Sonic Origins 2
ESRB=E Pegi=3+
Xbox 360, PS3, 3DS
Hedgehog Engine, Havoc Physics Engine
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Sonic Origins 2 is the sequel to Sonic Origins the game starts 1 year after the last one when Dr. Robotnik and the Death Egg was destroyed now Sonic&Tails are on a vacation and later meet a short temperd red friend who is the protecter of the choas emerld. In the Handheld verson things are completly different Sonic, Knuckles and friends are celebrating the Master emeralds anniversery and while the 2 are talking Sonic remembers the time they first met then Eggman comes in and shoots Sonic with a laser sending him to a Unknown Jungle.


Sonic the Hedgehog

A Hedgehog who met Eggman 2 years ago and stopped his plan of launching the Death Egg. Now him and his partner Tails are here to stop him again for the 2nd time can they do it?

Miles "Tails" Prower

A young fox and the creator of Sonic's Super speed shoes he was recued by Sonic from Eggman (Eggman named him Tails until he could find a real name but Tails liked it so he stuck with it) he must help Sonic deffeat Eggman for the 2nd time.

Dr. Ivo (Eggman) Robotnik

A evil Doctor who trying to build his Death Egg and make his empire Eggland up until recently he was called the Eggman by Sonic as you can see this name might stick to him.However this time his plot involves the Protector of the Choas Emerald Master and the Floating Angel Island

Knuckles the Echinea

The protector of the Choas Emerld Controler Robotnik convinces him Sonic is to steal it he wastes half his time chasing him for this when he catches Eggman he fails to protect the emerald (Sonic gave it away by saying Eggman was stealing the Emerald) he then let's Sonic in on all the secrects of the island. A few days later one of Eggman's robots go crazy and battles The machine the one behind that was clear later.

Devebrus the ???

a 5 second cameo who calls Sonic and Tails to help him because he's in trouble (This could indacate a possable sequal)

Extra Content

Skill shop

The Skill shop from the original has returned this is the things you can buy

Skill Shop
Bonus Levels 120 skill points Spin Dash 1,275 skill points
Homing Attack 1,977 skill points
Combo moves 2,455 skill points
Sonic Boost 2,997 skill points
Item Push 4,789 skill points
Power Stomp 7,429 skill points
Power Dash 9,100 skill points
Tails Mode 10,789 skill points
Full Boost 12,979 skill points
Knuckles Mode 17,000 or finish of Sonic


Here is the menu music. There is also a multiplayer feature whare the player can choose from a varioty of Sonic characters (3 not in the game) and can play from a verioty of levels based on real ones in the game.

Sonic Generations "Collection Room File Select from Sonic 3" Music06:42

Sonic Generations "Collection Room File Select from Sonic 3" Music

Menu Music

Sonic Generations OST - Skill Shop01:36

Sonic Generations OST - Skill Shop

Multiplier Menu

Multiplier Levels

Azure Lake

Balloon Park

Chrome Gadget

Desert Palace

Endless Mine

Underground Base

More coming soon!


Level 1 (???)

Sonic Generations "Green Hill Zone Classic" Music03:22

Sonic Generations "Green Hill Zone Classic" Music

Lv.1 act 1

File:Sonic 2 Music: Metropolis Zone

(1 year later)

(Tails and Sonic are riding on the tornado) Sonic: Hey Tails check this out! (turns into Super Sonic and flies onto an island)???: (punches Sonic and takes away emeralds laughing evily) Sonic: uhg....Man what was that all about Tails: I don't know Sonic but I think we'll have to put our vacation on hold for this Sonic: you bet know let's go (Starts running)

Level 2 (Angel Island)

File:Sonic 3 Music: Angel Island Zone Act 1
File:Sonic 3 Music: Angel Island Zone Act 2

Robotnik: Well Sonic long time no see I see you've met my new friend Sonic: come on what is it this time Eggman Robotnik: really Eggman are you still calling me that. No matter it's pointless asking me more questons about my new Friend you won't be alive to see him again any way Ho Ho Ho

File:Sonic 3 Music: Minor bosses
File:Sonic 3 Music: Major bosses

(Sonic hits Eggman and then he falls down a water fall) Robotnik: WOW! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! curse you sonic! Sonic: hm guees that's taken care of now to find out about that Knuckles guy Knuckles: ALRIGHT YOU TELL ME WHERE THE MASTER EMERALD IS OR ELSE! Sonic: Wait there is a master choas emerald? Knuckles: don't PLAY DUMB! (presses button that sends Sonicdown the water fall Eggman fell down) Sonic: AHHHHHHHHHH!

Level 3 (HydroCity)

File:Sonic 3 Music: Hydrocity Zone Act 1
File:Sonic 3 Music: Hydrocity Zone Act 2

(then a boss)

Sonic: hm nice try Eggman you and your big butt lost again (Explostion happends near by creating a Gaint wave which Robotnik gets stuck in) Robotnik: hm whare am I? AHHH S-SONIC HELP ME!!!!!!!!! (the wave crashes into Sonic and Tails busts through a wall and throws Sonic and Tails (supposibly Eggman too) down a cliff)

Level 4 (Marble Garden)

File:Sonic 3 Music: Marble Garden Zone Act 1
File:Sonic 3 Music: Marble Garden Zone Act 2

For more information go here


coming soon!

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