Sonic Quest RPG: Legend of the Iblis Paradox is upcoming game for the Nintendo DS system. It tells of the legend of Iblis and how Iblis will keep rising until some one does something to prevent it. And of course, that some one is Sonic the Hedgehog.

The game is split into 4 acts which are then each split up into 8 Chapters, with the exception of Act 4 whcih only includes Chapter 25.

List of Chapters + Descriptions:

Act 1: Rise of Mephiles

Chapter 1: Futurebound

Sonic is running around celebrating the defeat of Dr. Eggman, when he suddenly sees Silver opening in a portal. He cannot believe what he sees so he skids to a stop but accidently goes flying into the portal. Silver then hops in and closes the portal. At the other end of the portal, Sonic and Silver find themselves in Soleanna where Silver explains he wants to find out more about the Flames of Disasterand that he is sorry for what happened before. Sonic agrees to help him. Silver says they must first tell Princess Elise where they are going because she does not usually allow him to leave. This time, after defeating the aged Eggman, she makes an exception and allows the two hedgehogs to leave.

Chapter 2: The Back Up Heroes

Meanwhile, Knuckles and Shadow are the only ones left to stop Dr. Eggman from taking over thw world. Even though that they don't know that Sonic is missing, they still team up to stop Eggman. They head through Green Hill in search of Eggman, and they eventually find him near South Island, They battle him and beat him quickly. Eggman admits that he was weak at the time and was in no shape to fight. Eggman runs off and Knuckles and Shadow relax for a while.

Chapter 3: Information Highway

Sonic and Silver finally make out of the city only to find themselves in the Soleanna Forest. They are forced to take a detour and head off to the side into a giant road known as the Information Highway. They solve many puzzles in both areas and meet a new villain named Dark G, who is basically a black golden coin with evil eyes and skinny arms and legs. They beat him easily and move on through the highway. Near the end, the find a small building with a bunch of computers and books. They also meet another new enemy named Biblius. After battling him, they building dissolves and Sonic and Silver barely make it out alive. Afterwards, they find in the only book remaining that they must head to Samuri Valley to find out more about the legendary Iblis.

Chapter 4: Sonic is Missing

Knuckles and Shadow finally realize what was wrong. Sonic is missing. They head to Central City, more specifically to Tails' Workshop to find out if Tails knows anything. Tails only says that the only thing he can think of to do is go to the 3 Iblis Temples and destroy the 3 Iblis Columns. He says it has nothing to do with Sonic but that they should do it anyway. They head to first temple and find Metal Kunckles. After beating him, they decide to camp for the night.

Chapter 5: The Sword in the Stone

Sonic and Silver make it back to Soleanna Forest and go around the perimeter and then find themselves in Samuri Valley. There, they find a huge room filled with sand dunes that goes on for miles and miles and appears to never end. It turns out that it is just a trick that they Valley plays on your find; a mirage. They eventually get over the fact that it doesn't go on forever nad head through the dunes. After an encounter with Dark G, they head underground to Samuri Caverns. In Samuri Caverns, they find a message on the wall that tells of a ancient tablet that shares the legend of Iblis. They somehow find the tablet, but then a creature comes out of nowhere and steals the tablet. However, they were not able to steal the swords that were hidden insdie the tablet. Sonic and Silver use the swords to battle the creature, whose name is Samuramummy. After winning, they read the legend of Iblis.

Chapter 6: The Temples of Iblis

Knuckles and Shadow head through the first Iblis Temple while solving a difficult puzzle. Along the way, they find out about an ancient creature that was the aid of Iblis. Since Knuckles and Shadow can't think of who it is, they just move on. When they get to the first Iblis Column, they find an Egg Bot. After they beat the Egg Bot, they destroy the column, and move on to the second Temple, which for some reason was left unguarded, so they destroy the Column right away. At the third temple, they find another Egg Bot charged up on the dark energy of Iblis. They battle the Dark Egg Bot and afterwards they destroy the Iblis Column. Then, all of the sudden, the 3 Iblis Columns are reconstructed, and right afterwards, the columns are struck by lightning. Giant energy blast surge from the bottom of the column to the top and then spin around in a giant circle, forming a portal, And out of the portal, comes Mephiles the Dark.