone


1. Mystic Robot

2. Dark Jungle Troop

Extra. Prehistoric Troop

3. Under-Water Robot

4. Flying Bot

5. Dusty Troop

6. Metal Sonic

7. Team Dark (Shadow, Rouge and Stone)

8. Deadly The Dark (also known as ???)

Special Stages

They are Sonic Heroes Special Stages but only more jungle parts on it.

Bad Ending

If you don't get all 7 Chaos Emeralds and defeat Deadly The Dark, Sonic and his friends run to the portal, but, the portal closed and Sonic and his friends are stuck in the jungle, while also, Deadly The Dark recovered from the defeat by the power of the Chaos Emeralds, after seeing the Credits (renamed Jungle Credits) you see Deadly The Dark sitting on the Dark Master chair with the Chaos Emeralds on the floor, while he is laughing evily, the sign TRY AGAIN comes on the screen.

Good Ending

If you do get all 7 Chaos Emeralds and defeat Deadly The Dark, Sonic and his friends run to the portal, but, the portal did not close because of the power of the emeralds keeps it open, and, you can revisit the jungle any time, and the sign YOU WIN! appears on the screen.

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