Sonic SatAM Remake is a remake of the infamous SatAM series version of Sonic. It also serves as a prequel to Sonic X Remake.

Sonic SatAM Remake
Created by Julayla
No. of episodes 52
Run time 30 minutes
Rated TV-14
Network Right Stuf Network

The TV Party Network

Plot Overview

Before ever arriving to Earth, we learn what life was like on planet Mobius, how the Freedom Fighters deal with Eggman's tyranny, and learn about many lives while learning about the Great War!


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Main Good Guys

  1. Sonic the Hedgehog
  2. Knuckles the Echidna
  3. Miles "Tails" Prower
  4. Amy Rose
  5. Manic the Hedgehog
  6. Sonia the Hedgehog
  7. Cream the Rabbit
  8. Cheese the Chao
  9. Julie-Su
  10. Remington
  11. Bunnie Rabbot
  12. Mina Mongoose
  13. Conker the Squirrel
  14. Rodent the Squirrel
  15. Banjo the Bear
  16. Kazooie the Breegull
  17. Princess Sally Acorn

Main Anti-Heroes

  1. Nack the Weasel
  2. Rouge the Bat
  3. Count Batula
  4. Nic the Weasel
  5. Sleet the Wolf
  6. Dingo
  7. Professor Von Kriplespac aka Ze Professor
  8. Don Weazo

Main Villains

  1. Dr. Eggman
  2. Scratch
  3. Grounder
  4. Coconuts
  5. Gruntilda
  6. Bocoe
  7. Decoe
  8. Bokkun
  9. Orbot
  10. Cubot
  11. Metal Sonic
  12. Mammoth Mogul
  13. Suppression Squad
  14. The Panther King
  15. Ixis Naugus
  16. Scourge the Hedgehog
  17. Fiona Fox
  18. Bean the Dynamite
  19. Bark the Polar Bear
  20. Predator Hawk
  21. Lightning Lynx
  22. Flying Frog
  23. Sgt. Simian
  24. Tediz
  25. Sleuth Dogg
  26. Drago Wolf
  27. Enerjak
  28. Dark Legion
  29. Snively Kintobor

Supporting Characters

  1. Big the Cat
  2. Berri the Chipmunk
  3. Vector the Crocodile
  4. Charmy Bee
  5. Espio the Chameleon
  6. Antoine D’Coolette
  7. Rotor the Walrus
  8. Tikal the Echidna (voice only)
  9. Aleena the Hedgehog
  10. Gregg the Grim Reaper
  11. Sir Charles "Uncle Chuck" Hedgehog
  12. Cyrus the Lion
  13. Tootie the Bear
  14. Dulcy the Dragon
  15. Vanilla the Rabbit
  16. Ray the Squirrel
  17. Mighty the Armadillo
  18. Jamjars
  19. King Jingaling
  20. Jinjos
  21. Mumbo Jumbo
  22. Humba Wumba
  23. Bottles the Mole
  24. Lupe the Wolf


  • SonicxSally
  • ManicxMina
  • ScourgexFiona
  • RodentxAmy
  • NackxRouge
  • KnucklesxJulie-su
  • AntoinexBunnie
  • ConkerxBerri
  • BatulaxRouge
  • SleetxNic
  • Hints of BatulaxAleena
  • Hints of PatchxAlicia
  • A Hint of DonxBuns
  • Hints of VectorxVanilla

