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Sonic Origins
ESRB=E Pegi=3+
Adventure, Action
Wii,PS3,X box
Part 1(sonic 1), part 2 (sonic 2) and freeplay
Followed by


Where is Sonic?

Dr. Ivo Robotnik

This particular "being of the brains" dedicates his life to science in correlation to animal species that dwell on the planet. As his scheme is to control the animals' instincts to show favor toward him more than others, that scheme is rotted by Sonic the Hedgehog. Therefore, Dr. Robotnik has an abhorrence to the hedgehog.

Miles ("Tails") Prower

Miles, code named by Robotnik as "Tails", was the inventor of Sonic the Hedgehog's Super Speed Shoes. Miles is only featured in Part Two of the story, as well as Freeplay.

Knuckles the Echidna

Although he is only a cameo in the game, Knuckles is still worthy to feature in some way in the ending cut-scene. In the end, Eggman mentions the guardian of the "Floating Island" and a sight of a large emerald resided on it.


Part 1

Blue Hedgehog (Sonic): Ah, this is such a beautiful day on South Island. The trees, the sun, the robots--!

(A robot abruptly appears before the peace only to disturb it)

Sonic: Wait...hey, dude! What is with that robot thingy?

Scientist (Dr. Robotnik): How rude of you to call me such a word. Ahem, and how rude of me to barge in like that. Anyway, I am Doctor Ivo Robotnik. As you may believe that this place is peace and quiet, the animals are obnoxious around me, and show a disapproved temperament for me. Therefore, the animals should come in care of my hands by allowing machinery to fulfill its duties.

Sonic: What?

Dr.Robotnik: Here (holds out shiny new shoes), you can take these speed shoes--under one condition: you leave me alone.

Sonic: Whoa...

Dr.Robotnik: Alright now, leave me alone.

Sonic: What? No.

Dr.Robotnik: What do you mean, "No?"

Sonic: I'm not just going to let you robotize these animals.

Dr.Robotnik: Argh, that's it! You asked for it. Retrieve him, Badniks! I'll be returning soon. (Departs in his machine)

Level 1(green hill zone)

Sonic the Hedgehog02:21

Sonic the Hedgehog

Green hill zone acts 1,2 and 3

Dr.Robotnik: Hmph, so you defeated my robots in such a short time. Let us see well do you do with a Wrecking Ball to come and crush you?

File:Sonic 1 Music: Bosses

Dr.Robotnik: Impossible! It must be the Super Speed Shoes I lent you at the beginning of all this mess.

Sonic: That's what you think, huh?

Dr. Robotnik: Argh, you'll see. I will return with something more strong--and you'll regret eying it.

Level 2 (Marble zone)

File:Sonic 1 Music: Marble Zone

Dr.Robotnik: Behold the "Egg Shooter", blue hedgehog!

Sonic: Aah! I'm so afraid of the teeny tiny attachments that you slabbed on that heap of junk.

Dr. Robotnik: Hush is time to sleep.

(The boss proceeds)

Dr.Robotnik: No...curses. What is your name, anyway?

Sonic: Sonic.

Dr.Robotnik: Sonic. Symbolic name. Well, Sonic, you'll rue this day for sure.

Sonic: What do you mean by that?

Dr.Robotnik: Oh, just forget it for now. (departs)

Level 3 (Sping yard zone)

Sonic the Hedgehog 1 Music - Spring Yard Zone00:00

Sonic the Hedgehog 1 Music - Spring Yard Zone

Spring yard act 1,2 and 3

Dr.Robotnik: Oh, Sonic, I made something absolutely delightful for your tastes.

Sonic: Right, and what would that be?

Dr. Robotnik: Ha, that would be "Sonic on a Stick". What did you think? A chilly dog?

(Boss 3 Proceeds)

Sonic: Yeah, that cooking didn't work out too well.

Dr. Robotnik: This will, if you like water. I'm going to the Labyrinth Zone, if you would like to follow me and save your animalistic accomplices. Well, actually, you have no choice to.

