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Sonic Nexus SAGE 2010 or shorted as the common title „Sonic Axiom„ or Axiem is a game created by Vexer.Its a retro platformed game and of cours the sequel of Retro Sonic.

And yes, If the time rund out,It will begin again from 00:00.It has actually no limit.

Playable and abilities

  • Sonic the hedgehog-Spin,Spindash,Run,Spin
  • Miles Prower Tails-Flight,Spindash,Run,Spin
  • Knuckles The Echidna-Wallclimb,Run,Spin,spindash.


  • Costal Causeway-A nice rebuild of palmtree panic and a good place for adventures.


Badnik grade-Easy

Boss-Egg Dual-spikeballour

  • Stone Sea-A big sea of stone that has more water than air.

Grade-Very Hard

Badnik Grade-Medium

Boss-Egg spikeZN

  • Neon Night (Neonache carnival)-A casino-Carnival party reminiscent of Casino night zone that is bumper-styled and has much hidden 1UPs.


Badnik Grade-Hard

Boss-Huge egg electriffying

  • Calcified Cavern-A diamond-filled abandoned cavern.(Hint:This zone has the best music from the whole game)


Badnik Grade-Easy

Boss-Egg Minerator

  • Molten Meltdown-A vulcan-lava level.(Its incomplete and has no boss)


Badnik Grade-Medium

Boss-No one

*Glacial Gorge (Unplayable)


*Steel highway (Unplayable


*Machine Mayhem (Unplayable)


Unplayale reasons

The Glacial Gorge,Steel station and Machine mayhem are unplayable and nothing is known abiut them cause as the name says,The game is just a 2010 Demo.


*No virus

Demo link 1-This one only works

Demo link 2-Does not works

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