More to Come

Season 1 Episodes

# Japanese Title English Title Summary
01 Sonic's First Encounter, Eggman's Reign Sonic's First Brawl (Based on the very first Sonic the Hedgehog Game for Sega Genesis) Years ago, a group of people, the original Freedom Fighters, had taken out the tyranny that nearly destroyed Mobotropolis. Years later, Sonic and a group of outsiders become shocked when they learn that a foe by the name of Dr. Eggman has captured some of their friends and plan to Roboticise them. Will Sonic and the friends he has be able to rescue them? And will they become the new Freedom Fighters?
02 A Mysterious Robot Hedgehog, Sally and a Girl's Capture Metallic Madness (Based on Sonic CD) When visiting a place called the Little Planet, they meet a mysterious metallic hedgehog calling himself Metal Sonic, challenging Sonic. However, this strange race becomes a life or death situation when it turns out that a girl by the name of Amy Rose, a chipmunk named Berri, and two squirrels named Conker and Rodent are captured as of Sally. Another shocking revelation reveals the robot, along with three new robots named Scratch, Grounder, & Coconuts belongs to Eggman!
03 The Tale on Coco Island, Battle Against the Birds Island Adventurers (Based on Tails Adventure) A young fox by the name of Tails and two friends named Banjo and Kazooie are relaxing in the peaceful Coco Island until a strange army of birds called the Battle Kuku Armada attacks them. Will the trio be able to take down these new foes when the island's citizens are planned to be executed by them?
04 An Evil Wizard, Race for Survival The Wizpig in the House (Inspired by Diddy Kong Racing) During the last stand against the fiendish birds, WizPig is released from his prison, wreaking havoc at both sides. Now both sides must do the impossible: work together and seal WizPig back to where he came!
05 Green Hill Zone in Danger, Eggman's Fury Sonia's Forest Protectors (Based on the first Sonic game for Game Gear) Cleaning up at the Green Hill Zone, Eggman once again plans to lure the newly dubbed Freedom Fighters. Will Sonia and Manic be able to stop him?
06 A Young Fox's Capture, Rescue The Young One One Foxy Encounter (Based on Sonic 2 for Game Gear) At Spiral Mountain, Eggman manages to capture all of its citizens, including Banjo, Kazooie, and Tails. Can the Freedom Fighters rescue them?
07 Witch of Spiral Mountain, The Great Rescue One Witchy Destiny (Based on Banjo-Kazooie) Banjo's sister, Tootie, is captured by Gruntilda and gets her beauty stolen by the witch. Now it's up to Banjo, Sonic, Tails, and the Freedom Fighters to find a way to make Tootie her young and cute self again.
08 Legend of the Chaos Emeralds, The First Emerald is Found! Emerald Search-Off As the legend of the Chaos Emeralds is told, the Freedom Fighters head off to the Emerald Hill Zone where the first Chaos Emerald is located. However, a mammoth by the name of Mogul has other plans.
09 An Alternate World? Sonic Meets his Match The Parallel Story While testing out a new invention, the Freedom Fighters accidentally end up in another dimension, where they encounter their next challenge: Their alternate selves!
10 Cannibals & Mystery Fox, Antoine a King? Fed Up with Antoine Antoine is appointed king of a biker gang, unaware of their "cannibalistic" tradition. Plus, a female fox by the name of Fiona plots to ensure that she would steal the second Chaos Emerald under the bikers' very noses.
11 A Big Race, Race for the 3rd Emerald! Chaotic Racing (Based on Sonic Chaos) A mystery island called South Island has risen to the water, which reveals the third Chaos Emerald. However, Scourge, Eggman, Snively, and the Freedom Fighters are all after it!
12 Race in Sunset Park, For the 4th Emerald! Drift-Out! (Based on Sonic Drift) While vacationing in Sunset Park, the good guys learn there's a race being held and the prize is the fourth Chaos Emerald. Now they must race against their enemies while Sonic has a frustrating time racing in a car instead of his legendary speed due to rules. Can the good guys get the fourth emerald?
13 One Scary Tale, The Tale of the Headless Gopher Ghost Busted While having a camping trip at the Hidden Leaf Zone, Sonic, Sonia, Manic, Tails, Cream, Conker, Banjo, and Kazooie investigate a possible ghost problem while camping out. Is it real? And where are Antoine and Berri?