Sonic: Wait, what? (Sonic falls)

Dr. Robotnik: I will cross my fingers and hope he can swim better than he runs. Er, just forget it.

Level 4 (Labyrinth zone)

File:Sonic 1 Music: Labyrinth Zone

Sonic: Yeah, that's right. You better run, and probably faster, because when I get my hand on you--!

Dr. Robotnik: If you can see, imbecile, I'm running from the water like you are.

Sonic: Oh, I know that.

(Proceeds to Boss 4)

Level 5 (Star light zone)

Sonic the Hedgehog 102:19

Sonic the Hedgehog 1

Star light zone act 1, 2 and 3

Sonic: Here comes "Ol' Lost Screw" once again.

Dr.Robotnik: Well, adhere to the changes I made to the "Egg Shooter"--and look closely. All of these changes will ensure that you will not even be able to stop me again this time.

(Proceeds to Boss 5)

Orbinaut: Hello, troublesome hedgehog. What do you have there?

Sonic: Ugh, I can't believe he left something so important in his pocket.

Orbinaut: Yeah, that is pretty important.

Sonic: There's some pretty interesting places on here. I'll go check them out. Oh, by the way, where is it?

Orbinaut: That is located on the left turn on the factory. Go and get 'em, hedgehog.

Level 6 (Scrap brain zone)

Sonic The Hedgehog OST Scrap Brain Zone02:46

Sonic The Hedgehog OST Scrap Brain Zone

Scrap brain act 1 and 2

(Sonic runs and opens a door, starting Act 2)

(After Act 2)

(Sonic through a set up of lasers)

Robotnik: You'll never destroy me, Sonic.

Sonic: Oh, yes I will. And, I'll destroy your plans with it so it doesn't go to someone else's inspirations. This is the end!

Robotnik: Well, it is the end for you, that is.

Sonic: No!

Robotnik: Taste defeat like I had many zones ago. How does it taste to allow your oppressor to get the reign of victory in his hand?

Sonic: Much like salt water.

(Robotnik just slaps himself)

File:Sonic the Hedgehog (GG/MS) - Labyrinth Zone (MIDI)

The Final Zone

Robotnik: No! How could I have lost again? There must be something wrong.

Sonic: Hey, Robotnik, let's have a battle to remember. If you win, I'll return the shoes and cease to bother your losing self ever again.

Robotnik: Sounds nice. But, if you win, Sonic, I'll tell you who made the Speed Shoes to begin with.

Sonic: Accepted.

Robotnik: I think you made a rather poor choice. Here I go.

Sonic The Hedgehog - Final Boss Theme02:16

Sonic The Hedgehog - Final Boss Theme

Part 1 final boss

Robotnik: Nooo!

Sonic: And honor your side of the deal--don't forget it.

Robotnik: The inventor of the Speed Shoes was a person named "Tails" aboard my flying fortress. Oh, look.

(Sonic looks)

Robotnik: Got you.

(Sonic returns by destroying Robotnik's machine)

End of part 1

Part 2

(One year later)

(Sonic destroys the guards and takes Tails)

Tails: thanks sir Sonic It's ok Tails Tails: acually that fat guy who inprisened me gave me that name My real name is Miles Prower. Ya know where I live we have named for hedgehogs like you Sonic: really what Tails: Dinner Sonic:oh

Level 1 (Emerld hill zone)

Tails: So thanks again for rescuing me Sonic: No problem let's go

File:Sonic 2 Music: Emerald Hill Zone (1-player)

Robotnic: Sonic your back welcome. And you to Tails Tails: acullaly It's oh forget it Robotnic: what you'd rather me call you Beta

File:Sonic 2 Music: Bosses

Level 2 (Chemical Plant zone)

File:Sonic 2 Music: Chemical Plant Zone

Sonic: Here come old loose screw again Robotnic: that wasn't funny the first time eather Sonic: fine robotnic whats your plan this time Tails: robotnic? Robotnic: what are you talking about Sonic: I see a gaint lazer gun behind you your a dead beat

Then boss 2

Level 3 (Aquatic Ruin zone)

File:Sonic 2 Music: Aquatic Ruin Zone

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