Getting Started

Ok So This Is Sonic R ZG (Not To Be Confused With Sonic Riders Zero Gravity)

And As You Know This is a Racing Game

Use The Mouse To Giude Your Character While Holding The Left Mouse Button To Accelarate

Start On The First Track And Try To Beat The Other Characters

Use Space To use an Item and Control To Jump


Sonic The Hedgehog

Miles "Tails" Prower

Knuckles The Edchina

Sally Squirrel

Bunnie Rabbot


Speed Shoe (Acceleration Item)

Tornado Plane (Trap Item)

Invincibilty (Special Item)

Power Sheild (Protection Item)

Water Sheild (Special Item)

Fire Sheild (Special Item)

Earth Sheild (Special Item)

Chaos Emeralds (rewarding Item)

Trophy (rewarding item)

Ring (Collecting item)

Bronze Ring (rewarding item 4th place)

Silver Ring (rewarding item 3rd place)

Platnuim Ring (rewarding item 2nd place)

Golden Ring Trophy (1st Place rewarding item)


Metal Sonic (Character) (Complete The Green Emerald Cup)

Speedy Gonzalez (Special Character) (Beat Arid Canyon In Less Than 1:46)

Golden Sonic Statue (Collectable) (reward for 50000 Rings)

Arm Canon (Item) Beat Mystic Ruins And Tails's Workshop In Less Than 5:40

Tails Doll (collectable) (reward for beating mystic ruins with Metal Sonic 30 times)

Silver Sonic In Tube (collectable) (Beat All Of Metal Sonic's Ghosts In Time Trial In The Chaos Quadrent)

Metal Sonic Kai Dresser (collectable) (Beat Tails And Knuckles ghosts in eggman castle)

Sonic Comics (Beat The Black Knight Challenge With Tails And Sonic)

Finale Grand Prix Sonic and Co. Statue Trophy (Collectable) (Beat adventure mode on very hard)

Super Sonic Trophy (collectable) (Race Super Sonic In The Doomsday Zone)

Super Sonic (Special Character) (Get All 7 Chaos Emeralds In Adventure)

Master Emerald (Glowing) (Beat Boss Run With Super Sonic)

Ashura The Hedgehog (Special Character) (Jump Into The Waterfall in green hill zone 12 Times)

Speedy Trophy (Beat Adventure Mode On a New File In Less Than 78 Minutes)

Shadow The Hedgehog (Beat devil Colony With Sonic)

Mecha Sonic (Beat Mushroom Hill With Metal Sonic 50 Times)

Rouge The Bat (Beat Spy Base with Shadow)

Sonic 1 (Mini Game) (Beat Green Hill With Sonic 70 Times)

Sonic 2 (mini Game) (Beat Mertopolis with Tails 100 Times)

Sonic 3 (mini game) (Beat Angel Island And Mystic Ruins With Knuckles 120 times)

Sonic And Knuckles (Mini Game) (Beat Mushroom Hill With Mecha Sonic 134 times)

Sonic 3 and Knuckles (mini game) (Beat Sky Chase Mushroom Hill And Angel Island With Sonic And Tails And Knuckles 155 Times)

Knuckles in Sonic 2 (Beat The Red Emerald Cup With Super Sonic)

Knuckles In Sonic 1 (Beat Green Hill With Knuckles 60 Times)

Tails In Sonic 1 (Beat Green Hill With Tails 40 times)

Sonic Cd (Beat Stardust Speedway In Less Than 6:21)

Tails In Sonic CD (Beat Stardust Speedway With Tails 26 Times)

Ultimete Cheat (Beat Every Track 1000 Times)

Super Tails (Beat All The Chaos Cups WIth Tails)

Super Shadow (Beat Super Sonic In Stardust Speedway Under 6:00)

Super Knuckles (Beat Mystic Ruins With Super Tails 100 times)

Super Ashura (Complete Stomp On the Blocks With Ashura)