14 One Mammoth's Desire, Mogul's Plot Mammoth Rising The good guys find Mammoth Mogul whom is harnessing the power of the fifth Chaos Emerald. While battling him, they learn what he is, what he has become, and what he plans to do once he has all the powers of the seven Chaos Emeralds.
15 The Giant Death Egg, The Great Infiltration Tails' Determination (Based on Sonic 2 for Genesis) Eggman has created the Death Egg, planning to destroy parts of the planet unless they turn themselves in. The Freedom Fighters are easily captured and it's up to Tails to rescue them.
16 Angel Island's Guardian, Sonic vs Knuckles Sonic vs Knuckles Part 1 (Part 1 Based on Sonic 3) After the Death Egg crashes to a mysterious island, the good guys must try to talk to the guardian. However, Knuckles, being fooled by both Eggman and his Uncle Enerjak, has started attacking the Freedom Fighters, believing they're after the Master Emerald.
17 The Return of Death Egg, Knuckles' Realization Sonic vs Knuckles Part 2 Part 2 Based on Sonic & Knuckles) The fight continues on before Knuckles finds out that most of the Dark Legion along with Eggman were working together, stealing the Master Emerald to energize the Death Egg. Now the gang with Knuckles must work together to stop them.
18 Wrath of Hunters, The Search for Jewels Triple Trouble (Based on Sonic Triple Trouble) Some powerful jewels are discovered in the Mystic Cave Zone, prompting the Suppression Squad (with Fiona) to go after them. However, while the good guys once again plan to prevent the enemies to take the jewels, the bounty hunters of Don Weazo (lead by a boy named Nack) plan to take the jewels themselves by any means necessary. All while Fiona learns one secret of Don Weazo: He has a noticeable crush on her!
19 Antoine's Roommate, A Chaotic Nightmare The Odd Couple Antoine is forced to share his house with Sonic after a failed landing from Dulcy destroys the hedgehog's home. Plus, things get worse when the Suppression Squad find Knothole and planning to trash their place. Will Sonic and Antoine work it out while Kazooie gets her peace?
20 Carnival of Madness, The Big Team Up Team Chaotix is Born! (Based on Knuckles' Chaotix) While arriving to a mysterious carnival provided by Mogul, disappearances begin happening around. Now Knuckles along with an armadillo runaway, a shy squirrel, and three bumbling detectives (Mighty, Ray, Espio, Vector, and Charmy) must find out the source of Mogul's carnival while dealing with a gigantic Metal Sonic!
21 Gruntilda's Return, A Sickening Plot Return of Grunty Pt 1 (Based on Banjo-Tooie) Gruntilda, whom has become a skeleton, is freed by her sisters. Now the vengeful witches, after Grunty kills Bottles, plan to steal souls (both living and dead) from everyone around Mobius.
22 Restore the Bodies, Battle Against Grunty Return of Grunty Pt 2 (Based on Banjo-Tooie) The good guys, whom are forced to team up with the Suppression Squad and bounty hunters, must find a way to the floating tower to stop Gruntilda's plans before everyone they know of becomes soulless zombies.
23 A Crazy Lovestruck, Antoine's Big Ordeal Ro-Becca Antoine accidentally activates a robot Rotor was working on. The robot suddenly develops a crush on him, then later on, Don Weazo himself, much to their pain!
24 A Strange Birthday, The Rogue Robot Acorn Birthday Blues (Based on Conker's Pocket Tale) It's Cream's Birthday, but a new robot built by Snively steals her and her gifts, with one containing the sixth emerald. Will the good guys be able to rescue her?
25 The Panther King's Reign, He Has the Last Emerald Panthers Acoming Arriving to the formerly named Weaselopolis, the Freedom Fighters learn that the mysterious Panther King holds the final Chaos Emerald. First, however, they must deal with a strange mad scientist related to Nack and Nic whom has his own secrets: Professor Von Kriplespac!
26 Birth of Super Sonic, Hero vs Metal Super Sonic! Eggman steals the emeralds and plans to power up Metal Sonic. However, when Metal gets charged, he turns on his master and the others. Not even Sonic, Manic, Sonia, or the gang can stop him. Can Sonic learn how to harness the power of the Chaos Emeralds in order to stop the insane robot?

