Sonic Riders New Dimension is the 4th game in the Sonic Riders Series.


It begins with Tails finding a small red jewel called a Power Ruby. Rumor has it that when you hold it to the sky, you warp to a new dimension. "HAH!" Sonic laughed. "A New Dimension? What a joke!" Sonic,Tails,and Knuckles are in a vacant field. "It isn't a joke, Sonic!" Tails said. "Yeah, like we're supposed to belive that!" Knuckles exclaimed sarcastically. "Grrr..." Tails growled as Sonic and Knuckles were laughing their heads off. "THIS IS SERIOUS,SONIC AND KNUCKLES!!!!!!!!!!!!" Tails screamed, with a tight grip on the Ruby. He then accidentally held up the Ruby to the sky. "Uh-oh..." Tails worried as the earth shook. "Wh-wh-what's going on, Tails!?!?!" Sonic said. "It's...happening! We're going to a new dimension!!!!!!!" Tails screamed as the world went black for a moment, then turned back to see no Sonic Tails or Knuckles. Then... "Ooof!" Sonic said as his face hit the ground. "Woah.... I guess Tails was right." Sonic looked up to see three familiar faces. "Well, Sonic the Hedgehog. It's, well, been a while..." the first figure said to Sonic. "Heh heh..." "No...." Sonic said. "JET!?" Yes.... it was the Babylon Rogues, Jet, Wave, and Storm. Tails got up. "It's YOU!" Knuckles threw his fist close to Storm. "Not YOU again!" It turns out they were all looking for the Rubys. "There are only 10 that exist?" Sonic questioned Jet. "Hmm hmm." Jet replied. "Tails! Where's that one you had?" Sonic asked. "I--- I-- I LOST IT!!!!" Tails said. "WHAT!?" everyone said but Tails. "We lost ours too!" Wave said. "Well, we aren't giving up!" Sonic said as he,Tails, and Knuckles rushed off on their EX Gear. "We have to get them before they do!" Jet yelled as they took off as also.



Sonic the Hedgehog: EX Gear:Blue Wind Type:Speed Attack:Sonic Wind, Sonic creates a tornado to screw up his opponents.

Miles "Tails" Prower: EX Gear:Double-Tailed Trouble Type:Flight Attack:Cyclone, Tails jumps in the Cyclone Battle Form to shoot opponents.

Knuckles the Echidna: EX Gear:Knuckle Buster Type:Power Attack:Earthquake, Knuckles punches the ground leaving a large shockwave to mess up his opponents.

Amy Rose: EX Gear:Pink Hammer Type:Speed Attack:Hammer Slammer, Amy attacks with her hammer, lasts 15 seconds.

Jet the Hawk: EX Gear:Type-J Type:Speed Attack:Wind Feather, Jet rushes real fast and knocks away any one he touches, lasts 15 seconds.

Wave the Swallow: EX Gear:Type-W Type:Flight Attack:Wrench, Wave pulls out a big wrench and knocks away anyone she touches, lasts lasts 15 seconds.

Storm the Albatross: EX Gear:Type-S Type:Power Attack:Ring Laser, Storm shoots a giant laser in front and in back of him using his ring on his finger.


Shadow the Hedgehog: EX Gear:Black Streak Type:Speed Attack:Chaos Blast, Shadow creates a explosion of Chaos Energy.

Rouge the Bat: EX Gear:Black Wing Type:Flight Attack:Pummel Kick, Rouge kicks 5 enemies and stuns them.

E-123 Omega: EX Gear:E-123 Board Type:Power Attack:Machine Gunner, Omega continusly rotates, shooting machine gun bullets everywhere.

Cream the Rabbit: EX Gear:Bunny Board Type:Flight Attack:Cream and Cheese:Dynamic Duo, Cream and her Chao, Cheese, fly around, knocking away enemies for 15 seconds.

Big the Cat: EX Gear:Lazy Board Type:Power Attack:Big:Fishing Extroadinare!, Big pulls out his fishing pole and swings it around dangerously for 15 seconds.

Espio the Chameleon: EX Gear:Ninja Star Type:Speed Attack:Copy Creator, Espio copies himself to 5 clones. They all knock back enimies while following the real Espio. Lasts 15 seconds.

Charmy Bee: EX Gear:Bee Sting Type:Flight Attack: Killer Bee Swarm, name describes it. Lasts 15 seconds.

Vector the Crocodile: EX Gear:Music Maker Type:Power Attack:Sing, Vector sings loudly into a microphone, which stuns everyone for 5 seconds.

Silver the Hedgehog: EX Gear:Phsycic Dream Type:Flight Attack:ESP, Silver slows everyone in front of him down. If he's in 1st, then he slows down the first 3 people down. Lasts 15 seconds.

Blaze the Cat: EX Gear:Fire Princess Type:Speed Attack:Flame Overload, Blaze burns the area around her for 15 seconds.

Metal Sonic: EX Gear:Metal Rider Type:Power Attack:Mimic, Metal Sonic uses the attack of the person in 1st or 2nd.(Example: If M.S. were in 2nd or lower and Sonic were in 1st, Metal Sonic would use Sonic Wind. If M.S. were in 1st and Shadow in 2nd, Metal Sonic would use Chaos Blast.)

Dr. Eggman: EX Gear:Egg Bike Type:Power Attack:Bombardment, Eggman sends down a bunch of bombs to knock away opponents.

Egg Pawn: EX Gear:Mech Board Type:Speed Attack:Cut, the Egg Pawn slashes a sword around. Lasts 15 seconds.

Flying Egg Pawn: EX Gear:Mech Flyer Type:Flight Attack:Shoot, the Flying Egg Pawn shoots bullets around,knocking away players. Lasts 15 seconds.