Tikal (Beat Angel island With Knuckles 30 times)


Green Hill Zone

Lava Palace Zone

Star Park Zone

Sonic Speedway

Tails Temple

Tails's Workshop

Labyrinth Zone

Angel Island

Mystic Ruins

Doomsday Zone

Castle Eggman

Gamma Highway

Omega Speedway

Radical Star

Stardust Speedway


Devil Colony


Morning Speed (Sonic) (Green Hill) Beat Green Hill In less than 9 Minutes

Stomp On The Blocks (Choose Character) (Block Arena) Choose The Correct Path Of Squares Leading To The Finsh Wrong Block You Fall

Sonic Vs Metal Sonic (Sonic) (Stardust Speedway) Beat Metal Sonic!

King Of The Hill (Choose Character) (Angel Island) Race Knuckles To The Master Emerald To Claim Whos Going To Garud it!

The Black Knight (Choose Character) (Castle Eggman) Race a Randomly Selected Charaters Silhouette

Sonic Vs Metal Sonic Part 2 (Sonic) (Stardust Speedway) Beat A Even Faster Metal Sonic!

Knuckles Vs Mecha Sonic (Knuckles) (Angel Island) Race Mecha Sonic To The Master Emerald!

Emerald Hunt (Knuckles) (Gamma Highway) Race Rouge To Get All The Chaos Emeralds!

Foxes Just Wanna Have Fun (Tails) (Green Hill And Lava Palace and Labyrinth) Beat Sonic In A Three Course Race!

Foxes Just Wanna Have Fun Part 2 (Tails) (Gamma Highway And Stardust Speedway and Tails Temple) Beat A Faster Sonic!

Foxes Just Wanna Have Fun Part 3 (Super Tails) (Castle Eggman Angel Island Doomsday) Sonic Has All 7 Chaos Emerald Race The Fastest Sonic And Beat Him!

Sonic Vs Metal Sonic part 3 (Sonic) (all Tracks) Race Metal Sonic and Beat him And Get 60 Rings!

Time Warped (Sonic) (Green Hill) Beat Metal Sonic In A slow Motion Race and Then A Fast Motion Race!

Whos The Real Sonic? (Sonic) (Green Hill) Hedgehog all Stars... Sonic Shadow Ashura And Metal Sonic!

Finale (Super Sonic) (doomsday) Beat Dr. Eggmans Machine!

Worst Nightmare (Metal Sonic) (lava palace) Race a GIANT Sonic!!

Metal Mecha Who? (Metal Sonic) (Radical Sar) Race Mecha Sonic To See Whos Better!

Mystic Past (Tikal) (Mystic Ruins)(Sunset) Get To The Master Emerald Before Knuckles Catches You!

Mystic Past Part 2 (Tikal) (Mystic Ruins)(Sunset) Envade Knuckles And Grab The Emerald!


Moon Jump (Beat Adventure Mode With Tikal 8 Times)

Sonic Into Dreams (Challenge) (sonic) Just Race NiGHTS

Character Switch (Debug Glitch) Switch To The Disired Character In Debug Mode

Debug Mode (Debug Glitch) Place any item Were You Want By Beating Sonic Into Dreams 11 Times

2p Black Knight Use Debug in The Black Knight Challenge To Make Splitscreen Once 2p Controls Are Activated

Gamma Highway Shortcut (Sonic Only) Double Jump into The Crater

All Emeralds (title) Press Up Up Up Left Left Right Down To Get all Emeralds On All Files (With Super Sonic too!)


Predoucer: Blue Twilight

Voices: Blue Twilight And Damen

Sprite Derectory: Damen

Beta Testers: Damen Thunder Jasin

Encouragement: Jasin

Sonic Fanon Wiki Sonic R

Special Thanks To: SEGA (for Making Sonic)

Sonic (For Being AWSOME)

Nintendo (For Giving Me Lift Ups On Video Games)

Namco (Same as Nintendo And For Making My Early Life Good)

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