Season 2 Episodes

# Japanese Title English Title Summary
01 Here Comes the Freedom Fighters, Infiltrating Robotropolis Heads or Tails A couple of years after their first season adventures, Sonic, Tails, and their friends race to Robotropolis in search of metal cotter pins in order to ward off an impending invasion by Eggman's Buzzbombers.
02 Search for Aleena, A Desperate Struggle Sonic Boom Sonia, Sally, and the others follow up on a lead that suggests that her, Sonic, and Manic's mother, Aleena, may be alive.
03 The Duplicate Menace, That's Not Sally Sonic and Sally When the Princess is captured, Eggman with the help of Gruntilda creates a robotic duplicate as a means of spying on and sabotaging the Freedom Fighters. When Tails and Cream suspect something is wrong, will their friends believe them?
04 Cream's Dino Friend, Journey in Green Hill Zone Cream Past Cool The Freedom Fighters help a dinosaur-like species navigate through the Great Jungle while fighting off the advances of the Dark Legion while the first Chaos Emerald is once again found.
05 Secret of the Scrolls, Knuckles Makes the Scene Manic and the Secret Scrolls The Freedom Fighters (along with Knuckles and Team Chaotix) embark on a mission to find some magical scrolls. However, it becomes a race when Mammoth Mogul and even the bounty hunters race after them and the second Chaos Emerald.
06 Mystery of the Crystal, Gruntilda's Fury Super Sonia Scourge and the Suppression Squad find a crystal archive of spells through the Crystal Jiggy belonging to Gruntilda whom had stolen it from the king of Jinjos, King Jingaling. Sonia and her friends head to Scourge's hangout to get the crystal back and rescue her friends. But how will she do it when she is stripped of her super twirl by the furious witch?
07 A Dangerous Race, Sonic vs Metal Sonic Sonic Racer Eggman holds a race in Robotropolis in a bid to lure Sonic into a trap. The other Freedom Fighters take advantage in hopes of destroying the city's generator. All while Metal Sonic plans to eliminate Sonic during the race. Will Sonic beat Metal or will this plan turn into a bust?
08 Eggman's Satellite, Journey into Space Harmonic Knuckles Eggman launches a spy satellite in an effort to locate Knothole Village, the Freedom Fighters' hidden base along with where Angel Island's currently located at. Reluctantly, Knuckles with Sonic, Espio, Banjo, Conker, and Rotor head towards the satellite using a makeshift rocket to destroy it after using the energy from the third found Chaos Emerald.
09 Antoine's Mission, Banjo's Concern Hooked on Banjos Antoine goes after Scourge and his crew himself in a bid to impress Sally and earn personal glory. Will he succeed or fail? And what of the concerns from Banjo, Bunnie, and the unimpressed Kazooie? And what of the mysterious figure that follows them?
10 Dangerous Premonition, Rodent's Fears Rodent's Nightmare Rodent must conquer a recurring nightmare personifying his own personal fears if he is to rescue his friends, especially Amy.
11 An Underground Resistance, The Newcomer's Choice Warp Prower The Freedom Fighters find themselves defending an underground city of Mobian refugees...lead by a lion named Cyrus, all the while coming to terms with their own personal relationships.
12 Rotor Goes it Alone, The Strange Magical Water Sub-Amy In search of magical water that causes plants to grow at an accelerated speed, the Freedom Fighters journey underground where they begin disappearing one by one. And when that happens, will Rotor be able to find his friends?
13 The Power of the Ring, Chuck Briefly Rejoins Ultra Sonic Sonic with Manic and Sonia find their Uncle Chuck after a failed mission in Robotropolis, kicking off an emotional roller coaster ride for them. All while the fourth Chaos Emerald is found by the dumb bots.