Gold the Hedgehog: EX Gear:Golden Flash Type:Speed Attack:Strike, Gold sends down a flash of lightning to stun opponetns for 5 seconds.

May the Hedgehog: EX Gear:Green Tornado Type:Flight Attack:Hurricane, May blows everyone near her away.

Bronze the Hedgehog: EX Gear: Brown Stone Type:Power Attack:The exact same as Knuckles'.

Mario: EX Gear: Red Fire Type:Power Attack:Black Hole, Mario creates a black hole from Super Mario Galaxy and stuns everyone for 5 seconds.

Luigi: EX Gear:Green Thunder Type:Speed Attack:Poltergust 2000, Luigi pulls out the Poltergust 2000 from Luigi's Mansion and does the same as Mario's.

Yoshi: EX Gear:Yoshi Egg Type:Flight Attack:Egg Bomber: See Eggman's attack, but instead of bombs, eggs!

Super Sonic: EX Gear:Chaos Emerald Type:EVERYTHING! Attack:Super Sonic X-Treme Super Sonic flies upwards and rockets down, going extremely fast! Hurts anyone he touches! (NOTE! Sonic and Super Sonic are only one character! Select Sonic,go through all the gear until you see "Chaos Emerald". Use that and instead of Sonic saying "I'm the fastest thing alive! You'll see!" he says "Prepare to be beaten by the power of the Chaos Emeralds!!!" If Sonic has no rings, he runs on foot, in his normal form. And if you have at least 1 ring, he'll fly along as Super Sonic! But, as he goes along,he'll lose rings second by second! So keep collecting 'em!)

Ryan the panther: EX Gear: Sword Slash Type: Speed  Attack: Sword spin, He spins his sword for 15 seconds hit people.

Mephiles the Dark : EX Gear : Death Rider Type : Power Attack : Shadow Laser,He throws a laser spear and strıkes on his way.Laser flies 15 seconds.

Nazo : EX Gear NOTHING?!!! Type : Flight Attack : Killer Beam , Nazo creates a giant laser ball and creates a beam on his way . Similar Super Sonic's attack.He flies 15-30 seconds

Super Shadow:EX Gear : Chaos Emerald Type : EVERYTHING ! Attack : Super Shadow Boom.This attack is a copy attack of Super Sonic (Note: If you select Shadow and Chaos Emerald Shadow says starting in race,He says Im Ultimate Life Form . Im can't defeat I'm Super Shadow.You start race with 0 rings. If player collects 50 rings,Shadow transforms into Super Shadow.)

Tails Doll : EX Gear : Mystic Chains Type : Flight Attack : Tails Doll Curse : Tails Doll creates a giant laser and hits road and stuns all racers in race.Racers stuns 15 seconds

Metal Knuckles: EX Gear :Metal Warhead Type : Speed Attack : Speed Break : Metal Knuckles uses a Speed Beam and Destroys everythıng on his path

E10000B : EX Gear : Blue B2 Type:Power Attack: Speed Up. Strike is a boost

E10000G: EX Gear : Green B3 Type : Speed Attack: High Ramp.It creates a ramp and jumps on his rival

E10000D :EX Gear : Red B1 Type:Flight Attack : Jet Sword : Uses a speed boost and a katana and strikes his rivals.


Heroes Side

Speed City:A busy city. Gimmick:Cars Difficulty:Super Simple

Burning Desert:A hot desert. Gimmick:Cacti Difficulty:Super Simple

Sunny Beach:A tropic island. Gimmick:Waves Difficulty:Easy

Jungle Jam:A peaceful jungle. Gimmick:Wild Animals Difficulty:Easy

Ice Cap:A snowy peak. Gimmick:Giant Snowballs Difficulty:Normal

Mountain Villages:A tall mountain. Gimmick:Giant Rocks Difficulty:Normal

Sky Assault:The Sky!!! Gimmick:Fog Clouds Difficulty:Hard

Lava Peak:A fiery peak. Gimmick:LAVA!!! Difficulty:Hard

Egg Fleet:Eggman's Airship Fleet. Gimmick:Cannons Difficulty:Extreme

The ARK:The Space Colony ARK. Gimmick:Artificial Chaos Difficulty:Extreme

Babylon Side

Drenched Highway:A busy highway in the Rain. Gimmick:Cars Difficulty:Super Simple

Hot Ruins:Ruins in the Desert. Gimmick:Cacti Difficulty:Super Simple

Tidal Wave Shores:A beach with a huge tidal wave. Gimmick:Wave Difficulty:Easy

Hidden Forest:A rainy forest. Gimmick:Wild Animals Difficulty:Easy

Blizzard Blast:A blizzard. Gimmick:Giant Snowballs Difficulty:Normal

Sharp Peak:A pointy mountain. Gimmick:Giant Rocks Difficulty:Normal

Thunder Storm Run:The Sky!!! During a Thunder Storm... Gimmick:Fog Clouds Difficulty:Hard

Deep Volcano:A volcano. Gimmick:LAVA!!! Difficulty:Hard

Final Fortress:Eggman's secret base. Gimmick:Cannons Difficulty:Extreme

Mobius Prime: The Final Boss!!!!! Gimmick:The enemy's attacks. Difficulty:Extreme



Play as the 7 main characters in this new dimension!

Vs Mode

Race up to 3 friends or go with you and the CPUS!

Time Rush

Go through a level by yourself and try to get the best time!


Duke it out with up to 3 friends or CPUS!


Buy new EX Gear with your rings!

Dimension Tourney

Play through all the levels in one of the two sides and get rings!!


Learn how to be Sucsessful in SRND!

Wi-Fi Connection

Race people online using Wi-Fi Connection with your Wii!

That's it! Hope you liked it!

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