14 A Strange Dark Castle, The Mysterious Caretaker A Ghoulish Time (Based on the Spooky Chapter of Conker's Bad Fur Day) Knothole becomes sick, prompting Conker and the others to head to a place called Mobitranyslvania where they (with the hunters invading the castle) meet the mysterious caretaker called Count Batula. But when the true intentions is revealed, will they find a way to get the cure from him and cure Conker? And will they defeat the mysterious vampire squirrel whom holds the fifth Chaos Emerald? And what of his crush on Rouge?
15 Into the Past, Learning of the Past Blast to the Past (Part 1) After going through the tests in Little Planet, the Freedom Fighters with the stowaway bounty hunters after the Time Stones travel to Mobotropolis Kingdom's past, prior to Eggman's takeover. They hope to bring an end to the invasion before it begins, and later learn not only the shocking truth behind the Roboticizer, but also learn that Nack and Nic are of royalty when the hunters find Nack's still alive grandmother!
16 Save the Past, Prevent Past's Destruction Blast to the Past (Part 2) The mission to stop Eggman's invasion fails, and after learning that their involvement has put their younger selves and Knothole at risk, the good guys and Nack, after realizing he'd cease to exist, must work together to save them, or else cease to exist. All while they learn how Ze Professor's insanity came to be and the origins of Scratch and Coconuts are revealed.
17 Mystery of Ari, The Deadly Pinball Fortress Game Guy The heroes befriend an ally who claims to be part of another Freedom Fighter group. Sonic is later lured into a deadly game of pinball by Eggman inside the pinball fortress.
18 A New Deroboticiser? The Drastic Consequences Triplet Conversion Knothole's De-roboticizer is a success and Bunnie and Uncle Chuck are back to their normal selves. But is the Freedom Fighters' latest accomplishment too good to be true?
19 Something Strange Happens, Dulcy and the Egg Dulcy Dulcy is summoned to an dragon mating ground as Eggman seeks to Roboticize the remainder of her species.
20 Dumb Bots in Charge, Good Guys with Amnesia No Brainer When Sonic with Manic, Sonia, Banjo, Conker, and Amy lose their memories, Scratch, Grounder, Coconuts, Bocoe, Decoe, and Bokkun take advantage and get them to infiltrate Knothole. The other Freedom Fighters must help get their memories back before the robots can complete the mission.
21 Back to Spiral Mountain, Gruntilda is Furious Emerald Hunters Rare jewels called Aqua Emeralds are rumored to be in Spiral Mountain while a familiar skull who is in fury plans to eliminate the competitors in order to gain the jewels to restore her body.
22 Meet Ixis Nagus, The Keeper of Silence The Void When their friends disappear into another dimension, Manic, Mina, and the android lynx, Nicole, rush in to rescue them. Within the Void, they encounter an old friend and a link to Sally's past.
23 Encountering Wolves, Sleet's Past & Curse Cry of the Wolf The Freedom Fighters finally make contact with another Royal Freedom Fighter group. They must work together when a mysterious pod arrives to attack. All while Sleet's past and hidden secret is revealed!
24 Cream's First Mission, Search for Emeralds Drood Henge After Eggman finds and takes the sixth Chaos Emerald, Cream along with Amy, Knuckles, Sonic, and Tails team up in order to thwart the foes' scheme to find the final Chaos Emerald.
25 The Jig is Up! Uncle Chuck's Found Out! Spyhog Uncle Chuck finds himself increasingly at risk operating as a spy in Robotropolis. And when Coconuts finds out, will Chuck be forced to reveal everything? And what of the mysterious figure whom has appeared before?
26 Showdown in Robotropolis, Super Sonic Appears! The Doomsday Project Eggman's Doomsday Project begins a week early than anyone had anticipated. With all of Mobius in danger, the Freedom Fighters, Team Chaotix, and even both the Suppression Squad (whom despise Eggman and plan things their own way) and the bounty hunters (whom do it because they need people alive to pay them) and including Batula with Aleena prepare for what may be their final battle. Will the Emeralds be together to help Sonic and co? And will Super Sonic and the others take Eggman down once and for all? Last scene a setup for Sonic X Remake.


Here now are the differences between the original and the SatAM version and what changes it has.

Sonic Underground

  • Elements from SatAM (e.g. characters, locations, subplots, power rings) were added into the storylines.
  • The whole instrument/musical theme is completely removed.
  • There is no prophecy. Aleena is only on the run because she witnesses the betrayal and is told to run and hide by King Acorn.
  • Sonic, Manic, and Sonia’s back-story was altered in order to fit with the setting and past events depicted in SatAM. Aleena’s no longer a queen but a royal member of a council.
  • Sleet and Dingo are not hired as Eggman's men. Instead, they (along with other hunters who side them) usually work for themselves.
  • Sonia’s character was toughened up a bit and Manic has a darker edge to his personality.
  • The Oracle only appears in part 1 of the Blast of the Past 2 parter as the keeper of the Time Stones.
  • Like Sonic Underground, the ones most loyal to Eggman are not roboticised.
  • Aleena's full given name is to be Aleena Bernice Hedgehog in this incarnation.


  • At least a couple of elements from the series are placed in here.
  • Scratch and Coconuts, instead of being originally made by Robotnik, were once normal beings and the first two to keep their free will (though with drastic side effects). Grounder, however, would've still been made using small bits of DNA from Scratch, despite not looking like him.
  • A background info connection between Scratch and Kazooie is seen at one point.
  • Despite having their personalities toughen up a bit, Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts are still a source of comedy relief.

Sonic SatAM/Archie

  • Elements from Underground (e.g. characters, locations, and subplots) were added into the storylines.
  • More details on the Great War are revealed (tying with Queen Aleena’s back-story).
  • The main characters’ back-stories are revealed to greater detail.
  • Antoine is less annoying and a tad bit braver.
  • Rotor is a bit more active in missions.
  • Tails is more active and was declared a Freedom Fighter when he first appeared and helped out against Eggman.
  • Snively's personality is a little more manipulative here.
  • Nicole gains an android body of a lynx in order to be more active.
  • Mina's speed and Mighty's strength were natural instead of given to them by Mammoth Mogul.
  • The clan of the Dark Legion, instead of being banished, have been a clan of Knuckles and only was Knuckles tricked by both Enerjak and Eggman.
  • Instead of ancestor, Enerjak was revamped into Knuckles' dark uncle.
  • The only echidnas to survive in this version were Knuckles, the Dark Legion, Julie-su, Lien-da, and Enerjak. It is unknown if Athair is also one of the survivors or just a spirit guide.
  • Fiona never joins the Freedom Fighters and instead was originally from Scourge's universe.
  • Mogul, like Ixis Nagus, was also involved in the Great War.
  • Scourge and the others from Moebius were in their current form to begin with (instead of mostly looking like darker versions of the good guys).
  • Nic and Nack, in this version, hate being called that of royalty except for their family members.
  • Instead of 33rd Century, the time set in Mobius is set in the 21st Century, though with more technology since the animals were highly advanced.
  • Bernice and Aleena are the same person in this incarnation.
  • Jules is mentioned within this series.
  • Julie-su and Lien-da have no actual relations to Knuckles, they are only biological sisters in this incarnation.
  • Kragok is mentioned by Enerjak, though only briefly.
  • Most of Season 2 will mostly be based on the SatAM plot line (with four episodes based on the 4 shorts will be expanded and be within Season 1).

Sonic X

  • Elements from all 3 shows were added into the storylines.
  • Cream and Cheese make their appearance in this series.
  • The places and zones are referenced in this series.
  • Bokkun, Bocoe, and Decoe each have a little more seriousness in this series.
  • Bokkun shares a great bond with Snively, liking him even more so than his uncle.
  • Amy does not have a crush on Sonic, but instead has like a brother-sister relationship with Manic and has a secret crush on Rodent.
  • The Tornado in this series goes back to being basic red.
  • Vanilla and her husband once shared a history with the mafia.
  • The physical version of Modern Eggman is used in Season 2 of the series.
  • Like the series, two Off Course songs will play in the finales of the two seasons, but they are the songs "Yume no Naka e" for the Season 1 finale during the first Super Sonic appearance and "Yes-No" for the Season 2 finale for the second Super Sonic appearance, the fall of Robotropolis, and for the couples of the series shown thus far.

Games Themselves

  • Elements from the video games (Conker, Sonic, and Banjo-Kazooie) were added into the storylines.
  • Despite it being a series, Kazooie still breaks the 4th wall every now and then.
  • A few characters from Conker and Banjo-Kazooie do not remain in their respective homes.
  • Batula's background (along with his connection with Aleena) is revealed in greater detail.
  • Conker (along with Rodent and Berri) are a bit younger (though still violent) in order for them to fit in with the group.
  • Tootie is a bit more seeable and usually hangs with Cream.
  • Despite not a Freedom Fighter, Cream has her own adventures at times (hence why she replaced "Tails" as the "child left behind").
  • Characters from Conker besides Conker (Berri, Don, Rodent, Ze Professor, and even Batula) were given more screen time and personality during this and its sequel.
  • Ze Professor, like SU Remake, is Nack and Nic's grandfather here as well, though how he gained some of his insanity and how he gained robotic parts was established in the 2 parter, Blast From the Past.
  • The Chaos Emeralds replace the Power Stone Eggman seeks.
  • Instead of one, there are 7 Time Stones used in the 2 parter, Blast From the Past and the stones' location is now located on the Little Planet.
  • Also some of Eggman's personality from here are used.
  • The robots of Sonic Colors are used here and its sequel, although they only have minor appearances and won't appear much 'til the Sonic Colors adaption in the series sequel, Sonic X Remake.
  • Classic versions of Sonic and his friends will first appear in Season 1 (depiciting as younger selves) while their modern versions will appear in Season 2 (ala their teen selves).
  • The physical version of Classic Eggman will be used in Season 1 and the upcoming Sonic Generations adaption in Sonic X Remake.

(More to Come)

Fictuous Voice List

Character Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor
Sonic, Metal Sonic, & Scourge Junichi Kanemaru
Tails, Miles Kate Higgens
Knuckles Nobutoshi Kanna Travis Willingham
Amy Rose Taeko Kawata Cindy Robinson
Manic Ogata Megumi
Sonia Ayumi Hamasaki Louise Ridgeway
Rouge Rumi Ochiai Karen Strassman
Fang/Nack Megumi Hayashibara
Conkula/Batula Romi Park Chris Seavor
Uma-chan/Umana Megumi Hayashibara Karen Strassman
Eggman/Robotnik Chikao Otsuka Mike Pollock
Conker Romi Park Chris Seavor
Sleet Koichi Yamadera Maurice LaMarche
Dingo Tomohisa Asou Peter Wilds
Banjo Tohru Furuya Bill Farmer
Kazooie Emi Shinohara Mae Whitman
Vip/Nic Rio Natsuki Rachel MacFarlene
Cream & Vanilla Sayaka Aoki Michelle Ruff
Ze Professor Etsuko Kozakura Chris Seavor
Sally Junko Takeuchi Kath Soucie
Aleena Ayumi Hamasaki Monica Rial
Rodent Megumi Urawa Kate Higgens
Gregg Megumi Urawa Chris Seavor
Cyrus Takuzou Kamiyama Ian James Corlett
Charmy Yoko Teppouzuka Colleen O'Shaughnessey
Vector Kenta Miyake Keith Silverstein
Espio Yuki Masuda Troy Baker
Fiona Fumiko Orikasa Mellisa Fahn
Lara-le Atori Shigematsu Tress MacNeille
Don Weazo Takashi Matsuyama Chris Seavor
Julie-su Yuuko Mitzutani Katey Sagal
Remmington Yuuto Kazama Tom Kane
Bunnie Rica Matsumoto Nancy Cartwright
Panther King Isamu Tanonaka Chris Seavor
Mammoth Mogul Isamu Tanonaka Clancy Brown
Gruntilda Mika Doi Susan Silo
Tikal Kaori Asou Grey DeLisle
Mina Aya Hisakawa Janice Kawaye
Mighty Katsuji Mori Rob Paulsen
Big Takashi Nagasako Pete Zarustica
Berri KAORI Louise Ridgeway
Athair Ikkei Seta Maurice LaMarche
Oracle Tomohisa Asou Maurice LaMarche
Tediz Akira Kamiya Chris Seavor
Scratch Ryûsei Nakao Phil Hayes
Grounder Kenta Miyake Gary Chalk
Coconuts Tenji Umi Ian James Corlett
Dulcy Mayumi Tanaka Cree Summers
Orbot Mitsuo Iwata Kirk Thornton
Cubot Wataru Takagi Wally Wingert

(More to Come)


  • Though it features Sonic Underground characters, the characters there are portrayed slight differently (ex. Aleena, instead of ruling Mobius, rules only Mobodoon and is more prompt within the series than in Sonic Underground).
  • This is a PG to PG 13 show which means there will be some uncensored work in this.
  • This will be one of the few Sonic/Rare crossover shows where Banjo-Kazooie characters will speak (the other being its sequel Sonic X Remake and Sonic Underground Remake).